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Chapter 3. CAB RIDE

7 drunken students file out of M1NT in Shanghai on the Bund.

Wow Talia’s still here?

She was giggling and hanging over some new guy as a tired girl I didn’t know follows close behind us. She’s on her phone and looks alert.

The street is chaos, packed full of taxi cabs vying for the attention and dollars of club patrons making their way back home.

Hunter keeps a protective hand on my waist as I try to make my way through the crowd without making contact with any grimy sweaty men. Up ahead I spot Alex flagging down a cab holding onto Sam.

Under normal circumstances as responsible adults, we would probably take 2 separate cabs, but we are college students studying abroad and low on funds and I know we’re going to try cramming into one taxi. There are no subways or buses between city center and dorms in the suburbs.

Plus, the conversation rate from USD to Yuan means taxis in Shanghai are super cheap!

The taxi driver seems a bit disgruntled as we all started filing in at the same time. Alex in broken Chinese, starts explaining to him our address with him as the rest of us pile in while he’s distracted.

Hunter, still holding my hand, waits for others to go first, then drags me in after him so that we are last to enter. Makes sense, he’s too tall to sit in the middle, I think to myself. I step into the cab, grabbing the door to swing shut behind me.


There’s quickly realize there’s nowhere to move. I clutch his shirt and feel my heart start to race as I settle onto his knee and angle my back towards everyone else. I realize that in the cramped space, since I’m smaller, I can manage a crouch without my head bumping into the ceiling of the taxi. However, the downside is I have to lean forward towards his face. Under the bright street lights, I suddenly felt a bit embarrassed and vulnerable.

I can either tuck my head under his chin all cute or stay propped up, and I try my best to stay upright, trying to maintain a sense of dignity. I shift around and try to find somewhere to place my arms.

The cab hits a bump in the road and I start as I’m jolted forward. I slip straight onto his lap and I grab onto his shoulder to steady myself. Hunter really can’t move much at the point but his arms move to help me sit up. I lean against deliciously hard abs as my butt wiggles unconsciously on his lap. It’s actually quite comfy, I feel warm and cozy and sigh with relief.

I smile and lean into his ear to whisper amidst drunken shouting and loud music.

“Sorry about this, sure you’re not too squished?” I kiss his neck, yummy.

He smirks, brushing his hair out of his eyes.

“I’m pretty good just don’t wiggle too much”.

Another bump in the road as we enter the highway makes me realize I’m not just sitting on a belt buckle, something long and hard is pressing into my backside. I’m a little sleepy and delirious and zero in on the sensation, leaning my head against his chest. The ride is going to be a full 20 minutes and I really needed to keep my mind occupied.

“Um, so tell me about, um, Texas! You and James went to school together?”

His piercing blue eyes look secretive and he smirks.

“Yeah my parents run a music group there, I worked with them to build the company for a few years but lately I’ve been traveling”

Music! I can talk about that!

I’m a state-level concert pianist. Having spent 2 hours every day since I was little practicing piano, I can handle this conversation. I struggle to think of some composers and tried to ignore the heat gathering below.

His arms have settled around my back and waist, I feel his fingers start to stroke my hip. It makes me shiver and draws out tingles.

“Oh that’s awesome, I played piano for 15 years, do you play an instrument?”

I cringe internally, can I sound any dumber? Yeah let’s just pull out our resumes and start comparing notes.

“Yeah I’m a pianist too, who’s your favorite composer?”

This is a test, he can judge me on my answer. Must think of cool answer.

All the while his long fingertips dance lightly along hips while his other hand starts to stroke my thigh. It feels so good, I sigh and adjust my head so my ear lays flat on his chest and I can hear the rumble in his chest when he speaks.

Focus! Who is a composer I can share that won’t make me look too much like a newbie but not a nerd?

Beethoven is the obviously over-used answer. Mozart is also pretty commonplace, pretty boring in style. I think about my favorite pieces, the romantic slow waltzes and silent loneliness of Debussy. I will also get bonus points for pronouncing his name correctly.

“Debussy is my favorite, I know it’s cliché but I love Claire de Lune.”

“Wow, of course YOU would love Debussy.”

His fingers sink down on my thighs, palms tracing a circle back and forth.

I meet his eyes and glare, raising an eyebrow.

“Excuse me? What about you? Who’s your favorite then?”

“I play a lot of Rachmaninov,” he shrugs like it’s nothing.

Of course he would almanbahis adres love Rachmaninov, a composer famed for chaos and strength who can only be appreciated by those who understand music and can look past the cacophonous mess of chords. It fits him.

Here is my chance to act all cute and play damsel in distress, as if I’m not already distressed enough with panties getting wetter by the second and trembling thighs.

“Wow, um, Rachmaninov is really difficult to play with small hands, see?”

I pout and remove my hands from his leg, holding both my hands up for him to see.

“I think one of your hands is like two of mine!”

That’s a lie of course, hand size doesn’t really matter that much if you have the technique to make up for it. I can easily perform the works of Rachmaninov, Liszt, and Chopin, all pianists famed for their large hand sizes, and have won competitions playing their pieces on stage.

He plays along and raises his palm from my thighs to compare. I watch his fingers stretch much wider than mine and bite my lip, just imagining those fingers pushing into my wetness below.

“Yeah your hands look like baby hands. Gonna need some stretching.”

He grins and grabs a hand to fold into his own and kisses the knuckles. I giggle like a schoolgirl.

He moves both of his hands to mine and I realize with horror he’s about to pop my knuckles. I HATE getting my knuckles popped.

I wiggle uncomfortably and whip my hand back, trying to escape.

“No please! Ahh stop!”

I lean back and ass grinds down deeper, perfect distraction!

Hunter utters a low growl and he quickly lets go of my hands to pin my thighs together. I guess my wiggling is getting to him.

I wrap my arms around his neck to prevent him from accessing any ticklish spots, just in case, and I place a few kisses up his jawline. I feel him smile in response and relax.

My heart feels like it’s going to pound out of my chest. The alcohol probably has something to do with the flush starting to creep into my cheeks and down my neck. One of his hands rise to palm the back of my neck soothingly, but he stops when he notices the lace choker. A finger slips between the band and my skin and he runs his finger around my neck, stroking where the lace has printed onto my skin.

It’s oddly erotic and feels amazing to have relief on my skin where spots are flushed with alcohol and nerves. I tilt my head back and feel amazingly vulnerable. Maybe he can feel my heavy pulse as well.

I sigh happily and looked up at his handsome face. Keeping my face innocent, I slip a hand down between my legs onto his lap, feeling for his hardness. He gulps, glancing down where my hand rested and raises an eyebrow.

I smile as I find it and pounce! I nuzzle his throat to distract him while I grab his steely member between my legs, starting to feel around the shape and size.

His hand moves from my neck to my left thigh and his fingers start to knead with intensity. What a heavenly massage, or game of chicken, except we’re both winners…

Hunter whispered in my ear, “You wet yet?”

I move back from kissing his neck to stutter indignantly but before I can form a sentence, and he catches my mouth and starts to move insistently.

Yes, um, most probably, definitely, wet somewhere down there.

I utter a low whine and melt, letting him take the lead and push his tongue further in mouth. I close my eyes and just really hope the driver in the front seat thinks we’re having a whispered conversation.

My ass starts to feel heated and thoughts fly my head of what else his strong hands could do.

I imagine leaning across his desk at school with a short skirt and thigh high socks. When he stands up to tower about me, he yanks my ponytail back up to stare in his stormy eyes as his hands start a rough assault under my skirt, breaching places no gentleman should be touching. I widen my stance like an obedient little slut and part my thighs. He finds, to his delight, a lack of panties and a hand comes down to spank me for being so slutty.

My dirty mind wanders across other intoxicating scenarios as I feel his fingers knead further under my dress and I start to pant; He’s gotta stop somewhere?

He doesn’t stop, I feel his fingers reach my inner-most thigh area and I squeeze them to stop his access. He pauses, searching, and I let out a whimper as I feel his pinky graze my clit.

“No Hunter you canNOT do that here”, I scorn.

He just smirks.

“Look at you getting all shy, after spending half a night grinding that sweet ass in my face. Is princess getting all shy all of a sudden?”

His voice is smooth like honey and he looks so innocent.

“I-I am NOT getting…touched down there, erm, in a gross cab!” I try to whisper back.

It’s hard to focus though, pleasure starts to spread upwards as my mind wanders and I’m hyper aware of him tracing the silk of my panties up and down.

Hunter catches my lips and bites down softly, making my heart rate jump as I felt him slide his middle finger down almanbahis adresi below my clit, starting to press and search for a way through the fabric.

I can’t help it, I start making breathy moans and try to refocus my frustrations. I realize my hand forgot about the hardness in his pants but at this point I have slid forward too much and I it’s pressing against my ass.

My left hand frantically searches for something to hold onto and I end up clinging to his t-shirt. I must have looked like such a wanton slut, thighs parted with his fingers searching deep within me, hanging my head back and being devoured with kisses.

I felt his thumb slip under my panties and his fingers soon join.

I feel him press into me with one deep push! Aaah no…

My lips part to let loose a throaty moan. I’m shamefully wet and I can’t breathe, I’m trying so hard to keep quiet that I feel like crying. His finger pushes all the way in and rests for a second and I shake my head frantically, but he soon adds a second and I feel my channel stretch to accommodate.

I have never felt more like a dirty slut in my whole life than I do right now.

My hips start rocking of their own accord and I hear him utter a throaty sigh into my mouth as his fingers start to move, slowly sawing in and out. His thumb remembers my clit and rubs it around in circles.

I don’t think anyone can see, but the thrill of being discovered makes my heart beat faster. Honestly-honestly, I really don’t care.

It goes on and on, this cab ride is supposed to be 20 minutes but it feels like we’ve been driving for an hour. Time slows down as I feel my heart beat faster. Floating high and feeling slightly tipsy helps me feel every inch of the invasion.

My fingers shake against his chest. I can’t breathe any more and draw my head down into his chest, biting my lip and feeling white light start to pulse in my head. His fingers aren’t getting rougher but they alternate between teasing and kneading and delving deep, a reminder of what was to come later that night.

I still rock and shift my thighs, unconsciously trying to either create friction or stop him, I’m not really sure.

I mutter, “You BASTARD” hoping Hunter hears.

I think he does because, he moves his right arm holding my back and slips it under arm under mine to access my breasts, starting a whole new assault on another sensitive piece of flesh.

Oh my god, I was going to have an orgasm in the back of cab with my drunken friends yelling in the background.

Still high, I can hear the club music pounding in my wet pussy to the rhythm of his fingers. I let out a frustrated sigh as I feel the telltale signs of impending orgasm and grab on for dear life. I breath in his scent rising from his chest and tried to stay still as my legs started to shake.

Hunter would not stop whispering dirty things in my ear and started to pull on a nipple he could feel through the elastic band across my chest.

“I want you to come on my fingers for me princess.”

“You’ve been such a tease sucking on those fat joints and waving your sweet ass in my face.”

“You better be ready for some payback later, you’re in for long night so better enjoy this now.”

All the while, his fingers roughly fuck me to my core, hidden from view. I hold onto his shirt for dear life, gasping silently.

My stomach and thighs are tensed as sweet relief rolls down through my chest and my spine, trailing down to the ends of my toes. My sense of smell is heightened as well and I breath in the sweet honey laundry smell around me. I can feel the cotton of his t-shirt rub between my fingers.

It all happens in slow motion. The light in my head starts to hurt with the pressure and I roll my hips insistently to make it shatter into a million pieces. The high draws my orgasm out longer than I can comprehend and it keeps stretching on and on. I feel the light dim and I’m finally able to open my eyes.

When my thighs stop twitching and I loosen my hold on his shirt, Hunter finally slows down and slowly draws out. His fingers are probably slick, he had better not make me suck them off, I really didn’t want to move. I bury my face into his chest, willing my heart rate back to normal.

My weak thighs feel spent though I try to shut them and regain composure, breathing in his sweet and spicy scent to keep me grounded. I feel like I’m going to faint and I feel drunk, drunk and high off of him.

A few more minutes or hours stretch by, before…

“Come on princess, time to wake up, we’re here.”

I feel the taxi roll to a stop and loud chatter as car doors start to open and slam shut.

I raise my face and he’s smirking down at me. He pushes the door open and guides me onto my feet. My thigh muscles wobble in protest and I stumble a bit but his hand catches my waist and draws me in. No one seemed to notice how I was shaking and red-faced as I turn towards the dorms.

I give his shoulder a quick kiss and remove my hand to turn around and stretch my hands above me to look up at the dorms. I’m sleepy almanbahis adres but the cold air whips me awake and I start to think about whether to lead him to my suite or just straight up fuck him into the garden behind the dorms. Sometimes students cut through the garden to get to a food truck on the other side, but it might be worth the risk. I’m pretty goddamn horny at this point.

I feel his hand on my ass squeeze me awake and I turn to focus on his face, trying to look indignant. He laughs and grabs my hand and we started towards the building.

I heard whoops and chatter behind us and I remember there are students we need to wait for. I tug on his hand to slow down so we could walk at a normal pace.

On my tiptoes I whisper to him, “Be right back I just want to check with Sam.”

He shot me a knowing wink.

I let go of his hand and turn around to find Sam. She was helping along a drunken Alex, loudly singing a Chinese children’s nursery rhyme we learned in class a few weeks ago.

I bent and grabbed her elbow to hiss in her ear, “OH MY GOD SAM did you see anything in the cab?”

“What you and Hunter sucking each other’s faces off? Yeah of course I did OMG do you really like him?”

I giggle.

“Oh my god, I feel like I’m going to die around him, my heart will just stop some time. He’s got like, a kinky side by the way. You’ll never guess what we were doing in the cab”

Sam looks up at me and raises an eyebrow “Jesse…were you…giving him a hand job?”

“Nope! I wanted to save the good stuff for later, but he, like, has a pretty big package I’m SO EXCITED!”

She whispers gleefully “OMG how big? Like this?” She gestured with her hands.

I gesture back “No more like…” I paused to adjust “THIS, and girthy too.”

“Oh my god Jesse have fun! I’ll sleep w Alex in his room.”

“Awesome I love you so much see you in the morning, eep!”

I laugh and hold open the door for her and drunken Alex to enter through the premises. I walked over to the elevator ahead of them to pushed the up button. We wave hello to the doorman and wait for the elevator to ding.

Alex and Sam got off on the 15th floor. “BYE love you!” I shout after her “Bye bitch!” she shouts back. My floor was next on floor 23. The doors ding open and I call over my shoulder “Night y’all!” and wave. I turn to stomp down the dark corridor, reaching into my purse for keys and hear footsteps behind me.

The corridor is pitch black except for a rays of moonlight that reflect off the marble. That was my attempt at a head start but I smile as a familiar pair of lips press on the back of my neck and I feel hands kneading my ass gently.

I whisper, annoyed “Aren’t you ever going to let me get to my apartment?”.

My fingers are trembling and the keys fall. I bend down to pick them up, searching for the keyhole, and feel his hand still steady on my ass.

Sweet Jesus his fingers were magical but my frustrations are getting the better of me. I stand up, look him in what I think are his eyes, and grab his package roughly.

I hiss, “If you keep your hands off and let me in, I just might be able choke on your cock later.”

That got him to pause for a second, and with sweet relief I felt the key slip in and the lock click.

“Excuse me princess, is that a threat?” he whispers, leaning his body across the door way.

I push him back “You bet it’s a threat sucker, back off. You’re gonna apologize for what you did to me in the cab.”

I duck under his arm and reach out to drop my bag on the nearest table.

“Shoes off by the way” I order.

He laughs and shuts the door quietly, stepping in.

“I forgot this is an Asian household”.

I roll my eyes, I hear that literally all the time.

“It’s not just an Asian thing, it just makes sense if you want to keep your stuff clean and tidy.”

I toss my keys on the counter, bend over to slip off my boots, and start heading for the kitchen.

Ahh, cold clean floors and my quiet nice apartment. The room is faintly lit with moonlight streaming from high windows.

I grab a few glasses of water for the both of us, come back and kiss him on the cheek.

“Drink, and make yourself comfortable in my room, it’s down the hall on your left”.

Time to take a breather, I thought, and shut the bathroom door behind me.

He isn’t going to find anything weird in my room aka the room I share with Sam. My side is impeccably neat and tidy with graphic art posters on the walls, no photos of friends, just lots of trinkets and gadgets like camera parts and homework. Sam’s side is horrendously messy with clothes piled up and Alex’s stuff stacked in corners.

In the bathroom, I sigh with relief as I peel off the dress and ripped thigh highs and throw on a soft cami I usually sleep in that holds up my boobs but doesn’t suffocate them. I pull off the lace choker and set my watch on the side of the sink. I always make sure to wipe off my makeup before sleeping and quickly rub my face with a light cleanser. I pee quickly while brush my teeth, thinking about how I was going to plan my next attack. I pull on a pair of athletic booty shorts and super warm and fuzzy knee-high socks. No matter what I always choose cozy. I also run a comb through my hair and clean it lightly with a towel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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