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Mark and Todd had “rode” out the storm, keeping each other company until the rain subsided enough to put their ponchos on and head home. The journey back to the river was filled with quiet conversation about their new hideout, and all the stuff they could do there. They planned on returning, and trying to fix the place up a bit, to make it into their sex shelter, and a cool place to hang out. Soon, they were wading back across the now swollen river. After getting back on their own side, they quickly headed to their homes, where the evening would be spent talking about their plans.

Todd was the first one home, and he was greeted by his parents, who were surprised that he hadn’t come back sooner. He told them that he had held up at Mark’s, and waited for the storm to die down a bit. They bought it, and soon, he was in the shower, cleaning off after the many lusty sessions at the cabin. Soon after he was out of the shower, he got a call from Mark, and the two decided to stay the night at Todd’s house to talk about things. After a good, hot meal, Mark stopped by, and the two immediately went to Todd’s room, where conversation was struck up.

“Get the third degree?” Mark asked.

“Nah,” Todd replied. “Just asked me where I’d been during the storm. I said your house.”

“Cool,” Mark said. “Janey Robinson called me while we were gone.”

“Oh yeah?” Todd said. “What did she want?”

“Well, you’re really gonna love this,” Mark said. “She asked if we were still going to go out some time. I asked her out a few weeks ago.”

“So? Gonna go out with her?” Todd asked.

“Yep,” Mark said. “But get this, I had this idea that we could take her to the cabin. You know, after I get her warmed up a bit. Maybe we could both do her.”

“She does have that rep,” Todd agreed.

“Yeah,” Mark said. “I heard she took on three of the jocks at once when we were seniors in high school.”

“She shouldn’t have any trouble at all then with the two of us,” Todd said, then added, “and I know someone else who might be a good candidate for the cabin.”


“Tommy,” Todd said. “He’d fit right in, I think. Might take a little coaxing, but I think he’d come around.”

“Definitely,” Mark agreed. “He’s asked me about stuff like jerkin’ it before.”

“Well, then,” Todd said. “What shall we do tonight?”

“Watch TV?” Mark suggested jokingly.

Todd rubbed Mark’s crotch. “Definitely.”

They continued to plan out their next trips to the cabin, and talked about cleaning it up, fixing it a bit, and getting a stack of fire wood lined up for the fireplace. As far as they knew, no one else in the area knew about the place, or there would have been some sign of life in it. Instead, it looked as though it had not been inhabited for a while. They decided they would go back to it the next day, and begin their efforts to clean the place up.

After a while, they made a trip to the garage at Todd’s place, where they gathered up some tools, nails, and other things. Todd was careful to get things his dad wouldn’t notice were missing. Once they had assembled the stuff, they loaded it into Todd’s back pack, and headed back for the bedroom. In the room, they sat back down to talk about décor.

“Well, the mattress is okay,” Todd said, “but it’s not great. I wish we had something else, or at least some more padding.”

“Let’s stop and get some of the stuff. I’m sure we can get some old blankets and pillows. Besides, it would be great if we could get a second chair out there.”

“No kidding,” Todd agreed.

Soon enough, Todd’s mother stopped by the room to mention that she and his father were headed off to bed, and that the downstairs TV was theirs if they wanted it. The two guys thanked her, and waited for the door to his parents’ room to close before they headed downstairs, each wearing shorts and a tee shirt, with no underwear- all planned out.

They bounced onto the couch and began to flip through the channels, watching whatever happened to be on for a little while. There seemed to be nothing on, but patiently, they waited, and watched the senseless programming for close to an hour. After an hour, Todd got up, and walked to the foot of the stairs, listening for any sign of noise from his parents’ room. He heard his father’s snoring, and turned to Mark with a thumbs up. He then went back to the couch, and slithered up next to his friend.

“What shall it be?” he asked quietly.

“Sixty nine, my friend,” Mark whispered back.

Todd shed his shorts, and moved to the floor in front of the TV, laying on his side. Mark quickly joined him, stepping out of his own shorts- his cock already hard. They lay on their sides, and immediately went to sucking each other’s cocks, as they had done earlier during the storm. It was a different sensation for each of them, to be pleasured while pleasuring the other. Todd reached in, his hand also caressing Mark’s balls. As exciting as it was, neither of them took long to be ready to shoot, and both at the same time tapped the other on the leg. Todd was the first one to come up.

“I’m ready to swallow,” he said quietly.

“Mmmm hmmm,” balıkesir escort Mark agreed, and the two kept sucking. A moment later, Todd felt Mark’s cock swell, and begin to spurt in his mouth. The hot cum was blasting against the back of his throat, and he swallowed it eagerly, feeling his own orgasm begin. Mark began to swallow as Todd’s cock shot its hot, white load into Mark’s mouth. The pair continued to suck for several minutes to get all the cum they could, and then the pair separated, and lay in front of the TV with their cocks hanging out. Mark reached for his shorts, and looked up at the TV screen.

Both of them had their shorts back on soon, and were watching TV as if nothing had happened, and they talked quietly a bit more of Janey, and Tommy, and how to go about getting them to the cabin. They wondered who would be easier to “seduce” first, and decided that Tommy would be the next best bet. He was pretty easy to talk into things, and if they got the mood set right, he wouldn’t be too much trouble to get into their little game. After a bit more TV, they decided to retire to Todd’s room, and head for bed.

Once in Todd’s room, they shut the door, and headed straight for the bed, and Todd quickly got out of his shorts again, smiling back at Mark. Shedding his own shorts, Mark raced over to the bed, and climbed under the covers with Todd. Once under, he felt Todd’s hand slide along his cock. He laid back, and waited to see what Todd was going to do. A moment later, he felt something a bit cold on his cock, and he pushed the covers back, to see his friend putting some K Y jelly on his cock. Mark smiled, and watched at Todd climbed on top of the dick, sitting on it, and facing away from Mark.

With the slicker lube, Mark’s cock slipped easily into Todd’s ass, and Todd immediately began bouncing up and down on it, slamming his ass harder and harder against Mark’s phallus. Mark was watching his cock slide in and out of Todd, and soon, he gripped his friend by the hips, and breathed a little harder. Todd looked back.

“Getting close?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Mark said. “Now…”

Todd jumped up off the cock, and spun around, enveloping it with his mouth, just as it exploded with more of the man goo. He could taste his own ass on it, and he gagged just a bit as the load continued to blast into his mouth. At last, he stopped, and wiped some of the spunk from his lips. Mark finished stroking his cock, and then smiled at Todd. He rolled over, and exposed his ass.

“Oh yeah,” Todd said, getting the lube again. He squirted just a dab on Mark’s asshole, and then rubbed a bit on his own cock, which was rigid as stone. Stroking it a coupled of times, he rubbed the lube on Mark’s ass as well, and slid one of his fingers in. He then put his cock at the hole, and began to slide it in. It went in easier than at the cabin, and right away, Todd began stroking the entire length of his cock in and out of the tight hole. He was glad he didn’t have a squeaky bed, and he sped up, ramming his cock faster into Mark’s ass.

He slowed down, and leaned down to Mark’s ear.

“Where do you want it?” Todd asked quietly.

“Where do you think?” Mark asked back. “I can’t wait for it.”

Todd sped up again, and then slipped his cock out, allowing Mark to flip over, and open his mouth wide to accept the delivery. Todd’s cock began bursting with white, creamy globs of cum, eagerly swallowed up by Mark. Todd continued to jack off into Mark’s mouth, while Mark waited and sucked up the cum, with some of it still on his chin, and some of it glazing his neck. Todd stopped his jacking, and moved down to lick some of the jizz off of Mark’s neck, and some off his chin. He held it in his mouth, and then positioned himself over Mark, who nodded.

Todd opened his mouth, and let the stream of cum and spit fall out, traveling into Mark’s mouth, where it was received with earnest. Todd then moved to the side of Mark, and laid back, sighing.

“Can’t wait for tomorrow,” Todd said.

“Me either,” Mark added…

Morning came fast, and both of them were up and moving without much prompting. They each took a turn in the shower, careful not to jack off and waste a good load that could be better spent later that day. After cleaning up a bit, they each took an inventory of how much cash they had, and decided to head out and get some things for the cabin, that they could spirit out to the woods when they left. It was just after they returned from buying some cheap blankets and pillows, that Mark got an idea.

“Let’s stay out there over night!” Mark said. “We could just say that we’re going camping.”

“Great idea!” Todd said. “Wanna see if Tommy wants to go camping?”

“Absolutely,” Mark agreed. “I’ll call him while you let your mom and dad know that we’re going. I’ll report in at my house too, so I can get some stuff.”

“Okay,” Todd said. “Meet me back here in a couple of hours with Tommy.”

“This is going to be a great summer,” Mark said.

Things went like clockwork. Mark returned almost exactly two hours later with their friend Tommy, balıkesir escort bayan a shorter, but well-made kid of 18, with a dark mop of hair on his head. Both Mark and Tommy were dressed for camping, and had brought along their gear. Todd had prepared his things as well, and they started their hike toward the woods, along with all the things needed to clean up and fix the cabin- which Tommy did not know of yet.

“Everything was all right with your folks?” Mark asked Todd.

“Hell yeah,” Todd said. “It’s summer, and I think they like it when I’m gone, if you know what I mean. I’ll bet they can’t wait until this fall when we all leave for college.”

“I know the feeling,” Tommy chimed in. “I think my parents are looking forward to remodeling my room, like I’m going to be dead or something.”

The trio laughed, and continued to walk toward the woods, passing through town with the unusually large amount of gear. They did not stop at the small store before leaving town, as they had brought a lot of food from home. Tommy looked around as they crossed the grassy field that led down to the forest. He had been in the woods with Todd and Mark a couple of times, but wasn’t nearly the hiker that either of them was.

“So where are we going?” Tommy asked.

“You’ll see,” Mark said. “Some place that not many people have been to.”

“In here?” Tommy pressed.

“Yep,” Todd assured him. “Just wait, you’ll think it’s cool.”

They continued to walk, this time watching the sky as they made their way through the trees in the late morning. Soon, they were making their way down toward the banks of the river, which was a little more swollen than before, but definitely still passable. Tommy looked into it.

“Ready?” Mark asked.

“Where are we going?” Tommy asked.

“Gotta cross,” Todd said.

Without any more discussion, and hefting their packs high above them, the trio set out into the water, which got to be as deep as their thighs as they waded toward the other side. Todd was the first one across, and he set his pack down as he waited for the other two to catch up. He grinned at Mark.

“Not far now,” he said. “Remember the way?”

“Sure as shit!” Mark said, and put his pack back on, headed for the trees. The other two got their gear, and headed after him. It was a hurried journey along the overgrown- but recently disturbed- trail that led up to the cabin. Tommy was staring ahead as the cabin came into view, and his lips twisted into a slight smile. He glanced over at Todd.

“What the hell is this?” Tommy asked.

“We’re not sure,” Mark said. “We found it yesterday during that storm. It’s a great little place.”

“And,” Todd added, “it doesn’t look like anyone’s been around it for a while.”

“Cool!” Tommy said, and jogged ahead of the other two, to get there first. Behind him, Todd and Mark exchanged a glance, and slapped five. They followed Tommy up to the clearing, and stopped outside the run-down cabin. All three of them looked at it for a moment.

“Should we get to work?” Todd asked.

“Work?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah,” Mark said, “we’re going to clean it up a little bit, and fix a couple of holes in the roof.”

“Let’s get on it, then,” Todd said, and headed for the cabin.

The group set out to clean the cabin up, with Tommy searching around it on the outside, noticing that there were only two windows, and both were cracked in various spots. He was also noticing a lot of bird and wasp nests in many places on the cabin. He set about cleaning them out, while Todd was on the roof- which took some effort to get to- patching the holes. It was simple patch work, but hopefully it would help in the even of rain again.

Mark had found that the floor was in pretty bad shape, from years under the leaking roof. He was using a collapsible broom that they had brought along to sweep the floor, pushing the vast layer of dust out the front door. He looked down at the mattress, remembering the previous day, and he grinned. Soon enough, the inside was beginning to look better, as Tommy joined him inside, and was helping to organize. The new blankets and pillows were stacked on the mattress, which had been put back to where the cot had been when Todd and Mark had first found the cabin.

“Hey,” Mark said abruptly. “You remember when you asked me if I jacked off?”

Tommy turned quickly, and had a peculiar look on his face.

“Yeah, I remember,” Tommy said. “Why?”

“Well, I told you I didn’t,” Mark said, “but I’m sure you guessed I was lying.”

“I figured that,” Tommy said. “Why do you mention that?”

Todd had entered, and he looked at Mark as Mark contemplated his next words.

“Well, you ever jack off in front of anyone?” Mark asked. Tommy laughed, and sat in the chair at the table, looking at the other two.

“Yeah, a long time ago,” Tommy said. “Me and Kenny had a contest to see who could get done first. Stupid stuff, I don’t know why we did it.”

“Was it fun?” Todd asked.

“Well,” Tommy said, thinking a bit about it, “I guess it was. Why? You escort balıkesir guys planning a circle jerk out here or something?”

Todd shrugged, while Mark smiled.

“We could,” Mark said. Tommy looked surprisingly confident.

“Are you serious?” Tommy asked.

“Why not, man?” Todd asked. “We’re clear out here in the woods. Not like anyone but us will know.”

“That’s true,” Tommy said. “What brought this up? Is that why you guys got me out here?”

“Not really, but we sort of had one yesterday, too,” Mark admitted, boldly speaking.

“Sort of?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah,” Todd said. “It was dark and stormy. We were bored.”

Tommy was sitting still, but his cock was stiffening, as the idea of jacking off in front of others was kind of exciting. He had no idea the actual intentions of his two comrades, but he was trying to figure out whether there was something more at work in the cabin. He could tell through their pants that the other two were getting hard as well, and he looked at the floor, nodding.

“I suppose we could,” Tommy said, prompting a confident exchange of glances between the other two.

“Great!” Todd said.

“When?” Tommy asked.

“No reason to delay,” Mark said, rubbing his cock through his pants. Tommy shrugged, and watched somewhat in amazement, as Mark undid his fly, and leaned down to undo his boot laces. Todd stood back, watching as Tommy remained in the chair, now rubbing his own hard on through the denim. Mark was soon out of his pants and underwear, looking at the other two as Todd began to kick off his boots, and undo his pants. Tommy shrugged, and reached down for his own shoes.

Todd was nude from the waist down, and he moved up next to Mark. Both of them were stroking their cocks as Tommy undid the front of his pants nervously, looking up at them. He chuckled with an anxious sound as he stood, and began to slide his jeans down to his ankles. His shirt was still covering his cock as he stepped out of his pants, and then began stroking his own meat. He smiled, watching the other two as they were stroking away on their dicks.

They stood for a moment, just jacking off in front of each other, until at last, Mark jumped in with both feet, and placed himself quickly on his knees in front of the stunned Tommy, who tried to back off a bit. Mark was quick to put Tommy’s cock in his mouth, working around it with his tongue. Tommy struggled back a bit, but his mind did find the sensation great.

“What are you doing!?” Tommy stammered.

“Relax,” Todd said, also moving closer. “Here, sit in the chair.”

“We shouldn’t do this,” Tommy said, but stopped moving back as Mark sucked his cock. Tommy then moved back to the chair, with Mark’s hot mouth following him. He sat on the chair, and tried to relax more as Todd also went down, and began to run his tongue over Tommy’s balls. Tommy looked down at the pair, and his mind was spinning as he watched his two friends blowing him. He then smiled, and closed his eyes.

“You guys are a couple of sneaks!” he exclaimed, finally succumbing to the pleasure. Below, the other two chuckled.

“Open up your legs a little more,” Todd said, and watched as Tommy did it. He went back to work on Tommy’s balls as Mark sucked furiously on the cock. Tommy slid down in the chair a bit, and Todd lifted his legs, exposing Tommy’s asshole. Without pause, he sent his tongue out to wiggle up to the virgin asshole. Tommy shuddered, and gripped the chair.

“Oh guys, I’m gonna cum,” Tommy said, breathing harder. Mark sucked faster, and Todd began to fondle the balls while tonguing the asshole. Mark then felt the cock swell, and begin to spurt in his mouth. Tommy was moaning as the jizz was blasting into his mouth, and Todd came up from the asshole, to experience some of the cum that was blasting out. Mark came off the dick to allow Todd to take some of the remaining cum. Once their activity subsided, Tommy looked down at the pair, and smiled.

“So, welcome to the club!” Todd said.

“Glad to be a part of it,” Tommy said. “Are you guys gay?”

They exchanged a glance, and both laughed a bit.

“I guess we’re at least bi!” Mark said. Todd nodded.

“We’re planning on having another visitor soon,” Todd said. “Janey.”

“I like the idea already,” Tommy said. “But you know, I’ve shot my wad, and you two are still hard. Can I watch you two do each other?”

“Actually,” Mark said. “I think you ought to help us.”

“Okay,” Tommy said. Mark stood, and stroked his cock a couple of times. Todd did the same, and Tommy sat forward in the chair, looking at both of their cocks as they stood before him. A moment later, he leaned forward, and let his tongue lick Todd’s hard joint. He then turned, and licked Mark’s. He then turned back to Todd’s, and took it in his mouth, moving his head up and down on the cock. Mark watched as Tommy sucked on Todd’s cock, and he smiled.

Todd was looking down as well, driven by the sight of the second male friend of his sucking his cock within two days. Tommy reached out, juggling the balls hanging beneath Todd’s cock, while his other hand reached back to stroke Mark’s rod. Todd was enjoying the sensation as Tommy sucked faster, and tightened his lips on the cock. Tommy then came off Todd’s cock, to begin sucking Mark’s rod. Todd was still stroking his meat, as Mark got serviced. Mark must have been highly aroused, as he took hardly any time at all to begin moaning with the build up of an orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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