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Bruno led me across the hall from Michael’s room. I stood there nervously as he knocked on the door. When it opened my mouth watered. The man standing there was a pretty close second to Michael in looks. He stands about 5’8 or 9 but it was his eyes that struck me first. He had Short strawberry blonde hair, and green eyes. Eyes that sparkled with pleasure when they looked at me. “Thank you Bruno.” He said not even looking at the other man.

I heard Bruno leave but didn’t take my eyes from my next encounter. I licked my lips as he led me into the room. His room was furnished like Michael’s had been. Even down to the book on the bed. I chuckled when I saw it. “What’s so funny?” He asked with a heart stopping smile that made my breath catch in my throat.

“Um…”I tore my eyes from his to look at the bed again. “Michael had a book on his pillow to.”

The man looked at it then threw it on the nightstand not bothering to mark his place. “Not much to do when you’re not servicing customers.” Like Michael he sat down on the edge of the bed looking at me. He tilted his head to the side as he looked at the dress I was wearing. “Hm…” He said lifting his smiling eyes to me.

“What?” I asked self consciously.

He smiled. “Well, from the sounds I heard coming from Michael’s room I figured you would be naked when you came to me.”

I blushed. “Yea…Well…Um…”

The man laughed at my embarrassment. “Don’t worry darling. I’ve known Michael for almost 3 years. I know that when he gets hot, he don’t care if the woman is dressed or naked.”

His words helped but I was still blushing as I stood there. “That’s okay. You can do a striptease for me then.” I looked at him as he licked his lips. “Go ahead darling. Take your clothes off. Let me see that beautiful body.”

“I’m not beautiful.” I said as I let the straps of my dress fall to my arms.

His eyes moved over me as I slowly stripped out of my clothes. When I stood naked before him he licked his lips. “I beg to differ darling but you are a very beautiful young lady.”

I blushed as his words filled me with joy. I was looking at the floor so I never saw him stand up or walk over to me. I lifted my head when he put his finger under my chin. “What is this? Modesty? I figured Michael would have fucked all that out of you.”

I blushed again at his words. “Well…He…” My words were cut off as his lips touched mine. I was beginning to wonder if all these guys took kissing lessons at the same school. Even though the lips were different, the technique was the same. His lips brushed lightly over mine before he teased my lips with his tongue until I opened them. He swung his tongue into my mouth licking all over as he pressed my body close to his. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kissed him back. I smiled when he moaned in my mouth. “Damn girl.” He panted pulling his lips from mine. “Did Michael teach you to kiss like that?”

I giggled. “Pretty much.”

He pushed me away until I was arms length away from him then ran his finger over my breast. “Hm…Remind me to send him a thank you note.” He ran his finger in circles over my nipple, making me shiver with desire. “What else did our long running boy teach you?”

I wanted to ask what he meant by long running boy but he moved his mouth to my nipple taking it deep in his mouth as he sucked on it. I moaned loudly as I grabbed his shoulders to keep from falling. I squealed when he suddenly lifted me into his arms, never taking his sucking mouth from my breast.

I heard the bed springs squeal as he put a knee on the bed, then I felt the bed come up to meet me. He lowered his body next to mine while he continued to suckle at my nipple like a baby. “Oh…” It was then that I realized he hadn’t told me his name yet. I shrugged then ran my fingers through his hair. “That feels so good.”

He ran his tongue lovingly over my nipple, wrapping his tongue around it as he continued to suckle like a baby. I felt his as his hand moved over my body. When he touched my pussy I spread my legs, giving him access. He cupped my pussy in his hand but didn’t touch me in any other way. He moved his mouth to the other breast while he kept his hand cupping me. “Aren’t…Aren’t you going to touch me?” I asked.

He lifted his head from my breast. “Eventually.” Then he lowered his mouth back to my body.

I lay there, running my fingers through his hair as he loved my breast with his mouth. It felt good and pleasure was running through my body but it wasn’t mind blowing like when Michael had fingered me.

Finally he moved his mouth down my body, leaving open mouth kisses all over my skin. I felt his tongue run over my stomach and once again shivered in pleasure. He continued moving down until his face was buried between my legs. When I saw him there, I started breathing heavier.

My new lover didn’t disappoint me. He moved his hand, replacing it with his lips. He kissed each of my lips before spreading them open and taking a long taste of my nectar. “Mmmmm…Yummy.” He murmured against kozyatağı escort my snatch as he lowered his head once again.

I moaned when he licked me but cried out when he brushed his tongue over my clit, forcing it out of its hood.

He lifted his head from my snatch looking into my eyes. “I take it wonder boy didn’t eat you.”

I shook my head. He just chuckled then lowered his head between my legs again. He brushed his tongue over my clit a couple of times making me whimper then lowered his head even further.

I felt him wrap his hands around my legs, pulling them further apart as he lowered himself further between my legs. I laid there panting almost afraid to imagine what he would do next. I definitely didn’t imagine what he did.

He teased the little bump above my slit then pushed his tongue inside me. “OH FUCK!” I cried lifting my hips as I felt him slither into me.

He chuckled but didn’t pull his tongue from my body. Instead he pushed it in further, licking around my insides. “Oh god.” I sighed as I pressed him closer to my hot pussy.

He didn’t complain as I pushed him against me. Instead he dug his nose against my clit, rubbing it slowly back and forth as he slowly fucked my hole with his tongue.

“What are you doing to me?” I cried thrusting my hips hard against him as I held his head tightly.

He chuckled again but didn’t answer. Instead he dug his hands into my legs as he attacked my pussy with his mouth. His tongue flew in and out of me as he rubbed his nose hard against my clit.

In no time at all, I was whimpering like crazy as I thrust my body against his sucking face. “Oh god. Eat my pussy. It feels soo good. I’m gonna cum.”

He attacked my pussy harder; he moved one arm off my legs and replaced his nose with a finger on my clit as he continued to tonguefuck me at the speed of light. I felt his tongue flying in and out of me as he mashed my clit with his finger. “OH…Oh…Oh…” I cried humping wildly against his face. “I’m cummminnngggg…”

He drank up my juices then dug his tongue far inside me looking for more. He licked at my insides while I lay there whimpering. My body jerking as small spasms shook me.

Finally he lifted his head from my crotch, then moved up until he was sitting beside me on the bed. He licked my juices from his lips. “By the way. I’m Tommy.” He said with a grin.

I looked at him in surprise. Slowly I pushed myself up on my arms. “You couldn’t have told me that before you made me cum?”

He laughed as he leaned forward kissing me softly. “I prefer to bring a girl to orgasm before introductions. More fun that way.”

I groaned as I flopped back to the bed.

He laughed, running his hand lightly over my stomach. “Awe come on darling. You enjoyed it.”

I turned my head to look at him. “True.”

He lay down beside me resting his head on his hand as he drew circles on my stomach with his finger. “So tell me about yourself.”

Again I looked at him in shock. “What?”

He looked like a wounded puppy. “Oh don’t tell me you are one of those girls who just likes to cum and leave?”

“I…I…I don’t know.” I said lying back on the bed.

He moved his hand up until he was gently cupping my breast. “I like to talk a bit between the action. It makes the money the women pay seem to go further instead of just make them cum and watch them leave.”

I shivered as he ran his finger lightly over my breast. “That makes sense.”

He continued to tease my breast with his finger. “So tell me about yourself. You married?”

I laughed as I turned my face to look at him. “Yea right. I was a virgin before I came here tonight.”

He looked at me tenderly. “Oh…that’s right. Your parents rented this place as a birthday present for you. Sorry forgot.”

I lifted my hand to his face, running it lightly over his cheek. “You forgot?”

He shrugged. “In this profession, you meet so many women that you tend to forget things.”

I ran my finger over his lips, smiling when he nipped lightly at it. “How old are you Tommy?”

He smiled. “I’m 26, I have been a male prostitute since I was 18 and I have been here for 3 years.”

I turned over onto my side so I was facing him while I ran my hand down over his chest. “Do you ever want to get married?”

He shrugged. “Sure, someday. You know, settle down, and have a couple of rug rats.” He smiled. “But I’m young yet. I’ve got my whole life ahead of me before I have to worry about that.”

I thought about that. “Have you ever thought about it with any of your customers?”

I looked at him as he thought about my question. His eyes were serious. “Honestly no. The women you meet in these places aren’t looking for a husband. Usually they got one at home.” I looked at him in surprise and he kissed my nose. “Yes little girl. A lot of our customers are women who have husbands and kids at home. They don’t get it at home so they come somewhere they will.”

I küçükyalı escort rested my head against the pillow as I looked at his chest. “I don’t understand how someone, a man or a woman can fall in love, get married, then stray.”

He just shrugged his shoulders, running his hand up and down over my hip. “What people do outside these walls is their business. As long as the money is good who am I to judge?”

I looked at him. “So I’m just another girl you get paid for fucking. When I walk out that door you’ll forget all about me?”

Again he shrugged. I felt a twinge as I realized that I would be fucked by 12 men tonight. It would stand out in my memory as the greatest night of my life so far, but to them it is just another night of work. That bothered me for some reason.

Tommy seemed to sense my thoughts because he tangled his hand in my hair, forcing me to look into his eyes as he kissed me softly. “Don’t let it get to you darling. You’re special.”


He smiled, “because, you are experiencing something new, something wonderful in your life. You don’t have anywhere from 5 to 10 women a night using your body to make them feel good.”

I searched his eyes. “But they make you feel good to, right?”

He kissed me again. “Every time.”

Tommy proceeded to distract me then by kissing me hard as he pressed my body tightly against his. I didn’t think about it that night, but thinking back, I wonder if he was being entirely truthful with me when he said that.

He caressed my tongue with his as he pressed our crotches tightly together. I could feel him throbbing against my stomach. I reached between our bodies, until I could feel him. I reached inside the thong and wrapped my hand around him.

He moaned in my mouth as I slowly stroked him. Tommy was long, but not thick; I was able to wrap my hand around him as I slowly jacked him off.

He pulled his lips from mine; laying back on his back with his eyes closed as I slowly moved my hand over him. “You ever sucked a cock darling?” he asked not opening his eyes.

“No.” I admitted as I watched my hand move over him inside the shorts.

He opened his eyes a crack. “Well, you know your hand feels good but your mouth would feel better. Want to give it a try?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Okay.”

I pulled my hand away, watching as he slid the thong down his hips. I watched him kick it off then moved my eyes to his cock. It was hard and laying against his stomach. I lay down beside him on my side with my head above his cock, then I lowered my head, kissing the tip.

“Mmmmm…” He moaned closing his eyes again. I kissed the head again then kissed my way down the side of his cock as I continued to slowly jack him.

“Oh yea darling, that feels good.” He moaned tangling his hand once again in my hair while his other hand moved up and down my leg. “Take it in your mouth darling.”

I looked up at him. His eyes were only open a slit but I could see the heat in them. I smiled then lowered my head to his hard shaft again; I opened my mouth letting him slowly slide inside.

He moaned loudly as I enveloped him. “Yes darling. Oh that feels wonderful.”

I felt him slowly push up with his hips, feeding me a bit of his cock before he left my mouth again. As he slowly fucked my face, I let my tongue wander over him. I licked the tip of his cock then moved it down over the base, hitting each area as he slowly pushed into my mouth.

“Oh darling. Yes.” He moaned tightening his grip on my hair as he slowly moved my head down over him. “It feels so good.”

I had about half his cock in my mouth, pressing against my throat when I felt something shoot into my mouth. I held my mouth still over him as his precum slid down the base of his cock until I could taste it on my tongue.

I moved my tongue over it, hearing him cry out as he shot more into my mouth. I pulled my mouth off of him, watching as he leaked precum over my moving hand. “What are you doing?” I asked looking at his face.

His eyes were closed with his mouth open partially as moans escaped it. He opened his eyes, smiling at me. “You know how you will leak juices in your pussy before you cum?”


“It’s the same way with a man. We leak precum. That’s what that is.”

I looked at my hand still slowly moving over him, while he soaked my hand in his precum. I leaned down, running my tongue over my hand and his cock, drinking it up.

He moaned as he bucked up with his hips, causing more to leak onto me. “Wow.”I giggled as I licked up the newest batch. I liked the taste of him. It was salty but sweet, when I saw more leak out of his piss hole, I locked my mouth around him again, not wanting to miss a drop. I moved my mouth hard and fast over him as I sucked hard at his cock wanting all the juice he was willing to give me.

“OH…Agh…Ugh…” He cried thrusting wildly into my mouth while he slammed my face hard down over him. “You keep that mutlu kent escort up darling and you’re gonna get a mouthful of the real thing.

I heard his words, but instead of pulling away, I went at him harder. My tongue whipped like a bullet over his tender flesh as I sucked greedily at his cock.

My hand moved hard and fast over his base. “Fuck…Yes…Don’t stop baby…I’m gonna cum.” He screamed as he ruthlessly fucked my face. His hand tangled hard in my hair holding me against his thrusting boner. “I’m cummminnngggg…” He screamed a split second before the first load shot into my mouth.

Even though I had been prepared for him to cum in my mouth, I wasn’t prepared for the amount or the force. Suddenly my mouth was full of his cum and he was filling it with more as he continued to thrust wildly against me. “Take it bitch. Drink up my fucking juices.” He screamed as he came deep into my mouth.

I swallowed as quickly as I could as he continued to fill my mouth with his juices. I felt some slip between my lips but ignored it for now. Finally it slowed to a drizzle as he collapsed back against the bed breathing heavily. His hand left my hair to rest on my hip.

I nursed at his cock making sure I hadn’t missed any of his delicious juices then let him slip from my lips. As he had done after eating my pussy, I licked my tongue around my mouth, collecting all the juices I had missed. “Yummy.” I said with a smile.

He smiled at me. “Come here darling.”

I laid down over him as I brought my lips to his. His tongue licked out my mouth. I knew he could taste himself on my lips. After he had cleaned all the juices from my mouth, he just held me as he kissed me softly.

“How did you like your first blowjob darling?” He asked when he took his lips from mine although he kept his arms wrapped around me.

“Mmmmmm…I liked it.”

He chuckled then let me slide off his body until I was lying on my stomach beside him.

We laid there together as he let his body recharge. Our hands were moving over each other in a caress. “Will any of the others be like this?” I asked as he kissed my shoulder.

“Like what darling.” He moved his mouth down over my back, tickling my flesh with his lips.

I moaned into the pillow as he kissed each of my ass-cheeks. “Like this. You know, talking, touching. Or will they all be like Michael, just get on and get off?”

I felt him behind me, lifting my hips a bit, as he slid between my legs. “I don’t know darling. I don’t know how the others are when they are with women. I only know how I am.”

I felt him slide slowly into me from behind as he brushed my hair off my neck, replacing it with his lips. “Oooooohhhhh…” I moaned as he slowly thrust within me. I pressed back against him.

He wrapped his arms around me, holding me close as he fucked me from behind. His lips were moving over my neck as he filled me. “Oh darling. Your pussy is so nice. Almost as nice as your mouth.”

I giggled then whimpered when he nipped playfully at my neck as he started moving faster. “I want you to cum darling. I want you to cum on my hard cock as it fills you.” He started pumping violently inside me. His hips moving fast as he buried himself deep into my body. His balls slapped against me.

“Oh god.” I cried burying my face in the pillow as I pushed my ass back against him. “Fuck me Tommy. Fuck me hard. It feels so good.”

His hands grabbed my tits, holding them tightly as he slammed into me. “Cum darling, cum all over me.” He panted against my ear.

He whispered in my ear, words that lovers say to each other during the heat of passion. His words pushed me faster towards orgasm until I was slamming my ass hard against him trying to bring myself off. “Fuck me you bastard. Make me fucking cum.” I screamed pushing myself up on my arms.

He squeezed my tits as he pounded my pussy. “Tight. Oh god. So fucking tight.” He growled as he rammed me hard and fast. “Cum darling. Oh god Cum.”

I didn’t understand why he wanted me to cum so bad but suddenly it didn’t matter. My body exploded as I came around him. “I’m cummminnngggg.”

I understood why a second later, when breathing hard, he pulled out of me, spilling himself on my back as Michael had done. I now understood why they did it but my spasming pussy felt empty without their cocks there.

He groaned as he spilled himself against me then collapsed against my back pressing me down into the mattress as my legs and arms collapsed under me. “Ooooooffff.” I grunted.

He lifted himself off of me. “Sorry about that darling.” He rolled over onto his back as he pulled me into his arms. I could feel his cum sliding down my back and over my butt cheeks.

I kissed him then rested my head against his chest. He ran his hand up and down over my back. “You can go in the bathroom and clean up if you want.” He said running his hand over his cum.

I nodded. I kissed him again then moved off the bed. I walked into the bathroom. Wetting a rag, I cleaned his cum off my back then walked back into the bedroom. He was sitting back on the bed with his arms behind his head. I was about to climb back onto the bed when I heard the knock at the door.

Sighing I let Bruno in. He flicked his eyes quickly over my naked body but his expression didn’t change. I gathered up my clothes then kissed Tommy softly on the lips. “Thanks, it was great.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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