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The Injection

You wake up in a cage and look out the bars as you force your dry eyes open.

Wait what..

You start to think, until you remember —

The night before…

•. •. •


You had been playing with your Mistress.

Jess. That’s right.. Jess. Miss Jess? You think to yourself.

Miss. She had just recently convinced you to start playing with her as a pet. You adored her and that first day of play was thrilling, to say the least.

All you had to do was run and bark and chase sticks like the fantasy you always had — and she let you do it on all fours! And naked!

Miss had a big yard and huge gates. Nobody could see through; it was very private. It was as though Jess had prepared this whole yard to be clean and perfect for you as a pup. You were safe here, and protected.

So, you accepted her pleas, and spent hours running until you found yourself so free into puppy headspace, letting all your feral, inner urges out — acting like a wolf pup, more than a dog — absolutely free.

Then, you remember — the man.

He came walking out and you thought for sure this joy was over. Yet, Miss invited him to see you. And all he did was rub your head as you stood in a foot legged position of naked body.

Miss yelled — she wanted him to get tape for something – You remember.

They were so happy – You recall of their beautiful love they clearly shared and total acceptance, shared, even about you/

When he came back, tape circled his arm. It was some latex material. Between your squirms, he injected you with something and you felt calm again. He gently wrapped your legs, sealing your now square bodily shape.

The injection and serenity soothed you into sleep…

* * *

Loud barks interrupt your memory. A man; really, istanbul Escort Bayan a young boy, some young farmhand, evades eye contact but takes note of your confusion. Simply attempting to ask where you are, you open your mouth, shocked by the sound that comes out:

A deep throated low snarl–

Reactive, the boy injects you, and you fade back into the abyss of memories…


You remember that first injection.

It was something about the way Jess looked at you..

You felt public, more than you ever have;

Naked and playing with her, at first in the total and utter privacy of her yard,

Until that seductive whisper as a man walked in…

Her husband, you recall her seductively whispering to you.

And yet, he made you feel just as comfortable as you were, enough to stay put and not complain.

You remember the way Jess looked at you; holding control over you completely as she had her husband run to fetch something:

Was it tape? Wrap? Something along those lines, you vaguely recall.

As you think, you feel your body sore, worn out;

The injection, you remember again — clearly.

It had been unexpected, but completely relaxing.

It brought you back to the peace that you had always wanted before; no shame, no guilt; just comfort and pleasure as it were.

You shift your body around, acknowledging the strain of your folded limbs…

“Oh baby, look who’s back up!” Jess squeals as she sees you fumble up like a newborn giraffe.

Tempted to talk, you open your mouth, only to realize all that comes out is what sounds completely animalistic.

Jess, seeing you start to tense up, comes and scratches along your back.

“Oh, sweetheart; don’t you remember? That collar blocks your ability to istanbul Escort speak like a human,” She quietly says, as she continues luxuriously petting you, in places you can may never again be able to reach.

Somehow, someway, the words she says just all seem to make sense to you.

You lean into her pets, feeling stable with her hand holding you up.

“You love being my little pet don’t you?” Jess says, looking down at you with a caring smile; she’s stopped petting and you let out a natural “Arf” to signify yes and, mostly, for more pets.

“Oh, I knew you were such a good girl from the moment we first spoke,” She says to you in response.

“Baby! Go grab the leash, I think our little puppy wants some walkies!” She yells to her husband, smiling at you as she goes back to petting your back.

Out he comes, this handsome man, to join his beautiful wife. Holding a leash, you almost instinctively shake your head toward the leash, lifting to show your neck. As you do so, you hear the clink of the dog tag smacking against a small padlock. You can hear it, but don’t completely understand. You turn your head tilted to the side..

“Oh, sweet puppy. That’s just to keep you safe and secure. We need to make sure people know who your owner is, after all, and where to return you,” Jess reassures.

The leash is hooked up, and you can’t help but give a lick, only to notice that there’s something in the way:

A snout of sorts.

“What is it, pup?” The husband asks as you look down, trying to get a view.

“Oh,” Jess says, pulling out a mirror, “Here, sweet puppy!”

You look into the reflection of the mirror: only the only thing you recognize is your eyes, glowing through the dog mask completely covering your head;

It’s so realistic, you could Escort istanbul mistake yourself for being a dog.

Looking down in the mirror, you see your stature:

The taping and wrapping of your limbs was a success — You are completely squared up to match the anatomy of a true dog.

You can’t help but get excited of this;

That video you barely remember watching as you succumbed to the injection before kicks your brain into a new understanding of this existence as a dog to be who you truly are — it just makes sense.

You snap out of overthinking as the leash is pulled ahead of you, and feel your “newly controlled” limbs walk forward, keeping you far lower to the ground than you ever experienced.

After playing around in the yard for some time, the couple leave you off leash to play around, and you sit, chewing on a softened bone, as the two seem to mutter with one another. The husband moves to take a phone call, and Jess comes to walk your way.

“So, we have somebody willing to come pick you up for training,” Jess says. She senses your nerves, and reassures, “This man has trained lots of pets. You need to learn what it is to truly be an animal: and this place will be perfect for you. We must desensitize anything that could confuse you by making you feel any bit of that previous life of yours, trapped in a human body. This is vital for your transition into the perfect puppy you always have been meant to be.”

You look up, focused more on the bone than what she is saying.

“Pet. I need you to agree to this before we can go forward,” Jess continues.

Hearing the tone in her voice, you can sense she’s asking something important…

“ARF! Arf arf arf!” You yelp out, jumping excitedly to lick her kneeling legs, as she embraces you for a hug:

“Oh, you are so perfect!” She says back. Then, to her husband, “Tell him to bring the truck and a big crate; we’re all set!” Turning, she smiles at you once more.

“You’ll have such fun at the farm…” She says, as you feel another injection, that takes you back to that place of calm serenity, where everything just feels right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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