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Jackson Bennett had been in his lab fourteen hours a day for the past six months. He knew he was close to finishing his new drug and needed just a few more hours for its completion. For ten long years Jackson had been slaving endlessly to discover what chemical in certain peoples’ bodies made them more prone to enjoy anal sex while others just couldn’t stand it.

He came up with the idea after many years of trying backdoor loving with his wife only to have each attempt end in total failure. Being a renowned chemist he took up his own little side project to delve into the pain and pleasure blockers surrounding sex. At first it was just a hobby for him but as he started making breakthrough after breakthrough he decided to go to his general manager to ask if he could work on it full time. He put his presentation together and went to see his boss.

Tom Chamberlain had been the general manager of Zitech Pharmaceuticals for six years when he got the knock on his office door. His number one chemist had asked for a meeting to pitch a new product development idea. Tom was all ears as Jackson made his presentation.

Mr. Chamberlain was a portly gentleman in his early forties; male pattern baldness already had taken a firm grip on his scalp. He had been losing his hair since his high school days and after trying all the medical products available he just gave into his poor genetics knowing a full mane of hair wasn’t in the cards for him. Science couldn’t solve everything yet but as Tom listened to Jackson’s pitch he sure hoped this time it would work. He was really impressed with Jackson’s product idea and was pleased at the leg work the chemist had already done on his own time.

Tom wanted Jackson’s product to be successful for two reasons, first; If Zitech Pharmaceuticals could actually get the product to the general public their sales figures would go through the roof and he knew a hefty bonus was sure to find its way into his pockets. Secondly, Tom himself would love to see the new drug on the market for his wife’s benefit. Though they shared a robust sex life the one activity they never seemed to be able to conquer was anal sex. Not that the two didn’t want to do it, his wife just couldn’t get by the pain part. If the pill worked the way Jackson said it would when it was completed Tom couldn’t wait to have his wife be one of the first takers. He wanted nothing more than to bend his wife over doggystyle and drive his hard cock into her beautiful ass. Tom always considered it one of her best assets.

“That Çankaya Escort sounds like a hell of an idea!” Tom told his chemist. “You have my full support to take this to a full time project! How much longer do you think you will need before we can begin testing it in human trials?”

“Well boss, I have been working on it for ten years now and the rats we have tested have shown no side affects at all. I think within the next year is possible.” Jackson said excitedly to his general manager.

The year went by like a flash and Jackson become more and more excited each day, like a child when the 1st of December rolls around knowing the presents are just around the corner. He knew it was just a matter of days before they could advertise for human test subjects. Jackson was going to be sure to include his wife in the experiment.

Zitech Pharmaceuticals put an ad in the local newspapers to bring in a human test group and they were surprised at the number of responses. They had hundreds apply to try the new sex drug. They settled on forty candidates, twenty of which would only be receiving a placebo in place of the real medication. Each was issued ten pills and sent on their way. They were to return in a month for a full medical and to talk about how the drug worked for them.

Jackson Bennett’s wife Samone had volunteered to be part of the group and was thrilled at the chance of overcoming her fear of anal sex. The instructions said it took four hours for the pill to take affect but in the meeting they were told they should see instant results from the very first dose. She couldn’t believe that tonight could be the night they could get over that long awaited hurdle. She could just picture her hubby bending her over and stuffing his hard throbbing cock deep in her tight ass, without pain, fear or reservation and the thought made her pussy start to leak.

After Samone received her pills she gave her husband a deep passionate kiss and whispered hot breath in his ear letting him know she would be waiting for him when he got finished at work. But first Samone had some shopping to do; she wanted the evening to go just perfect. If the pills were going to work then she wanted her first real ass reaming to be memorable. Her stop took her to her favorite lingerie store, Victoria’s Secrets. There she found herself the perfect outfit for the night. A bright yellow leather corset, matching yellow leather thong and black silky stockings with garter belt, the matching Keçiören Escort outfit set her back five hundred dollars but she didn’t care she knew her man worked so hard to make the medication work and she trusted his abilities completely.

When Samone arrived home she poured herself a nice hot, lavender bubble bath and as the water and suds filled the tub she read the instructions one last time. She washed the pill down with a glass of water, the bitterness traveled all the way down her throat. She would have to tell Jackson that the pill’s taste was horrible and it might be something to work on. She remembered from the presentation that the pill was much like Viagra, you didn’t have to take it on a regiment, and one pill should give the desired effects in a short time.

She climbed in the warm water and felt her whole body relax. She soaked for about a half an hour then got out, taking the soft body towel she began to dry, she couldn’t believe the feelings going through her body as she rubbed. The first thought that came to her mind was the pill must already be working as she felt the heat deep in her mound.

Samone got into her sexy leather slut outfit and went down stairs, pulling all the shades down she lit candles and put some Genuwine on the stereo. She heard Jackson’s car enter the garage she took the remote and changed the song to the hottest song she knew, “Tell Me Do Ya Wanna”. Bending over the couch with her ample ass pointed toward the entry she looked over her shoulder as her man entered the living room. She gave him her sexiest look and in her sultriest voice she said, “Tell me do ya wanna fuck this ass baby?”

Jackson was stunned when he walked into his living room, it smelled of lavender candle and grooving on the stereo was one of his wife’s favorite songs to fuck to. Before him was his wife dressed in the sexiest, sluttish outfit he had ever seen. Her tits were spilling out of the corset and her ass was pointing directly at him just begging him to take a bite. When she spoke her words sent waves of lust directly to his cock and he was instantly hard. When he heard her ask if he wanted to fuck her ass it didn’t take him a minute to tear his clothes off and drop to his knees.

Jackson took a cheek in each hand and spread his lovely wife’s ass apart, watching her tight little asshole peeking out from each side of the strap of the thong; he gave it a nice long lick. He could feel the accepted response as Samone pushed her Etimesgut Escort ass back on his tongue. He didn’t want to have anymore hindrance so he rapidly removed the tiny piece of bright yellow leather cloth that covered her freshly shaven cunt. He pushed his tongue back into her taut brown hole licking her as deep as he could. Her reaction was spontaneous orgasm and Jackson could feel the wetness as it traveled down her legs over his cheeks.

“Big Daddy I need that hard cock of yours in my pussy now!” His wife told him. He complied with her wishes and got up off his knees and drove his throbbing rod deep into her soaked snatch. His first thrust sent Samone into another instant orgasm.

“Oh my god…yes…yes…I’m cumming again! Yes…fuck…me…hard, slam…that big cock in my tight cunt! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Simone started shaking on Jackson’s pulsating prick as he continued to slam in and out of her. She knew it was time to break the barrier the pill was made for. She couldn’t recall ever being this horny before and she didn’t want to lose the moment. She took her hand and reached between her legs pulling her husband’s cock out of her drenched pussy. “Baby I want you to fuck my tight ass. Put that nice stiff cock deep in my asshole!”

Jackson wanted to see the look in his wife’s eyes as he buried inch after inch into her rectum to make sure the pain wasn’t there. He put her on the couch and pulled her legs up over his shoulders, aiming his cock at the tight brown ring he slowly began his decent. He felt his head pop by her sphincter ring and then he stared in awe as she took inch after inch of his hard cock into her ass. Samone had no pain or discomfort apparent on her face just a look of total ecstasy. His worry was for not as he felt her thrust her hips toward his, her asshole swallowed up the remainder of his hard pole. He slowly pulled out then plunged back in. Simone started going crazy, she rubbed on her clit furiously as he continued to fuck her ass. She bucked her hips right back to match his pounding.

Simone couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt and rubbed her clit harder in time with her man’s ass assault on her. She was close to cumming again so she sped up her clit stimulation. “Yes… fuck…my… tight…ass! Fuck…it… hard…baby! Slam…that…hard cock in me…YES…YES… I’m…gonna…YES… gonna….cummmmmmiiinnngggg!!!” Simone howled as she felt the biggest fountain of cum release from her pussy, shooting high in the air splashing against her man’s chest.

The amazing site did it for Jackson; he followed his wife and shot his hot seed deep inside her bowels. The loving couple fell on each other exhausted after the fantastic ass fuck. They both knew the ten years of Jackson getting this drug ready was more than worth it.

Chapter 2: Tom’s Wife Joins the Experiment

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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