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(Note: All characters in this story are over 18 years of age.)

It has been two weeks since Jenni first laid eyes on Mark. Now she’s back in Dr. Zavodny’s consulting room for her regular Friday session. He takes in her appearance and gives her two rapid eyebrow raises to make her chuckle.

“So, 2018 is treating you well.”

“You, too; you’re tanned. We’ve missed you.”

The doctor smiles. “I see you’ve made the shift to ‘we’ like a new couple does.”

She snorts indignantly. “In this case it makes sense. We’re both your patients. And we did miss you last week… but not too badly.”

“So. Tell me all about it. How does it feel to have a Dom? That is the correct term, right?”

“Yes, he’s my Dom. I’m his sub or just ‘girl,’ either is fine. It’s amazing. He’s amazing…” she colors, all of a sudden at a loss for words.

“You look well-cared for. So does he, incidentally. Full disclosure, I saw him yesterday and he’s told me quite a bit. Still, I need to hear it from you.”

“What did he say about me?!”

“Now, Jenni, you know I’m not allowed to tell you that. I’ll tell you one thing and that’s all: He used the word ‘sweet’ about a hundred times in an hour. He wasn’t just talking about your disposition, either.”

“So he’s happy with me?”

“What do you think?”

“I think he is, but I don’t see how he could be. I mean, he could have anybody. Why did you put him with me?”

“First of all, I didn’t ‘put him with you.’ I introduced you and he made his choice. Second, Mark doesn’t need just anybody. He needs someone who can handle him. Someone who can understand him and see past the exterior. He needs a partner who can see the real man in all his complexity. I wouldn’t have paired him with anyone else.”

Jenni looks more worried than reassured. “I worry I objectify him. I tell him too often that he’s beautiful. I can’t help it… I just can’t get over it.”

“I doubt he minds. It’s something to keep in mind, though, and at least you’re aware of it.

Don’t lose sight of the fact he’s a real person, underneath that…” His hand flutters, searching for the best way to put it.

“Yeah,” she concurs. Dr. Z. clearly understands her plight.

“At the risk of breaking confidentiality, there is one thing I’ll share with you, for your own good. You can tell him or not that I told you. He probably will anyway.”

“Oh, no! What’s that?”

“Calm yourself. Mark was like I’ve never seen him yesterday. I did not anticipate the effect of new love on him. To the untrained eye, it could look like happiness, and it is, but he seemed in danger of going into a manic state. Even positive feelings can have a destabilizing effect. So I increased his meds to slow him down. I’m telling you this because he might seem tired or start to yawn a lot. He is not bored with you! Knowing you, you’d take it personally and fear the worst. “

“Yeah, I would. We have been spending almost all our free time together.”

“And if there are any sexual side effects, that’s not you, either. Blame me for that.”

She grins. “That hasn’t kicked in yet.”

“Yes, I could guess that by looking at you. So, how’s the sex?”

“Sweet,” she quips. “He’s exactly how you’d think he’d be. I don’t usually even like gentleness, as you know, but he makes it so fucking sexy. He moves like a ballet dancer or something. That man does things to my body…”

Jenni proceeds to tell the curious doctor about ‘losing her virginity’ to his favorite patient. She can tell he’s tracking the story with what he’s already heard until she comes to the end and notices the easy smile has faded away. Something’s not right with what she’s said.

“Jenni, I’m so happy for you, but as someone who cares about you, listen to me carefully: The part about putting yourselves on display like that is actually considered a sex crime.”


“I’m serious. I’d hate for you two to begin this new chapter in your lives on the registry for all the creeps. There are other uninhibited young couples who are listed with the monsters. You can’t do that anymore, understand?”

Jenni is flummoxed at the idea that what they did was that wrong, but nods her head.

“Well, at least we got to have the experience. But I guess we won’t repeat it,” she says glumly.

“Did Mark like that part of it, too?”

“Oh, yes! It was my idea, but he really…”


“Yeah, it was like that. Like he knew how good he looked and liked showing off.”

“It doesn’t occur to you he liked showing you off, his ownership of you?”

“That, too. He likes the way I look, even if I don’t. But he’s an artist and a bit weird. In a good way, but yeah, he’s quirky.”

“No one has to be quirky to find you attractive. And, for what it’s worth, belonging to Mark looks great on you.”

“Thanks, but forgive me if I take your opinion with a grain of salt, Doctor.”

“I’m gay, but I have an aesthetic sense. I didn’t say you’re my type,” he says dryly.

“Fair enough. You’re very handsome yourself.”

He laughs. “I’m a snappy dresser, I admit.” He is, in his van escort bespoke suits and Italian shoes. “You know, if exhibitionism really makes you two happy, there are legal ways to fulfill that desire.”

“Like how? I’m still freaked out I almost ended up like a child molester.”

“You could go online, even help your financial situation a bit. And no! I’m not saying that so you start paying me again. A man in my position can afford to be charitable to deserving people. I wouldn’t take your money.”

Jenni sits there blinking dumbly for a moment. Did her doctor just suggest… sex work? Seeing her confusion, he continues.

“You and Mark are both creative people. I think the exhibitionism is tied up (no pun intended) in that tendency. You could make something unique together. But you shouldn’t give it away when you can have people pay for it. “

“Why are people going to pay for it when there’s so much free amateur porn out there?” Then she realizes: Mark. Oh. Yes, people might subscribe to that.

Dr. Zavody sees the light go on. “People might like a window into your unique relationship, too. There’s a voyeuristic market for that.” Jenni wonders if her psychiatrist is part of that and if he’d watch. Would he feel guilty watching? Would he touch himself to the sight of Mark fucking her?

“How do you think he’d react if I asked him this? I don’t want him to get mad at me.”

“I don’t think he’d get mad. Like I said, you know how to communicate with him. If he does get upset, tell him it was my idea.”

“You better believe he’ll know I didn’t come up with this on my own!”

“It’s just something to think about. I still have faith in your ability to get your art career on track. If you and Mark can’t keep your hands off each other, why not make a little extra and have the audience you crave at the same time? Just no more window escapades, understand?”

“Yes, definitely.”

Their time is up and Dr. Z. walks her to the waiting room. Speak of the Devil. Mark looks sheepish at his surprise appearance. He knows how it looks, like he can’t keep away from her. He rubs the back of his neck while looking up at their startled faces through his lashes.

“I thought I’d pick her up and take her to dinner. If ya don’t have plans, baby.”

“No, I was just going to walk to your place!” Her voice is an octave higher and velvety-soft at the sight of her Daddy.

Their shrink looks thoroughly amused. “Have a pleasant evening, kids.”

“You, too, Doctor,” they say and Jenni recalls her intention to hug him next time she saw him. She does.

“You’re welcome,” he whispers.

In the elevator, Mark devours her lips. Jenni reaches into his overcoat to feel crisp fabric and opens his lapels to look at him; he got a little dressed up and his button-down is tight in the right places.

“You look nice, Daddy.”

“It’s in case you want to go somewhere good.”

Jenni kisses him hungrily. When the elevator door opens, they don’t react quickly enough to conceal their entwining tongues and that she’s still feeling him up urgently inside his coat.

“Sorry, Ma’am,” Mark mumbles to the older lady who hesitates to step inside. Her expression changes when she hears his husky southern voice. She nods politely and they stand in silence the rest of the way to the lobby.

Mark looks around and tries to pull Jenni into the stairwell. He looks more than a little surprised when she resists him. “Daddy, we can’t.”


“I’ll tell you why over dinner, okay? It’s something Dr. Z. told me about.”

“Oh? Well, you’ve piqued my interest. Must be important if you’d disobey me, little one.”

“I didn’t mean to disobey. It really is important.”

They walk out into the newly dark evening. “Where would ya like to go?”

“We can try the new vegan place up that way if you’d like that.”

“Okay, but did you pick that ’cause you know they’ll have stuff I can eat? Ya takin’ care of me, baby?”

“I know you don’t usually have many choices and I want you to have a good meal. Is it wrong to take care of you in little ways?”

Mark pulls her tighter to his side as they walk. “No,” he says. “No, it ain’t.”

They arrive at the bistro and stand at the entrance looking at the specials written on a blackboard. Jenni finds the prices a bit rich for stuff made out of tofu, but that’s for her Dom to decide. The atmosphere annoys her less than the menu, with soft lighting and a fireplace blazing. The hostess asks if they’d like a table.

Mark looks to his sub. “Looks nice, right?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she replies.

The hostess does a doubletake; the pair could just as easily be a young-looking father and daughter as the kinksters they are. Jenni’s been sleeping nights after Mark wrecks her with orgasms, so looks younger, too. And then there’s that voice of hers that sounds more like a child trying to sound grown-up than the other way around. Mark gives her a waist a squeeze as they’re led to a table near the fire’s warmth.

After the still-unsettled young woman takes their drink order and walks away, Mark fixes Jenni yalova escort with his dominant gaze and says nothing, waiting.

“So h-how are you?”

“Do my eyes look different?” he asks.

“Different from whose?” Mark’s eyes look different from everyone’s.

“I mean, do they look dilated? Like I’m on drugs. I’m askin’ because my meds were increased and I’m kinda paranoid about people bein’ able to tell. Plus, ya seem a little nervous.”

“I couldn’t tell. They’re still very clear. Maybe I’m nervous to tell you about my session.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to. It ain’t my business. But I do wanna know why ya refused a quickie in the stairwell.” He grins devilishly; the meds hadn’t suppressed that.

“Dr. Z. made me promise not to do any more exhibitionist stuff. Not in real life, anyway. He said we could get caught and end up on the registry for…” she falls silent when their drinks arrive and they have to order. They hadn’t really even looked and were suddenly far less interested in the fare this place might have to offer.

“Just bring me the blandest thing and I’ll like it,” Mark says.

“I’ll take the most delicious thing and I’ll like it,” Jenni says.

“Okaayy, one bland and one delicious coming up,” the waiter says, taking the hint that these two just want to be left alone and will be no trouble.

“Thank you,” Mark adds, realizing he may have sounded a bit gruff due to his preoccupation.

When they’re alone, Mark asks, “Was he mad I put you in that position?”

“What? I don’t think he can ever get mad at you. I think he thinks the sun shines out of your ass. He thinks you might get mad at him, though, for what he said next.”

Mark grunts in displeasure. It’s a sound Jenni’s not heard yet and one she doesn’t like. He reaches across the table for her hand. “We breakin’ up? That was this is?” he asks keeping his voice so neutral he almost does sound sedated. Just the thought of breaking up causes her eyes to fill up instantly and a tear escapes before she can stop it.

“No, Daddy. Never! I never want that unless you do.”

“I never want that, either, baby girl. Please don’t cry. Everything’s okay. Isn’t it?” he adds, realizing he still has no idea what this is about.

“Well… Dr. Z. suggested that if we want to be exhibitionists we should do it online… for money.”

“What the fuck?! Our psychiatrist said that?” Mark glances around then drops his voice back to his low, gravelly tone. “Dr. Z. told you to do porn. Are ya sure you got that right, baby?”

“Yeah. He thinks it’s a good outlet for our creativity. And if we’re fucking all the time anyway… might as well charge strangers to watch. He sees it as a win-win, I think. And it’s not illegal.”

“I question his sanity, to be honest. What do you think of the idea?”

“It’s the same for me as with the ‘window escapade,’ as he called it: I like it if you do, but it’s not essential for me. I have no complaints at all about our sex life. Nothing’s missing for me.”

“But you wanna do this.”

“I think it would be exciting, Daddy.”

Mark shakes his head at how she manipulates him without meaning to. He looks into her big, dark eyes and sees no machinations. He’s been around enough to be hard to fool and usually doesn’t give trust easily.

“I’d better think about this for a couple days before I say yes to you. Either way, we’re puttin’ up curtains tomorrow. I like fuckin’ ya with the lights on.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Her tears are long gone.


It’s Sunday night and they’ve spent another heavenly weekend together. Daddy and his girl cuddle on the couch. She’s in her fox outfit and he wears flannel pajama pants and a PETA T-shirt. He hand feeds her goldfish crackers intermittently.

“Yeah, all right. I think it’s okay to try this. It’s not like we’re ever runnin’ for office, right?”

Jenni knows exactly what he’s referring to without context. Her heart starts to pound with excitement and fear.

“You’re sure you want to?”

“I’m sure. Except not every part of your trainin’ is gonna be broadcast live. Some of that’s gonna be real emotional and I can’t have you thinkin’ about who’s watching, understand?”

“I understand. We don’t have to show everything. Some things have to be just for us, Daddy.”

“That’s right, baby girl. There are things I wanna do to you that won’t be easy at first. I need you focused on nothing but your Daddy.”

“What things?” his little girl asks curiously.

“Bondage, for one. I like ropes, takin’ my time with it. Also punishments, just for your own good, not ’cause you’re ever bad. I know you’ve done that with other guys, but it’s gonna be harder with me.”

“Why harder with you? I love you,” she asks, confused.

“It’s because ya love me that it will be harder. You won’t have the same pain threshold you’re used to. You’ll probably cry easily and I won’t have other guys gettin’ off on your tears.”

“Will you?”

“Yes. Does that upset you?”

“No… I understand it. I can’t explain it, but I get it.”

“Uh-huh. That’s giresun escort because your soul’s in love with mine, like your body’s in love with my body. That’s what Zavodny told me this week, that you an’ me have a spiritual connection he can feel. He said the mind will have lots of questions that take more time to answer.”

“And he told me to do porn. Must be sexist,” she wisecracks.

“Must be. So do you believe in it?”

“In souls?”


“I didn’t use to because I’m an atheist. I figured ‘souls’ were just a product of the mind, like the deepest feelings and the sum of all our experiences. Now I feel like there is something other than that. I think it’s possible that I didn’t have a soul, but I do now. Maybe you gave me one so I can love you better. It feels like something’s been added to me that wasn’t there before.”

Mark guides her hand to his cock.

“Not that!” she squawks, and he chuckles.

“I know, honey, you were trying to say somethin’ beautiful to me and I was bein’ a boy. C’mere,” he says, and leans back taking her with him. She nuzzles into his chest and he makes a groan that sounds like fulfillment and longing at the same time. Their bodies stiffen up at the presence of each other’s arousal, then they relax into a cozy state of horny affection. Oxytocin and a cocktail of other love chemicals swamp their problematic brains.

“Mmm… Daddy,” she sighs.

“My sweet girl,” he says, beginning to move subtly underneath her slight weight.

“What’s porn like?” she asks, feeling like it’s that time again.

“Why do you wanna know about porn, baby?”

“I heard some teenagers talking about it.”

“I see. Porn is pictures or movies of people havin’ sex. People watch it when they feel turned on… or wanna be turned on.”

“Can we look at it?”

“Nope. It’s too scary for little foxes.”

“But I wanna see what it’s like!” She digs her fingertips into his solid sides.

Mark purrs happily. “Well, if you wanna see what sex looks like, we’ll make our own when we make love, just for you and me. Do ya want me to do that?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You can see how pretty you look when you’re my very good girl.”

Jenni begins to grind her hips into him unconsciously; the heat between them has built to a need for friction. Mark immediately encourages this with his hands on her ass, helping her find some relief on his hard body.

“You want to try somethin’ new tonight, baby?”

“Ngh, yeah, Daddy,” she pants.

“I want you to be on top this time. Do you think you can fuck me if I lay like this?”

“Uh-huh!” she chirps, surprising herself. This wasn’t her favorite thing, but pleasing him was. Maybe he was feeling tired from the meds; he’d never requested this before. She hops up and strips off the fox onesie. Mark notices the smear of blood on her thigh; Jenni has assumed she was just very wet from his body against hers.

“You’re bleedin’, baby. Do you know what that means?”

“That we can’t do it?” she asks in a sad little voice.

“No, we can. Just makin’ sure you ain’t scared of it.”

“It means I’m a woman now,” she says proudly, sounding anything but womanly.

He gives her a sly smile and shakes his head at how she behaves in ‘little space.’ “You drive me crazy,” he whispers to his woman. She gazes down at him guilelessly as he tugs down his pants and she straddles him.

“You can make it feel however you want this way. Think of it as a reward for being perfect for me and doin’ as I say all the time.”

“Not all the time,” she reminds him, thinking of the moment in Dr. Zavodny’s lobby.

“Well, that was you protectin’ us. You were right, too. I was just testin’ ya,” he teases.

Jenni smiles at him. She’s so full of love and lust she can barely keep track of who she is at the moment. She slowly sinks down onto her Daddy exaggerating how hard it is to take him. It does take some effort, but she makes that pretty-in-pain face he likes to see each time they return to each other. The orgasms she doesn’t fake or even exaggerate; those screams are from her brand new soul.

She slowly rolls the tip of him around her sore bloody cervix as he watches her face with fascination. She can see in his eyes he’s noting the secret spaces she loves to feel him deep inside her. It’s like a new kind of deep kiss for both of them, the way she massages herself with the most sensitive part of her soulmate’s body.

“That feels good to you?” he gasps out hoarsely.

“Really good, Daddy. You like it?”

His eyes flick down to watch her hips circle, to see himself disappear into her open body. He sees this is going to be messy and wriggles out of his shirt while his hands are still clean. The root of his cock is already shiny crimson.

“Yeah. It looks incredible, too.”

“Can we… ohh… make a porn like this, Daddy?”

“Anything ya want, honey… if you make me come usin’ your cunny on me like this.”

Jenni clenches around him twice like a wink. Mark’s hips buck up into her and she raises herself up higher to protect herself. Her Dom can’t really stand to be that passive and even with her riding him, he’s once again in control. She holds herself just right, gripping onto the back of the couch so that he can move in and out of her freely without punching her at the end of her passage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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