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Bbc Whore

This is the 6th and final chapter in a tale about a 22yr old med student and a middle aged couple. All their couplings and feelings are now out in the open. Can they still be friends? It’s best if you read the previous chapters before this one.

Thanks and enjoy!


Shannon could almost hear her heart thumping. Even louder was the gasping of her lungs as she chased after Joanne. Her competitive juices were flowing. There was no way she would be outrun by a woman twenty plus years older. With determination, she sucked in all the air she could manage and kept on running.

Joanne was enjoying the release of running. Her recent high profile case was over and she had won an acquittal for her client. In many ways his life would never be the same but at least he wasn’t going to jail. As much as possible she had avoided the media and the attention the trial had garnered in the public eye. The acquittal had set off a firestorm of public debate in the media, the internet and over kitchen tables across the country.

At the trial end, she allowed herself to be drawn into a short interview that had aired on national television. Over the years her policy had been to never comment on a case publicly and never to give interviews. However, there were messages she felt had to be put out there to the public, many of whom were critical of her defense tactics. The pent up tension of the last few weeks was fueling her run and she was enjoying the afternoon with Shannon.

Upon her return to Toronto Shannon had launched into her medical studies. Interactions with Rob and Joanne had been fleeting since the start of school. Her evenings were tied up in the library, leaving only time for a brief lunch and coffee date with her closest friends in Toronto. Rob’s boat was now out of the water and she missed the Wednesday night race series.

Shannon had watched the interview, having been alerted by a text from Rob. Before seeing it, she knew intuitively that Joanne was a special talent and a unique woman. After the interview she was in absolute awe of her friend. The poise, the intelligence the rationality of her responses to some very tough questioning made her a star in Shannon’s eyes.

Joanne was her role model of a professional woman. She was also beginning to feel that she was her ideal in all aspects. And now that she was chasing after her she couldn’t help but admire the sleekness of Joanne’s body in her black tights and pink t-shirt. Shannon’s eyes moved around her body but steadily moved down to her tight and rounded bum.

Shannon was unsure of the ground she stood on with Joanne. The last time she had had sex with either Rob or Joanne was on the evening of her departure back to Calgary, now over five weeks in the past. And the drama preceding the very rough sex with Rob was over the revelation to Rob of her intimacy with Joanne, which really had only been one night of very very enjoyable love making at Joanne’s home. Rob had been rocked by the revelation and the explicit and implicit message she had received that evening was that she had pushed them too far with her sexual neediness. But in reality, the older couple just wanted to acknowledge that they were on new ground in their three way relationship and they were concerned about everyone’s emotional state. That was all. Joanne had even admitted that she had really enjoyed their love making. After Joanne’s departure from Rob’s home, he had ravished Shannon, releasing all the tension that had been building all evening in one very rough fucking of the young woman.

And Shannon had found the sex exhilarating, the scary edge adding to the effect. She had been taken and fucked hard. At twenty two, this had been a new experience and she was surprised at how her body and mind had responded. She wanted more from him.

But with Joanne she was more conflicted. She was unsure how Joanne was feeling. She had not alluded in any way to the intimate evening spent in her bed. At their lunch and coffee shop meetings Shannon’s hug was returned by Joanne along with a peck on the cheek. Without really thinking Shannon had tried to graze her lips over Joanne’s but she had turned her head away and provided a chaste brush of her cheek. Conversation was warm and friendly but the intimacies she had shared with Joanne were never acknowledged in any way.

Now, many weeks later, she had not slept with either of them. She was becoming edgy and was having difficulty focusing on her courses. In truth she was about to pop. Masturbation as an option for Shannon was there, but she had always felt a touch empty when it was over. Shannon loved the warm glow after sex and she reveled in the intimacy of the act and then being in the arms of her lover afterwards. She loved the human connection sex brought her.

But now she was horny and needed one of her lovers. Her tummy fluttered and her sex tingled as she swept her eyes over the beautiful dark haired woman running ahead. She wanted her but she didn’t want to push Joanne into a relationship that the lawyer didn’t want.

Was their lovemaking a once only experience to satisfy Joanne’s curiosity about sex kuşadası escort with a woman or was it based in affection for the young girl? Shannon sighed and shook her head. She didn’t know how to find out and she wasn’t sure that being aggressive was the right path. She wanted a signal from Joanne.

Shannon tried to draw her attention away from Joanne. Truly she was enjoying the run on the ravine pathway. They had passed families with kids, young people holding hands, couples just sitting on benches enjoying the crisp early fall day. But she was tiring fast.

Joanne finally pulled up after looking at her watch. “That’s an hour. Do you want to go some more?”

“Oh wow! I’m done. Lets leave some energy for dinner tonight,” Shannon replied.

The two women started back towards the parking lot at the head of the ravine. They chattered away for a while until startled by a roller blader who clipped Shannon on the shoulder..

“Hey don’t you need a license for one of those things!” Shannon yelled at the retreating blader as she grabbed Joane’s arm to steady herself. They continued on with Shannon linking her arm through Joanne’s.

Shannon liked the feel of Joanne’s body close to hers. Joanne was quiet but didn’t pull away as Shannon chattered on about the first few weeks of Med school.

“Shifting topics, Shannon blurted out, “Sooo … did Rob mention anything about the night before I left for home?”

“Do you mean after I left you two at his house?”

“Uh huh,” Shannon said cryptically while holding Joanne close.

Joanne took a deep breath and replied, “He said you slept with him that night.”

“Are you okay with that? I got the vibe that you thought we might … have sex.”

“Shannon, I thought we have cleared that up, that its okay for you and him to do that.”

“Is that all we cleared up? What about you and I?”

“You and I what Shannon?

“You and I making love.”

Joanne sucked in a breath and kept on walking. After a few minutes of silence Shannon said in a very quiet voice, “Am I making you uncomfortable? Should I drop the topic?”

“Shannon …,” Joanne started to speak, but then hesitated. She turned to look at the woman holding onto her arm. She looked into the impossibly blue wide eyes looking back at her questioningly. She looked at the beautiful features framed by the honey brown hair loosely tied in a pony tail. Her eyes followed down Shannon’s body, drinking in the youthful curves of her breasts and hips, the long legs for such a short frame, the tight but shapely curve of her gorgeous ass.

Joanne began again, “Shannon, I find you sexy beyond all my comprehension.” Joanne stopped walking and turned to Shannon, putting her hands on the smaller woman’s shoulders. “I can’t believe how much I want you. Its so new and powerful for me. What if I do surrender to that feeling, what future do we have together. And then there is Rob. I have no idea how a three way relationship is supposed to work. I just don’t know …” She finished by pulling Shannon into a hug, her nose buried in Shannon’s hair. A family walked by them on the trail, the parents looking curiously at the two women entwined together, their kids oblivious.

After a minute or so in the tender hug, Shannon sniffled and said, “Joanne, the future I want is to be your friend. That is first and foremost. I will drop all other needs to have that. I’m sorry I brought it up. C’mon, lets walk this out and plan for our dinner with Rob tonight.”

With that Shannon took Joanne’s hand and started walking towards the parking lot at the head of the trail.

They were headed for Joanne’s place, eventually for dinner but had some shopping stops to make. Joanne wanted to show her young friend the delights of Kensington Market. Shannon loved the funky earthiness of the Market and particularly the bakery and cheese shops. The onion bun was the best she had ever tasted. More and more, Shannon was finding Toronto a surprisingly enjoyable place to live.

Reaching the car with bags full of food Shannon asked, “Do you mind if we stop at my place on the way over to Rob’s. I’d like to drop off my food, shower and change. The running gear is starting to feel icky.”

“Mine too. I was going to change at Rob’s”

Arriving at Shannon’s apartment, Joanne helped Shannon put away the food from the Market. That done, Shannon made Joanne a cup of herbal tea and headed to her bedroom to shower and change.

Stripping down Shannon looked at herself in the mirror. Her nakedness brought a blush to her cheeks that she could see in the reflection. It had nothing to do with shame in being naked. It had to do with her state of arousal. She had decided on the walk that Joanne simply needed space to come to terms with how she felt about sex, about sex with her. But standing there naked with this woman, one she had already made love with, standing only feet away was sweet agony. Shannon decided to quickly get into the shower before her resolve faded away.

Standing outside, she adjusted the hot/cold to very warm. Shannon stood there, her hand in the water and and her eyes fixed on the flow. A minute went by. Then another. With a sigh of exasperation she shut off the water and stepped back. “FUCK IT!” she spit out. “This is stupid! I’m going crazy.”

Shannon grabbed her fluffy white bathrobe, wrapping it loosely around herself. She strode into the kitchen area where Joanne was leaning back against the counter. Walking over to Joanne she stood looking up at her, standing toe to toe.

“Joanne, I need you to wash my back. Come in with me please.” Shannon said very deliberately, looking intently into Joanne’s eyes.

Shannon let go of the bathrobe, letting it fall open. She placed her hands on Joanne’s shoulders and then ran her hands down her arms. She took Joanne’s hand in hers and pulled her away from the counter until their bodies touched. The touch sent an electric current through Joanne’s body.

Joanne eyes left Shannon’s and traveled down to her breasts which were peaking out from the open bathrobe. Her breath left her in a huffing gasp. With no conscious thought Joanne freed her hands and reached out to the bathrobe and then slipped them inside, lightly touching the sides of Shannon’s exquisite breasts. She was mesmerized as her hands squeezed Shannon’s mounds so gently and then rubbed her nipples with the palms of her hands. She sighed at their gorgeous firmness.

“Come, lets get your clothes off and into the shower.” With that Shannon, grabbed Joanne’s hand again and pulled her towards the bathroom. To this point Joanne had not said a word and really Shannon didn’t want to talk. She was making a gamble and was afraid to lose.

In the bathroom Shannon dropped her robe, turned and grabbed the hem of Joanne’s shirt, roughly pulling it over her head. She then helped Joanne pull down her running tights and panties all in one go. Shannon wanted her naked, fast.

“I’ll wash you first,” Shannon said, assuming full control. Joanne just sighed and shook slightly at the sensuous feel of Shannon rubbing body wash all over, starting with her shoulders. She rubbed the gel down Joanne’s back and then onto her ass. Taking three fingers covered in gel she started at her perineum and slowly pressured Joanne’s crack stopping at the anus and then continuing to the top.

Shannon knelt down on the tile floor and massaged the backs and fronts of Joanne’s legs using both hands. Standing up she turned Joanne to face her and then with globs of gel on her palms she took each of Joanne’s breasts, one at a time, and massaged them slowly with both hands squeezing and caressing them.

Shannon giggled at how rigid Joanne’s nipples were, tweaking them and then reaching up to kiss her deeply as she played with her breasts. “I think you’re enjoying this,” she giggled in Joanne’s ear as she started to run a hand in circles around her tummy.

Joanne just gasped breathily, “Unhuh.” She was lost in the moment.

Shannon began running the fingers of one hand between Joanne’s slit. Turning her sideways she moved her other hand to caress Joanne’s bum, squeezing her cheeks, alternating with circular caresses.

Joanne couldn’t do anything but stand there trembling, just letting the feeling of the young woman’s small hands drive her slowly to ecstasy. Shannon let one finger play around Joanne’s opening and began teasing her clit ever so lightly. With the one hand caressing Joanne’s ass and the other penetrating her sex and rubbing her clit she alternated nibbling her ear and licking Joanne’s throat.

Joanne closed her eyes and bracing herself with her arms against the glass of the shower stall, she surrendered completely. All she was capable of was standing there, softly shaking and making sighs and moans of pure pleasure. She decided then and there that she would no longer resist Shannon in any way. She would take all she could get from this amazing young woman.

Both women were surprised at how quickly Joanne came to a shuddering, gasping conclusion. Shannon was happily contemplating a slow loving finger fuck of her older lover. Her eyes went wide when Joanne came hard on her fingers just as she began to circle her index finger on Joanne’s anus. “Oh wow!” was all she could say, tucking away the knowledge of Joanne’s reaction to the bum play.

Shannon turned Joanne to face her and then was momentarily alarmed by the look in her eyes. She hugged her close and asked quietly, “Are you okay? You look a bit … undone.”

Joanne threw her head back and let out a laugh into the stream of water.

“What?” Shannon asked alarmed.

“That was my look of fucking amazement at what you do to me.”

“Okay, that’s good, right?” Shannon said, still a little unsure of the ground she was on.

Joanne playfully slapped Shannon on the ass and said, “My turn now my little controlling med student. Turn around and give me the gel.”

“Hurry though, the hot water is starting to run out.”

“Fine with me – I want you on your back on the bed,” Joanne stated firmly.

Giggling again, Shannon replied, “Yes Ma’am. I’m yours.” She was very much liking the tone and direction of Joanne’s thoughts.


Shannon lay gasping on her back, recovering from the powerful orgasm Joanne had orchestrated. When she could finally speak she looked over at Joanne and said, “That was amazing. I hope you are okay with all this.”

Joanne was propped on her side, her head in her palm, just gazing at a the small woman and admiring the deep blush on her chest and the satisfied look on her face. She move her leg over Shannon’s and rested her head on Shannon’s shoulder. “Shannon, I love doing this with you. I don’t know if this is a latent enjoyment of sex with a woman but I don’t think so. I think its because I like you sooo much and loving your body is all part of how I feel towards you. Just to be forewarned, I will take every opportunity you give me to make love with you. I’m done trying to avoid being sexually involved with you.”

“Is that a promise?”

“I warn you, you may have created a monster.” Joanne laughed.


Two very happy women arrived at Rob’s house for dinner. He was already working on Dal and Aloo Gobi, two of his Indian specialties.

Shannon loved Indian food and was amazed at Rob’s culinary skills. She wasn’t expecting this from a guy. “Rob, you know that you are irresistible when you cook me Indian,” she stated.

“I thought I was irresistible because I picked you out of the sand when you were tossing your beer?”

“Oh GOD, don’t mention that so close to dinner. Besides, I didn’t know then if you were my saviour or my molester.”

“Hey, you know I kept hands on to a minimum.”

“Yeah, and that then became the issue. Seducing you was a long painful process.”

Joanne jumped in. “You two really did have a strange start, didn’t you.”

Both women were dressed in tight jeans and t-shirts prompting Rob to ask, “You two must get asked if you are mother and daughter all the time.”

“HRummff … mother huh?” Joanne shot back at Rob.

Shannon giggled, “Not if they had seen us in the shower this afternoon.”

“SHANNON! I’m embarrassed enough already. Lets spare Rob the details.”

“Oh no, OH NO! I want details after that line.”

Joanne responded tartly, “Rob, whats so exciting about two sweaty girls in a shower together trying to clean each other up?”

“Ummm … two gorgeous women, naked, touching each other. My all time favourite fantasy.”

“Mine too!” Shannon jumped in.

“Shannon, stop it, you’ll just get him going.”

“And the problem with that is?” Shannon asked rhetorically.

She continued, “And once he has fed us we can drag him off and see if he knows what to do with two naked women.”

“Hold on dear,” Joanne said playfully, “I’m a one man and apparently a one woman at a time lover. I’ll leave you two after dinner. I’m really too tired anyway to help out much with him.”

Shannon pouted, “I was looking forward to working as a team on this guy,” she said nodding over in Rob’s direction.

“Rob, what will we have to do to have Joanne join us. I would really like to make love to both of you at the same time. It would be fun. Besides, you are really hers, I’m just the pestering kid.”

“Shannon, could you check the rice on the burner. I think its ready. We need to eat if we are going to have an orgy later,” Rob directed.

“I’m eating, but no orgy tonight for this woman. Remember me: Prominent criminal Lawyer. There are limits to my kinkiness,” Joanne pointed out

Rob wagged a finger towards Shannon. “If you hadn’t worn her out maybe we could have dragged her upstairs.”

“Yeah, okay, the sex was my idea but the full hour fast paced run was all hers,” Shannon defended herself.

Dinner time between the three friends was warm and light. Joanne had finally come to terms with sleeping with Shannon and she now felt she could fully open up to the young woman. Rob enjoyed the warm and friendly vibe coming from the two who meant so much to him. His mindset was to not over process their unusual relationship, just enjoy being with them.

After dinner Joanne was true to her word and headed home despite Shannon’s efforts to drag her into bed with Rob.

Shannon, in reality, needed no help with Rob. She was beyond ready. Horny from weeks away from her lovers and still turned on from the afternoon sex with Joanne she dragged Rob up to his bed, the kitchen still in a mess from dinner. With the full force of the almost 23 yr old woman’s sexuality unleashed on him Rob simply did his best to take her in every way Shannon asked for. In the end he thanked God for allowing him to experience this young woman’s beautiful and sensuous body and to also be her friend. Whatever she saw in him he was grateful for her love.


True to her word, Joanne fell into an easy rhythm with Shannon. Whenever Shannon could free herself from her course load the two women would go running. Afterwards they enjoyed long showers often followed by sensuous massages. Their lovemaking was at times slow and gentle and other times wild and rough. Joanne couldn’t believe the depth of her feelings for Shannon. As for the sex with Shannon, she could not entirely shake the dreamlike and, at the same time, the illicit feel of their lovemaking. But essentially, she was thrilled by the sex with such a beautiful and caring young woman.

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