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The rest of the way home was quiet. John gently rubbed Dennis’ leg the whole time, causing Dennis to get hard. It was a nice feeling having John rub his leg like that. He was getting used to John’s touch, and he liked it quite a bit.

It was almost midnight by the time they pulled into the driveway. The house was modest, maybe three bedrooms and two baths. The facade was brick, but the sides had white siding, and there was a porch that housed a swing and some potted lilies.

“Lilies were Jane’s favorite,” John said, noticing Dennis trying to take everything in. “She always used to have a garden with all the veggies you could think of, but she always made room for her lilies. I couldn’t be bothered with the garden, but I like to keep one or two of the flowers around so the place remembers her.”

“That’s nice,” Dennis said. It must’ve been hard for John to lose the woman he loved. It struck Dennis again that John had been in love with a woman. The same man who fucked boys in the showers had been in love with a woman. It baffled him.

John fumbled with the keys and finally swung the door open. Inside, everything looked as if it were exactly how Jane had left it. None of the decorations-floral wallpaper, magenta couch cushions, or framed family photos-looked as if John had a hand in them. They hardly even looked touched. There was a sitting room to their left. John showed Dennis the couch and then remained standing. He hovered there in silence. It was awkward.

“You . . . uh . . . want a Coke or something?” John muttered, scratching the back of his head.

“No thanks,” Dennis replied.

“So, listen, I oughta take a shower,” John said, uncomfortably, shuffling his feet. “Will you be alright for a few minutes?”

“Sure,” Dennis said, though he wished he had been invited to join him. “No problem.”

“Great,” John added. “Be right back.

Dennis sat in silence, taking in the room. There was a photo of John, a woman who must be Jane, and a young boy. The boy looked just like John, just pint-sized. He hadn’t realized John had a son. He guessed there was still a lot he didn’t know about the guy. Why hadn’t John invited him to the shower? he thought. The shower was where they had met; not John’s, but a shower. And why had he been so quiet since they left Geoff’s? It was not like him. He was used to John being in control, taking Dennis by the cock and guiding him. Now, things felt a little awkward, as if John didn’t know how to act around him. He sat there for several minutes twiddling his thumbs before deciding if he was going to stay the night with John, he was going to be with him. He got up and headed in the direction of the sound of the shower.

He entered the bathroom and there was fog on the mirror. Directly ahead of him was the shower. He could see John’s hefty body behind the frosted glass. John was soaping a washcloth and began slowly lathering his body. Dennis removed his clothes and walked over to the door and pulled it open. John turned around.

“Dennis? What-“

Dennis stopped him. He reached for the washcloth and took it from John. Neither said a word. John turned around and Dennis began washing John’s back. He ran it up and down the smooth skin, and then moved it down to his butt. That lovely butt he had wanted to play with since before they met. Here it was in the palm of his hands. It was round, smooth, and soapy. Dennis lathered it up, too, and then lifted a finger, moving it in and touching John’s hole. John twitched and stepped away, turning to face Dennis.

“Dennis, I want you to know this isn’t easy for me,” John said. He hesitated. “Maybe this was a mistake.”

Dennis knew it wasn’t a mistake. He leaned forward and gave him the slightest peck on the lips. He wanted to reassure him that everything was ok, that everything was just like before. John shut his eyes and leaned back into Dennis, giving him a gentle peck in return. Then another. Soon, he gave into his desires and was pinning Dennis back against the glass, his wet, soapy, hairy belly squeezing against Dennis’ smooth body. Their dangling cocks rubbed together, each growing. They kept kissing, just like that first time. As John buried his tongue in Dennis’ mouth, forcing it deep, taking control of Dennis’ own tongue, Dennis felt like things had returned to normal. He didn’t know what had gotten into John, but this kiss told him everything would be alright. The water continued to rain down on them as they made out. Their tongues fought each other, slapping against one another passionately. John reached down and held Dennis’ cock, which had swelled up to the point of bursting again. It was just the right size for his hand, giving John the perfect advantage to stroke it slowly, forcing pre-cum out the tip of Dennis’ dick. Dennis rubbed John’s belly. With the soap and water, his hands glided over the skin. There was no friction between them.

This wasn’t just sex, Dennis thought. There was something between them. The kiss felt different this time. It mersin escort wasn’t just that they were more comfortable around one another. No, this time there was more. The spark that had been lust before had now turned to something bigger. Dennis wanted to explore John because John meant something to him. What that was, he didn’t know. Not at this point. But when he fell to his knees to take John in his mouth, he knew he was seeking to please an old man that was clearly having issues with something. He wanted to bring him comfort, not just satisfy his own sexual appetite.

John’s cock filled his mouth, swelling more and more the longer it was in there. Once it was plump and juicy, Dennis began to work John’s sausage. The water poured down on them, leaking into Dennis’ mouth as he sucked. He used the wetness to his advantage, slurping, spitting, and sliding his way up and down it. John began to leak some, giving Dennis a taste of that sweet man juice brewing in John’s nut sack. Dennis raised his left hand and began squeezing John’s balls as he stroked and sucked with the right hand. John’s nuts weighed a ton, and hung down nice and low; it was all Dennis could do to juggle them both with just the one hand. John moaned and looked down at the young man bobbing on his cock. A slight grin crossed his face and he came. The load filled Dennis’ mouth and oozed out his lips, dripping down his chin and falling on his own hard cock. John pulled the cum soaked boy to his feet and gave him a kiss.

“Thank you for making an old man feel special.” John said, smiling at Dennis. He then leaned in and kissed Dennis again.

They got out of the shower and John tossed Dennis a towel. As they were drying off, they said nothing once more. When they walked into the bedroom, Dennis climbed on the bed with his ass in the air. He wanted John inside him again. He wanted to feel that hot load fill his ass for the first time. But John wasn’t having it.

“Not tonight, kid.” John said. Dennis looked dismayed. “Trust me, your hole has had enough action for one day. You may not feel it now, but you’ll feel it in the morning.” John climbed into bed. “Come here.” Dennis crawled in the other side and John pulled him close. “Let me hold you.”

Dennis turned over and slid his back into John’s belly. John’s arms reached around him, squeezing him tight. Dennis felt a slight poke in the butt. It wasn’t the full thing, but John’s embrace was enough for him. At that point, everything felt right, and all was good. In no time, he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Dennis stirred from his slumber to the smell of bacon and eggs drifting in from the kitchen. He rolled out of bed and instantly felt an ache in his ass. He assumed this is what John had meant when he told him he would hurt. Was it always going to be like this? He told himself, no. After all, it had hurt when John first tried to fuck him, but that pain had subsided quickly enough.

He made his way into the kitchen and found John standing with his back to him. He was wearing nothing but an apron, his bare ass revealed between the split sides of the fabric, tied together only by a thin string. That certainly was a nice view in the morning.

John heard him enter and turned around. “Morning, kid. You hungry? I can’t tell you the last time I got to cook for someone.”

Dennis thought for a second and remembered they had practice. “No, thanks,” he said. “I’m not much of an eater before swimming.”

“So we’ll skip today,” John replied, a devilish grin splitting his face. “We can eat, then hang around here all day. I’ve got a pool out back. You can work on that tan of yours.”

“I’ve got a pretty decent tan, thank you very much.”

“That bubble butt of yours is as bright and white as the moon. No suits allowed here.”

Dennis thought what this meant. Hanging around John all day at the pool when they were in their speedos was hot enough; doing it without clothes would be heaven. “I guess that could work,” he told him.

“Good,” John said. “Sit down. We’ve got bacon and eggs, hash browns, pancakes with syrup, and fresh orange juice.”

“You must have been up early,” Dennis said, sitting down at the table. “I don’t even remember hearing you get up.”

John carried a plate of pancakes over and set them in front of Dennis. “Yeah, well, something’s got me in a good mood this morning. Much better than last night. I’m sorry about that, by the way.”

“Don’t worry about it. As long as it wasn’t something I did-“

“No, no, definitely not,” he interjected. John sat down next to Dennis. “Look, I’ll admit, last night was hard for me.”

“Why?” Dennis asked. “I thought the past few days were going great for us.”

John smiled at him. “You have no idea how great the last few days have been for me. But, you see, Dennis, things aren’t always that simple. You’re the first person I’ve brought back to the house since Jane passed. No matter how much I wanted you to be here, there was a certain amount kocaeli escort of guilt in doing so. And longing. You’re too young to know what it’s like to have a partner like Jane was to me, but when you lose something that special, you never really get over it.”

“I’m sorry,” Dennis said. “I didn’t know.”

“Nor would you have,” John replied. “There’s nothing for you to be sorry about. It may just take some getting used to,” he added, as he reached up and placed his hand on Dennis’.

This reassured Dennis. He smiled and then lost himself in thought for a second. “John, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, kid. Anything.”

“Why don’t you bottom? I’m sorry if that’s invasive, but I’m curious.”

John sat quiet for a second. “Well, I guess there’s two answers for that. One ties into what we just discussed and the other doesn’t. You’ve got to understand, Dennis, some guys fall into a type. Some top, some bottom. Some will do whatever the fuck you want them to. It just depends on the guy. Wacho likes to bottom, but Geoff will fuck anything in sight. He’ll also take it from anything in sight.”

“And the second?” Dennis pried.

John sighed. “To be honest, I haven’t been fucked since before Jane died. It was never something I was really into, not until I met the right person. He was a married man, and I was with Jane, so our time together was always short. Jane knew, of course; his wife didn’t. But there was something between us. I guess you could say it’s the closest I’ve ever been to being in love with another man. That’s not to say I didn’t still love my wife. I did. But this was different. He was gentle, and kind, and really understood what made me tick. When I was with him, our bodies became one. There was no pain when he fucked me; not like other guys that had tried. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. Whatever he wanted, I was at his every whim.”

Dennis could see a gleam in John’s eyes as he recalled his former lover. “What happened?”

“I broke it off,” he said, matter-of-factly. “Not long after Jane was diagnosed. It killed me to do it, but it wasn’t right for me to be doing that to her while she was like that. Not that it was ever right what he was doing to his wife either. I think I changed a little after that. Jane noticed, she had to, but she never said a word. My pain was nothing to what she was going through. So we pretended like everything was normal. We still went on trips with the guys and their wives, and the remaining years were pleasant. In the end, she just lost the battle. Now, three years have passed and I still see her everywhere I go. I still talk to her as if she were here, not realizing it’s just an empty, old house.”

“And the guy? Did you ever see him again?”

“Once. At the supermarket. It was his son’s birthday and he was picking up a cake for the party. He couldn’t stay long. Not that we had anything to say to one another. I think I broke his heart, too, when I ended things. After that encounter, I decided I needed to get back out there. Take control. Jane was gone. He was gone. If there was something I saw that I wanted, I took my chance and went for it. That’s how I met you. I didn’t know you were into older guys, but I had a hunch and pursued it.”

“Something I’m very glad you did.”

“Me too, kid. Me too.” John patted Dennis’ hand again. “Let’s eat. The food’s getting cold.”

They finished their breakfast and then made their way out to the back yard. There was no hot tub, like Geoff had, but there was a decent-sized pool. It was just big enough to do short laps in, and was deep enough to dive. It was only then that Dennis had realized that he had never put clothes on after their shower the night before. It was kind of nice just hanging out naked. That was definitely a new experience for him, and he found it suited him well. He also liked being able to look over and see John’s bouncing nut sack anytime he liked.

John had lost the apron and was walking over to Dennis carrying the can of whipped cream. “Now, I know I promised you some tanning time, but first we’re going to have some fun.”

“What kind of fun?” Dennis asked.

“Bend over and you’ll find out.” John cocked his eye at him and then nodded as if he should get a move on it.

Dennis did as he was told. He leaned over a chair and John proceeded to spray the whipped cream down the length of his crack, filling his ass with white fluff. It was cold, and Dennis’ first reaction was to jerk away.

“Hold still, kid,” John demanded. “You ain’t felt nothing yet.” With that, John got down on his knees and buried his face in Dennis’ ass. The whipped cream splurged everywhere as John’s face squeezed between Dennis’ cheeks. His tongue wasted no time finding Dennis’ aching hole and penetrating it. This hurt more than it had yesterday, as his hole was still tired from the day before, but John quickly found the spot and began to lap his tongue feverishly across it. In and out, side to side, a slurp here and samsun escort a slurp there, John worked Dennis’ hole until the whipped cream was long gone. As he did so, he reached up and wrapped his hand tight around Dennis’ nut sack, squeezing a ring around the top of the sack and gently tugging at it until Dennis gave a quiet holler. Both of their dicks were rock solid, and Dennis’ head was leaking all over John’s hand. John slid his hand down and began stroking Dennis’ rock hard dick. The pre-cum made it slippery, giving John all the lubrication he needed to pump that boy dick. Dennis moaned with delight. With each stroke of his cock, he felt a plunge of the tongue; John had found his rhythm and was making sure to work both ends as best as he could.

“Oh God,” Dennis shouted. “Fuck…” He had never thought of himself as a verbal type, but John made him feel so good. Dennis only wished he’d be able to pick up a few moves from him before all was said and done.

John pulled his face out of Dennis’ ass and turned the boy around. Dennis looked down at him and saw his face was covered in the thin layer of whipped cream that remained. He crawled down to John’s level and locked lips with him. Hunched over, he had the advantage, and he allowed himself to slowly move John into a lying down position. He bit John’s bottom lip once, then twice, then moved up and let John take his bottom lip. John pulled at the lip, stretching it out, before letting go. Then Dennis slid his tongue between John’s lips and made a deep dive until he found John’s tongue. They wrestled with one another, tasting each other, savoring each’s distinct flavor. “Fuck me,” Dennis said, through out-of-breath kisses. “I want to feel you inside me.”

“You got it, kid,” John replied. He lifted Dennis off of him and reached for his dick. It was dry, save for the tip. The tip was leaking more than it had in a long while, covering his belly with a sticky string of his sweet nectar. He rubbed this in the best as he could, then spit in his hand and worked it in some more. “Come over here and sit down,” he said to Dennis.

Dennis did as he was told again. He was quite getting used to doing as John told him, and it was something he found exhilarating. Nothing was pleasing him more than to please John. He stepped over John’s body, spreading his legs, and stood over him. He looked down, taking in the great view of John’s hirsute chest and belly, featuring a patch of hair that erupted into a forest around his rock solid cock. Dennis felt his own dick get even harder. It was to the point now that it was about to start hurting if he didn’t relieve it soon. He lowered himself slowly until he was squatting just above the man. John, holding his dick at attention, pointed it directly into Dennis’ hole. Dennis felt the tip of the head rubbing his anus, sitting just between his smooth ass cheeks. He lingered there, as if the anticipation was as great as the event itself. Finally, taking John’s hands, he lowered himself onto the dick. To his surprise, it slid right in. John’s working of his ass had done wonders for loosening him up, and there was no pain, just the immediate feeling of filling a void within himself. He sat there, taking it all in, his dick squished against John’s belly. John let out a gasp as he felt Dennis’ sphincter tighten, grabbing hold of his cock and not letting go.

“Ready, kid?” John asked.

“Yep,” Dennis let out. “Give it to me.”

John angled his knees and brought them in close to Dennis. This put him in the position to thrust, which he did, causing Dennis to rise. It started easy enough. John would slowly push in, and then slowly pull back out; Dennis would go up, and then slowly go back down. Dennis was really liking the feeling of John’s cock sliding in and out of his hole. He loved how deep it went in comparison to the tongue, and he loved how when it hit that spot, he felt like he’d explode right then and there. Soon enough, John had picked up the speed and was drilling Dennis with fierce intensity. Dennis could hear the man grunting as he put all his energy into fucking his ass. It was a major turn on, and he wondered how a man of John’s size could last for so long. He was getting tired just from sitting there. But he didn’t care. He loved watching John’s body ripple as he fucked. It was like waves on the ocean; the chunky belly just heaved and hoed with each thrust of John’s hips. The longer he went, the shinier he got, as a thick layer of sweat appeared on his skin, wetting his the hair. Dennis could tell John was exerting himself heavily. His face strained, his brow wrinkled, and he grunted harder and louder than ever before. He just kept fucking though, as if there was an Energizer battery lodged up his ass. Dennis liked the thought of that, and wished he was lodged up John’s ass. After a solid ten minutes of thrusting, Dennis exploded. John had struck his prostate on the mark and the cum came shooting out, shooting ropes of cum in all directions as his cock flipped around with each thrust. Some hit John square in the face, some splashed on to Dennis’ chest, some just strung to the dick and kept swinging in the air. It was at this time that John finally let himself go. His cum erupted into Dennis’ ass, spilling into his rectum and filling him up. Some spilled out the back, running down John’s fat cock, over his ball sack, and down his own crack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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