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Once upon a time I had a fantasy and today I am going to complete it. Your work table is great to hide, not to big but enough to hide me. You enter the room, sit, all ready for your meeting. Little did you know, you’re going to remember this meeting for sure. I can see the outline of your dick through the pants, turning me on. You smell so good that turns me on too. You start with greeting your co-workers and it’s show time baby.

I start by kissing your one leg softly, you get back, look down carefully and see me smiling. Your eyes get widen and your boss is already expecting you to pay full attention. I whisper, “Pay attention, baby.” You sigh and prepare yourself for the worst. I kiss your thigh gently, move up a bit kiss your crotch, you try to shoo me away and obviously I don’t stop doing unthinkable to you my dear.

I start unbuttoning your pants, you try to control yourself. Remove your cock out of the boxers. I hold it and kiss the length without making any noise as you have to unmute yourself to answer the question your boss is asking.

You unmute yourself, start answering Demetevler Rus Escort and I am swirling my tongue around the tip, holding your huge cock firmly. You are done speaking and I slide the entire dick in my mouth without any warning, a moan leaves your mouth and I can feel a slap on my face, not to hard not to weak just right slap to make me feel like your hoe. I run my tongue from the base to the tip, wetting it, enjoying the taste of you and your pre cum. I keep on sucking you, savoring the feeling as the head slide over my tongue, applying pressure to the underside while I wet your shaft. I watch you as I take you deep in my throat and you look so good controlling your moans, keeping a straight face. I grab your waist and push down you deep in my mouth.

I feel your hand grabbing a fistful of my hair, making me choke on your cock, trying to make me gag. I pull back sucking as I withdraw causing a popping noise when it left my mouth. I am so turned on now, I slip my hand down my thong and began to rub my soaking Otele Gelen Rus Escort wet clit. I am moaning against your cock as I finger myself and you holding my hair, making me take you in and out of my mouth.

I come a little up, not so much that I could be seen on your webcam but enough for you to hold my boobs. You cup your favorite thing about me as you attend your meeting, pinch them softly and then suddenly pinch them so hard that I scream. You shut my mouth and force the cock in while holding my head, thrust it deep. I cup the balls, slurping on your dick, holding your cock with a tight grip, increasing the speed. You are about to come and I remove the cock and leave it there. I don’t want you to come yet, that’s me giving you hot and cold, something that you have so many times. I leave you on edge and I love when you ache for me and my tongue.

You try to make me suck you, you want to come so bad but no this time I will wait few moments before sliding your cock inside my mouth. I look at it, hold it, Balgat Rus Escort tap it on my tongue but not sucking it. You hold my hair push me down, this time I wrap my lips around the head of your cock and stroke you up and down. I suck your balls one by one and then taking both the balls in me and the stroking is not stopping. I remove the balls and slide the meat through my lips, making my eyes roll and it touches my throat. Every bit of me is loving this feeling, feeling of you getting a blowjob under the table, you doing your work and me just being your naughty bitch. Thick cock which is going to come in my mouth while my baby is attending his meeting what else does a slutty little girl want.

My mouth gliding up and down your shaft, rougher, harder, faster only to make you come in me. My hands are at work here too, sliding it along with my mouth, grabbing it tighter but not too hard. I deep throat you one last time, sliding the dick out with a popping noise and then start flicking my tongue over your tip, stroking you nicely. You push me towards your cock and start coming inside my mouth. I devour every drop of you, clean you off nicely, lick the sensitive tip after that. You are so close to moaning loudly as you love when I suck you right after you come.

Your meeting is finish and god knows what’ll happen. You look like you are up for a revenge. “You bitch!!!”, you say with rage and I come outside, give you a smile. I am very proud of what I did, sweetie. No regrets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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