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I was two months into my 22nd year on the day when I bought a membership to the gym that was only a few moments away from my home. I had walked there from home wearing a back pack.

Never having seen the inside of a real body builder’s gym, I needed some pointers. I spent a few moments watching other people work at the pulley driven machines and free weights. On one wall there was a plaque describing different exercises. It illustrated how one did them and which muscles they worked. I took a few moments and read it.

Barely 130 pounds, there were no defined muscles on my body. My pectoral muscles were flat and the lateral muscles were nearly straight. Rollerblading and cycling around my neighborhood had been the only exercises to which I was accustomed.

Knowing I needed more assistance, I looked back at the desk. They should come help me here I thought.

“Is there a physical trainer available?” It occurred to me that one should be included with the fee that I paid.

“Yes,” replied a handsome young male. ” I can help you.”

He was clad in red gym shorts with a white T shirt. His wore his pecan brown hair in a buzz cut that was spiked up in the front. He looked to be not much older than me.

The trainer came over to me.

“What would you like to accomplish?”

“I would like to gain about 20 or thirty pounds.”

“Muscle is made of protein. To build it you need lots of calories from protein.”

By now he had peaked my curiosity. “Protein comes from what kind of foods?”

“Fish, meat, and eggs, ” he said.

That said he began describing exercises.

“If you do a lot of repetitions at light weight that gives you muscle tone. A heavy weight but fewer repetitions will create bulk. You need to eat a lot more.”

We walked over to a bench whose uprights held a long barbell. He put plates on each end and totaled them for me.

“There’s malatya escort a hundred pounds. This will work your pectoral muscles which is your chest.”

I lay down and grabbed the weights from behind me. He walked behind the bench.

“Breathing is key. Breathe out when you’re pushing up.”

I lowered the bar and pushed it up then repeated the exercise. It seemed to move up on column of air as I let out my breath. After a few reps it was beginning to feel heavy.

“All you, ” said my trainer. “It’s all you!”

I moved on from exercise to exercise. Todd explained them. I did them.

After a half hour I felt like the muscles in my body were sore. I’m sore in muscles I never knew I had I thought. I walked into the locker room.

I’m gay. I’ve known it since puberty but I had always lacked the courage to approach a guy for sex. It didn’t help either that I didn’t know where to find other gay men.

I walked into the locker room, stripped and tossed my gym clothes into my locker. Looking around at the men, at their asses and dicks was making me fantasize just a little. I made absolutely sure not to let anything show on my face. Of course it meant I had to terminate the fantasy after just a couple of seconds. Besides my dick was starting to throb.

So far I was content just to look. It’s probably a straight gym I thought.

I knew that the gym had a swimming pool. The door just a few feet away on my right led to the pool area.

I had just come out of the shower when I saw a man walking naked toward the door. He disappeared behind it. I guess I’ll go out there naked too I thought.

I walked through the doorway. As I looked around there were several other guys there inside the pool or sitting bye it or sitting in the jacuzzi. No one wore a bathing suit.

I swam back and forth six lengths of pool before malatya escort bayan coming out of the water. Through the glass doors I could see lounge chairs and high privacy fence. I walked outside.

Around me there were a few other guys relaxing in lawn furniture. Some lay face up. Others lay face down. I looked around eyeballing asses and cocks. I hope I’m not the only gay person in here I thought.

I had been out there for a few moments when I suddenly found myself alone. The urge to jerk my cock was now irresistible. I closed my hand tight around it intent on making myself cum. There are some fucking gorgeous men in this place I thought. After a few minutes cum streamed from the head depositing the white, viscous fluid onto my torso. I quickly began cleaning myself. That felt so good I thought.

Things began to happen. A gorgeous guy about 5 foot ten, lean but fit looking came outside. Even flaccid, his cock was big and inviting.

He sat in the chair just two feet from me on my right. I turned toward him.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hi, ” I replied.

A second passed.

“You’re gay aren’t you.”

Oh shit this is embarrassing I thought. I guessed that he caught me in the act.

“Yes,” I said weakly. My face had turned as red as a tomato.

“I’m gay too. My name is Ed.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” I shook his hand with a firm grip.

“How old are you? You look young.”

“I’m 22.”

“I’m 31. I came out when I was in college. I had my first lover in my dorm.”

By now I was starting to feel completely comfortable in his company.

“Are there other gay men here?”

“We’re not the only ones.” Hs tone was convincing.

My mood progressed from comfortable to just plain horny. Placing my hand onto his big, pink ball sack drew his glance down there with a smile. I rubbed it. escort malatya

“Baby I like that!”

This was about to become my first experience and I wanted it more than I ever wanted anything.

Ed’s man meat went erect in my hand. Closing my hand around the shaft I jerked it slowly. He returned the favor.

“I just cummed a few minutes ago.”

“I know,” he said. “I watched you.”

It worked to my advantage. Subconsciously hoping to attract a man, I did so.

Now I went down to my knees placing my lips on the head of his delicious throbbing man meat. I had dreamt for years about giving a blow job to a cute guy and even imagined the technique. My tongue slid down the length of the shaft and back toward the head then down again. He started to massage my shoulders. My lips closed around his member and slid down it’s entire length then back and down again and again while my tongue continued licking it. Giving a blow job under the bright sun rules I thought.

“Suck my big cock! Suck me baby!”

I began stroking my own while sucking his.

I wanted more by now. His dick inside my ass would feel great. As I lay back in the lounge bringing my knees back toward my chest Ed moved into position. His seven inch member pushed it’s way inside me. A little blood betrayed my virginity. The stretch hurt a little but the pleasure I felt was beyond words. I moaned softly while his big cock banged my asshole.

“Don’t stop!”

I was oblivious to the fact the other men were walking out into that small, very private courtyard. For a few more minutes while they watched Edward’s big cock hammered between my buttocks.

He reached a climax and pulled out.

“That was awesome! It was my first time.”

“I know, ” he said. “After you do it the hole is stretched so that the cock fits the way it’s made to fit. You won’t bleed any more.”

I liked the way he phrased it. The way it’s made to fit went through my mind.

Cum seemed to be everywhere. It dripped from the head of his cock. It seemed to ooze out from my hole and slide down the back of my leg.

I had always imagined my first time would be in a bedroom alone with a dear friend using a condom. Still, it was great and welcomed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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