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I must have been crazy that night. It was the summer after we had all graduated high-school together. My parents had already fallen asleep at 11:00pm and I tip-toed downstairs to find my step-brother , Vic, and his friends sleepover giggling over some late night movies on HBO or Cinemax.

I don’t remember the movie they were watching but I could see the woman with large breasts on the TV screen. Our basement was large and “L” shaped with the room the boys were in at the end of the L. This gave me the perfect angle for my curious spying!

I watched one by one as Vic his friends slowly took out each of their penises from their pants. Startled, I hid further behind the door with only my eyes peering in the crack of the open door to look in. It was so exciting to watch them giggle and see the light of the TV reflect off their penises. As far as I could see, Vic had a fat penis which was nicely shaped and cut. His friend John was slightly smaller, uncut, but darker in color. But his other friend Nathan had the biggest one! Nathan’s penis was not only the longest but it was the thickest too! I watched as the boys all began to masturbate to the now moaning woman on the screen. Their stiff cocks and all the moaning and grunting was making me wet and excited between my legs. I felt naughty but quickly found myself being completely aroused so I reached down my panties and began touching myself. Watching the 3 boys masturbate on the sofa continued for at least a good five or ten minutes until the credits of the movie started rolling. At this point my nipples were hard and my panties were moist.

Then I heard the conversations from the boys:

JOHN : Hey Vic- that movie was awesome! I’m so horny!

NATHAN: I know man…that chick was hot and her boobs were amazing!

VIC: (laughing) …Wasn’t it great though? I told you guys!!!

JOHN: Vic- where’s your hot step-sister FRANCIA?

The second I heard my name I nearly fainted. I couldn’t believe it. I was spying on my step-brother and his friends and now was about to get on some of the juiciest gossip ever about ME! I was absolutely shocked to hear each of the boys including my step-brother Vic, reveal their souls about their wants to have their way with me. Vic and I had only known each other for a year before our parents got married. I didn’t mind because it was naughty and I was incredibly intrigued to hear all of this juiciness. John had wanted to lose his virginity to me, Nathan had wanted to have his dick sucked and come on my face and large boobs, and Vic revealed how he wanted to fuck me in every room of the house and lick my pussy as I sucked his dick in a 69. I don’t know why I stayed to hear all of it but part of me enjoyed the thrill of being the object of three horny boys’ affections and wet dreams. My fingers remained in my wet panties rubbing my warm slippery mound.

Everything was exciting to me and then the boys decided to play a game of TRUTH or DARE! I heard the boys ask a series of silly questions about girls in school, dirty jokes and some easier dares to prank call friends and flash strangers on a web cam that was on a nearby laptop. It was somewhat amusing. After about ten minutes, then the game got more serious!



VIC: Come on man…you always take the easy way out! OK, not this time? Have you ever tasted your own come?

JOHN: Seriously? Why have you?

VIC: Answer the question FIRST!

JOHN: Yes. Once I did. I came in my hand and licked it a little!

VIC: Did you like it?

JOHN: It was okay. I don’t mind it…kinda salty and a little bitter.

VIC:Ha Ha (laughing). That’s nasty! I would never.

NATHAN: (defensive) Never say never Vic!

VIC: TRUTH or DARE Nathan?


VIC:Okay, Mr. Never Say Never, I dare you to lick your own cum.

NATHAN: That’s easy! I love how I taste! I taste great!

VIC:What? Are you serious?

NATHAN: Yes. It’s an easy way to clean up when I’m done jerking off!

VIC: I never thought of that… Hmm, Maybe I will try it out then.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! The one time that I wanted to just tape record my life to document this and I was without my phone. It was left charging upstairs in my room. I wanted to desperately run up and grab it to record what I was hearing but also, I didn’t want to leave the room also for fear of missing juicier eavesdropping.

VIC: I’m gonna’ change the dare then…I dare you to stand with your dick poking through the hole in the wall by the door.

NATHAN: Okay…fine!

As I looked over by the door jamb where I was hiding, there was indeed a circular hole made through the wood paneling of some unfinished work from my parents. The problem was it was right where I was standing. Trembling with fear on bahis firmaları where to go, I felt naked as if I was going to be caught. My quick reaction told me to hide in the over sized pantry doors next to me. These doors opened up along a track and had slits on the upper panels of the door facing the ground which would allow me to remain hidden. My heart was racing as I moved over to a new location. I was completely soaked and felt the wetness from my vagina drip along my thighs slowly as I began to perspire.

NATHAN: Done! Look at my Dick! Through the hole!

VIC: Let me see! Damn that shit is huge! Your balls are big too!

NATHAN: I checked the edges of the hole first and they have been sanded smooth…

VIC: I know…I sanded it smooth…I made it for something.

JOHN:What did you make it for Vic?

VIC: I made a special device to help me release!

NATHAN:What is it?

JOHN:Yeah. Let’s see!

My heart was beating furiously so that I could feel my heartbeat in my neck, my eyes were watery in disbelief and my legs were practically shaking. I was stunned at first to see such a huge hog of a cock on Nathan. Controlling my excitement and breathing, I saw my step- brother pull out what appeared to be a homemade contraption of some rubber like material. Vic took the time to show the boys how it was made, how it worked, and how to clean it properly from some DIY (Do-It-Yourself) video on YouTube. The boys were surely impressed as was I, and even how Vic made a special attachment for the device to remain attached to the wall during use. He left the device in the wall and left some lube in a bottle underneath as the boys returned back to the TV. I decided to make this opportunity to go back upstairs to grab my phone and return later.

I had to tell someone about all of this. I was frantic. This was too good to be true! I quickly ran upstairs and logged on to my computer to look at my online friends. No one that I wanted to share this with was online. I sent a text to my best friend Rosie several times next door but she didn’t text back. Waiting for some time, I text a few of my other friends but it was kind of late and I guess they were all sleeping. Frustrated, I gave up hope and just left my room.

As I tip-toed downstairs to the basement, I was extremely cautious. I heard a TV but no voices…the lights were off so I used the light of my phone screen to light my way. I peered in the now wide open doorway from around the corner and saw Vic passed out sleep on the futon on the far side of the room. Nathan and John were watching another late night Movie. As the light on the TV grew brighter, I noticed something different. Both boys were completely naked and sitting next to one another except for a carefully placed throw blanket that rested across their knees. They were both masturbating and it was exciting! Watching them stroke their cocks was great. John had a tight six pack and I could see the shadows of it in the dim light. His penis was a good size and even though it was uncut, it was incredibly exciting to watch as he slid it carefully through his hand. Nathan’s cock was so large he could place two hands around it and his head of his penis still pushed through exposing the top part of his shaft. Nathan’s cock was thick too. Something about his cock intrigued me. I wanted to play with it, rub it and suck on it and make his wishes come true having that large beast of a cock squirt come all over my face and boobs. Best yet, I smiled and was happy to finally have access to my phone to record this.

After fumbling through the settings to switch the flash light off, I dropped my phone and it hit the side of the door startling the two boys. In a split second, the boys quickly covered up and then turned toward my direction and then themselves asking what sound it was. I grabbed my phone quickly and hid back in the over sized pantry where I had hid before. The two boys who were now dressed and had walked over by the door to look for the mystery noise. My heart must have stopped. Again, the feeling of my heart beat in my neck and how my eyes welled up with water made this experience feel incredibly exciting. My legs shivered as I thought about how exciting it was to be almost caught and the thrill continued to make my pussy feel incredibly warm and wet. I was more than horny. I was insatiable.

The door had been pulled nearly shut and the boys returned to the sofa. I heard the TV click off and both boys said, “Night!” Filled with a tremendous urge to satisfy my own urges, I slowly opened the folding door of the pantry and stepped out into the hallway again. I decided to take advantage of this opportunity. Just then, the flood lights from the neighbor’s yard had turned on. It startled me only briefly as I thought it was probably an outdoor animal that had triggered a sensor.

Anyway, this dim light provided me with a small amount of light to see through the ground level windows in the hallway. I walked into the dim light and slowly began to disrobe. kaçak iddaa I was wearing a pair of spandex tights and a loose halter top that still clung to my large 36D boobs. I raised my arms and removed my top and unclasped my bra and let each of my clothes fall down sensually along my body onto the carpeted floor. My nipples were hard and I let my hands glide across my body. Rubbing my breasts and tracing my nipples with my index fingers made me feel amazing. I began to slowly dance and sway my hips side to side to the music playing in my head. Closing my eyes, I pictured myself on stage for the 3 boys with their cocks in hand watching me.

I began to peel off my spandex pants as I sat on the floor closing my eyes as I continued moving in a rhythmic motion. I imagined myself as a stripper and stood up shaking my ass cheeks, bouncing them with my thong panties on. I grabbed both sides of my panties and tugged them gently upward as my panty crease crept inside my wet pussy. I took one hand and began rubbing myself through the thin fabric of my panties as I continued to gyrate my hips nice and slowly. Then I bent over at the waist, my large full breasts pressing against my toned thighs and pulled my panties down to the floor slowly.

My panties were hard to get off as they were wet with my juices for I was incredibly horny. I began to rub my pussy slowly as the wet juices clung to my fingers and made a slippery wet sloshing sound as I bit my lip with desire. My nipples were very hard and my breasts seemed to be firmer from all the excitement. I stuck my index and middle finger gently into my wet pussy as I stood caressing my boobs with my other hand. It felt so wonderful and exciting. Being so close to the boys that had no idea I was around made me even wetter. I sat down on the floor, my back arching as I used I the pressure of my thumb to play with my clit as I spread my legs even more. It felt awesome. I felt a tingly sensation over my entire body as my body quivered as I got closer to orgasm. At this time, I had my legs spread eagle and was pumping my fingers into my pussy furiously as I played with my clit. I leaned forward and pulled my right breast to my mouth and began sucking on my nipple while pinching the other with my left hand. I quickly sucked my other nipple and ran my hands across my flat athletic stomach as I continued to invade myself with my busy hand. I was in heaven! Biting my lip as I arched my back again I felt my legs shudder as I kept quiet during my orgasm but unavoidably was breathing hard. I lay there still for a few quiet moments and then took my fingers out of my pussy to taste myself.

Slowly recovering from being out of breath, I sat up trying to collect myself somewhat after my intense orgasm. Looking for my clothes I managed to find my bra and top first but couldn’t find my panties. Scrambling on the floor, I rediscovered my cell phone which had been on silent. As I flipped it over, I found my phone screen on with a recent text message. It was a message from my neighbor and friend Rosie. The screen on my phone read, ” Francia,hey gurl, what are U up 2?”. I quickly text her back:

FRANCIA: Just relaxing now…

ROSIE: I see….LOL… are u feeling better now?

FRANCIA: Huh? Where ru?

ROSIE: LOL! Look up at the window! LOL!(waving)

FRANCIA: OMG! I…. I’m so embarrassed! (My heart sunk into the floor.)

ROSIE: Please don’t be…can we talk? Let me in!?

At that moment, I looked up and had seen my smiling friend who had been watching me pleasure myself the whole time. Completely mortified, I swallowed my saliva hard and grabbed my spandex pants and pulled them up and on from the floor. I was in shock but to be honest, I wasn’t upset I had been caught by Rosie as I had my eyes on her for some time but I would continue to play that part as an award winning actress. She was a light-skinned Dominican with perfect skin and a great plump booty. Her 34C boobs weren’t as big as mine but they weren’t tiny either. They fit her body well as she usually wore tight outfits that accentuated her curves. I had forgot I had left my panties somewhere on the floor and walked up the stairs to let my friend inside the side door by the garage. We had talked for about a half hour and I now knew what had set off her flood lights. It was her! She hadn’t heard from me after my many attempts to get in contact with her that she assumed something was wrong and snuck out of her parents’ house to check on me. When I wasn’t answering the phone she began looking for me to spot a window or a TV that was on in one of our windows until she found me. She told me how beautiful my body was and how she had enjoyed watching me. I was bright red as she told me she had never seen a woman please herself before and had agreed to make things “even” for me sometime and allow me to watch her. Hearing that from her made me feel much more comfortable about my embarrassing situation and internally I was smiling as I had always wanted a way to have an opportunity to see her kaçak bahis completely naked.

It was nearly 2:00am and after our good talk which also covered the boys’ activities, she wanted to come downstairs to investigate. I told her to follow me as we tip toed down the stairs. We had got to the where I had masturbated and came and noticed now that the door was closed. I quickly motioned to Rosie that someone was up and we should hide. Looking forward with her behind, she ran right into me. I could feel her breasts collide with my back. I reached back to grab her from falling and grabbed her ass by accident. It was an amazing ass! It was so plump and more firm than I thought. I reveled in the satisfaction of grabbing her ass as I turned to her to apologize (even though I didn’t really mean it and enjoyed more the free grab). We slowly inched up and I heard a weird squishy noise and saw movement from Vic’s sex toy. Someone was fucking the shit out of that thing but we couldn’t see it. They were breathing hard and Rosie and I had our mouths open as none of us could determine whose dick was being serviced. Rosie was biting her lip and squeezing me tight in an embrace as she giggled quietly in my ear. I didn’t know how much of this I could take. With each tight squeeze I could feel her bra-less boobs pressing tight against my body. My body tingled in ecstasy as her giggles seemed to tickle my entire body. This sensation made every hair on my body stand straight out and the intensity was making me very wet and horny again.

Hearing the grunts and seeing the thrusts from the other side of the wall as the rubber device being stretched was almost too much for me. I had so wanted to open the door to see whose penis needed attention and at this point would gladly service any or all of the three boys and even Rosie too to become the inner slut I had fantasized about. What was happening to me? Why was I feeling this way? I couldn’t explain it at all. It was an out of body experience for me. I felt as if something was controlling my body and mind and making me become something I had only dreamt about. I had whispered to Rosie how horny I was and she told me I should open the door and find out who this mystery man was. Although tempted, I had some reservations but I was incredibly horny and my face was flush already. Although muffled, the noise was enough to stop the mystery man from thrusting into the rubber sheath! I placed my index finger over my mouth and quickly grabbed Rosie and pushed her behind the over sized pantry door and closed it where I was hiding before. A familiar voice called from behind the door. “Hullo,… Hullo?”

Just then I decided that I was going to get caught and I didn’t care. I grabbed some stack towels in my hand and I answered back, “Hello? Who is there?” I could see Rosie’s glowing white smile through the door slits to the pantry.

And then the door began to open, who was it going to be my step-brother Vic, his friend Jon, or the well-endowed Nathan? My heart was furiously beating with anticipation as the door swung open. To my great surprise it was Nathan.

NATHAN: Why hello Francia…um, I didn’t know you were down here? How long have you been-

FRANCIA: -I just came down here to get some towels. I had finished watching a movie upstairs and I noticed we were out. I always like to take a shower before going to bed…-

NATHAN: Oh ok….cool. I just woke up myself because I’m having some trouble sleeping and was going to walk upstairs to get some water…-

FRANCIA: (clearing her throat)- Ahem…Tell me Nathan, why can’t you go to sleep? Are you homesick?

NATHAN: Um…not really…What I really meant to say is…uh…um…

FRANCIA: Horny??

NATHAN: Yah, that too….did you see anything?

FRANCIA: I did notice something moving behind the wall…was that you?

NATHAN: (gasp) Ah shit, you got me….I’m not gonna’ lie…I got so horny and I was fucking it…-

FRANCIA: Can I see it?

Just then, I had decided to completely let myself go and was ready to put on a show for Rosie and also service Nathan. Nathan had asked what the other guys would think and I told him that I wouldn’t say anything to anyone as long as he agreed to do the same.

He stood away from the doorway and into the dim light coming in front of the window. I positioned myself to let Rosie see everything. He was taller that I thought. Over six feet tall and had broad shoulders, a muscular chest, and an athletic body that showed he worked out in the gym. He had nice set of abs and shapely calves. I waited with anticipation for him to pull off his navy athletic shorts. As soon as they dropped to the floor I was stunned to see his 10 inch penis that was almost 3 inches thick. I was shocked. My eyes were wide open and my mouth dropped. I immediately fell to the floor and removed my top exposing my bra. My large breasts pushed tightly against his thighs as I grabbed his cock and began stroking it admiring its girth and length. Before he could even mutter a sound I opened my mouth as I knelt before him. My lips hugged the head of his enormous cock as my tongue swirled around in wild circles and my right hand cupped his balls and left hand kept stroking him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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