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The below narrative is a continuation of the recently published “Coming out party Pt. 2” for Rodger and Teresa, so it might be best to read it prior to if you haven’t already.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


When I woke up the next morning Walter was gone. An early riser and knowing him I assumed he was downstairs in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone since he loves to cook.

I checked the time on the clock radio and it was 8:30. Late for me…even on a Sunday morning. But I could have slept longer if I didn’t have to pee like the proverbial race horse.

Still naked I went to use one of the two bathrooms in the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. The doors were closed and I could hear the shower running in both.

If I knocked on one door and either Bill or Rodger answered I would have felt like a contestant on Let’s Make a Deal with the “Monty Hall Problem”. Yes there is such a thing. Do I knock on door number two next, hoping to find either Rita or Teresa inside, or do I go for door number three, being the bathroom downstairs hoping no one was using it.

I opted to try my luck with the two upstairs bathrooms. If I went downstairs and the half bath was occupied I doubt I would have made it back without my bladder letting loose. As it was, I was about ready to pee myself in the hallway. Luckily the first door I knocked on Rita answered.

“Thank God it’s you in there Rita.” After which I opened the door and made a mad dash for the toilet. Thankfully I made it in time…but just barely.

While on the commode I couldn’t help but notice Rita wasn’t alone. In spite of the water soaked shower doors it was easy to see it was her sister Teresa.

“I’m so sorry for intruding. If knew you had company I wouldn’t have barged in like I did.”

Rita laughed…”Don’t be silly. You’re not intruding at all. Actually I was going to ask you to join us, but you were dead to the world. You were sleeping so soundly the last thing I wanted was to wake you. But now that you are, why don’t you join us.”

I hesitated before answering…”I hate to butt in on anything.”

“I’m not going to ask again Lacey. Now get your ass in here before I come out and drag you in by it.”

While still somewhat reluctant I decided it’d be best to join them so as to not offend Rita. Which I did after I finished peeing and wiping myself.

As I mentioned before, the shower stalls in both bathrooms are large. 6×4 feet with double shower-heads so there was plenty of room for the three of us. Once inside it was easy to see by their erect nipples there was more going on than simply taking a shower together before I interrupted them. Plus Teresa’s face was very “flushed”. Almost crimson. Which can only be explained by her either being embarrassed about being discovered in the shower with her sister, or she just had an orgasm. Most likely the latter since Rita did say she was going to ask me to join them if I was awake.

Once in the shower Rita didn’t hesitate to kiss me…and very passionately. I reciprocated immediately. As we were, Teresa surprised me by positioning herself behind me and kissing my neck and shoulders. Next thing I knew she was pressing her huge tits against my back and rubbing my sides and hips. I was amazed how “hot to trot” both were.

While Rita and I were making out like two long lost lesbian lovers her hand found its way to my pussy. At first she just rubbed my pubic mound, but it wasn’t long before her fingers were in my pussy. Once they were she began to finger it intently.

After a few minutes of some furious fingering fucking she removed her fingers and placed them in her mouth. She sucked them clean before repeating the process. Only this time she offered her fingers to Teresa who willingly sucked them clean also.

“Wow Lacey. Your cunt juice taste fabulous. Tangy-sweet like a Margarita. Simply delicious.”

I vaguely remembered someone else once describing my cunt juice tasting like a Margarita. It was an interesting comparison. As if to prove it, Rita inserted her fingers in my cunt yet again before placing them in my mouth.

Rita and Teresa then changed places. After which Teresa began kissing me. It didn’t take long before I was kissing her as passionately as she was me with our arms tightly wrapped around each other. As we were I can’t tell you how nice her large boobs felt pressed against mine.

Teresa is one of those people (man or woman), when they kiss you as lustfully as she was it immediately turns you on. Hard to describe, but she’s puts her all into it with plenty of lip and tongue action. She had me “hot as a firecracker” in a matter of seconds, and my pussy juice flowing like crazy. She literally made my toes curl.

Finally I had to stop to catch my breath.

“My God Teresa. Where did you ever learn to kiss like that?”

“Truth be known, you and Rita have brought out yalova escort the worst in me. Or the best, depending on your perspective.”

“For me it’s definitely the latter. If it wasn’t for the fact I could smell bacon cooking when in the hallway I’d suggest we make our way to one of the bedrooms. Unfortunately I think it’s time for yours truly to actually shower before we head downstairs to the kitchen. Otherwise it won’t be long before someone comes looking for us.”

With that said Rita got a “scrubby” hanging on one of the the shower-heads and loaded it up with body wash. As she was washing me, Teresa grabbed a bottle of shampoo to do my hair. I felt like I was at an exclusive spa the way they pampered me. Rita even asked me to bend over so she could clean my anus, which entailed her inserting a soapy finger. It was awesome the way she probed my bumhole repeatedly, and wiggled her finger around while inserted. Damn near caused me to orgasm.

Once done we towel dried each other and combed our hair. Which while wet and slicked back and to one side, and from the lack of any make-up, made me us look like three dykes. Think Ellen DeGeneres. I then suggested we give the men an early morning treat by wearing the sexiest thing we had. After we all agreed we returned to our rooms.

When we did I noticed the other bathroom door was open. Whoever was using it earlier was likely down in the kitchen by now.

After applying a minimal amount of make-up, lip-gloss mainly along with a bit of blush, I went downstairs. When I reached the great room it smelled like a brothel. Which shouldn’t have surprised me considering the activities that took place there the previous night. Plus the number of cumloads and vaginal discharges which found their way onto the cushions in the middle of the floor. As often as we cleaned them afterwards apparently we didn’t do a very good job by the distinctive odor in the air. It was like an aphrodisiac, and I wondered if the smell would affect others the way it did me. Almost instantly my areolas puckered and my nipples got hard and stiff as pencil erasers.

Between us three ladies I was the first to arrive in the kitchen, and dressed only in a sheer black negligee. It came down about mid thigh and was tied around the waist. In spite of being black it was sheer enough to leave nothing to the imagination. Plus the black contrasted nicely with my alabaster skin tone as well as the red nail polish on my toes and fingers along with bright red lip-stick. Not forgetting my nipples were about as erect as they ever get and it would be hard (no pun intended) not to notice them poking out as they were.

Walter, Bill and Roger were all sitting around the table drinking coffee. And it was easy to surmise Bill was the one showering earlier in the other bathroom since he was the only one shaved. When they first laid eyes on me I would have sworn Rodger and Bill both gasped. As for my husband Walter, he choked on his coffee, which he was sipping at the time.

Rodger was the first to speak…”Oh my Lacey. You’re a dream come true. I can’t began to tell you how fabulous you look first thing this morning. No matter what the rest of the day might bring, seeing you dressed like you are will most definitely be the highlight of my day.”

Just as Bill was going to say something Rita and Teresa sauntered into the kitchen.

Rita had on a negligee similar to mine except it was white. Being white made it more transparent. She almost looked naked at first glance. She was also bare-foot and had her wet hair still combed back like mine.

As for Teresa, she had on a red baby doll, but minus the panty. Which she decided to forego wearing at the last minute. The baby doll came down to just below her pubic mound. As a result half her ass was exposed as was some of her generous mound of red pubic hair below the hemline. As for the top part, it barely covered her huge tits. Not that it mattered since you could see them clearly through the sheer material.

Both Rita and Teresa have a slightly darker complexion than yours truly. Along with much darker areola and nipples, which made them more noticeable. Plus their nipples were also erect and pushing out against the flimsy fabric. Apparently the odor in the great room affected them the same way it did me.

In case you’re wondering, my areola and nipples are more pinkish in tone, although my areola are larger in diameter and nipples a bit longer when aroused.

Walter with his eyes bulging out like a bullfrog managed to say…”Wow! What a way to start the day seeing you three lovely ladies dressed like you are. If I was Victoria’s Secret I’d hire you in minute for the annual Fashion Show on TV. You could be the poster child for mature ladies looking as seductive as you do.”

Bill then added…”I’m literally speechless. Seriously. I don’t know what to say other than I second everything Rodger and Walter said. And then some.”

After escort yalova Bill spoke, I thanked them for the kind words for the three of us. Then asked about breakfast, which prompted them into action.

With the bacon already cooked, and on a warming tray, Walter asked how we liked our eggs. Over easy for yours truly. Rodger in the meantime toasted English muffins, Thomas’s of course, while Bill made cappuccinos for us ladies.

I forgot to mention when I first entered the kitchen the men were all dressed in pajama bottoms and tee-shirts. The reason I mention it is because when they sprang into action all of them had very visible boners, or bulges. Which quickly shrunk as they proceeded to get breakfast ready.

For whatever reason men, unlike women, seem to be uncomfortable being around each other naked. If it was Rita, Teresa and I we wouldn’t have thought twice about sitting around the table naked together. Women tend not to be as concerned about how they look, or being naked, in front of other women where as men do with only other men present. While I might be wrong, I think it has something to do with penis envy. Which is kind of silly since most men’s penises are pretty much the same size when flaccid. Although occasionally there are exceptions.

After everything was ready we sat down to eat. Teresa made it a point to sit next to Walter, while Rita sat with Rodger, although it might have been in response to the fact Teresa didn’t, while yours truly sat with Bill. My guess is Teresa sitting next to Walter was her way of letting him know she wanted more of his long dong before the day was over.

Breakfast was delicious and we ate like starved animals. After we finished the men went upstairs to take their morning showers while us girls cleaned up the dishes and kitchen. Once done we made ourselves another round of cappuccinos and sat at the table to chit chat.

Most of the conversation had to do with the previous night’s activities. And it’s when I asked Teresa if she was sore from Walter doing her in the ass.

“No, not really. I thought I might be, but I’m not. With Rodger’s smaller than average cock I tend to enjoy anal more with him than vaginal intercourse since I get way more pleasure from it in my ass. While Walter’s cock is bigger around and longer it was a special treat when he did me anally. Made me realize I enjoy a good ass-fucking no matter the size. Make sense?”

“Does to me. Same here as far as anal sex. Between Walter and I it’s more often than not our first choice. I read somewhere once a whopping 94 percent of woman who had anal sex during their last encounter were able to achieve orgasm. It even outscored cunnilingus. I like to call it an ‘analgasm’ which does the trick for me every time. And quite often multiple ones if I stimulate my clit at the same time.”

Before we got into a lengthy discussion about anal sex I decided to change the subject…”So what’s your desire for today Teresa?”

“If you and Rita don’t mind, I’m definitely wanting two cocks at once. Walter and Bill’s of course. I’m never going to be satisfied until I do and this might be my one and only opportunity. As a result I hate not to take advantage of it.”

“Not a problem with me, and I’m sure Rita either. And if it would be okay with you and Rodger I’d like to take some pictures today. I would have last night too, but with it being your first group sex session I didn’t think it would’ve been appropriate to ask. I have this thing about getting photos of our group sex sessions, but only if everyone is amiable to the idea. I know Bill and Rita are. Lord knows Bill has taken plenty himself in the past…even a video or two.”

“Hell yes! What a great idea as I would love some pictures to view at a later date. I’m sure Rodger would too. Would be a great way to initiate sex when needed. Plus I can well imagine masturbating to them alone…and probably often.”

“I hear you about masturbating since I’ve done it more times than I care to admit. Especially while editing them. Amazing I get them edited at all. And quite often Walter and I have a mutual masturbation session while viewing them on a DVD.”

Just then the men started to trickle back downstairs. Bill first of course since he showered earlier, followed five to ten minutes later by Walter and Rodger. And all of them were dressed in shorts and tee-shirts. I must have missed the memo about it being a casual dress day.

By then it was close to noon. While Rodger and Teresa were going to spend another night since Monday was Rodger’s scheduled day off where he worked as a barista, Walter and I couldn’t. We had to leave later in the afternoon since my dear friend Lois asked me to baby sit her dog for the night at the last minute. Which I couldn’t refuse to do. As for Bill and Rita, the massage parlor where they work is closed on Mondays.

The clock then struck twelve and no sooner than it did the men got themselves a beer. After yalova escort bayan which Bill asked what the game plan for the day was.

Rita responded…”Funny you should ask. Coincidentally we were just talking about it. If you guys don’t mind, Teresa has a fantasy she’d like to fulfill.”

“Since Teresa has shared all her fantasies with me, let me guess. She’s wanting two cocks at once.”

“Bingo Rodger!”…said Teresa. “I hope you don’t mind?”

“Mind? How could I since I indulged in two of my own by being able to go down on both Lacey and Rita. Besides, maybe I can join in and make it three.”

“I’m game, and if you don’t mind, Lacey would like to take some pictures, which I would love her to.”

“Be fine with me. Make for a great memento of an exceptional weekend.”

After which I asked Walter to get my camera bag from the car since he was dressed more decently. Being the photographer of the family I never leave home without it and a couple of my favorite lenses. Walter is no slouch either when it comes to taking photos, but it’s more of a passion of mine. An avid amateur for sure.

When he returned we were all seated in the great room. I got the camera out to do a quick light check with it. Once satisfied there was enough light so I didn’t have to use a flash I suggested we get the show on the road since Walter and I had to leave in a few hours.

Teresa removed her baby doll and got on the cushions on her back and asked Walter and Bill to join her. Which they did minus their shorts and tee-shirts of course. Rodger also joined in by diving between Teresa’s spread legs to get at her cunt.

While Rodger was munching on Teresa’s pussy and clit, Walter and Bill were fondling her fabulous tits in between taking turns kissing her. All while Teresa stroked both their cocks.

As for Rita and I, we removed our negligees after which I got busy taking photos while Rita stayed on the couch. But not before she got a couple of her “toys”, which were still on a side table from the night before. A vibrating butt plug and her all time favorite, a Hitachi Magic Wand.

Once Rodger had done his thing with his tongue and mouth Teresa informed everyone she was ready for some cock. Of which she asked Bill to fuck her. Either in the pussy or ass…whatever his preference, while Walter mouth-fucked her. This would complete the cycle for her since the night before she got to suck Bill’s cock while Walter fucked her both vaginally and anally. Not forgetting her husband Rodger often has the pleasure to do all three.

Rodger then retreated to the sofa opposite Rita while Teresa positioned herself in a doggie position on her hands & knees. After Bill was behind her he paused for a second to decide which hole to fuck. Once he made up his mind he bent over and began licking her very inviting brown-eyed girl. Which put a smile on Teresa’s face indicating she was pleased with his choice.

In the meantime Walter positioned himself in front of Teresa on his knees, but sat back on his heels while he waited on Bill. He didn’t want to rush things as Teresa seemed to be enjoying Bill rimming and tonguing her asshole. As was Bill. Plus the goal was to be fucking Teresa simultaneously from both ends when the time came.

Then the fun began.

After Bill felt Teresa’s bumhole was ready for his cock, he asked Rita to hand him some lubricant. Which she did and he generously applied some to his dick. At this point Teresa was “waving” her ass from side to side as though to inform Bill she was ready whenever he was. Sensing her impatience Bill placed his cockhead against her asshole and slowly plunged forward. Didn’t take much effort before his cockhead popped in just beyond the anal ring. Once it was he paused a second before slowly sliding all six inches of his well lubed dick straight into her ass. Of which I got a number of excellent pictures.

Teresa let out a loud moan of satisfaction when he did, after which Bill paused a second time before starting a slow but steady humping motion. All while he held her steady by the hips until Walter started mouth-fucking her.

Once Bill established a rhythm Walter knelt upright in front of Teresa. His long cock was throbbing in anticipation. So much so he had to take it in hand to stop it from bobbing up & down. After he did he placed the tip of his cock against her lower lip. When he did Teresa’s tongue snaked out and began licking and lapping his bulbous cockhead while Walter continued to hold his cock to keep it from moving around.

After licking his cockhead for a minute or two Teresa literally sucked it into her mouth and locked her lips around it. Once she did Walter took hold of her by the shoulders and ever so slowly began to mouth-fuck her. Inch by inch his long dong slowly began to disappear between her ruby-red lips. Not all of it since it would be impossible for her to take his entire 8 inch dick due to the position she was in.

Once Walter determined how much she could comfortably he began to steadily mouth-fuck her as Teresa intently sucked his cock. Which looked to be about four inches, five at most. Just deep enough to tickle her uvula, but not enough to cause her to gag if she was so inclined. But I doubted she would based on how well she performed deep throat on Bill the night before.

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