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Big Dick

The first time I met Sheila was one Friday night after I had gotten off work. She was easily the prettiest thing there and I couldn’t help but look at her as she sat there drinking her beer or when she walked to the dance floor with friends. I was too much of a wimp to just walk over and talk to her, so I just ended up admiring her from afar. Sheila had blonde shoulder length hair, looked a little older then my 38 years, had a amazing tan, stood around 5’6″ and was thin, weighing maybe no more then 120.

I was married at the time and had lost all my confidence in approaching the opposite sex. In my day I was quite the charmer but since I married my confidence had slipped from the self-assuredness I once possessed to not being at all at ease in approaching women. I continued to sit there and gaze at her, trying not to make eye contact, something I was sure would drive her away. I watched her dance in her incredibly short cut off jeans and wondered to myself if she even wore any panties. My gaze moved upward and I feasted my eyes on the sleeveless top she wore. Her breasts weren’t big but a nice A cup, and much to my delight they seemed to still possess the bounce of a woman half her age. I watched her with great intensity as she danced, first gazing upon her lean tan legs, then higher, I watched her tight ass sway to the music, higher still her breasts bounced with the rhythm of the music and her movements. Finally I gazed higher and watched her beautiful blonde hair flow with her movements.

All I could do was watch her from afar, to afraid to make a move but so enthralled by her that I couldn’t look away for long. The bartender asking me if I wanted a beer finally broke my stare. I didn’t hear him at first, but was jerked back to reality by him knocking on the bar with my empty beer can. I slowly came back to reality and told him that I did want another and asked him if he knew the mystery woman. He told me that he didn’t know her, but she had been there before. He added that she was drawing a lot of attention from all the guys in the bar, and included himself as an admirer. I just nodded and turned my attention back to the dance floor just in time to see Sheila walk off the dance floor and make eye contact with me. I was frozen with fear and tongue tied as I gazed into her beautiful deep blue eyes.

Sheila finally broke the silence when she said, “The best way to get to know me is to offer me a drink.”

I didn’t break my stare and ordered her a beer. Sheila sat down in the empty stool beside me and we began to talk. She told me that I had caught her eye earlier in the evening and was getting impatient waiting for me to make a move. I stammered a response and tried to hide my shyness by taking a drink from my beer.

“Shy one, huh?” Sheila asked laughing. “I bet I can change that.” She added.

Sheila reached for my hand and led me to the dance floor just as a slow song began to play. Once there she pulled me tight and I quickly held her close. We danced slowly, swaying to the music and soon our bodies were as one. Her hand dropped to my waist and she pulled me even tighter. She took her free hand and grabbed my wrist and lowered my hand resting at the belt line her blue jean covered ass. She then looked into my eyes and I knew that she wanted me to move my hand even lower. I moved my hand lower until I was holding her tight ass in my hand and squeezed almanbahis adres gently. Sheila responded by moaning into my ear and breathlessly said that it felt wonderful to have her ass played with. I was more then happy to and lowered my other hand and held her by her toned ass. I continued to squeeze her ass and discovered that indeed she wasn’t wearing any panties. Sheila continued to moan with every squeeze of her ass and she ground her crotch into mine, tighter and tighter. The song ended and I pulled her even tighter, lifting her slightly bringing her crotch to mine. I knew she could feel my cock growing and I swore I could feel the heat coming from her.

We were brought back to reality when the bar tender yelled last call. We moved toward the bar and Sheila grabbed our beers and led me outside. We sat down at one of the picnic tables and continued talking. Sheila told me that she had just begun going out again after some time and was still pretty inexperienced at the whole thing.

I laughed and said, “You couldn’t prove it by me, you were the one to make the first move, I would probably never had gotten the nerve.”

“Well sometimes people just need a little shove to get things going.” Sheila said as she reached for my hand and placed it high on her leg. “Speaking of getting going, where are you parked anyway?” Sheila smiled.

I began to run my hand along the length of her tanned thigh and whenever my hand got close to her crotch she spread her legs slightly allowing me more and more access to her hot wetness. Finally she was unable to take any more and held my hand on her crotch. The only thing between my fingers and her wet slit was the thin strip of blue jean material. Sheila moaned louder and forced my hand along her slit. The material was wet with her moisture and I tried to slip my fingers past it.

Sheila moaned again and looked me in the eyes and almost screamed, “Where the hell are you parked? We stay here and soon I will be humping you on this table. Damn you got me horny!”

I motioned toward my truck and Sheila got a nasty grin on her face and stood up and pulled me toward it. I opened the door and Sheila slid across the seat, stopping mid way. She then looked at me and undid the buttons of her shorts, slipping them down into a pile on the floor. She then took a finger and ran it along her slit, bringing the wet finger to her mouth she tasted it and smiled.

“See how wet you have me? Now lets see if you can drive and keep my pussy wet until we find a more secluded spot.” She said winking at me.

I couldn’t get into the truck fast enough; I slammed the door, started it and backed out. Once I had straightened out I slid my hand along Sheila’s thigh until it rested on her pussy. Sheila moaned again and slid forward on the seat and spread her legs. My finger quickly found her wet slit and I began to run it along her wetness, causing her to moan every time I rubbed against her clit. While I was trying to concentrate on driving and trying to work a finger into her pussy, Sheila had unsnapped my jeans and was holding my throbbing cock. Finally I slipped a finger into her and was pleased by her tightness. I slowly fingered her and she responded by moaning more and squeezing my cock every time I stroked my finger deep into her.

Finally I arrive at a secluded spot and pulled off the main road. I parked and quickly leaned down almanbahis adres and kissed Sheila deeply. Our tongues wrestled and fought each other and we finally came up for air. I picked Sheila up just enough and slid her across the seat, freeing me from the confines of the steering wheel. Once I was in the open Sheila slid my jeans down my legs and my cock sprang free. She wasted no time in sucking it and soon she was deep throating my meat. I regained my composure enough to continue my finger assault on her wet pussy. Sheila turned into a wild woman sucking my cock with great expertise while I fingered her.

I began to feel that all too familiar feel of an approaching orgasm and finally had to pull Sheila’s hair to get her to release her hold on my cock.

“Wasn’t I any good baby?” Sheila asked with a submissive look in her eyes.

I didn’t answer but pulled her instead so she was lying on the truck seat. I then smiled and buried my face into her shaved mound. Sheila grabbed for my hair and forced my face deeper into her wetness. I lapped at her wet lips and then focused my concentration on her engorged clit. Sheila moaned more and more and her pussy became unbelievably wet with her love juice. My face was covered with her wetness and I continued to lick and lap at her clitty. Sheila’s legs wrapped tighter around my head and her moaning gained in intensity I knew she was very close to a huge orgasm. I continued my assault on her and she screamed that she was cumming. I lapped at her and tried to catch all her moisture in my mouth, but she came just to much. I licked and sucked at her clit and soon her moans and thrashing subsided. Sheila’s legs loosened their grip on my head and I sat up and smiled at her. Sheila smiled back, leaned in and kissed me deeply; tasting her own juices as our tongues again fought each other.

I sat upright on the truck seat and continued to gaze at the lovely woman lying beside me. Sheila sat pulled herself up and sat close to me. She reached out and slowly began to stroke my half hard cock. My head fell back in pleasure from her touch. In no time my cock responded to her light touch and became rock hard. Sheila continued to stroke my cock and leaned down and sucked gently on my nipples. That really sent me over the edge and my cock expanded again, throbbing in her small hand. I looked at Sheila and saw the look of desire in her eyes. I leaned over to her and grabbing her by the thighs, lifted her up and held her over my rock hard cock. Sheila guided my meat as I slowly lowered her onto my throbbing cock. My cock was super sensitive and Sheila’s pussy contracted around it. Her pussy began to milk my cock before I began to thrust into her tightness. I knew I wouldn’t last long and picked Sheila up and lowered her again onto my cock.

Sheila threw her head back and moaned again, louder. She began to throw her head causing her long blonde hair to fly around wildly. Her hands help my shoulders tightly and she thrashed as I plowed my cock into her again and again. Her pussy tightened again around my meat and I knew she was close to another orgasm. Her pussy became even tighter and I struggled to force my cock deep into her. Sheila let out a loud scream and her pussy became a sopping mound of heat and wetness. I continued to pound my cock into her and finally felt my cum rising to a boil. I fucked her at a feverish pace, slamming my dick almanbahis adres into her with total abandon. Sheila’s mouth hung open as my cock plowed into her deeply, sending my cum deep into her hot, wet pussy. As my cock pumped it’s hot contents into her, she again trembled from orgasm, thrashing wildly and grabbing my hair. Finally my cock quit shooting and Sheila collapsed into my arms. We held each other for 10 minutes till my softened cock finally slid out of her slick but sticky pussy.

It was almost 3 in the morning before we left that spot and drove to her house. We didn’t bother getting dressed due to the lateness of the night and the fact that once we arrived at her house the whole experience would begin again.

I pulled into her drive and turned off the lights. Sheila was sleeping against my shoulder and I gently woke her with a gentle nudge and a light brush of her nipples, which hardened almost immediately. She awoke with a smile on her face and reached for my semi-hard cock. Still half asleep she stroked my cock and moaned. My cock began to swell and I opened the door and began to get out of the truck. Sheila followed behind me then grabbed my hand and led me across the deck to the front door. I was in total awe watching her open the door, staring at her incredible ass the entire time. I couldn’t stand it anymore and move close behind her, my cock sliding between her sexy ass cheeks. Sheila moaned and backed up to meet my cock. I looked around and noticed the deck set, the table about the right height for my needs. I held her tight to me and led her to the table, my cock between her ass cheeks and one hand on each tit.

We stood before the table and I thrust my cock into and along her ass crack. Sheila moaned and leaned over the table, knowing what I wanted. She turned her head slightly and we kissed lightly, Sheila broke our kiss and smiled, telling me that doggy style was her favorite. That was all it took and I slid my cock along her wetting slit. I teased her for a while, sliding my cock right past her hungry hole and rubbing my cock against her clit. Every time my cock came close to her hole Sheila would back up and try to impale herself on my cock. Finally she begged me to stop teasing and fuck her. The fact that she was talking so dirty and wanting my cock so badly I finally gave in and lined my cock up to her hole and plunged my cock in with one motion. Sheila arched her back and played with her own tits as I began to stroke my cock into her. Her pussy was sopping wet and my cock slid easily into her. I grabbed her hips and picked up my pace and soon was fucking her with fast hard strokes. Sheila continued to moan and beg to be fucked harder. I did all I could to keep up with her and soon I felt the familiar feeling of cum rising from my heavy nut sac. I thrust into her deeply again and felt my cum shooting from my cock into her. Sheila responded by moaning loudly and her pussy gripped my cock like a velvet vise.

I slumped over her and Sheila let out one last moan as her pussy milked my cock of every last drop of cum. My cock was super sensitive and I involuntarily thrust into her several more times, Sheila’s pussy continued to milk me until my flaccid cock finally slid out of her.

I stepped back and turned Sheila toward me, kissing her deeply and holding her tit, thumbing her nipple slowly. We slumped again into each other’s arms and finally turned to the open door to her house. Still naked and covered with each other juices we fell into bed, falling asleep quickly. She awoke me the next morning with the most wonderful blowjob I had ever gotten, but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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