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(An original Cyrano fantasy)

I walk into your bedroom. It’s lit only by candlelight. The light dances off the walls, making only the area surrounding your bed visible, and even that barely so, the rest of your room seems to resist the lights advance, leaving it hidden in darkness. You lie naked on your bed , and as my eyes adjust, you come into stunning focus. Unlike the room, you openly invite the dancing flickers of

light; it seems to consume you. Your hair is strands of shining gold, your body fine artwork. You arch your back, your hands above your head. I watch the curve of your hips, the goose bumps that break out on your velvet skin.

My breath quickens, as does my heartbeat. I can feel blood rushing everywhere in my body, I can feel the pores in my skin. I feel alive. I stand still as you squirm on the bed, arching your back, your legs slightly spread. I do not speak, do not call to you, though I’m sure you can feel my presence. Your mouth opens, but only to lick your luscious, pouty lips bringing moisture to their surface. Your hot breath does not allow your lips to stay moist though, and your

tongue quickly darts out once again. I watch forever, I need nothing else. I have waited a lifetime for this–for you!

After what seems like days, but is actually only minutes, I step closer, I reach for my waist, pulling up on my shirt and sliding it over my head. Parts of me ache for release. My skin tingles. my hands slide down my body, unbuckling my belt, undoing my pants. They slide down my legs to the floor, where they are quickly met by the rest of my clothes. Now as naked as you, Escort bayan I stand at the foot of your bed. You no longer move. My hand moves down, grasping my manhood,

feeling it throb. It cries for you. It will not get what it wants…. yet!

I move to the night stand, my eyes never leaving you. I watch your breasts heave as you breathe. I grasp the baby oil and pop the tip. I move back to the foot of the bed and crawl up on it. You instinctively spread your legs, your sweet honeypot exposed for my desperate eyes. I can see that its slick with your juices. It glistens in the candlelight. I carefully avoid it as I position myself between your legs, bending your knees slightly. I squirt the oil onto your stomach and up between your breasts.

At last I touch you. My hands slide up your stomach, spreading the liquid as they go. They rub your stomach and sides, stopping just below your breasts. I drip more oil on your legs, and my now hot hands quickly follow. From your ankles they move up, making your beautiful legs slippery. Up your inner thigh, coming as close as possible to your flowering lips, but not touching them, they slide up over your stomach again, more oil and onto your breasts. Squeezing them, pinching the nipples, rubbing the oil gently into your flawless skin. You squirm beneath me, your breath now rapid and short, your body filled with chills. My hands leave you. Again the oil, but not on you. I squirt the oil on my chest, and it slowly spills downward. Your hands find mine as they slide downward, again engulfing my throbbing cock, stroking it slowly as my back arches. Bayan Escort I force them down onto my legs, and finally I’m covered in oil. I push your legs down, and again you lie flat on the bed. I get on top of you, my hands on your body. Sliding up your sides, finding your exquisite breasts. Pinching and flicking at your nipples, making them stand as erect as my throbbing staff.

I push them together and slide my body up to them.

The candlelight makes our slick bodies glow, and I drink in your beauty with my eyes as I slide my cock between your breasts, squeezing them around me. My body moves up and down easily, my thumbs tease your hard little nipples as I slide between. I don’t want to speak, I just want you to feel me. As I slide upward, poking for the top of your breasts, you raise your head, opening your mouth and taking my mushroom head in. I moan, and it is the first noise you have heard

from me. I pull back, leaving your mouth. As I get to the bottom. I slowly slide upward, through your breasts and again into your wet, warm, succulent mouth. I turn around and bend to lick up and down your slit slowly, lightly flicking your clit. You suck on me feverishly, your burning desire now great. I begin to move faster on you, my tongue licking and flicking at your now throbbing button. My

hands slide under your sensual bottom, my fingers to your sweet, wet pussy, parting your lips and entering you slowly, as I continue to work on your clit. You begin to shake and shiver as you reach orgasm. I pull you up so that my tongue is planted deep inside you, my fingers continuing to Escort probe. You come in waves as I lap up all of you. Pulling my cock out of your mouth I spin around, sliding down your chest and stomach and positioning myself between your still shaking legs. My

hands reach for yours, our fingers entwine as I slide the tip of my cock inside you. You are wet and inviting as just the tip fits inside you. Your fingers grip mine tightly as I tease you. After what seems like an eternity, I thrust inside you, and we become one. I continue to thrust, harder and harder, and I cannot control myself. My mouth dives for yours and I kiss you hard. You can taste the remnants of your orgasm on my tongue, and it excites you. I pound inside you hard, feeling perspiration break out on my back . I feel every inch of my body, every pore. I throw my head back as I feel the impending explosion. My seed rushes up the length of my engorged cock and spews into you with the force of a fire hose.

I empty spurt after spurt into you. I can’t stop coming! It feels like you are draining me of my entire being. You are staring deep into my blue eyes, enjoying my pleasure, nearly as much as me. I collapse upon you, exhausted, but content. My arms encircle you and we roll to our sides embracing. Our breathing starting to return to normal, we kiss lovingly. My tongue snakes gently into your wet mouth and plays with the back of your lovely white teeth and the roof of your mouth. You suck my tongue deeper, surrounding it with your lips. You press the full length of your body seductively against me, I feel the wetness seeping from your satiated pussy and it stars to arouse me again . I lean my head back and look at your face, you’re smiling devilishly. I return the smile and bend to whisper in your ear, “You are the best, darling *S*,” just as your hand encircles my hard, restored cock, once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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