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It was Thursday morning at 10 o’clock and the girl from the house-keeping agency arrived at Stephen’s home. As she entered, the home-nurse was still going about her task of providing for Stephen’s basic care. It was the nurse’s job to see to his hygiene and comfort and to ensure that his meds were in order. She called-in first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. She was slightly old fashioned and a little frumpy, but she took her responsibilities seriously; despite her brusque manner Stephen was in excellent hands and was receiving the best of care.

The girl and the nurse met in the small kitchen. The nurse gave the girl a disapproving look. The girl was used to that kind of response. The metal hoops in her lip and eyebrow, combined with the heavy black eye make-up and dark burgundy lipstick usually made a shocking first impression. Compared to the nurse’s crisp white uniform, the girl’s gothic clothing provided a stark contrast. She wore a layered baggy top that left one shoulder bare but for a thin black bra strap, a short tight skirt and opaque black leggings, plus large boots with several buckles down the side. The nurse clearly did not like what she saw.

‘Are you from the home help agency?’ she snapped

‘Yes,’ the girl replied in a soft but confident voice.

‘Where’s Mary?’ the nurse asked about the regular home-help girl.

‘Sick,’ was the one word reply.

‘They sent you instead?’ the nurse asked the obvious question. The girl just nodded.

‘Show me your letter.’ The nurse demanded to see the letter of credentials from the Agency.

The gothic girl rummaged in her large black bag and produced a slightly crumpled letter. The nurse took it a read it without expression. Looking up she asked, ‘Do you think you’re dressed appropriately?’

‘Yes,’ was the defiant reply.

‘I can’t imagine what your mother is thinking, letting you dress that way.’ The two glared at one another but the nurse broke the silence saying, ‘Fine then, I’m almost done. Go and introduce yourself to Stephen. I suppose you know what you have to do. It’s only a small flat so everywhere gets a once over clean and you need to make his lunch and then a sandwich around three-thirty. I’ll call in again about four-thirty. You can leave then. OK?’

The girl shrugged and swung her bag off her shoulder and onto a chair by the kitchen table. She then walked off to find the lounge and Stephen. She discovered a man in his mid to late sixties sitting in an armchair facing a TV. The TV was on and he was watching some banal daytime programme with an attractive couple interviewing some minor celebrity. The sound was so low she could hardly hear it.

Stephen has the handsome features of a ruggedly good looking man. His close cropped hair and half beard are both white. His face is lined with age and character. He has sharp ice blue eyes that reveal an intelligence and sense of humour. He has broad shoulders and the look of a man who has been very fit in his youth. But his power has been diminished by both age and illness. He is in recovery from a serious infection some months back. The worst has long passed and he is regaining strength but still needs a lot of help at home.

‘What’s up with you then?’ the girl asked by way of hello.

Stephen chuckled at her directness but answered, ‘I’m getting better.’

‘I hope you can go to the toilet yourself. I don’t do that.’

‘Yes, I can, thanks,’ he laughed softly. This girl was funny, he thought. He looked at her more closely. He thought ‘why would she dress the way she does?’ Under all the make-up and metal she has a very pretty face, almost pixie like, with a pretty nose, soft blue eyes and slightly pouting lips. Her hair is styled in a mop cut with strands that stray onto her cheeks. If she would only smile and wear more feminine clothes she could be a natural beauty, Stephen mused to himself, youth today!

The nurse bustled in and gave a torrent of instructions to both Stephen and the girl. Five minutes later she left by the back door. The girl flopped onto the small sofa which lay at right angles to Stephen’s chair.

‘Bitch,’ she muttered.

‘Who?’ Stephen asked with a smile.

‘Her. She so fucking hates me.’

‘Well she probably hasn’t had time to get to know your warm and fuzzy side,’ he reproached sarcastically.

‘Funnee,’ the girl sneered, ‘So what do you want me to do first?’

‘Oh just sit here and let me enjoy your sparkling wit and conversation.’

‘Fuck off. I’m going to put the kettle on. Do want tea or something?’

‘Tea would be nice, thank you.’

After serving the tea the girl spent the next hour and a half cleaning and tidying the bedroom and small bathroom of Stephen’s flat. By midday she had finished in the kitchen and asked Stephen if he wanted his lunch now or later. They agreed he would have it now and she set about creating a small meal for him. To Stephen’s surprise it was very good and he told her so.

‘Well, I want to suadiye escort be a chef.’


‘Yeah I’m not doing this fucking shit job forever.’

‘So you don’t enjoy cleaning up after old gits like me?

The girl looked at him quizzically and then smiled, ‘Well you’re not as bad as some. Some are dirty bastards. You wouldn’t believe the shit in their houses.’

‘I’m sure.’ They continued to chat and the girl softened slightly and dropped the hard-woman act she uses as a defence mechanism.

After lunch she cleaned up in the kitchen and then asked if she could tidy in the lounge. Eventually she moved to the bookcase behind Stephen’s chair. It’s tall, from floor to ceiling with five shelves and then cupboards in the bottom two feet. The shelves are lined with books.

‘You read all these?’ she enquired.

‘Of course,’ Stephen responded looking round at her. ‘You like to read?’


‘What do you like?’

‘All sorts. Horror stuff mainly. Got any of that?’

‘I don’t think so,’ Stephen turned back to watch the TV again.

The girl continued to look along the shelves and then opened the cupboard. Inside there was a confusion of boxes and files. But in one corner there was a small stack of magazines. She pulled one off the top. It looked old-fashioned but she recognised it immediately as a porn magazine.

‘Colour Climax?’ she made a question out of reading the title on the front.

‘What?’ Stephen looked around with concern. By now the girl had lifted out the whole pile and was spreading them in a fan on the floor by her knees. ‘Oh they’re old. Just rubbish,’ he tried to sound dismissive, ‘Just put them back, would you?’

The girl gave a half smile and said teasingly, ‘No. I want to look at them.’ she started to leaf through one of the magazines. It was clearly a hard core magazine. The images were very explicit and showed people having full sex. There were couples, girls with multiple men, and women together. ‘You old rascal,’ she chastised him.

‘Please just put them back,’ Stephen demanded quite firmly.

‘Why? Does it embarrass you to have me look at them?’

‘It’s none of your business, now just put them back.’

The girl ignored him and continued to browse the magazines. After several tense minutes she asked him, ‘Do you have a favourite?’

Stephen didn’t answer he just sat staring at the TV while the girl sat on the floor behind his chair and flicked through several of the magazines. He was embarrassed. He hated anyone knowing about his magazines, especially a woman. He knew his late wife had detested anything she considered obscene. So he assumed that all women hated porn.

The girl appeared around in front of Stephen. Smiling at him she held up one of the magazines open at a two page picture of a couple fucking. The woman had big 80s hair and the guy had a kind of mullet and a moustache. She grinned at Stephen, ‘Pervy Pops. You like this do you?’

Stephen was mortified but decided to try to brazen it out, ‘I..I..It’s alright,’ he stammered. ‘I haven’t looked at those in years.’

‘May be there is another you prefer?’ She rummaged on the floor and scooped up a few magazines and dumped them into Stephen’s lap. ‘Let’s look together and you can tell me which you like.’

To his amazement she settled herself on the arm of his chair and opened a magazine. On the pages were images of a woman sucking a cock while being fucked from behind.

‘Cool, I love two cocks,’ she stated like she was just saying that she loved tea.

Stephen couldn’t help but smile and he watched her as she flipped over the pages, one by one, pausing for a moment on each. The end of the sequence showed the woman with two lots of cum on her face.

‘I love having a guy cum on my face,’ the girl boasted. ‘What’s in the others?’ She picked up two magazines and handed him one, ‘You look too.’

Stephen began to look through it reluctantly at first. From time to time she would show him an image and comment on it. Soon Stephen was also turning the pages enjoying the pictures that were both familiar and a distant memory; it really had been some time since he’d looked at them.

She reached into Stephen’s lap and picked up another magazine. Once more she flipped the pages until she found a sequence with two women together. At this the girl leaned over closer to Stephen and said, ‘I bet you love seeing two women. All guys do. It’s some sort of fantasy that they all have.’ Then glancing at his lap she asked, ‘Are you hard?’

Stephen was really quite uncomfortable now. His thick erection was clearly showing under his light cotton trousers.

She saw his worried expression and offered, ‘It’s cool. I mean. It’s good at your age you can still get a boner.’ Then she moved to face him. ‘You want me to leave you alone so you can jerk off?’ she made a gesture with her hand mimicking a wanking action. ‘I could just go in the other room and you could call me when yakacık escort you’re finished.’ It seemed like a genuine offer, but Stephen just shook his head. Not really understanding how to deal with the situation. Women of his experience were never so direct.

She then giggled and added, ‘I bet you’d like me to do it for you. Wouldn’t you? I could just take it out and wank you. I’m really good you know. I’d soon make you shoot your load.’ She then knelt on the floor by his feet and leaned on his knees, placing her hands on his thighs. Looking straight into his face she continued, ‘You soo fucking want me to, don’t you?’

The moment hung between them for what seemed like an age. Stephen’s cock was straining in his pants and he could feel the heat of the young woman’s hands on his thighs. He couldn’t remember being so aroused and so conflicted. He wanted to make a move but he felt restrained by the age gap between them as well as the boundaries of their formal relationship. He worried that he would get into trouble. So instead he just prayed silently to himself; willing her to take the initiative and to touch his cock.

Almost like she read his mind she asked, ‘Shall I? Shall I wank you off, pops? Does that bitch nurse wank you when she baths you? I bet you get hard when she sponges you down,’ she giggled. But I bet she hardly knows what to do with a cock. I could make you feel really good.’ At that she slid her hands up his thighs until they were either side of the bulge in his pants. She brought her hands together to frame his large erection between the triangle formed by her thumbs and index fingers. Through his clothing she could feel the heavy balls and the thick shaft of his cock. It was impressive. It felt bigger than any she had felt before. Slowly she brought her hands together and allowed her fingers to clasp around his girth, ‘That’s quite impressive, pops,’ she spoke quietly, ‘were you a bit of a stud in your day?’ While saying this she gently squeezed his cock and balls in her hands.

Stephen closed his eyes and enjoyed her touch. He didn’t dare speak to answer her question. He could hardly remember when he last felt a woman’s hands on his body. Certainly, it had been decades since he was touched by a woman so young, and never with such confidence. He loved how brazen this young woman was, and he found he was now excited by her unusual looks. She stared up at him, her dark lips broken in a wicked smile and her blue eyes shining behind her dark make-up. The girl liked to defy convention. She got a buzz out of taking risks. A very naughty thought crossed her mind.

‘When was the last time you saw a woman for real?’ she asked him mischievously. Without waiting for his reply she sat back on her heels and began to pull off her baggy top. One at a time she pulled the layers over her head until she sat there in just her bra. The look of the back bra against her milky white skin was quite beautiful. Stephen feasted his eyes on her. Her boobs were small but perfect for her frame which was now revealed as quite petite, once the heavy black clothing was gone.

‘If you take your trousers off I will too,’ she teased cheekily.

Stephen undid his trousers and shuffled them down over his waist and past his erect cock. He pushed both his trousers and pants down his thighs and off his legs. He sat there in just his T-shirt and socks. His cock raised like a thick flag pole in his lap. From her position the girl could see his large balls, swollen with their load of spunk and his great penis, which was as thick as her slender wrist, and most of the length of her forearm. Without saying a word she rocked back onto her bum and swung her legs in front of her. She began unbuckling her large boots and kicked them off one by one. Stephen smiled at the tiny pink and white ankle socks she was wearing. They seemed so at odds with her gothic appearance. He thought that it revealed something touchingly feminine and girlish about her. She grinned up at him as she hooked her thumbs into the pant of her leggings and they followed the boots as she pushed them down her legs. She knelt now in just her short skirt, bra, pants, and the incongruous socks.

Stephen was admiring her slender legs and small, shapely body. His hand was on his dick and he slowly stroked himself as he watched her stand up. Without the huge boots she stood barely five feet tall. She turned around slowly to show off her body from all angles. ‘Well? Do you like?’ she asked him with a confidence that betrayed her knowledge of how good she looked. Stephen’s only answer was to smile and stroke his cock.

She took off the short skirt and tossed it aside. ‘This will give you something to wank over.’ Her right hand delved into her black panties and it was obvious that she was touching herself. Stephen had never seen a woman do that, other than in his magazines. ‘Your dick is really quite big,’ she said with a slight giggle. Stephen could see that her gaze was directed straight at his swollen erection. şerifali escort He stroked it more firmly and drew back the foreskin over the large glans. ‘Hmm, I like watching guys wanking. And I know guys like watching girls do it. My boyfriend can’t resist me when I play with my pussy. He just jumps on me and fucks me like crazy,’ the girl giggled naughtily.

‘So you’re not a virgin then?’ Stephen asked.

‘No way. Did you think I was?’

‘Well you’re young, so I thought maybe..’

‘It’s different these days, pops. You don’t need to be married and all that,’ she smiled. ‘Some of my girlfriends just fuck anyone they go out with. I know one girl who fucked two different guys on the same night. I bet you wish you were still young,’ she laughed.

‘You can’t imagine,’ Stephen said wistfully.

The girl crossed the few steps between them to stand at his feet. Her hand was still deep inside her pants and she lifted her right knee and placed it on the seat next to Stephen’s leg. She leaned over to support herself on the back of his chair. Her body was close to his. He could smell her scent, a mixture of soap and a musky perfume.

‘Ever had a lap dance?’ she spoke quietly to him. Stephen just looked into her face and shook his head. She then placed her left leg on the seat so that her thighs now straddled his lap. She shuffled forward until she was very close to him. Her crotch was just inches from his fist, which was still stroking his cock. She leaned right into his chest and he could feel her small pert breasts press against him. Her face was by his left ear. ‘This is better than a real lap dance,’ she whispered, ‘You aren’t allowed to get your dick out in a club.’

She moved sinuously on top of his lap, swaying in towards him then back away again. Each time she moved forward her breasts brushed softly against his chest. ‘Also, the girls don’t play with themselves. My fingers are right inside me.’ She continued to sway and gyrate on his lap. Occasionally her panty covered knuckles bumped into his fist as it slowly stroked his cock.

‘God you’re a sexy girl,’ Stephen breathed, ‘I’ve never experienced anything like this.’

The girl giggled and kissed his cheek and murmured, ‘What a nice man. Do you want to take off my bra?’ Stephen’s hands move around to her back and she leaned against him. He found the strap but couldn’t undo it. He fumbled for a moment then she sat back, ‘Christ you really are out of practise, aren’t you?’ She reached around and loosened the strap and the bra fell away from her pert young tits. She tossed it aside and then took his hands in hers. She placed one hand on each breast and invited him to squeeze them gently.

Stephen relished the softness of her young flesh and massaged the yielding breasts. It had been years since he had had the pleasure of touching a woman. He wondered in fact if he had ever touched a woman as young as this one. As his hands circled her apple sized boobs her nipples tightened and grew erect. The small, pale buds stood out from the milky aureole and Stephen squeezed first one then the other between his thumb and finger.

‘Suck them,’ she whispered urgently in his left ear. Stephen immediately obeyed and pulled her to his mouth. His lips closed around the small teat and he sucked it between his teeth. His tongue pressed her tender flesh against the roof of his mouth and his teeth grazed the sensitive nipple causing her to gasp and jerk a little then squirm on his lap. As he repeated the treatment on her other side, her hand returned to her pants. Her fingers found her hot pussy and slipped between the now slick labia. She gasped and ground against her hand as Stephen sucked her sensitive breast flesh into his hot mouth and pressed it between his tongue and teeth. She enjoyed his expert ministrations. Guys her age normally suck and bite clumsily, but this man was sensual and erotic. For the next few minutes Stephen alternated between her tits, treating each to firm sucking and nipping, until the girl’s nipples were pinched and too sensitive to take anymore.

‘No. Too much,’ she gasped, pushing him away. Then smiling at him, ‘You do that too well. I need a minute.’

Stephen obeyed and simply kissed around her breasts and shoulders. Her left arm was still supporting her weight on the back of the chair and Stephen kissed her armpit. She obviously shaved but there was a slight re-growth of hair that felt prickly to his lips. She smelt musky and fragrant and very natural. Stephen licked and nuzzled her skin, gently nipping and biting her. She jerked away at first, an instinct born of being ticklish. But soon she was enjoying this intimate and unusual touch. Withdrawing her right hand from its work in her panties, she abandoned her masturbation to present her other armpit for the same treatment. The sensation was gloriously intense, almost too much. But she needed stimulation down below too.

Shuffling further forward she ground her crotch against Stephen’s solid penis. Soon she was gyrating her hips and forcing herself down on him, pressing her pussy against his thick cock, enjoying the pressure on her clit under her panties. Stephen continued to nuzzle her armpits and she squirmed and ground against him, grunting and gasping with her efforts.

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