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I woke with a start, someone stroking my cock through the rubber. It’s one thing to go to sleep exhausted, drugged and horny in a rubber Vacbed, but entirely something else to wake up in one.

The claustrophobia was immediate and intense, not being able to move was frightening at first, then as I realized where I was, I began to calm a little.

My breathing was so elevated though that I’d inadvertently taken in massive doses of poppers in the last couple of minutes, I was completely high again.

I tried to slow my breathing down as I heard a zip being used and then felt hands actually on my cock, the vacuum was broken and the sheets began to loosen, then I felt the unmistakable entry of a Foley catheter into my cock.

Presumably I would be drinking again. I felt whoever it was inflate the bag inside my bladder and then the rubber over my face was unzipped.

The once cum covered ball gag, which I’d licked and sucked clean was removed, much to my relief with the aching jaw I had. Then a cock gag was placed in my mouth and inflated to lock it into place, before the stream of warm salty piss flowed through it.

The taste was so intense that normally I’d have gagged, but in the current state I was in, the extra flavor was satisfying me.

Satiating my need for sluttiness. Making me feel so dirty as I thirstily sucked it down.

It seemed fitting that I should be drinking something so intensely flavoured as the starter to the next session of earning my next hankies, the ones I had walked into the shop fantasising about most of all. The pink dildo fuckee one and the Navy Blue anal fuckee one.

I had no idea of the time, as I was released from the constraints of the rubber, but presumed it must be Saturday afternoon.

Only 24 hours or so since I’d first walked into the shop as a real man. I felt that was the last time I would ever feel like a real man again.

There was no going back, even though I would go back to work and my married life after this amazing weekend. Something deep inside me had changed, or been released.

I was now a pig, not a wannabe straight slut looking for something a little out of the ordinary, but instead a complete gay pig in my mind.

One who craved complete and utter degradation at hands of real men. I imagined sitting in a business meeting in the future and thinking about the guy I’d be negotiating with.

I thought I’d be wondering if he was a top, how big his cock would be, how it would feel in my mouth and thirsting for the taste of his cum and piss.

The next question I asked myself though, really revealed just how far I had gone, how deep I now was. I imagined how I would try to think of making those dirty fantasies come true. Trying to hint to the guy I’m negotiating with that I’d happily be his slut, that he could use me as he liked.

I was a pig, a real pig, now in my mind. No longer one being forced or trained to be a pig.

Fuck what had they done to me, or what had I done to myself?

The hood was removed and as I felt the air on my face I realized just how sweaty it was in the rubber suit.

As Steve removed it I was completely covered in perspiration, glistening in the light.

“Perfect slut, you’re sweating like the proverbial pig, just as Master S said you would. We want you to smell raunchy as we put you up for auction. The cum coating your nostrils must still be giving you a lovely aroma of your pig spunk and the taste of piss filling your mouth and throat.”

“You really are a dirty, sweaty, smelly, little pig, just how I hoped you’d turn out when I first thought you were a candidate.”

I stood head bowed as he peeled the rest of the rubber off my sweaty smooth body.

My muscles felt rested and with the poppers I’d inhaled I felt horny again, my cock standing to attention with the catheter in feeding me the last of the contents of my bladder, which Steve then removed followed by the gag.

“Hold a large mouthful of piss slut.”

I did as instructed and kept a full mouthful of strong piss in my mouth.

“Open wide and take these two tablets from Master S.”

I open my mouth tilting my head back and Steve popped the pills into my mouth and I swallowed them with the mouthful of piss.

I knew these would take me back to the heavenly pig state I had been in, going deeper with the additional drugs, reaching my full piggie potential.

As he peeled the rubber suit from my tits, the rubber clung to them and my nipples, pulling hard and drawing a gasp and moans from me. There was real pain, but it felt so, so good.

“As you can see pig your tits are still pretty much the same nice D cup, God I love the look of them on you, they actually suit you, they really do.”

“You never know you might want to keep them slut.”

What he said almost made sense in the state I was in, how it would feel on Sunday afternoon was another matter, but for the moment I was proud of my tits and my huge nipples.

“But your pig belly has shrunk van escort a lot, as I released all that piss from you last night. We won’t fill you up quite as much, but you will be fed more cum and piss in the films to come, no doubt of that.”

“So we should see it grow nice and swollen again” Steve was enjoying being the pig master I thought.

“So let me look at you, still smooth, nice big pig udders and teats, sweating liberally, smelling of cum and piss, ummmm all very good, but for one thing.”

I had a fair idea of what that might entail and this time it not only didn’t scare me, I wanted it.

“Time to turn your hard little faggot cock back into a clit, isn’t it slut.”

“Yes please Sir.” The staggering thing is I meant it, it was what I wanted. I knew that would please Master S and make him happy and I longed to make Master happy.

Steve smiled at me, that was what he’d wanted to hear, no pathetic begging to not have my cock transformed, instead a good piggie, knowing it’s place and the way things should be.

That is knowing that what is good for pig is what pig is told is good for it.

“It’s so good that you now realise that any pleasure you get, comes only from satisfying real men.”

“Sucking your protein reward from them, being fed and watered, or being a hole to be fucked.” I nodded as Steve told me the reality of my situation.

“That’s all you are now. A tongue, a throat, a pussy, a toilet, that’s what you chose to be.”

“No one else chose this for you, your dirty, little, slutty, choices of hankies have resulted in this. You’re living your own personal dirty fantasy aren’t you pig?”

I simply replied “Yes Sir, I made all these choices. I deserve to be a pig, it is my true place. Please make my cock go away and give me my piggie clit back Sir.”

Steve looked at me and smiled, realizing that I now knew my true position in life. That I genuinely realized that I was and deserved to be a pig.

He knew I was completely mentally and physically broken, he and Master S had dismantled me piece by piece.

To have me request that particular humiliation and pain, meant he now knew they owned my mind, my body and my soul completely.

“Sit down on the bed then slut.”

Steve bent down and started to milk me, long almost tender strokes at first, then speeding up and pulling painfully on the foreskin, wanking me hard. I was naked and free, my hands and arms my own, if only I had wanted to stop him.

I didn’t, I simply sat there waiting for the inevitable release, wanting to see the transformation of my cock in full this time.

He milked me to completion and again used his cum dipped finger to anoint my nasal passages liberally with as much cum as they could take.

He pushed his coated finger a full half inch into my nostrils, repeatedly to coat them in my pig muck. Then he held his fingers to my mouth which I licked and sucked.

The taste of cum almost a constant in my mouth and throat as much as the aroma of cum was in my nostrils. I’d had this taste and smell assaulting my senses for hours and hours now. He then took the final bit of residue and coated my swollen lips.

“There, perfect lip gloss for the perfect slut.”

Steve stood and brought a small box over to the bed, containing the small metal chastity cage from earlier, deep heat, an ice pack, all the necessary equipment for the transformation of my cock.

He was on his knees in front of me and seeing him there had my cock starting to harden again, until he took the ice and wrapped the flexible pack around my cock.

Again an intense feeling, which made me moan more. It also had the desired result withering my cock, making it shrink from the hard 6 inch rod it was to a pathetic little worm, the head covered in a full baggy foreskin.

Steve then took the urethral plug and coated it in deep heat, the smell reminding me of the pain I had felt as he had done that for the first time. This should have frightened me and made me flinch, but I knew I needed this.

He picked up the metal cuff and carefully forced my swollen sac into it, locking it in place with a small padlock. Making the single sac bulge obscenely. Then he took my flaccid cock, pulled back the foreskin between thumb and forefinger as fully as he could revealing the purple head which would become my pig clit.

He held the cage with the urethral plug in it and slowly teased the coated plug into my piss hole, the deep heat warming up and warning of the pain to come.

As he gently forced the plug into me, the head of my cock started to swell, but before the shaft could swell, he locked the cage tightly against my belly and locked it securely to the ring around my ball sac.

Now only an inch of head was showing above the big ball sac, the rest of the shaft was forced to remain out of sight inside my body.

The purple head was now straining against the bars of its cage with the deep heat warming up my entire van escort bayan groin area.

Steve flicked the cage with his finger making me shudder. “There you go pig, you have your clit back and that pathetic excuse for a cock is now gone, as it should be.”

The head was swelling more and more as the drugs he’d recently given me began to course through my veins.

“Thank you Sir, I feel much better now.” I meant it, the process of removing my manhood was now directly linked in my brain to being free to wallow in the humiliation of being a true gay pig.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I had been programmed to accept and embrace that freedom, to be the most wanton, pig slut that I could possibly be for my Master.

Seeing myself in my own mind as a smooth, fat, big nippled, titted pig, with a clit, a mouth and pussy to be used purely for real men’s pleasure.

That was how I now thought of myself, just as Master S had wanted. How I would think of myself in the future would be the real question.

When I had first walked into the shop, what I truly fantasised about was having my ass stuffed with dildos and cocks.

Now was the time for that dream to become a reality over and over again. I was actually looking forward to the auction, not really knowing what it meant.

If I’d only chosen two hankies it would have been these two, so my mind was in a very happy place. I stupidly thought I’d earned the hard hankies.

Steve walked across to the equipment cupboard and came back to me holding a large O-ring gag and told me to open wide. I did as instructed and he only just managed to fit the large O ring into my mouth holding it wide open for use. He then strapped it in place tightly.

“Now slut I get to use that pig throat of yours, I’ve been waiting for this and I have very full balls that I need to empty. I think some poppers first though slut, just to top up your levels.”

He brought my pig mask out from the cupboard and strapped that over my head fitting the nose plugs into my cum soaked nostrils, the tightness of the fit ensuring that I would be breathing in pure poppers from now on.

I was proud to be wearing it, it felt right to show my true position to all who saw me.

He pushed me back onto the bed and told me lie on my back and to put my head over the end of the bed.

As he stood behind me, he pushed my head back and down and my tongue was running around the metal ring of the O-ring gag desperate for a taste of his cock.

“Just look at you whore, you’re so desperate for my cock aren’t you slut, it’s like watching a crack whore, desperate for her next fix, you dirty little bitch?”

I just nodded eagerly looking up at his body, I was completely turned on by his humiliation of me. I must have been a picture, lying there, smooth, pink, my huge ball sac swollen and above it the angry purple head of my piggie clit. My impressive breasts, topped off by long swollen nipples and my still almost pregnant belly, what a sight on the black rubber bed.

He opened his trousers and although hard to see with the mask on and lying on my back his cock was stunning and huge. So, so thick that even in its half hard state I wasn’t sure it would go through the big O-ring.

Steve let the blood flow into his newly released cock and it started to rise until it stood horizontal at my open mouth, not quite fully erect. I groaned into my gag, trying to move closer to his cock to get my fix.

He smiled down at me as I began to almost hyper ventilate taking on huge lung fulls of poppers. As he smiled at me, he moved his hips forward until just the glistening cut head of his magnificent cock was inside the O-ring, between my swollen lips.

I could taste his last piss and probed his piss hole with my tongue, which pleased him greatly if the groan he emitted was anything to go by.

I swirled my tongue around the hard swelling head of his cock, licking every little crevice around the glans of his cock. The flavor was that of a proper man, a man to whom I was just a piece of meat to be used.

He then leant in more, pushing his cock to the back of my throat where it met resistance, he rocked to and fro making me gag each time. Each stroke was a little deeper and held there for a fraction longer.

The saliva was building in my mouth coating his cock, each time he took it out the saliva was building in ropes, covering his cock and my lips dripping onto the nose hoses feeding me poppers in my nostrils.

I wasn’t restrained in any way other than the gag and clit cage. I no longer needed to be restrained, I simply lay limp on the bed, hands by my side as submissive as I could be, just a hole to fuck and fill.

Steve took his time, he simply wasn’t in a hurry, apparently enjoying using his pigs hole for his pleasure.

His beautiful cock was swelling further and was rock hard now, the ring was now providing him with a lot of stimulation as it was tight around his cock escort van as he fucked my face.

I’d lost any feeling for time. In the gallon cum session earlier it had simply been a matter of satisfying cocks and getting through them.

Now though, I desperately wanted to please Steve. As I looked up at his tight abs my tongue on the top of his cock as he slid it down my gullet, I tried to use my tongue to stimulate him further to get my fix of protein.

I felt the need deep inside me, for the injection of his man spunk, it was a pure craving now, I knew I needed it, I was hungry to be fed, completely addicted.

He held my head in two hands with long languid strokes of his cock now beyond the back of my throat, going deep down my straightened hole.

As he bottomed out the pig nose of my mask nearly at his arsehole, his balls resting on the eye holes in the mask, another level of subjugation was achieved.

As he rested there. Me gagging gently on his cock and stimulating him still further I realized that I was no longer scared by this.

Now my dirty thoughts were that I wanted to taste his arse hole to stick my tongue in there and taste my superior.

Steve pulled out and then had a last few frantic but long strokes before he bottomed out again and fed me my meal. His massive cock pulsed a number of times, breeding my throat again.

He pulled out leaving my face covered in in a mix of saliva and cum.

“Now that was very, very good piggie, you took my cock like a pro, you really are improving hour by hour. By the time we’re finished with you, you’ll be a very popular little piggie.”

Hearing the words had my clit straining again, it simply turned me on to be pleasing him.

He reached behind my mask and undid the O-Ring gag, taking it out leaning down over me, looking into my eyes before he kissed me deeply, his tongue reaching into my mouth and sharing the cum in with me.

My heart leapt at this first example of anything more than humiliation of a pig. For a brief moment he treated me as a human. As he continued to kiss me, he pinched my nipples hard and I cried out with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

My nipples now seemed to be totally connected to my clit and it throbbed as he pinched them.

“Now I’m in need of a good rimming slut.” As he said this he dropped his shorts completely to the floor and stood astride my face facing my clit, he pulled his muscly cheeks apart to show me his tight rosebud.

I tried to lift my head but couldn’t reach as he teased me a little before lowering his hole onto my willing and eager tongue.

I wanted to taste him, delving my tongue as deeply into his sweaty hole as I could, swirling and circling. Trying with all my might to please him.

He started to blow onto my clit making it twitch in its cage. Then I felt him lick the head through the bars, my clit head straining against the cage as it tried in vain to grow.

I continued to lick and worship his arse, desperate to satisfy him. Hearing the moans from Steve, convincing me that I was indeed doing a good job. He ground down on my face, rubbing his ass on my mouth and face and working my nipples as hard as he could all the time.

The taste of sweat and a dominants ass made me hungry for more, I delved in as deeply as I could, trying to open his ass hole with my tongue, driving in as deeply as I could.

As he moved off my face, I had obviously done a good job if his raging hard cock was anything to go by.

“Well done pig, now it’s time to get you ready for the auction.”

He had me sit up on the bed and sit with my legs over the side. He tucked his package back into his shorts with difficulty thanks to his erect cock.

“Firstly let’s get those nipples looking even more perkier.” He took out the Oxballs Hog nipple suckers from earlier and attached the first one to my right nipple.

The pain was intense as the sucker, pulled the nipple out further, but I knew the look would be good. He applied the other one to my left nipple and then had me stand up, the big nipple suckers jutting out from my inflated tits like a Madonna bra.

“We need you to glisten for this auction, so I’ll use this oil all over your body. It’ll also make your body even more sensitive for the next session.”

As I stood there he slowly oiled my calves and thighs, paying particular attention to my upper thighs. He then coated my balls liberally in the oil so they almost shone. More attention was lavished on my pussy working the oil into the hole with 3 or 4 fingers, working it in deeply and re-opening my pussy again.

Stroking my ass cheeks and coating them well before he smacked both ass cheeks 3 times firmly just to pink them up a little.

He worked on my back, shoulders then my stomach, before coating each breast well, but leaving the nipples hidden under their persistent suckers. When he took the nipple suckers off and stood back to admire his work he smiled.

Judging by the extreme way both nipples protruded on the end of my new tits and the fact that he had not oiled my nipples I presumed that they might be in for some work of another kind shortly.

“Excellent, you look like a greased pig at a county fair. Time for your pig harness now slut.”

Steve pulled a leather harness out from the cupboard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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