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Feliciti looked in the mirror. Her husband Ramone was pulling his black Levi jeans up. His stomach was lean and hard and his arms and shoulders were heavily muscled from working as a mechanic on big construction equipment every day. His hands stopped buttoning his fly and her eyes lifted up to meet his.

“Like what you see, babe.” Ramone bull- frogged. His eyes slid down to her bare breasts.

She smiled, nodding.

“You sure you want to go to this party? We could just stay home and let me give you all the lovin’ you need.” His light Hispanic accent gave his deep gravelly voice a sexy rhythm.

“You know I love you, Ramone.”

“I know that, babe, and I know you want to do this.” He finished fastening his jeans while staring into her eyes. She could get lost in that stare.

She did want to go to this party. Paul would be there. Paul Burns was a handsome, smooth talking car salesman. He was married to Melissa, a technical writer Feliciti worked with at Daltech. She’d known Melissa for several years and had first met Paul at a company awards dinner just over a year ago. A couple of months ago she’d learned that Melissa and Paul were swingers and were in a group that played on a regular basis. Feliciti wanted her and Ramone to join that group. She wanted it very badly.

“Janna will be there too. You’ll be drooling over her tight little ass all night.” Feliciti ran her brush through her long black hair as she spoke, still watching her husband.

“Ha, from what you’ve told me, I’m gonna be doing a hell of a lot more than just drooling.” His smile gave way to a sincere look. “Is that what you want? You know you can’t have it both ways. You can’t have your fun and expect me not to.”

She nodded but didn’t speak right away. Instead she finished her hair and reached for her BB Cream. Dabbing a little on each forearm she carefully massaged the cream into her deep bronze skin. Ramone didn’t realize it, or refused to understand it, but seeing him with another woman was indeed part of what she wanted. A small part, she admitted to herself. She missed the days of fucking a different man every night. She missed the newness of a new lover; the excitement of exploring a new man; the surge of adrenaline when a strange man looked at her with that look of pure lust in his eyes.

“You love having your cock in a woman’s ass.” She grinned at her husband in her mirror.

“You know that’s right, baby. I’m an ass man through and through. Why you think I married you?”

“Not for my brains?” Feliciti narrowed her eyes a little but her smile gave her away.

“Oh, I love your brains and your tits, but it was your beautiful ass that set the hook.”

“Well, then I’m glad I have such a beautiful ass.” She laughed.

He came over and held out a hand. With a smile she dabbed a dollop of the cream into his palm and then sighed softly as he began to rub it into her shoulders.

“I know how to make you purr, baby. You sure you don’t just want to stay home?” He growled into her ear.

He was right. His hands felt amazing. Closing her eyes, she relaxed and let her husband massage the cream into her. Ramone reached over and got a little more cream. Gently pushing Feliciti forward he moved his hands up and down her bare back.

“Oh, mmm,” she cooed, “God, I could cum just from your hands.”

“I’ll make sure you do cum tonight. Many times. I love watching you cum.”

“I really want to go to this party, Ramone.”

Ramone sighed softly. “You want me to do your legs?”

“If I let you, I’d end up going to the party with your cum in my ass and you know it.”

“I doubt anyone would mind.”

“Still, it wouldn’t be good etiquette.”

“Shit, baby, when have I ever given a damn about etiquette?”

Feliciti swatted his hand. “Down boy. You’ll get enough tonight.”

“Who’s all coming?” He stepped back from her watching as she turned in her chair and started rubbing the cream onto her legs. His gaze was fastened on her breasts as they gently swayed with her motion.

“Well, of course Delinda since it’s at her place. I don’t know if she invited Mark or David or both. Then Janna and Bill have said they’ll be there. You’ve met Bill. You’ll like Janna too. Kinda thin but very pretty. Rumor is she likes anal and big rough men. I think you two will be perfect together.”

Ramone grinned at her. “I like women with meat on their bones, you know that.”

“Tonight is a night for expanding our horizons. Be open to whatever and it will all be good.”

He nodded, his brows furrowing a little. “And Paul and Melissa will be there?”

“Yes, Melissa and Paul will be there too.” She had to smile at the knowing look he gave her. “Melissa definitely has some meat on her bones. Are you thinking nasty thoughts about her?”

“I’m thinking nasty thoughts about you.”

“You better be good. I’ll tell Delinda you were a bad boy and let her deal with you.”

“Well, even if it’s Delinda’s house, I still ain’t lettin’ her tie me up. Ümraniye Escort She can tie up David or Mark or whoever, but I ain’t into that shit.” Ramone grinned at her.

“Maybe you should try it. She says that David and Mark both love it when she ties them up and fucks their brains out.”

“You really talk about this shit at work? The dudes I work with would crap themselves silly if I told them I liked being tied up. Besides, I’d rather use my hands. Delinda’s got an ass that just begs to be grabbed. That big bubble butt would be fun to nail.”

“She says she’s never done Anal. She likes white boys better anyhow. Ain’t that funny?”

“Yeah, I noticed she always dates crackers. Too bad, a big black stud would put her in her place.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! Delinda would chew up any man who tried to put her down. I’ve seen her cut down some of the big shots at work. She never raises her voice but they walk away looking two inches tall.”

“She’s never done me that way.” Ramone’s face showed his distaste.

“She likes you. She told me that you’re rough and crude but you mean well. Besides she likes it when men look at her and you stare at her ass a lot.”

“She does have a fine ass.”

“Besides that, you’ve never forced your views on her and you’ve never judged her for hers. Just let her know you aren’t into bondage and she’ll leave you alone.”

“Yeah? Too bad she don’t do anal.”

Feliciti studied her husband’s face and decided to change the subject. “Delinda said we’re going to make this a Chinese Christmas party tonight.”

“Oh! Are we supposed to bring gifts?”

“No, she said that was all taken care of. She loves to be queen of the party.”

Ramone laughed. “I woulda guessed that.”

Feliciti finished rubbing the cream into her legs and stood up. Ramone’s eyes took all of her in. Married six years and he still looked at her like they were on a first date. She almost went to him but she knew if she did they would be late to the party. Crossing the room to the bed, she picked up the dress she’d selected earlier. It was a form fitting sleeveless bright cobalt blue dress that accented her deep brown skin wonderfully. The neckline plunged enough to show off a good amount of cleavage. It was built to be worn without a bra and provided enough support to be comfortable that way. The hem rode a bit above mid thigh and flared enough not be constrictive. She lifted it over her head and slid it down over her shoulders.

“I love that dress on you,” Ramone said as her head popped out. He was staring openly at her breasts.

She smiled as she pulled the dress down and into place. “Zip me up?”

Stepping forward as she turned her back to him, he touched her back. She smiled as his hand slid down over her ass, cupping it roughly before he reached for her zipper and pulled it to the top. Once she was zipped, he leaned forward and kissed her neck.

“Mmm, You better behave or we’ll be late for the party and I’ll have to wear a different dress.”

“Oh, we better not do that. You spent an hour painting your nails to match.”

She laughed. “Then get your shirt on and we’ll go.”

“One last chance to back out, Fel. You know once we do this we can’t undo it. Can’t go back.”

Feliciti smiled at him. Taking his head in her hands she rose up on her toes and kissed him. “Baby, you know I love you. I will always love you. But I want this. If you can’t handle it, then tell me and we’ll call it off, but I want this.”

Ramone looked down at his wife. In their six years of marriage and the two years they dated, he’d never been able to deny her anything. Summoning his courage he grunted. “I can handle it. But it can’t just be you, if we are going to do this it will be both of us.”

“I know that, baby. That’s part of the thrill for me. I want to watch you with another woman. I want to watch that big, thick, beautiful cock of yours pushing into her pussy and see the pleasure on her face. I want to see you cum inside her and then I want to lick her pussy off your cock. And once I have cleaned her pussy off your cock I want to suck your cum from her pussy. I want to savor the taste of you inside her and I want to make her cum.”

“Shit, Fel. I knew you were a fucking kinky girl, but damn!”

She laughed and kissed him again. “That isn’t all I want.” Her hand slid down and cupped his cock through his jeans. “I want to fuck another man. I want to feel his cock throbbing inside my pussy. I don’t care if he is bigger or smaller than you, just different. It’s been seven years since I had another lover. Seven years I’ve been faithful to you. I’ve proven myself, but now I want to play. I’m thirty-one years old, Ramone. How many more years do we have? How many years to play and enjoy life before age forces us to settle down? I want to live! And this is just the beginning of that.” She looked into his eyes, locking his gaze with hers. “Don’t you want to live, Ramone? Don’t you want to enjoy life to the fullest? Anadolu yakası Escort Experience everything you can? Do everything you can? I do!”

“I just don’t want to lose the best thing in my life.” Ramone smiled down at her.

“You won’t. I promise you I will always come back to you. But tonight I don’t know what will happen. Delinda wouldn’t tell me everything. She did tell me it was a true swapping party so tonight I will go home with another man and you will take another woman home, but I don’t know how we’ll get there. Knowing Delinda, she will have something wild cooked up for us though and I’m so excited. I hope you are excited by the party too, not just because I’m holding your cock.”

“I am.” His voice did not sound convincing. His face turned somber. “A little worried.”

“What are you worried about? Are you afraid I’ll fall in love with the man that takes me home? Baby, I fucked at least a hundred guys before I met you. I fucked twenty-three after I met you before we became serious. Out of all of those men, I picked you to spend my life with. I’m not going to find a man I love more than you at this party tonight or at any other party.”

Ramone nodded. “I know about your history. We fucked on our first date and I knew you were fucking other guys too. It’s not that I’m insecure. But I do get a little jealous, you know, when guys are looking at you and you are flirting with them.”

“Don’t be jealous, big boy. It’s just sex, but I love sex. I’ve never lied to you. Never hidden anything from you. I’ve been faithful since the day you asked me to marry you, but I want more. I miss the wild days but I want you involved. I don’t want to hurt you or humiliate you or make you feel bad. I just want to live life to its fullest. I miss the variety I had before. I’ve had filet mignon every night for seven years. Tonight I want a hamburger.”

“Well, since you put it that way.” Ramone forced a smile on his face. “We better go. I don’t want to piss Delinda off. She might kick my ass.”

“She might, but then she’d probably kiss it better.” Feliciti grinned.

“Hell, maybe I’ll get to kiss her ass. She does have a damn fine ass.”

Ramone let his hand slide down over Feliciti’s beautifully rounded rump as they stood waiting in front of Delinda’s front door. He rubbed her gently, enjoying the firm plump curve. She smiled up at him. Her eyes were wide and her mouth turned up in a permanent grin as she bounced slightly in her heels. He was about to lean down to kiss her when the door swung in bathing them in a golden light.

Delinda Harris beamed at them from the doorway. “Ain’t you two sweet. Come on in this house.”

Ramone knew Delinda but he was always taken back by her pretty face. Her dark mocha complexion was accented perfectly by large brown eyes under arched black eyebrows. High cheekbones and full, deep purple lips under a slim aristocratic nose gave her an exotic look that was accented perfectly by her luxurious black hair. She wasn’t thin or small but she wasn’t at all fat. She matched him in height but he still outweighed her by a good bit. The weight she had was distributed nicely between her large breasts and large hips and ass. She looked powerful with wide shoulders and muscled arms and legs. Tonight she wore a white sleeveless button blouse, the top three buttons open exposing a large amount of mocha cleavage. Below the blouse she wore a bright red skirt that came to mid thigh and was split on both sides up almost to the her hips. The skirt hugged her bottom and without the splits would have nearly prevented her from walking.

Delinda backed away, inviting them in. “Janna and Bill are already here and you’ve met David, haven’t you Ramone?”

Ramone nodded as he followed Delinda’s large jiggling ass into the main living room with Feliciti right behind him. Delinda’s house was a large modern home and the entry way led directly to a large living area. Off to the right was an open kitchen with a large marble topped island. The island was laid out with a wide variety of hors d’oeuvres and sweet pastries. A hallway with closed doors on both sides led off from the left side of the living room. The back wall had large sliding glass doors that revealed a beautiful patio decked out in Christmas decorations including strings of icicle lights hanging from the eaves. A classic fireplace dominated the center of one wall. Three stockings, monogrammed with the names Delinda, David, and Mark hung from the mantle. Two good-sized logs were burning above a lit gas flame giving off a beautiful oak wood aroma. To the side of the fireplace, tucked into a back corner of the room, stood a tall, beautifully decked, Christmas tree. Under the tree there was a small box cut with four slots. Each slot held a decorated envelope sticking up at an angle. From residual indentations on the carpet, Ramone could tell that the furniture had been moved to the edges of the room to give more open space in the center where the luxurious gray speckled İstanbul Escort carpet had been covered with several thick yoga mats placed side by side. A plush black leather couch and matching loveseat, steel and glass coffee and end tables as well as an overstuffed leather recliner all sat near walls.

A thin blonde woman was standing beside the large fireplace admiring the dancing flames. She wore a red strapless dress that clung to her delicate frame. The dress’s plunging neckline dipped daringly down below her breastbone. No cleavage was visible but her small breasts gave the dress tantalizing peaks. Although not large, the curve of her ass filled the dress, pulling the fabric tight as it hugged her shape. The hem rode just above midway down her thin shapely thighs. Ramone had not met her, but guessed that this was Janna. Bill Rose stood just a bit away from Janna talking to David. Bill’s ruddy complexion and deep auburn locks contrasted against David’s fairer skin and blond hair. David always reminded Ramone of a sixties surfer dude, but the guy was decent enough, although his meek demeanor got old pretty quickly.

As Ramone and Feliciti entered the room Delinda pointed to the thin blonde woman. “That is Janna.” She spoke a little louder, “Janna, child, come meet Ramone.”

Janna turned from the fire. Feliciti wasn’t kidding, she had a very pretty oval face. Large wide spaced sky blue eyes glowed over her angular cheekbones. Her small button nose sat above bright red, full lips. Their eyes met and her face lit up in a smile.

As she approached she offered him her hand. “Ramone, Bill has told me so much about you. I’m glad to finally meet you.”

He took her hand and brought it up to his lips gently. “Very nice to meet you too. Fel has told me a few stories as well.”

Janna glanced at Feliciti. “Don’t believe everything she’s told you. I’m really a very nice person.”

“That’s what she told me, Janna, but I’m hoping you are a little naughty as well.” He gave her a smile and a wink.

She smiled back. “Fel, where have you been hiding him? We should have been introduced long ago.”

Feliciti grinned at her husband. “I’ve been hogging him, but tonight, I’m sharing.”

Janna pointedly looked Ramone up and down. “Mmm, I can’t wait.”

Delinda waved at a petite young woman signaling her to bring a variety of drinks over. The woman wore a high necked white, short sleeved blouse buttoned up the front with large black buttons. A short black pleated skirt, hemmed just above her knee revealed thin muscular legs and sensible shoes.

Felicity moved across the room to give both Bill and David hugs. Janna watched Feliciti greet the men. When she was done, Janna smiled at Ramone and gave him a wink.

“Where is my hug, Fel. Surely you won’t leave me out.”

Feliciti returned and took Janna in her arms. “You know I love you, Janna.”

Janna pulled back and took Feliciti’s face in her hands and kissed her on the lips. Ramone’s eyebrows went up as the kiss lingered.

“Fel’s quite the woman. I can’t wait to feel her tongue in my pussy.” Delinda’s voice startled Ramone.

Recovering quickly, he covered his reaction by taking a bottle of Heineken from the tray the caterer offered and forced a smile toward the tall dark skinned woman. “That she is!”

“You okay with this? You seem a little pale.”

Ramone laughed. “I ain’t as pale as your little surfer boy.”

“He’s not pale, he’s fair skinned.” She leaned closer to his ear. “And he fucks divinely. I hope Fel get’s to have him at least once tonight. Me, I have my heart set on Bill. He gives the best massages and doesn’t mind if squeeze his balls a little too tight.”

Ramone cringed at the image of Delinda, with her strong hands, squeezing his balls until they hurt.

“But I might give you a special treat if you are a good boy.” Delinda winked at him and then stepped back, looking at the caterer who was just standing there waiting. “Well, what are you waiting for? I told you any man you served got a blow job, right? Down on your knees, now!”

The caterer immediately dropped to her knees, still holding the serving tray with a couple of drinks left. Delinda took the tray and the petite server smiled up at Ramone as she reached for his crotch. Without thinking he pulled back. Delinda stopped him with a hand pressed to his back forcefully.

“Don’t. She must do as I say. Isn’t that right, pet?”

Before the tiny woman could answer, Ramone said, “I’m not sure…” Ramone looked at Delinda and then back at the woman kneeling in front of him.

“Ramone, you’re at a sex party. You’ve had blow jobs before, right?” She studied him with a smile on her lips, but not in her eyes. Her lips tightened. “You are only here because she made you.” It wasn’t a question. She looked at him a moment more as if making up her mind and then a twinkle lit up her eyes. “She is going to get fucked tonight and not by you. Your faithful wife is going to fuck another man tonight, maybe more than one, and she’ll probably fuck a woman or two as well. Hell, now that I know your secret, I’m going to make sure I fuck her myself. Does that rip your soul apart or turn you on?” Her hand drifted down to his ass and she gripped it firmly as her lips brushed his ear. “Both maybe?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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