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It was an attractive Bauhaus-style house with a large garden to the rear. Alice looked at it closely as she drove into the drive with her lover, Quentin. They were staying with a friend of Alice’s, a woman who in a way grew up with Alice. Still Alice was in her twenties and this woman Paulina was in her late thirties. Alice had visited the house the previous summer and she liked returning to it. Situated in the countryside but beside a large city, it gave her a new vigour and as an interior designer, the atmosphere gave her ideas. Paulina in a way was more a sister to her. She had a daughter who was living with her presently, a girl of nineteen years of age who was going to attend college in the city…

Paulina greeted them warmly at the door. She introduced her to her lover Edward who stood in the hallway. He seemed a quiet shy man. He had to go to a meeting in the city but he was coming back in the evening. Paulina mentioned then that she and Edward were going out that evening for dinner with friends. Paulina brought them into a spacious salon at the back of the house. A conservatory just led from one side of the room. Then she mentioned to Alice about the bedroom and as Quentin sat downstairs, she showed Alice the bedroom for her and her lover. When they returned to the salon, Jana was with them. Dressed in a short peignoir, she tried to smile and her mother introduced her to Quentin. She said softly that she had been bathing. She was going out that evening to a party. She sat opposite Quentin and pulled her short peignoir around her. Quentin could sense her full womanly nude body beneath the peignoir and she looked over at him. Her peignoir was almost hitching above her thighs but she sat still and confidently perhaps aware of her beauty and charm.

Then the mother said:

‘You’re going out to-night to the party, Jana, they can join you if they like, can’t they.


Paulina then looked across at Alice who was sitting on the sofa with Quentin. She continued:

‘It’s a private party, someone’s birthday and they have rented some rooms in a nightclub..’

Then Jana said:

‘Of course they can come..I’d like that..’

The girl’s peignoir was light and it lifted to her thighs as she sat opposite him. Alice was aware too of the girls’ nude beauty but she didn’t mind. She knew her lover Quentin was gazing at the girl. Perhaps he was aroused now by the girl’s soft innocence and voluptuousness. Alice addressed Jana opposite. She glanced at her shoulder length blonde hair.

‘You have beautiful soft hair, Jana…you have a lover Jana, with your beauty and body, I’m sure you have a lover…’

Jana smiled:

‘I don’t have a lover at the moment…’ and she continued to smile shyly.

Paulina said:

‘She had a lover and broke off with him about a month ago..’

Alice said almost cheerfully:

‘Well she’ll get another lover soon, I’m sure..’

Then the mother,Paulina, rose and said:

‘Well I have to prepare the lunch….I hope you enjoy yourselves..’ she addressed Quentin:

‘Alice has been here before..but I hope you enjoy your stay…Jana will bring you to the party…’

The three were quiet when Paulina left the room. Alice rose and walked to the mantle.

She seemed to be almost studying the interior of the room. Quentin looked at the girl opposite. The girl didn’t seem to mind the silence. She crossed her legs and then pulled the peignoir against her. Alice looked back:

‘Your mother has such a great taste for beauty..’

‘Yes she does..’

The girl tried to raise herself and sat up and her peignoir opened. She glanced quickly at Quentin and she knew he was aroused by her full womanly breasts. Alice turned and saw the girl drawing the peignoir against her.

‘I assume we have to dress up..I mean, is there special dress…’

Jana replied:

‘It’s evening wear for men..and the girls wear know…something short…some of the girls will be topless…you know…’

‘I see..’ Alice said…’It’s an erotic night…’

‘Not really..maybe…just really sexy dress.. You know Alice..but men dress ..shirt ..jacket..trousers..’

They were quiet then as Alice said:

‘I think I’ll help Paulina in the kitchen..’ and she walked across the room and went outside.

When Alice had left, Jana looked coyly across at Quentin and then the girl came over and sat by him on the sofa. She wanted to be friendly and she noticed his shyness. She felt she was arousing him with her near nudity and wanted him to put him at ease.

‘How long have you been with Alice..’, she asked as she sat beside him. Her peignoir hitched up to her thigh. He looked around at her and was conscious of her body next to him.

‘Three months..’, he answered. Then there was a silence but it was a silence that he was beginning to be comfortable with. Then he said softly:

‘You’re very beautiful ..’

She turned to him and she said almost innocently:

‘I’m sorry for arousing you.’ He didn’t know what to Anadolu Yakası Escort say. Then she said:

‘Do I arouse you?’

‘Yes..’ he said.

She said then:

‘I don’t think Alice minds…’ and she put her hand on his thigh. He felt confused and he said:

‘Of course you arouse me..’. he looked at her and she let her peignoir open and he looked down at her breasts.

‘You don’t you…I mean…Alice doesn’t mind…I know…’

He looked up at her face and then without thinking reached out to touch her hair. She looked closely at him and said:

‘Maybe we can make love if Alice allows it..’

She didn’t mind his silence. She knew he was surprised perhaps but she wanted to please him and put him at ease.

She said then:

‘Lunch will be ready soon…and you’ll come to the party to-night, won’t you?’

‘Yes’, he answered.

Then she said:

‘I’d better dress for lunch..’ and she rose. She looked down at him as he asked:

‘What are you wearing… I mean..for the party..?’

‘Wait and see’, she said coyly.

She stood still and then she let open her peignoir which she had pulled against her. She saw him looking down at her pussy. She said:

‘I know you want to see me nude..don’t say anything..’

Then after a while, she walked slowly to the door in her bare feet.

They had a lunch then and Alice and Quentin walked in the garden. Jana said the party started early at nine and Alice went to her room to have a shower and choose something appropriate to wear for the party. She had seen the almost scandalous dress that Jana was wearing but she didn’t mention it to Quentin. She knew Quentin was aroused by the girl’s nubile beauty.

Alice and Jana were in the bedroom upstairs and Quentin went downstairs. He waited for the two girls in the salon. Jana had discreetly said that Alice should wear a short tight mini-dress and a suitable women’s shirt. He knew that Jana would be dressing more sexily. He walked outside and then saw Jana coming down. She wore a wrap-around tiny scarf dress which just covered her buttocks and she had a kind of light silk shrug which she was using to cover her breasts which were almost completely uncovered. She wore a kind of layered necklace which reached down to her breasts. She smiled to Quentin as she walked downstairs in her high heels.

Alice told Jana to sit in front with Quentin as he drove to the party and he felt her long naked legs beside him. When they arrived at the nightclub, he saw it was a Bauhaus-style building. Jana said then that it was a private party. The group had rented some rooms for a birthday party. Her friend’s boyfriend was a soldier too who had a few days leave and there were thus some young soldiers there. Inside there was a bar and a few people talking. A girl nodded to Jana and Jana beckoned Quentin and Alice to sit in the corner. A young man came over and kissed Jana on the cheek and said ‘Thanks for coming…’ As Quentin sat, he knew some men were watching Jana. He knew her almost scandalous attire was arousing them but other girls were dressed in tight sensual attire. He saw then a young man closely watching them. He was probably wondering which of the girls was Quentin’s lover but Quentin wanted to touch and fondle Jana now. She sat beside him and he wanted to put his hand on her naked thighs. Then Jana seemed to read his thoughts as she took his right hand and placed it on her thigh.

Alice sat almost looking at them. Then Quentin heard Alice say:

‘Make love to Jana. I don’t mind…’ Quentin rose his head.

‘Will you make love to me?’ he heard Jana saying softly to him.

‘Yes..’ he said.

‘Can I sleep with you two to-night..?’ Jana said then.

‘Of course..’ Alice said.

Then Jana untied her top which was just covering her breasts and she sat with her breasts uncovered.

‘Can I..?’ Quentin said.

Jana turned to Quentin and he fondled her breasts looking at her almost face to face.

Alice said then:

‘Will you get us something to drink..Quentin..?’

Quentin then rose and both Jana and Alice said they’d have white wine and Quentin had a kind of juice.

When he came back, Alice was saying to Jana:

‘Look that man is looking at you..?’

Quentin sat down. Jana was sitting with her breasts uncovered. Another girl was almost nude in the other corner, her dress pulled down by her lover.

‘Why wouldn’t he look at Jana…she’s beautiful..her body..’ Quentin said.

‘Thank-you Quentin,’ Jana said, ‘You don’t mind me going over to him..’

Alice said:

‘Of course he doesn’t, enjoy yourself, Jana..’

The man had walked to some friends in the corner. Then they sat silently again and Jana said softly to Quentin who was sitting beside her.

‘Can I sit on you..?’

She rose then and sat on his lap. She untied then her wrap-around skirt and pulled it down. Quentin put his hands on her naked pussy and she sighed suddenly. Then he looked across at Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Alice who was studying the room.

‘Rub me..’ Jana said..’You want me…’

Then she almost sighed and moaned as if making love. Then Quentin glanced up and saw the young man who had been watching Jana before come into view again. Quentin murmured, stroking then Jana’s full breasts:

‘you’re so gorgeous..your body..’

‘I need pleasure..’ she said softly. Then she sighed suddenly and rose. She let her little dress drop and she bent down to pick it up quickly. Maybe she was conscious of her nudity as she stood tying it. Then the young man was beside her.

‘Can I buy you a drink…I’m sorry… are you with someone..’ he said looking quickly at Quentin.

‘No..’ Jana said softly.

‘Do you want to come over and join my group..’ the man said. He didn’t look at her naked breasts but there was a wide layered necklace covering her chest area. Alice said:

‘Go, enjoy yourself, Jana, we don’t mind…’

Then Jana said:

‘I’ll join you..’

The man went away and looked back at her as he stood at the bar.

Jana then bent down and felt Quentin’s thigh.

‘I’m sorry, Quentin, will you be alright..’

He looked at her and Alice said:

‘He’ll be alright..go with that man..’

Then Jana took Quentin’s hand and put it on her pussy. She held his hand there for a few seconds and then went away.

Quentin watched the man and Jana talking at the bar. He began to fondle her naked breasts and she seemed to welcome it. Then she sat on a high stool as he stood beside her. He put his hand up her short dress and then he took her in his arms and off the stool. They walked then into the bathroom area.

After a while, Quentin felt a compulsion to see that was happening. Maybe they were making love or she was pleasuring the man in some way. Maybe he didn’t really mind but he just wanted to see and he rose and walked to the bathroom. It was a large spacious area and it was unisex but it seemed empty. He saw a couple talking in the corner and he stood at the entrance. It was a wide entrance and there was a carpeted floor. There was seating around the sides, seating upholstered in a rich velvet fabric. Then he heard a girl beginning to moan as if making love and he walked in and saw Jana astride the man on the seating. He was lying back nude and she was on top of him as she began to moan. The man was looking up at Jana’s breasts as they swayed and she looked at him quickly but was concentrating on the act. The couple in the corner looked back and saw the nude girl on top of the man but they looked away as the girl began to moan and the man thrust into her trying to reach a climax. He left then as Jana turned and saw him and walked back to Alice.

In a few minutes, Jana came out hugging her wrap scarf-dress to her. It was really just a scarf that she wrapped around her. He saw her naked pussy as she sat beside Quentin. She said to Quentin:

‘Can I have your jacket..?’

He took off his jacket and she put it on, wrapping it around her. She was covering her pussy with her skirt and she rose then and wrapped the scarf dress around her.

She said then:

‘He’s a soldier on leave..he’s going back to his barracks to-morrow..’

Then the young soldier came over.

‘Are you alright?’ he said addressing Jana.

‘Yes’, she said trying to smile.

‘You are so beautiful..’ he said, ‘I’d like to meet again..but I’m going back to the barracks…’

‘It’s alright..’ Jana said looking up at him.

He looked at her and said:

‘I needed to have sex..maybe we’ll meet again..come over and join my group…’

‘Yes..’ and he walked away.

Jana said then:

‘I needed to have sex…but I want to make love to you…Quentin..not to-night..I’m tired…will we go soon…’

Alice and Quentin agreed.

When they got back to the house, Jana came into the bedroom with them. She sat in the bed and took off the jacket and then her jewellery. She walked over to Quentin who was standing by the dresser looking at her and then she dropped her scarf skirt. She tried to smile and then got into the bed. Alice had put on a chemise and now Quentin was in underwear as he looked at Jana who was falling asleep. Alice allowed Quentin into the middle and he turned to the side. He heard Jana say ‘Put your hands around me, take off your pants, I want to feel you..’ He took off his underwear in the bed and then he felt her hand rubbing his penis. Then she turned to the side and said softly: ‘Put your hands round me…’ He heard Alice say:

‘I don’t mind, Quentin..’ Then he turned and put his arms round Jana and they fell asleep.

The following morning, Quentin woke and saw Alice and Jana looking down at him smiling affectionately. They were both in peignoirs and Jana said:

‘Quentin, mama has made some breakfast.. Come down when you’re ready..’ and the two women left. When he came downstairs, the three women Escort Anadolu Yakası were sitting at the table. Paulina’s lover had left for work. Quentin sat beside Jana who said softly to him as Alice and Paulina rose talked opposite them:

‘I want to make love to you.. I wanted to last night but I needed a man last night. If you had taken me I wouldn’t have resisted..’.

Then she said to Alice:

‘I know a place where we can pick mushrooms…will we go in the afternoon..’

Then the mother said:

‘I’m having some friends over to-night..’

Then she looked at Quentin and addressed him:

‘Alice knows..she’s been here visiting us for years…but we sometimes swap partners..lovers..there’s no pressure…I just want to tell might just talk..most times..we do…we play cards..but ..’

‘Yes..’ Quentin said.

‘But Quentin wants to exchange me for Jana..’ Alice said cheerfully.

‘Only if you allow it…I want to make love to him..he does..maybe to-night.’ Jana said softly and innocently. They were quiet then as the mother said addressing everyone:.

‘Did you have a good night..’ the mother asked.

‘Yes, Mama, I met a soldier but he’s gone, he’s gone back to the barracks….’

Then Jana said: ‘We’ll go mushroom picking..’

Jana and Alice went upstairs to dress and Alice put on a summer dress and Jana put on a short chemise dress over her naked body. She didn’t wear any panties and as they walked towards the woods, he was conscious of the girl’s nudity beneath the dress. Jana showed them the place where mushrooms were growing and then they sat down. They rested for a while and Jana put her head on Quentin’s thighs as Alice lay back too. It was approaching mid-afternoon when they went back again with a bag of mushrooms for lunch. Alice and Jana said they were going shopping after lunch.

‘Harry and Frieda are coming at’ll be here..won’t you..’ Paulina said to Alice and Jana and then she turned to Quentin:

‘You won’t be lonely, Quentin, will you mind being alone without the girls..’ Jana looked back at him as she was about to leave the house with Alice to shop and smiled at him.

That evening, Quentin sat across from Paulina’s lover. Another man was there, Harry and his partner Frieda. Paulina was in the kitchen getting some drinks and Jana and Alice were upstairs putting on their evening attire. Quentin sat with Harry and Frieda, a couple about the same age as Paulina. Then Paulina entered and asked Quentin. She said:

‘Jana wants you upstairs to know what you want her to wear..’

He went upstairs to the bedroom. He seemed shy and Paulina came behind him.

Jana was in a peignoir and she held up a short tight dress and a baby doll dress.

‘I like them both..’ Jana smiled.

‘Which do you prefer..?’

‘The tighter one..’

Then Paulina said:

‘You know how to play bridge…Quentin.’

‘Yes’, Quentin said.

‘Maybe you and Alice can play then against myself and Frieda perhaps..Jana can’t play..’

Quentin went downstairs again and sat and talked with the men. Frieda joined Paulina in the kitchen. You felt the evening in the room and the Paulina’s lover went outside to the garden with one of the men to talk. Then Jana came down in her short dress. As she sat across from him, the dress lifted above her thighs so you could see her bare pussy. Frieda was sitting in the room and the girl coyly sat forward and put her legs together. Then when Paulina entered with some light snacks, she suggested that they play bridge. Two of the men were outside in the garden talking so it was decided that Alice and Paulina should be partners against Frieda and Quentin.

Quentin saw Jana sitting on the sofa and her dress was hitched up to her thighs. She sat still and then rose and stood near Quentin:

‘I can’t play bridge..’ she said softly and she put her hand on his shoulder. This seemed to remind Frieda of something as she said:

‘Will we exchange lovers to-night, Paulina..or Jana dear…’

Jana said then:

‘I want to be with Quentin..’

Then Frieda addressed Alice:

‘Alice..’ she said softly.

‘I don’t know, Frieda..I’m beginning to be tired..’

Then Jana left them and went to the sofa. As she sat her dress hitched above her buttocks so she sat with her bare buttocks on the sofa. She looked up at Quentin who was steadily looking at her. Alice was aware of this and when Harry came into the room, Alice said across to Frieda:

‘Harry can play bridge can’t he..I think Quentin wants to be with Jana..’

Frieda and Paulina looked back at the girl sitting with her naked buttocks on the sofa.

‘Go to her..’ Alice said softly,’ Go to her, Quentin..’

Then Paulina turned back and echoed Alice’s words:

‘Go to her, Quentin, take her to you..’

Alice said to Jana:

‘He wants you.. Come here..Jana..’

Jana rose but she didn’t pull her tight dress down and she walked over to Quentin and took his hand and put it on her naked pussy. Quentin rose then and went with the girl to the sofa and Harry, Frieda’s lover replaced him at the table.

Then Quentin continued to rub Jana’s pussy as she sat with her dress hitched up beside him. He looked at her in the face and then Jana pulled off her dress over her head. She rose then and took Quentin. She said:

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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