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Cherry ends one journey only to begin another. This chapter concludes this miniseries but Cherry returns for more adventures under the overarching title The Adventures of Cherry


It nearly killed me but I used my niece like a sextoy all night. She enjoyed the pain and in some sick way I got off on torturing her poor battered breasts too; fucking her from behind, like we were spooning, as I twisted and crushed them in my hands.

I did almost anything humiliating I could of; I took a dump in the toilet and bent her over the bowl itself, doing her doggystyle so her face would splash into the water with each thrust; then I pulled out and not only came on her face but pissed on it as well.

I made her shower off before I would touch her. I told Cherry to take a shower, leaving the curtain open so I could film her soaping up her body, ordering her to finger herself while I recorded it. I would slap her in the face, in front of the camera, and ask her if she’s my slut, she always said yes.

I stuck almost my whole hand in her mouth, making her suck it like a cock after I fingered her myself. I resumed slapping her, making her call herself every dirty name in the book. “I’m a cum guzzling, dick slurping, cow titted whore”, she said as I slapped her across the tits, asking if she’s such a slut she should fuck herself in the ass with the shampoo bottle.

As she did, spreading her pussy with one hand for the camera while she jammed it up her rectum with the other; pumping in and out, until she had an orgasm from it without ever touching her fat clit. I turned the shower off and pushed her down on her knees.

I made Cherry lie down in the tub, with her head hanging over the edge so she was looking at me upside down, and shoved my cock in her mouth while choking her with my left hand as I punched her tits over and over with my right fist; digging my knuckles into her tender flesh.

After I came, I pulled her out of the tub by her hair, making her crawl like a dog with her hair as my leash and made her sit near the door, with her back against the frame and her legs open. I told her don’t close her legs no matter what. I would slam the door repeatedly, so it smacked right against her bare pussy and told her to spread her lips to make it hit her clit; it did, twice. It was just a wooden bathroom door but the corner kept getting stuck in her slit and everytime she screamed I got a little bit harder.

After the second time it hit her clit I think she had a little orgasm. I pulled her by the hair back to the tub and had her jam the shampoo bottle up her ass again and told her to hold it there or I’d really make her pay than picked her up and impaled her on my cock. She held onto the shower curtain rod for balance as I bounced my beautiful 18 year old niece on my dick.

“You like being fucked like a slut, you dirty whore?” I asked

“I…love…being…your…slut,” she panted as I fucked her hard. I felt a stinging sensation hit my toe and saw she dropped the bottle out of her ass. She had came, without asking me, and lost her grip. I said nothing as she apologized and carried her over to the sink. I dropped her bare ass into it and she winced as the faucet scraped up her toned back. She hissed in pain a little but I said nothing only held her arms up behind her head and told her, “Keep them there,” in a stern voice.

She nodded as I pummeled her breasts with rights and left, aiming for the bullseye of her large areolas each time, as they bounced back and forth as if swaying on a boat. She bit her lip to keep her squeaks of pain back but I could tell she came a little each time. Finally I pounded my fists together on her left tit, sandwiching it between my knuckles and she let loose a moan with a shudder, signaling without a doubt that she had an orgasm. I pulled her out of the sink and drug her by the hair, this time on her feet, into the kitchen. I found a drawer with only some hand towels in it and removed them.

She stood there dumbly and I put both of her hands on the counter, pushing down so her big tits wobbled just inside the open drawer. I walked behind her and told her this is her punishment for not asking for permission before cumming.

I shoved myself inside her and started fucking her hard, each time my shove closed the drawer on her tits, but since it wouldn’t close it kept popping open.

She screamed with each thrust as her tits were crushed again and again as I would pound slow but HARD. Her legs got weak as she had cum each time her full breasts got crushed until her legs gave out. She sat with her bare ass on the floor, I told her she would clean it later on her hands and knees, naked for my pleasure; maybe even mop it with her cum soaked hair. In the mean time I opened one of the lower cabinet doors, meant for pots and pants, and put her left tit just inside the door. I grabbed two handfuls of her blonde hair and kicked the door shut, holding my foot on it.

She let loose Cami Halısı a scream and I buried my cock in her mouth. With my one leg up on the door I kept pressure on her tit as she went up and down on my rod. I pulled her down until her nose was pressed against my pubes and made her keep reaching forward more and more, stretching her tit out from the door. She was drooling, her slobber from gagging on my rod spilling onto the floor in small puddles. I started face fucking her hard, she gagged so hard she was about to throw up but I told her, “Keep it down, slut.” Finally, I unloaded down her throat and she sucked it greedily, jacking my shaft as she milked the head with her mouth.

I released the door and she sighed, sliding down onto the floor. I told her clean up and come back to my room for more when she’s done.

I spent four more hours fucking and torturing her until I couldn’t take anymore. I was exhausted but she still seemed horny. After awhile I pointed a finger and asked if this was because of that giant cunt who dominated her? Cherry ashamedly lowered her head and told me, “Yes uncle Stone. I feel like she’s controlling me every second and it makes me unbelievably horny.” I told her first thing in the morning to call that bitch and until then I was gonna chain her to the bed and would use her whenever I got horny but until than she had to keep in a butt plug, one of her biggest dildos-because I know she had a collection-and a ball gag in her so I don’t hear her moan every ten minutes.

Needless to say it was a long night but true to her word she called the amazon on her cell. Thankfully the bitch agreed to release Cherry to train but said the match was scheduled in four weeks since she had to go out of town for some DomCon.

Cherry trained like she was going out for the olympics, everyday at the gym and running for hours plus her yoga in afternoons before dinner. One time I went to the gym to pick her up and saw Jake there, it looked like he was hitting on her. I mean he was feeling up her ass again as they stood by some of the elliptical machines. She shook her head defiantly and picked up her bag before she marched over to me. She hadn’t actually seen me and was heading for the door, she smiled brightly and hugged me, giving my bulge a squeeze in front of everyone.

Over the course of the couple weeks she built herself up; buff, even with some biceps but not like she was rockin any guns, just that slight bulge. Her body looked amazing, legs and abs solid enough to eat off of, but not like some crazy six pack.

Finally the day before the match we get a package addressed to Cherry from UPS.

She took it into her room saying she was expecting it and doesn’t tell me whats in it. Not even as she brings it with us to the arena the day of the match. The security guy is happy to see us again, even though Cherry is dressed in sweatpants and a tank top as he stares down at her cleavage.

He says they’ve been waiting on us. As we go inside to park I see Carol, the cute desk girl, who waves her card to let Cherry into the locker room alone. She shows me through the audience entrance. I’m hesitant, of a trap or something-because I’m wicked paranoid-but Cherry says its cool and I follow Carol out to sit in the bleachers near Jake and Jeremy.

They’re both wearing superman costumes only Jake’s is darker blue and the “S” on his chest is backwards.

What I’m really amazed by is the fixture that’s been set up above the ring. A lighting rig with cameras and two steady cams on the floor with bulky men standing behind them. A table in the back corner near the locker room entrance, which now had a sparkly curtain over it and a red carpet that ran from the curtain to the ring steps. The table had one man, with an array of monitors in front of him, as well as an audio mixing board.

After a couple minutes the lights dimmed and the rig above the ring came to life, bathing the room, or arena as everyone called it sitting around me in the bleachers, in bright flashing rainbow lights.

I could see the guy at the table talking into his headset and though he was a little bit hefty he spoke with a loud booming voice over the speakers.

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s main event is about to begin!” he said with the enthusiasm of some monster truck commercial announcer. “First, entering the arena…,” he paused here and after a couple seconds the echoing trumpets of the superman theme song bellowed through the arena. Then my darling Cherry burst through the curtain wearing a supergirl outfit. A short red, pleated skirt and a tight fitting blue shirt, that exposed her bare midriff with the same red “S” on Jeremy’s outfit. She even had a short red cape flowing behind her as she walked down to the ring, waving at the bleachers on my side.

I hadn’t noticed the women on the other bleachers across on the opposite side of the ring. It was only a dozen women, all of which looked young, in their 20’s wearing Cami Halıları weird revealing outfits; almost dressed as if they too were women wrestlers.

The music cut off after Cherry got into the ring, the other women booing her as though my niece were the heel.

The lights cut out and a spotlight shone on the curtain as the theme of the 1970’s wonder woman tv show came on. Out strode Rita, the amazon, dressed as wonder woman in the red lace up boots, almost the exact same pair Cherry was wearing; but longer since she’s nearly a foot taller.

After the bell, Cherry circled the amazon and when they lock up, collar and elbow, Rita slowly pushed Cherry to her knees but my niece called up reserve strength. She had been training and Rita got a surprised look on her face. It was enough of an opening for Cherry to pull away and use the amazon’s arm to hip toss her to the mat. Everyone gasped while I clapped. Rita looked furious and jumped to her feet and charged at Cherry who leap frogged over the snarling bullcharge.

The amazon landed on the mat face first this time. Cherry knew to be patient and didn’t rush in. When the amazon charged again, Cherry tried to cartwheel out of the way but the amazon stopped short. Cherry didn’t see it coming and got yanked back by her cape; the back of her head smacking onto the mat with a loud thud. She was pulled back up to her feet by her cape but Rita clobbered my niece with a vicious clothesline to the back of the head that sent Cherry to the mat virtually unconscious.

Still holding the cape, the amazon scooped Cherry up for what looked like a body slam but she brought the girl’s body down hard, across her knee. Cherry screamed as it looked like she was being bent in half.

Rita held her there, pulling up Cherry’s shirt with one hand, tweaking my niece’s nipple, then her other hand, slid up her skirt started to finger Cherry’s cunt. This turned into a claw as she dug her nails into my nieces big creamy boob to lift my niece up, above Rita’s head, than repeated the move with a spine bending back breaker.

Cherry cried out pitifully as if she had indeed been broken in half. The giant woman lifted Cherry one last time, by the neck and skirt, above her head, almost eight feet into the air! She paraded Cherry around the ring, than tossed my niece over the top rope where she landed on the floor.

“Cherry!” I screamed and leapt to my feet to help her, the fall looked devastating; she bounced and landed facedown, but the security guys by the doors, who I hadn’t noticed before, gave me a look that said if I didn’t want a piece of what Cherry just got I should sit down. Reluctantly, and impotently, I did as I started clapping and cheering on my niece.

Strangely a few others joined in clapping and we saw Cherry start to slowly get up. She looked absolutely wobbly, as if she had indeed fallen from a three story building, but she found the energy to get to her feet as the announcer was counting to sixty, the standard ring out time.

She started to pull herself up with the ring skirt and was resting against the ring. Before I could try to warn her, the amazon reached down over the ropes and pulled Cherry up with a two handfuls of my nieces blonde hair!

Cherry screeched as she was lifted from the floor so she was almost yanked over the top rope. The amazon instead held Cherry’s throat over the top rope and shot powerful punches to my niece’s abs. Each blow was sick to watch, Cherry made beleaguered, choked grunts and even when she lost her footing and was hanging with Rita keeping her aloft with a handful of hair to continue the choke.

One powerful punch actually made Cherry bounce back like a pendulum, so hard she regained her balance, her boots standing on the apron. The punch had made her little cape fly up, covering her head and Rita had a sadistic smile cross her face as Cherry groaned and held her stomach.

The amazon used her punching hand to pull Cherry’s cape which is attached to her blue crop top, exposing my niece’s breasts to the entire audience, as Cherry’s hands were immobilized in what looked like a hockey punch setup with her supergirl top pulled up around her neck.

Rita cocked back her fist and started hammering punches to Cherry’s big breasts. She screamed as the tall brunette mercilessly pounded Cherry’s tits with savage uppercuts. One such punched knocked Cherry off the apron again and since the amazon was holding my niece up by the cape instead of her hair, Cherry slipped off but as the brunette hung on, my niece’s red boots kicked absently in mid air as she was being hung by her own outfit.

Rita laughed at my niece’s garbled cries as she was twisted in her shirt which now acted like a noose before she yanked up hard and lifted Cherry back onto the apron. Grabbing one tit in each hand, the amazon lifted Cherry over the top rope. She held my niece in the air as she screamed while her breasts were crushed until she brought my niece crashing down to the mat in a big double fisted tit slam. Cherry looked absolutely knocked out, as her bare chest went up and down but she just lay there unmoving.

She could’ve gone for a pin but instead she grabbed a leg and flipped Cherry over onto her back and locked in a Boston crab. The amazon made Cherry grunt and scream as she rocked backwards adding even more pressure, bringing tears to Cherry’s face as Rita laughed. Cherry reached for the ropes and the amazon started walking forward while keeping the hold locked.

Cherry screamed as her bare breasts were scraped across the rough mat. Rita did a little half circle where she bent to one knee, really pouring the pressure on Cherry’s neck and shoulders in what looked like a walls of Jericho. However Cherry was biting her lip, trying not to scream, because the angle of the move was putting tremendous pressure on her breasts as they were squashed into the mat.

Out of sheer desperation, Cherry grabbed the amazon’s boot since it was right by her face. Cherry twisted and managed to off balance her opponent, as Rita’s arms flailed to keep from falling. Cherry gasped audibly in relief but clung to Rita’s ankle. She looked like a koala holding onto a tree until she slithered her toned legs up to scissor the amazon’s leg.

It looked like my niece was going for an ankle lock submission but when Rita reached down to grab Cherry, quick as a snake, she snatched onto the amazon’s wrist and pulled down with enough force to off balance the giant goddess.

The sound of the amazon hitting the mat was thunderous as Cherry had locked on an armbar as she cinched her legs around the amazon’s bicep and shoulder.

“I’ll break it, I swear,” she hissed as her bruised body tensed as she was wrapped around the woman’s perfect arm like a boa constrictor.

Than the most amazing thing was that Rita just smiled. She sat up and slowly got to her feet while Cherry tried to hyper extend the arm.

“I’m not kidding, submit or I’ll break it…I swear,” she exclaimed but now her voice quivered betraying her fear as the amazon stood, massive as a skyscraper. She flexed her bicep, the one Cherry was clutching to, and lifted her arm as easily as if my niece were a two year old child. Rita brought it down in what looked like a one armed powerbomb.

The impact shook the ring a little and Cherry was visibly shaken, her one leg dangling free but she tried to cling on. “You’ve got some fight in you after all,” the amazon said with a smile. She locked her fists together and did a two handed one arm powerbomb than finally knocked my niece off. She was flat on her back on the mat and looked as if she had fallen from a ten story building. Her body lay strewn and spread eagle.

“I will give you a warriors end since you’ve shown such initiative,” she spoke casually. I watched as Rita grabbed Cherry’s right leg and turned her over, onto her stomach. It looked like she was going for an STF as Cherry’s leg was pulled back so the tip of her red boot was almost touching the back of her neck. The giant brunette stepped one leg through, tucking Cherry’s knee under her own armpit as she straddled my nieces back.

The amazon pulled Cherry up with one handful of her blonde hair than locked in a vicious camel clutch! The crowd of young female wrestlers on the other side of the ring were hooting and cheering. “Throne her good!” one shouted, her fists clenched to mime the brunette yanking back on my nieces neck.

“Break her in half, your majesty!” one girl yelled and I saw it was Carol the cute girl from the front desk.

“Oh no,” the announcer dude shouted into his headset. “The queen has locked in her Royal Throne; nobody ever gets out of this!”

I couldn’t see Cherry’s face but heard her anguished cries of pain as she was bent in half by the amazon. I was thankful for all her yoga because it looked like that hold would’ve broken my spine.

Finally after almost two minutes the woman asked if my niece gave up. I could see Cherry struggling but she wasn’t near the ropes and her one leg flailed weakly as if trying to push herself over but the queens boots dug into the mat, making her unmovable.

With a final yank back the amazon roared, “Do you concede to your queen?!”

I didn’t hear Cherry but Carol said later my niece cried out a meek “yes.”

“I can’t hear you slut!” the brunette barked until Cherry finally hollered out a scream of pain as her neck was bent back so far I thought it would snap.

“Yes mistres, I submit! My body is yours!”

She quickly released my niece who flopped onto the mat, panting and covered in sweat. The amazon bent down, patting my niece’s head, probably asking if she was ok. I saw Cherry nod and sit up with the help of Rita; the crowd applauded as Cherry raised the queen’s hand.

From the locker room a couple of the security guards, big buff dudes who could’ve been wrestlers but I was told later were amateur body builders who did security for the queen in trade for gym time, were carrying out some large bench looking thing. I saw Jake and his son get up from the stands and head toward the ring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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