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Finally finished with Chapter Four! It took a little while. This chapter is overall the same scenario as Chapter Three of the Ashley’s Fantasies series, though with some differences. The third chapter involved a strip dance for a crowd of older women, and therefore it had a louder and more rowdy atmosphere. This chapter has the same scenario of Ashley being the only one naked in front of many older women, but I tried to have a much quieter and more sensuous tone to it. The other big difference involves Ashley’s orgasms. I must confess that the scenario of Chapter Three is probably my ultimate fantasy. The problem with writing it though was the fact that Ashley had seven orgasms in that chapter. I love the idea of the crowd taking turns making her have one orgasm after another, though the writing might be a little more difficult. In many erotic stories, the girl’s orgasm is the climax of the story. (Both literally and figuratively) I believe that a girl’s arousal is the most beautiful thing that one could ever have the privilege to witness. Therefore when writing an orgasm in an erotic story, I think that it simply isn’t enough to only spend a few sentences on it. I believe that not only the orgasm itself must be described in vivid detail, but also the girl’s emotional journey towards it, where her arousal builds and her most erotic secret begins to come out. Because Ashley had seven orgasms in Chapter Three, it was difficult to give each individual orgasm the vivid detail that it deserved. In this chapter there will only be one buildup of Ashley’s arousal instead of seven different occasions, and this allows me to focus much more vividly on what she is feeling throughout the journey towards losing herself.

After this I will work on the 5th Chapter and then I will take a short break from the series. I have another story that I really want to write and share with all of you involving a young girl named Nicole. It will be the same concept as the Ashley’s Fantasies series, involving a young girl being the only one naked and having orgasms in front of a crowd of older women. The difference though will be that Nicole doesn’t want to be in that situation. I’ve been wanting to explore this kind of scenario, where the young girl is hesitant, reluctant, embarrassed, etc. That scenario simply cannot happen with Ashley given her character. Some of you have sent feedback asking about whether Ashley might be in a situation where she is embarrassed or humiliated. I would have to say that with Ashley’s character and the fact that she wants to be naked in front of clothed older women, it’s hard to imagine her character being humiliated. The answer is probably not, and so to go into that kind of scenario I will have to write a story outside of the Ashley’s Fantasies series, which I plan to explore a little with Nicole. By the way, thank you all for sending feedback! I love reading it! Alright I’m done with my comments now. Sorry if that took a while. Here is Chapter Four! I hope you enjoy!


A few days after her strip show for Ms. Stephens’ lesbian friends, Ashley started her first semester of college. Her classes so far did not seem difficult. Ashley studied hard, although she had some trouble paying attention during her classes. She was quiet and didn’t spend much time talking with other students. Often during class, Ashley daydreamed about how she danced and stripped for Ms. Stephens’ lesbian friends, and then allowed them to take turns arousing her. She kept thinking about how much she wanted to be back in that scenario. Ashley spent little time on campus other than for class. Once she was done for the day, Ashley immediately went back to her apartment and then to visit Ms. Stephens.

“How are your classes so far?” asked Ms. Stephens to Ashley on the following Wednesday.

“Not too bad right now I guess,” said Ashley. “I have to admit that it’s hard to concentrate sometimes. I can’t stop thinking about how much fun I had here last Saturday.”

“Several of the guests have spoken with me the last couple of days, and they can’t stop raving about your show. They say that for an 18 year old to get naked and be the only one naked in front of so many older women was incredibly erotic and exciting. Then on top of that, for everyone in the room to take turns violating and pleasuring that 18 year old girl, while everyone else watches with great enjoyment, makes it that much more erotic,” said Ms. Stephens. “Everyone I’ve spoken with says that they want to see you again.”

“I want them to see me again too,” said Ashley. “However I have to study for my classes now. I definitely want to be in that situation again.”

“Well, on that subject, I have a proposition for you if you are interested,” said Ms. Stephens. “It’s also a way for you to make some good money for a day.”

“What do you mean?” asked Ashley.

“I know you have some interest in some modeling, and just yesterday I received a call from my friend, Molly Larsen,” said Ms. Stephens. “Have you heard of her?”

“I don’t think so,” said Ashley.

“She does photography and video fikirtepe escort shooting in San Francisco for a lesbian website,” said Ms. Stephens. “She called me about an idea for a photo and video shoot she wanted to try. After hearing what kind of shoot she wanted to do, I told her that I knew someone who would be perfect for it.”

“She works for a lesbian website?” asked Ashley.

“A very well-known one, with thousands of women who are paid members,” said Ms. Stephens. “Ms. Larsen has done very well with it. She does photo shoots that range from casual all the way to nude and erotic. There are shoots with lesbian couples, and sometimes there are shoots with just one woman, to give the members some good eye candy to look at. Ms. Larsen also does video shoots, which can go from simple interviews all the way to lesbian porn. The site makes a lot of money, and normally any model that does a shoot gets paid well for it.”

“That sounds interesting,” said Ashley.

“But anyway, there’s a photo and video shoot that Ms. Larsen told me about yesterday that I think you would be perfect for,” said Ms. Stephens.

“Well, if you think I’m perfect for it, then I’m listening,” said Ashley.

“She told me that she wanted to do a shoot involving two women,” said Ms. Stephens. “Ms. Larsen told me that she had a new idea she wanted to try, where there would be a great amount of contrast. She wanted to have contrast in age between the two women. The big kick though was that she wanted to have a naked and clothed contrast, where the older woman is completely clothed during the whole shoot while the younger woman gets naked.”

“I like the idea for this shoot,” said Ashley.

“You would have to talk with Ms. Larsen for all the details, however I know that it would be an erotic shoot,” said Ms. Stephens. “I know she wants to take pictures of the two women, with the older woman fully dressed and the younger woman completely naked. For the last part of the shoot she wants to have a sequence where the clothed older woman is pleasuring the naked younger woman. Ms. Larsen would want you to have an orgasm during the shoot. She wants to capture it in photos and on video. You would be naked and getting pleasured to orgasm by a fully clothed older woman. Also, there would be other clothed older women working on the shoot there to watch you during the sequence. Then add the fact that thousands of older women who are paid members of the website would see the pictures and video of you having an orgasm. Also, you would get paid quite a bit for the shoot.”

Ashley thought about it for a little bit. She loved the concept, because it was exactly the kind of scenario she liked being in. It was an interesting scenario, where Ashley would be in front of a camera while having an orgasm. It was also interesting how the paid members would be able to look up the pictures and video to see Ashley naked and aroused whenever they wanted. Ashley felt her pussy get a little wet at the thought, and her mind was made up rather quick. The only worry, like the other times Ashley was in such a scenario, was whether there was any chance her parents might find out. This was the only question Ashley needed to ask.

“I’m very interested, although like before I only worry about my parents finding out,” said Ashley.

“To that, there should be no reason to worry,” said Ms. Stephens. “The website requires payment in order for anyone to view the material there. If you want, we can certainly discuss that with Ms. Larsen.”

“Okay!” said Ashley.

“Ms. Larsen would want to talk with you about the details of the shoot before actually doing it,” said Ms. Stephens. “I can set up a Skype meeting with her tomorrow where we can discuss everything she wants, as well as pay and other things like that. She would like to do the shoot this weekend if you’re open.”

“Yeah I’m open this weekend,” said Ashley. “So I will come back tomorrow after class to talk with her?”

“It shouldn’t take long. She just wants to meet you beforehand and talk for a little bit,” said Ms. Stephens.

“Okay. I have to do some studying, but I’ll come back tomorrow!” said Ashley.


The next day, Ashley got through her classes and made her way back to Ms. Stephens’ house in the early afternoon. They went into the kitchen where Ms. Stephens had her laptop set up.

“I called Ms. Larsen after you left yesterday and told her you were interested,” said Ms. Stephens. “She told me that we could feel free to talk with her anytime today. We can get her on Skype and talk about the shoot in greater detail.”

“Sounds good,” said Ashley.

“Ok. Let me see if I can get her,” said Ms. Stephens. Ashley sat next to her and looked at the screen. Before long, two women appeared on it. Both of them looked a little older than Ms. Stephens, likely in their late forties or early fifties. One had long brown hair while the other had shorter black hair.

“Dana Stephens! Good to talk with you again!” said the woman with black hair.

“Hello gebze escort Molly! I see that you have Michelle with you,” said Ms. Stephens.

“And we see you have an incredibly beautiful young girl with you,” said Ms. Larsen. “Is this the one and only Ashley Smith?”

“Sure is,” said Ms. Stephens. Ashley smiled and blushed at the remarks.

“She’s a cute looking girl. A really cute looking girl!” said the other women, who Ashley by now knew had the first name of Michelle. Ashley gave a cute smile and giggled a little. She liked getting these remarks from older women.

“Forgive us for not having any manners, but you’re such a hot young girl,” said Ms. Larsen. “My name is Molly Larsen, and this is Michelle Tate.”

“Hi! I’m Ashley!” answered Ashley with an adorable smile and wave.

“Ms. Stephens told us a little bit about you,” started Ms. Larsen. “Did you really dance and strip for a crowd of women our age? And then they took turns pleasuring you?”

“Yeah,” said Ashley blushing. She could not contain the cute smile on her face.

“Wow!” said Ms. Tate. “She’s not as innocent as she looks! That’s really hot for a young girl like you to be in such a situation like that. I wish I could have been there to see it!”

“Believe me, it was a lot of fun watching her strip and then have one orgasm after another. Ashley loves being in that kind of scenario!” said Ms. Stephens. “This sexy thing loves being naked in front of older women like us, and she loves when she’s the only one naked. She loves when those women make her orgasm, and Ashley loves when all the women enjoy seeing her getting so aroused!”

“Ooh!” said Ms. Larsen. “I see why you thought she would be perfect for this shoot!”

“Yep!” said Ms. Stephens. “She loves showcasing herself for older women like us, and she loves when we enjoy her young body. Isn’t that right Ashley?”

“Yeah,” Ashley said again with an adorable giggle. “I’d love for Saturday to happen again.”

“Ooh! I like this girl!” said Ms. Tate.

“Well, I think I might be able to help you with that, at least for one day this weekend,” said Ms. Larsen. “The reason why we’re talking with you today is to discuss an idea for a shoot I wanted to do for the website we operate. I’m sure Ms. Stephens discussed with you what the general concept?”

“Yeah, she told me yesterday,” said Ashley. “So you want me to be in a shoot with an older woman. The older woman will be dressed while I will be completely naked. She also told me that you want a sequence during the shoot where the older woman is touching me and making me have an orgasm.”

“Yes. That’s what I want to do,” said Ms. Larsen. “It’s a new and interesting idea we thought up recently. Ms. Tate here would be the older woman in the shoot. She works for me and has much experience in front of a camera, and she’s very experienced in bringing out another woman’s arousal. I wanted her to be here so that you could meet the other woman in the shoot. I want to make sure you’re comfortable with her, because she will be touching you almost everywhere during the shoot, and particularly because she will be pleasuring you.”

“Okay,” said Ashley with her cute smile still across her face. “I like her so far.”

“I like this young doll even more!” said Ms. Tate. “When you said that you knew someone for the shoot, Ms. Stephens, I didn’t think it would be a young girl this cute!”

“Me neither! Especially someone who loves showing herself off for older women like us!” said Ms. Larsen. “Anyway though, the shoot will likely last several hours. I want to have three parts to this shoot. For the first part, we want to start you off in whatever clothes you have on when you arrive. We’ll have you posing like a model, although we’ll likely go with simpler poses at the start. It’ll be more of a sequence where we get you started and acquainted. As the shoot goes on your poses will get more provocative and erotic. Ms. Tate will touch you and she will slowly remove your clothes during the first part. We’ll be taking many pictures, and someone will be shooting everything on video for a behind the scenes look at your shoot for our site members.”

“Okay,” said Ashley. “So all I have to do is pose like a model the entire first sequence?”

“Yep, and we’ll tell you what specific poses we want you to do,” said Ms. Larsen. “We just need you to be sexy! While you do that, Ms. Tate will touch you and undress you.”

“And I’m going to have a lot of fun doing that!” said Ms. Tate jokingly.

“Once she has removed all of your clothes, then we’ll go to the second part,” said Ms. Tate. “It will be generally the same thing, but you’ll be nude for it. You’ll be posing seductively while Ms. Tate caresses your body. We’ll have you doing more seductive and erotic poses at that point.”

“Sounds like fun to me,” said Ashley with her cute smile. The other women laughed.

“And then the third sequence will be the best part, where we’ll be photographing and video shooting you while Ms. Tate is pleasuring you to orgasm,” said Ms. Larsen. “That’s the most important içerenköy escort part of the whole shoot. Our goal is to very effectively capture your orgasm in pictures. It will be on video too, although the plan is to release the photos first and have the video available later on the website for an exclusive look.”

“Okay,” said Ashley.

“When looking at the shoot as a whole, there are two ways to see it,” said Ms. Larsen. “I’ve shot sequences involving just one model and sequences involving more than one woman. This shoot will be interesting. The catch to it is that there are two women, however only one gets naked while the other stays completely dressed the whole time. A lesbian shoot typically involves two women removing each other’s clothes and both getting naked. This shoot will be one sided, with only you getting naked and with you getting aroused. The contrast though is what the turn on would be, where a young girl is naked and aroused in front of a dressed and guarded older woman.”

“I love this kind of contrast!” said Ashley with a cute giggle. She was blushing a little.

“The other way to see this shoot is that it’s your shoot,” said Ms. Larsen. “You’re the only one getting naked and you’re the one who will be displayed erotically. Because of that, you’ll be the one that all the viewers are looking at and not Ms. Tate. Having you naked while Ms. Tate is dressed will keep all the visual focus on you. So in ways I see the shoot as being just a shoot for you, where an older woman like Ms. Tate is added in as a means of making the photo shoot that much more erotic. Seeing a young girl like you naked would certainly be an erotic sight, although seeing you naked in front of a clothed older women would be even more so. Seeing a young girl like you naked and being touched by another woman would be that much more erotic than just seeing you naked in a shoot by yourself. So this is really your photo shoot, Ashley. You will be the one modeling and being sexy. The purpose of having Ms. Tate in the shoot is to further sensualize it and make it that much sexier.”

“That makes sense to me,” said Ashley.

“I have to go into what I want for the third part,” said Ms. Larsen. “The goal for the orgasm sequence is to leave no doubt to the viewers that you were actually having an orgasm. One problem I often see in erotic photography is that women often just put their hand down there and then make the O-face. It’s easy to tell though that they’re not actually doing it. I want the viewers of the photos to know that Ms. Tate was actually pleasuring you, and that you really were having an orgasm.”

“How do you plan to do that?” asked Ashley.

“There are a few things we want to do,” said Ms. Larsen. “The plan is for you to sit in a chair with your legs spread wide, and for Ms. Tate to stand behind you rubbing your clit. We want the camera to have a great frontal view of you during the sequence. If your nipples get hard, I want the viewers to see that. We want to see your face and we particularly want to see your pussy in those photos. There will be a lot of pictures taken during that sequence, from start to finish. We want a great view of your pussy throughout the sequence. I want the viewers to see that Ms. Tate didn’t just have her hand there and that you weren’t just making an aroused face. I want them to see that it was actually happening, that your clit was actually being rubbed. We want to capture your facial expressions throughout the sequence and allow the viewers to see the journey you make towards having an orgasm. We want to show you at the start, as Ms. Tate begins rubbing your clit, then your expressions as your arousal builds, and then we want to capture you in photos as you go over the edge.”

“Alright,” said Ashley.

“Also, we want to take several close-up pictures of your pussy,” said Ms. Larsen. “I want the viewers to see that part of your body up close, in great detail. Most importantly though, I want a lot of close-up pictures both before and after you orgasm. When you’re first undressed, we’ll have you spread your legs and we’ll take a lot of close-ups of your pussy before we do the second part of the shoot. Then after you have your orgasm, we’ll immediately take several more close-ups of your pussy. We want to have pictures of it before Ms. Tate pleasures you, where your pussy isn’t quite wet yet. Then we want pictures of it after your orgasm, where everyone will see that your pussy is much wetter.”

“That makes a lot of sense,” said Ashley.

“And that’s the whole shoot!” said Ms. Larsen. “Any questions from you?”

“Well, I’m definitely interested. I have just one concern,” said Ashley. “The only thing is I don’t want my family to find out that I’m doing this.”

“I understand. We’ve had other models who wanted to do shoots for us in secret. On that matter, there shouldn’t be too much reason for worry. Only paying members are able to view nude and erotic material. Any nonmember would not be able to see a single picture from your shoot. We have a separate nude and erotic page on our site, and there are no headlines for visitors to check out nude shoots of certain models outside of that page,” said Ms. Larsen. “Also, we won’t give out your full name when the photos go on the site. I would like to put your first name up though, if that’s okay with you. However, I’ll only use your first name.”

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