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Big Dicks

Author’s note: This chapter is a bit lengthy as it wraps up the “Getting caught” Story arc which I didn’t want to carry into another chapter. There is also more of Mark and Megan’s back ground that will play into the series finale. Also a warning: there is a short flashback sequence from Megan’s past that may be a bit much for some readers if you are on the squeamish side you may want to skim or skip that part. Once again thank you all for your votes and feedback! Lovecraft68


Oh Megan you are a nasty girl, I thought as I found myself once again squatting on the bathroom floor watching my brother and Krissy through the missing doorknob. This time it was different for a couple of reasons; one Mark knew I was watching and two; he was being far from gentle with his little Krissy. Mark had already stripped her naked, all but tearing her blouse off of her and forcing her to her knees by her shoulders, had whipped his cock out and had told her to suck it like she knew what she was doing for once.

Krissy had whimpered out something then grabbing my brothers massive prick started slowly sucking on it, barely going down halfway before taking it back out. Mark let her do this several times then looked straight at the bathroom door winked and asked Krissy if that was the best she could do. Without waiting for an answer Mark grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock all the way down her throat. Krissy tried to push back, but when she did Mark grabbed her hands. After securing both of Krissy’s wrists in one of his Mark held her arms over her head. He grabbed a handful of her long hair started brutally fucking her mouth, pulling his huge cock all the way out before driving it back in.

As I watched, my fingers were dancing across my clit and my right hand was inside my shirt playing with my nipple. Krissy began whining and whimpering, even from ten feet away I could see the tears coming down her cheeks from gagging on my brother’s dick. Mark asked her if she liked it like that; at first she shook her head until he reached down and roughly pinched her nipple, the next time he asked she nodded and by then seemed to be doing a better job of taking it all the way. Mark stepped back pulling his cock from her mouth and let her hands go. As Krissy panted for breath as Mark sat on the bed and grabbing her hands, he laid on his back pulling her into a standing position.

Bending over Krissy grabbed my brother’s cock and started sucking on it again, as she did her ass was pointed directly at me. Krissy’s thighs were a bit on the thick side but I could still see her pretty little pussy winking at me from between them. I let out a soft sigh as I noticed her pussy was glistening meaning she had been quite turned on by my brother’s raping of her mouth. Mark told her to stop sucking and get on his fucking cock. Krissy obediently climbed up onto the bed and straddling Mark’s hips reached back behind her.

I let out a louder moan as I watched Krissy wrap her hand around my brother’s cock and guide it into her tight little pussy. I watched, deliberately slowing my thumb down so I wouldn’t cum yet, as she slowly lowered herself onto it. Krissy started to slide back and forth as she leaned over so that her tits were swinging in my brother’s face. Mark’s arms came around and grabbing Krissy’s waist pulled her down on top of him then held her there as he started lifting his hips off the bed slamming his cock deep up inside of her.

Krissy was letting out little yips of pleasure and I was letting out some noises of my own as I watched Mark’s glistening cock slide in and out of Krissy’s pussy. As if reading my mind Mark slid his hands from her hips and grabbing her ass cheeks spread them open giving me an even better view of his cock pounding Krissy’s sweet little slit.

Mark said something and Krissy swung her leg over his hips so he could move. Rather than get up Mark simply turned sideways and had her get back on top. I knew this was purely for my benefit as now I could see Krissy’s big beautiful tits bouncing as she started riding my brother faster and harder. Krissy let out a sharp cry as Mark reached up and pinched her nipples.

I was breathing heavier but didn’t want to cum yet, I knew the best was yet to come and sure enough my brother didn’t disappoint me. Telling Krissy to get off of him he made her get on her knees facing the bathroom door. As I watched, my fingers hovering around my clit in anticipation, Mark took his huge cock and rubbed it along Krissy’s ass, even spanking it on there before taking it and in one thrust drove it in to the hilt.

Krissy’s eyes widened and she cried out as my brother started hammering his cock into her pussy hard and fast. My fingers sped up as Krissy was making noises that were a mix of pleasure and pain every time Mark slammed his cock into her. Krissy tried to move forward to make it easier but my brother grabbed her hips and holding her still started fucking her even harder.

“Oh god Mark!” She cried out. “Oh that’s mofos porno so deep! Oh!!”

Mark let go of her hips and in one smooth motion leaned forward, grabbed Krissy’s wrists and yanked her arms back. Krissy’s face went down into the bed which caused her ass to rise up. Still driving his cock into her Mark took her arms and grabbing her wrists with one hand pinned them behind her back.

With his free hand Mark grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up by it.

“Oww!” Krissy yelped.

“Yeah you like that don’t you?” He asked.

“Oh yes!” Krissy exclaimed then yelped as Mark pulled her hair harder.

“You know that’s not what I want to hear.”

“I don’t want to play like that Mark I…Oh Fuck!!!”

That last exclamation came out as Mark, still holding her by her wrists and hair, started fucking the shit out of her as hard and fast as he could.

“Just tell me Krissy,” My brother said. “Or maybe I should just shove it back down your throat?”

I saw Krissy swallow hard then suddenly started yelling;

“Oh please stop Mark!” Oh please stop! You’re hurting me! It’s too big oh please!”

As Krissy continued to beg I started moving my fingers even faster, spurred on not only by her cries but by the look on my brother’s face. Mark loved it. His eyes were bright and he had an evil smile on his face as he continued to absolutely hammer away at Krissy’s poor little pussy.

Mark and I weren’t the only ones enjoying it. Krissy’s expression had also changed from one of nervousness to a look of pure lust. Oh look at little Krissy being a naughty girl! Feeling my orgasm beginning to build I once again slowed down trying to time it with Mark’s. After several more savage pumps that had Krissy all but screaming. Mark yanked his cock out and squeezing it at the base rolled Krissy over and sliding up over her face told her to open her mouth.

“Oh please don’t! I don’t like that I… Umm!”

Krissy’s cries turned into a gurgle as my brother shot his massive load straight into her mouth. Krissy tried to turn her head but Mark grabbed her hair and held her still as he continued to jerk his cock off in her face spraying his come all over her cheeks and mouth. I bit my lip hard as my own orgasm sent waves of pleasure crashing through me. As I watched Mark wipe his cock off across Krissy’s lips I furiously drove my hips into my fingers pumping them in and out of my pussy.

Mark sat next to Krissy on the bed and after saying something I didn’t catch(,) leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. As the last of my orgasm flowed through me I sank to my knees breathing hard. Mark grabbed a towel the floor and gently wiped Krissy’s face off. After a minute she sat up and he hugged her. Krissy looked like she wanted to be upset, but Mark kissed her softly on the lips and told her he loved her. Krissy’s eyes softened and she told him she loved him to. I watched for a couple of more minutes as they stretched out on the bed and Mark put his arm around her.

I got up at that point and returned to my lonely bed. I sighed as I closed my eyes wishing it were me that Mark was holding in his bed. After awhile I was still awake when I heard a soft knock on the door. Was that Dad snooping again trying to catch us? I sat up and as the knock was repeated I realized it was the bathroom door. I smiled, maybe Mark couldn’t sleep and he was going to fuck me, treat me like a little whore, like he did Krissy, and make me suck her off his cock again.

“Come in.” I called softly.

I was wearing a pink tank top and matching panties and as the door opened I started to lift the tank top up so the first thing Mark would see was his sister’s perfect tits with her nipples erect and eagerly awaiting his tongue. I had the shirt all but off when Krissy came through the door. I quickly lowered the shirt already feeling myself blushing. What the hell was I going to say? “Oh I had my tits out because I thought you were my brother?”

Fortunately as Krissy had come in she had her head turned over her shoulder as if looking back into Mark’s room. By the time she turned I had the shirt back down although there was really nothing I could do about my nipples poking through the flimsy material except cross my arms.

“Hi, can I come in?” Krissy asked.

“Um sure,” I said.

I leaned over and turned on the small lamp next to the bed and watched as Krissy came over to sit next to me. Krissy had her long hair down and was wearing Mark’s black robe. I noticed the robe was tied loosely and I could see the swelling of her breasts.

“You and Mark have a fight or something?” I asked her.

“No,” As she replied I noticed she was looking down.

I followed her gaze and realized that I had kicked the covers off and was just in my panties. I reached down to grab the sheet but stopped as I noticed Krissy’s eyes were fixed directly between my legs. I glanced down and saw that, because I had one leg on the floor and the other moms girl porno bent up, my legs were open and the thin crotch of the panties had ridden to the side and half of my pussy was exposed.

I should have been embarrassed and closed my legs or at least pulled up the sheet, but instead felt my heart beat pick up in excitement. I became even more excited as I realized that she could definitely see that the crotch of the pink panties was damp from where I had just played with myself. I looked back up in time to see Krissy’s eyes work their way up and as they did I removed my arms from my chest and sure enough her eyes quickly found my nipples.

Taking advantage of her staring at me I let my eyes wander across her body. I started at her bare feet with their purple toe nails then let them slide up her leg all the way to where the bottom of the robe had fallen open to give me a great view of the inside of her upper thigh. The top of the robe had come undone even more as she sat and from the side I could see her entire right tit down to the rose colored skin around her nipple. I returned my gaze to Krissy’s face and felt myself getting more excited as not only was she still staring at my tits but her lips were parted and I could see she was breathing heavier.

I found myself once again staring at her full lips that were so much like my own and, as I had the other night, wanted badly to taste them. The thought that those lips had not a half hour ago been covered in my brothers cum added to that desire. Finally I broke the silence.


Krissy had been so intent on my tits that she jumped at the sound of my voice and blinked a couple of times before looking up at me with those adorable big brown eyes.

“Oh sorry, I was just…” She shrugged and began to blush.

Rather than make her fumble for the next words I spoke;

“Where’s Mark?”

“He’s sleeping.”

“And you can’t?” I asked.

Krissy shook her head and after looking to the side as if she weren’t sure what to say, looked back and took a deep breath.

“Megan can I ask you something?”

“Of course hon.”

As I said it I reached up and undoing my pony tail shook my head, letting my long black hair come down around my shoulders. The move was not lost on Krissy whose eyes had immediately dropped to my tits when my arms went up. My heart skipped another beat. There was no denying it, Krissy was into me!

“Megan, the other night were you.” She hesitated then finished in all but a whisper; “Were you trying to kiss me?”

Oh shit she had put the ball in my court.

“Well umm,” I turned it around on her; “Did you think I was?”

Krissy gave me a shy little smile and blushing leaned forward until she was speaking into my ear and said;

“I was hoping you were.”

I felt an instant surge of wetness flow through my pussy as her words were followed by her placing a soft kiss on my neck just behind my ear. I swallowed hard as she pulled her head back.

“You were?” I asked all but breathless at this point.

“You’re beautiful Megan.” She told me. Then smiling asked;


I looked at her still trying to understand what was happening.

“Well what?” I asked lamely feeling as if I was the younger of the two of us.

“Well aren’t you going to kiss me?” Krissy asked and with that turned her head to the side and closing her eyes and parted her lips.

I had an instant moment of déjà vu; I could see myself asking Mark the same question six months ago in his room. “Ever think about kissing me?” I had asked on that fateful night. Everything left my mind at that point, apparently tired of waiting Krissy leaned forward and kissed me. At first, I was to shocked to kiss back, I simply sat there with my hands in my lap as Krissy’s incredibly soft lips pressed into my own.

As I let her kiss me Krissy’s hands came up, slid behind my head underneath my hair and she kissed me harder. This time I did kiss her back and as I did I felt all inhibitions leave me. I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue against her lips. With a soft moan that made me even wetter, Krissy opened her mouth and I felt her own soft wet tongue meet mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her close as we kissed.

My lips slipped away from hers to find her neck, kissing and sucking on the tender skin where it met her shoulder. Krissy turned her head to the side to give me more access to her tanned flesh, her nails ran through the length of my hair and then lightly down my back. As I continued to kiss her neck, she ran her hands across my sides then up inside my tank top where her fingers found my tits and gently brushed my nipples.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned into her neck as she began to roll my nipples between her fingers.

Krissy pulled her neck away from me and moving her hands grabbed the bottom of the tank top. With no hesitation I put my hands up and let her pull it off over my head.

“Oh Megan momsbangteens porno their beautiful.” She whispered as her fingers began playing with my nipples.

“Not as beautiful as these.” I told her as I pulled the tie to the robe so that it fell open exposing her huge tanned tits.

Reaching out I cupped them in my hands amazed at how heavy they were and how firm to the touch. I lifted the left one and lowered my face to it sucking that gorgeous rose colored nipple into my mouth. Krissy groaned and grabbed the back of my head shoving her tit further into my mouth. The fingers of my right hand found her other nipple and I reveled in the sound of her moaning. I then let out a loud surprised gasp as I felt Krissy’s fingers slipping first into my panties, then after a brief pause pushing her finger up inside of my dripping pussy.

“Oh Krissy!” I gasped out.

Krissy grabbed my face and lifting it from her tit, kissed me again long and passionately as her finger worked itself in and out of my pussy. Had she done this before? It was hard to think, I was completely consumed by not just lust but the taboo of it all. Not just a girl but my brother’s girl. Realizing I was older and I’m sure more experienced yet the one being taken, I turned away from her and stood up. Krissy whined softly as her fingers were removed from my pussy, but then smiled as she watched me strip my panties off.

Krissy also stood up, letting the robe drop off and exposing her tanned voluptuous body, so different from my fair skinned thinner build. We embraced and kissed again, our hands sliding up and down each other’s bodies. Finally I pulled away and gave her a push back onto the bed. Krissy slid all the way onto the bed with a wicked little smile that seemed so out of place on her. Krissy not only opened her legs but reached down and with her fingers spread herself open in front of me.

“Oh that looks good.” I whispered.

Krissy began to stroke her clit with one purple finger nail then slid her finger inside her pussy; when she removed it I could hear how wet it was.

“Megan,” She began softly still with that mischievous smile. “Would you like to kiss me?”

I crawled up onto the bed directly between her legs. With an act of will I passed her pussy and went all the way up until I was directly over her face. I lowered myself down to kiss her and as I did our nipples pressed together and we both groaned. Krissy reached up and put her arms around my neck, pulling me down into her. We kissed deeply our tongues wandering freely. It felt amazing, Krissy’s lips, her flesh; everything about her was so much softer and sweeter than a man. Never mind the way her soft little sighs sounded in my ears.

Unable to wait any longer I slid my mouth from hers and began working my way down her body. Krissy let out a sigh of pleasure as my mouth found and lingered on each of her perfect nipples. My own nipples were receiving their own pleasure as they rubbed along her soft skin. I trailed my tongue down her stomach causing her to giggle like a little girl. For whatever reason the sound of it drove me crazy and I did it again just to hear it. I soon found myself stretched out between her thighs with her pussy inches from my face. I inhaled deeply and found myself intoxicated by her musky scent. I was so wet I could feel the puddle I was making on the sheet.

Reaching out I gently spread her open and lightly blew on her clit. I had never done this before of course but knew I loved it when Mark did it. On the heels of that thought was the image of my brother lying between these thighs. I looked up at Krissy who was looking back at me her brown eyes wide in anticipation; it occurred to me that little Krissy was about to be sucked off by a brother and sister in the same night. Oh who was the nasty girl now? I once again blew on her pussy.

Krissy wiggled her hips, pushing her pussy into me and whined;

“Oh don’t tease Megan, I want it!”

I couldn’t hold back anymore after that and placing my tongue at the bottom of her pussy licked it quickly up and down getting a mouthful of her wetness. Krissy moaned and bucked her hips into my face. I groaned as well at how delicious she tasted. I licked her up and down several times before lingering on her clit. Krissy let out another of those adorable whimpers as I started swirling my tongue around her swollen clit in slow circles, once again figuring that it was how I liked it. As Krissy gasped and moaned I took two fingers and slid them inside of her.

This time I let out a moan as I couldn’t believe how hot, wet and tight her pussy was. Sensing Krissy wasn’t going to be able to hold back much more and eager for my turn, I wrapped my lips around her clit and started sucking it in and out of my mouth in the same rhythm as my fingers pumped in and out of her

“Oh yes Megan oh yes please just like that!”

Krissy reached down and grabbing my hair let out one of those long loud moans I had heard so often from my brother’s room and began grinding her hips hard into my face. I kept fingering and sucking until her loud cries became soft whimpers and her hips stopped moving. I looked up to see Krissy staring at the ceiling panting.

“Wow,” She whispered. “That was…” She sighed unable to finish.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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