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Felicia was beside herself as she struggled. “Is this really happening?” she thought, her heart beating so hard she believed it might burst through her chest. She was already sweating; the butterflies in her stomach almost making it ache. Yet there was no denying her pussy was as wet as she could ever recall; her excitement over what was about to happen a paradox. It wasn’t something she should really be looking forward to, yet she was.

She recalled the feeling she had the day she first looked at the photos Ann had shown her, leafing through a large album as she lay casually on her deck. “Was that a year ago?” she wondered, thinking of the passage of time that had transpired since the last ‘lesbian day’ she’d been a part of. Although this had hardly turned out to be another lesbian day… not like it was supposed to be. Not with the way Ann had altered the plan.

Felicia wasn’t complaining; at least not any longer. While she’d been whining, even lashing out at the end, she knew deep down that she’d eventually be included. It didn’t make any sense otherwise… after all, she’d made the arrangements. Jason had even called and left a message like he promised. She never heard it, busy welcoming another guest to the unusual gathering of women. But Ann assured her he made the call she’d insisted on to allow Felicia to be a part of the altered plan she was still developing in her mind.

What started as fun for Felicia had turned into disappointment and frustration as the day progressed, only to take another, more ominous shift in direction. This one making her literally drip with anticipation. Her head was spinning when she thought of how her emotions had been toyed with all afternoon.

Remembering the images she’d seen in the photo album she started recalling her initial conversation with her friend, and the many subsequent ones they’d shared over their morning coffee get-togethers. While she considered herself very sexual and extremely open-minded, she had never understood the appeal of bondage; the concept of adding pain into the mix of pleasure seemed so foreign on the surface.

Ann had only shown that particular X-rated album to a very select few. Felicia considered it an honor to be allowed to view them. Seeing pictures of Ann bound and helpless in a cabin in Colorado, and how incredible she looked; she’d be lying if she said that didn’t somehow appeal to her. In the weeks and months that followed, she found herself thinking more and more about it, asking Ann questions about what it was like. She knew it was more than a passing interest. After all, she’d actually said something to Ann that day about being tied up, wanting to experience it right away.

Ann put that off, saying it was her day, and they’d have to come back to that some other time. While they never actually had, she seemed to find ways to bring it up in their conversations, and Ann always offered her perspective. She even brought out the photo album again, along with other pictures from later times she’d delved into the life of Annabelle. The ones of Ann at the local hotel particularly intrigued Felicia. Being tied to a chair, forced to watch porn; or tied to a luggage cart, wheeled out into the hallway. It was all so incredible and yet hard to believe. Felicia found herself developing an appetite for being submissive even though she’d never experienced it before. Then she gave it some further thought.

Felicia was in an unusual relationship by most standards. In short her husband Jason not only allowed her to screw around outside their marriage, he actively encouraged it. He loved it when she’d sleep with other men, as long as he knew and approved of them. It turned him on, and that was something that turned her on. She loved pleasing her husband, even if it meant sleeping with someone other than him to do it.

One of the interesting things she discovered about fucking many men over the life of her long marriage was that each lover she took was different. That’s one of the things she found exhilarating. It was also challenging, as each one had different things that turned them on. She’d always considered it a to each their own kind of thing. Or perhaps it was whatever floats your boat. If she were being blunt it was the whatever gets you off dynamic that she found most interesting.

When she saw the photos of Ann, not just the ones of her in various stages of bondage, she came to the conclusion that most people have more than one thing that excites them sexually. Hell, shecertainly did. She seemed to have dozens. And while she thought she had never touched on the area of pain before, she soon realized she had, and quite often. It just hadn’t gotten to the point where she’d ever been restrained in any way.

She had several kinds of men she slept with. Some were lovers, while others were what she considered fucks. And some of those fucks liked their sex on the rougher side. Ataşehir Escort There were times when that’s just what she needed, which was why she’d call them to set up a date. There was one man in particular that loved to spank her during sex, along with pinching and biting at her nipples. While she didn’t enjoy that type of sexual encounter all the time, when she was in the right mood she found it quite fun, including the pain that went along with it.

It had never denigrated into allowing herself to be tied up but once she saw the pictures of Ann, she wondered if she would have let her aggressive lover do that if she’d given him some indication that she’d let him. At the same time it scared her trusting someone that much. It seemed odd since she was already quite vulnerable whenever she was with him, but since he never went there it became a moot point.

Where he did go was to her shapely ass. He loved to spank her. And while most of the time he did it just during their fucking, there was one time where he used it as foreplay. Instead of using his hand he’d brought out a paddle, and it led to the best sex she’d ever had with him.

That stinging sensation became her focal point when she’d talk to Ann about what she and Neil had done. Ann told her about the many ways he’d spanked her, and how it turned her on. She even confessed how she bought a riding crop before they were married. Hearing that, Felicia told Ann of her teenage years and how whenever she’d been naughty, she’d have to pull a switch off of a bush and bring it to her mother, who used it on her bare backside.

It was an odd connection; one that could probably use the help of a therapist of some kind. But it wasn’t lost on Felicia how the thought of those disciplinary sessions left her with more than a memory of a burning ass. Recalling them suddenly left her with a dampness between her legs that she found odd, but it was undeniably there. When she thought of the pain when her ‘fuck friend’ spanked her ass, it brought back thoughts of how she had behaved as a young woman.

She wasn’t sure how the two were related other than she’d been naughty in some way. She was promiscuous from the moment she lost her virginity, going casually from boyfriend to boyfriend in college once she figured out just how much she loved sex. She knew it was a form of rebellion and that naughty feeling she’d get stemmed from not wanting to conform to rules. That’s one of the reasons her marriage worked so well.

Being confined to the vows of matrimony would have made her miserable and yet she loved Jason with all her heart. She tried at first to cave to conventional thinking, hoping to change for him. But a heart to heart conversation the night of a company Christmas party revealed that he wanted her to be a slut so to speak, and that’s when she found herself. At least she thought she had. Her morning coffee chats with Ann left her wondering if there might be more for her to explore than she’d ever considered.

Ann knew of her longing. The look in Felicia’s eyes when she’d shown her the album of Colorado pictures told her everything she needed to know. Here was someone that professed to be her own woman, living the carefree life of a wife who was allowed to do and fuck as she pleased. While she would never judge their lifestyle, Ann also knew her neighbor loved the idea of being controlled as much as Jason loved his fetish, if that’s what it was.

She had wondered for the longest time just how to give Felicia what she wanted without making it seem contrived. She didn’t really take her seriously when she was first asked if she would tie her up on her day of lesbian adventure. After all it wasn’t what she wanted to do that day. But she saw the lust in Felicia’s eyes as she perused the photos, and the subsequent talks they had only confirmed that this wasn’t just a simple case of curiosity. Her friend was infatuated with the idea of being tied up and helpless… and having her ass whipped in some way. When Neil came home and said he didn’t have to work the next day plans changed, and she knew the opportunity might there for the taking. She just had to play her hand and wait.

When Felicia lashed out, bitching about not being included in the fun Ann knew it was time to lash back, literally.

She halted the fun of all the others, making them stop what they were doing immediately. Glaring at Felicia, she barked orders at the rest of them. “Heather! Olivia! Take this rebellious slave inside and hold her still. Beth, rip the clothes off of her body and tear them to shreds. If she wants to be naked so bad, leave her with nothing to wear. Stacy, put on your coverings and go to the woods. Bring me back a proper switch; as thick as your pinky and as long as your arm!”

Stacy looked at her like she was nuts, but Ann gave her a telling glance as well. “Do it! Or you’ll be feeling its sting after I finish with this disobedient cunt!”

That Bostancı Escort one word altered the mood of the party. While Carol and Heather knew what was up at least from the times they’d seen Ann bound and gagged, this was new to the rest of them and it left them speechless. Taking the lead, Heather got up and grabbed Felicia by the arm, nodding toward her cohort in her task.

“Come on, Olivia… before Cleopatra takes her vengeance out on our hides as well.”

Ann snickered at the phrasing, loving that her friend was speaking like she was from another time, just like she had. Everyone had been so into the mood of the fun that it seemed they all tried to find ways to make it seem more real whenever they could. But there were some things she wouldn’t be able to work around, one of them being an explanation of what she was about to do. There was just no way to make everyone understand she hadn’t taken things too far without the benefit of modern technology. Ann wasn’t one to let that get in the way.

Things had gone too well, almost as if she’d actually planned them out weeks in advance. Felicia had been too predictable. She felt bad for a moment, thinking about how she’d practically set a trap for her and led her into it. Then again she knew it was what she wanted all along.

Ann had already given Carol instructions, knowing it was just a matter of time before Felicia snapped and said something. Hell, she’d been shouting her feelings with her eyes for over an hour. Sooner or later her mouth was bound to catch up. Counting on the rebellious streak Felicia had practically bragged about once upon a time Ann sprung that trap, and now she waited for Stacy to return.

Taking another casual sip of her wine, she waited in her chair, her other hand slowly playing with her pussy. When Stacy came back with a long straight stick she stood at the end of the chair, visibly upset.

“What’s wrong, my dear,” Ann asked as she moved her legs to the sides, spreading them further. Patting the seat, she motioned for Stacy to sit with her, continuing to play with her pussy as she waited for an answer.

“A… are you really going to use this?” she stammered, the enormity of it all not quite sinking in.

Ann had a decision. She could answer her directly or she could break character and let her know she knew what she was doing. Knowing she had that technological ace-in-the-hole waiting for her inside, she decided to split the two options down the middle.

Stroking Stacy’s hair, she replied, “I’m not sure yet. She’ll get to decide what I use on her.”

“But… you’re going to… hit her?”

Reaching to the back of Stacy’s neck, she untied the bikini top she had put back on, the garment falling and exposing her ample bosom. Lifting up the closest breast, she toyed with her nipple, thumbing it casually as she spoke.

“Yes, I’m going to discipline her. I was just about to cum again, thanks to your talented tongue. Now I’ve had to put off my pleasure until later.” Lifting her chin, she stared into her eyes. “Don’t worry. She’ll be fine. I won’t give her any more than she can handle, or what she really wants. And when I’m done, you’re going to finish what you started. You’re just getting good at eating pussy. I have high hopes for you and that perfect mouth of yours, Stacy. You’re going to make a fine addition to my collection of slaves.”

Stacy closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations of pleasure running through her body. She actually believed what Ann had just said. She felt it, like everything that was happening around her was real. It had all been such a whirlwind, and yet she couldn’t wait to get back between Ann’s legs, the sweet taste still lingering on her palate.

“Help me with my robe,” Ann said as she stood, her bare back toward the condo’s behind them. She wondered if anyone had seen anything, uncaring if they had. She’d gotten to the point where she really didn’t worry about her neighbors any longer. It was a callous attitude in a way. She didn’t go out of her way to expose herself when she was on the deck but she wasn’t about to stop lying out in the nude. Of course what she and her friends had been doing was anything but just lying out. Still the distance and the angle along with custom partitions made it very unlikely anyone had been seen much, if anything at all.

Stacy slipped the robe over her shoulders as she requested, following her inside, totally forgetting that she also was topless. It just seemed natural to be that way. She peeled off her bikini bottom at Ann’s request. It all seemed so natural that they were each naked outside. Ann never bothered to close the front of the robe, the long white garment flowing as she walked into the house, adorned with all of her gold jewelry. A smile appeared on her face when she heard the gasp from behind; Stacy’s reaction to seeing Felicia and how she was being bound.

Carol was doing Kadıköy Escort a marvelous job. Heather and Olivia stood guard as she put the finishing touches on her work, using the various lengths of rope she found in the bottom of the toy chest.

Felicia was tied to a barstool, her ankles and knees bound to two of the legs, keeping her thighs spread a couple of feet apart. Her arms were tied behind her back, forced together by the thick white rope winding around her wrists, going all the way up to her elbows. Carol placed a loop of rope around Felicia’s neck, pulling her down so that her bare breasts were smashed against the flat wooden seat of the stool, forcing her ass high up into the air.

Her bikini was next to her, what little that was left of the orange material lie ripped and in tatters on the linoleum, a victim of her disobedience. On the countertop of the island were several items, all on display for everyone to see. Carol had placed them just as her Queen had instructed earlier so Felicia could see them as well.

There was a black leather covered paddle, and the riding crop. There was a medium length whip with twenty or so black leather strips hanging from the handle. There was also the ominous black butt plug. It looked huge, and Beth wondered aloud what it was for.

“You’ll see,” Carol whispered to her.

Taking the stick from Stacy, Ann placed it on the counter next to the other disciplinary items. Strutting over to the phone she pressed the button on the message machine, a familiar voice coming through the speaker.

“Ann… this is Jason. Felicia called me and said that the plans had changed for the day, and that I needed to call you. She explained what you had in mind, and I’m not only okay with it, I’m excited about it. I love the idea of you being Cleopatra… very imaginative. And I was thinking, maybe this would be the perfect opportunity for you to give her what she’s been begging you to do for a year now. In fact, if you play this out right, I guarantee she’ll do or say something that will make you have to punish her. By the way, if that happens, you have to use a switch. That’s all she’s been talking about for the last six months. I just don’t have the heart to do it to her. Anyway… there it is; you have my permission. Have fun disciplining her, and feel free to use her any way you want. Bye.”

Pressing the button to turn off the answering machine, Ann simply asked, “Any questions?”

It wasn’t the best way for things to be explained, at least as far as Ann’s fantasy went. But it was the simplest way for everyone to learn of Felicia’s own fantasy, and to help fulfill them both. She knew she was taking a bit of a risk, what with the impression she might make on her friends. After all there was a lot of bondage stuff that had been pulled out of the trunk. But she felt comfortable with whom she was regarding her sexuality and since it was an area she rarely delved into, she didn’t have a problem opening up that side of herself, even if it was more as a Domme than a submissive.

Or a Queen as it were. Lifting Felicia’s head she made eye contact. “You have disappointed me for the last time with your outbursts, my dear. My patience with you has been exhausted. You need to be taught a lesson.”

“Yes, Cleopatra,” Felicia replied nervously, thinking that she might have finally cashed a check her ass literally couldn’t cover. But it was too late at that point.

“You choose, Felicia. Which do you wish for me to use?” she asked, holding up all the options that could be used on her ass.

The least damaging would be the tasseled whip. While it looked menacing it was made out of soft leather and the strands weren’t that long. It would sting but it really didn’t leave a lasting effect. The paddle covered a broad area and would surely leave her cheeks reddened but it was just a little worse than having a hand land on her bare butt. The riding crop was slightly crueler, what with the leather patch on the end and the flexible handle allowed for greater speed. It would definitely leave a mark and the pain would be more severe.

But the worst, by far, would be the stick Stacy had found on a bush in the dense vegetation that bordered the property to the north. It was thicker than the crop, and longer. The greenery had been picked clean, tiny bumps remaining where leaves had been attached. It was also straight and pliable, bending easily since it was removed from a living bush. It was exactly what you wouldn’t pick out if you knew it was going to be used on your bare hide.

“The switch,” Felicia answered calmly.

Part of it was because it was something she’d been telling her husband about, almost begging him to use one on her. She’d been fantasizing about it for months. Then again she knew he wouldn’t actually do it, so it became a running gag of sorts. She would act out like a bad girl and then get away with it because he didn’t have the heart to actually punish her. That was the other part. She’s been so relentless in her pursuit, he’d somehow found a way to make her live up to it. To have him say it in front of everyone on the answering machine was like a dare. If she backed out now she’d never hear the end of it.

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