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Cindy and I awoke the next morning, nearly oversleeping her first session. We managed to grab a bagel at the hotel breakfast bar and set out for the clinic. What I saw out of her when pitching was something I hadn’t before. She had a constant grin on her face. She was also throwing harder and more accurately than the day before.

By day’s end, national powerhouse UCLA was basically begging for her to play for them. With her brother Alex already attending there, I told her she couldn’t refuse the offer. It would mean she’d get to play for one of the nation’s best college programs, have her brother there to protect her and go from living in the upper Midwest to sunny California.

We got back to the hotel after hashing out all the details with the Bruins’ assistant coach. Cindy didn’t seem as joyous as one would expect. “What’s wrong sweetie?” I asked.

“Daddy, I just got you and now I’m going to leave you for four years,” she blurted out, frustrated while she started to tear up. “I don’t want to leave you.”

“Cindy, I know we love each other, but you’re going to have to live your own life. There’s nothing for you softball-wise where we live.”

After a pause where I searched for an answer in her face, I finally added, hoping to cheer her up, “Besides, you still have your senior year of high school to go before you go away.”

She looked up at me through her now-wet eyes and broke into a huge smile. They say a year in teenage years is equal to like 10 adult years, so the prospect of being with me for the next year seemed good enough for the time being.

She walked over to me; we hugged like father and daughter before I slid my hands down to her ass. She was still in her softball attire, her hair in a pony tail and dirty from sweating. I didn’t care; I needed her right now and then. I kissed her deeply, lifting her off the ground briefly as I firmly pulled upward on her ass cheeks. They were so full, taut and perfectly shaped.

We made love as passionately as the night before, but much longer this time. The excitement of the moment the night before did not allow me to hold back, but this time I showed her all the pleasure of being made love to. I drove her to the brink of orgasms only to slow up, drawing curses from her as she begged “please, please Daddy, fuck me.”

Afterward, Cindy managed to ruin the post-sex Bycasino euphoria once again and ask what we were going to do when we got home. I covered my face with my hands, sighed loudly and proclaimed “I don’t know.” Cindy obviously expected more from her father, but in the rush of the last 18 hours or so, the only thinking I had done was with my lower head. After a minute, I added, “Let’s worry about it when we get home.” She agreed not to think about the future when the present was so delightful.

With the deal to UCLA in the bag, we decided there was no reason to stay the rest of the camp. But instead of going home, we decided to take advantage of our freedom in sunny Florida during the summer and head to the beach. Needless to say, we drew a few stares from some unapproving, stuck-up folks, but though she was my daughter by law, we were not flesh and blood. We were no different than any other couple with a generational age gap.

After three days of the beach and making love morning and night, we flew back home. On the flight, Cindy was apparently feeling a bit naughty. She whispered my ear, as she squeezed my cock thought my pants, “Daddy, fuck me in the bathroom.”

The thought of putting my daughter in the mile-high club had not crossed my mind before that, but was certainly something I couldn’t pass up. We managed to get in the crammed bathroom compartment unnoticed, or at least I thought. Cindy had apparently planned this out as I soon found out she wore no underwear under her dress, a light, flowery summer number. I pulled my already rigid cock out and sank it deep inside her as she propped one of her long legs up against the wall. I squeezed her breasts as I tried to get as deep as possible. “Fuck me from behind, Daddy.”

She turned around and spread her legs as wide as she could. This was much easier as I was able to get my full length inside her. I had no clue how sound-proof these things were, so I gave her my finger to bite down on as she grew increasingly noisier. I was pounding her hard when she bit down with what appeared to be all her might; she was being rocked by no doubt her most powerful orgasm yet. It turns out, sex with Daddy was a thrilling, taboo thing to her, but sex where you’re not supposed to have it combined with the incest element drove her over the edge.

She finally Bycasino giriş came down from the orgasm, panting and sweating. Her dress, pulled up around her waste was actually beginning to cling to her sweaty body. I had slowed my pace after she came, but picked it back up and was cumming in no time. I exploded deep inside her, trying to stifle my groans, no doubt to little avail from the stares we received from a few passengers on the way back to our seats.

It mattered not to us, however. We were in our own little world. Toward the end of our flight, which was scheduled to land around 11 p.m., Cindy managed to jack me off as I laid a blanket across my lap. We went undetected — again, so I thought — in the darkened cabin. When I whispered I was cumming, she dove under the blanket and took as much of my load as she could in her mouth. She sat back up quickly, smiled at me, opened her mouth to show me her prize and then swallowed it.

Jennifer greeted us at the airport, giving Cindy an enormous bear hug, congratulating her on the scholarship. Jennifer and I briefly embraced, giving each other a peck on the lips. It was what our relationship had been reduced to before the trip. It no doubt played a role in my decision to give in to Cindy.

Seeing Jennifer made us both melancholy as we knew we had to now deal with the reality of the situation. We got home from the airport about 2 a.m., threw our bags in the living room and all headed off for bed. I wanted Cindy to be in bed with me. It turns out as she later confided in me, she was now fiercely jealous of her mother being in bed with her love.

I knew the immediately solution — well, it wasn’t necessarily a solution — was that we’d sneak around and fuck behind Jennifer’s back. But though on the surface our relationship appeared to be a sexual whirlwind with nothing deeper, we were, in fact, deeply in love and wanted to be with each other as a couple, not like a couple of teens sneaking around.

Had Cindy not taken care of me twice on the plane, I probably would’ve been driven to sneak off to her bedroom. But, I was indeed quite tired and asleep in no time. The next day was Sunday, so we had to be up for church. Though I was very much an agnostic, Jennifer was a devout Christian. But because I was apathetic toward religion and figured the kids could Bycasino güncel giriş make their own decisions about it, I figured she could raise them how she saw fit.

We arrived at church and Cindy sat in between me and Jennifer as usual. I knew today might be our last chance to have sex for a while because Alex was due home from summer school at UCLA and I had to return to work tomorrow morning. It was my turn to do something naughty. After about 20 minutes of sleep-inducing preaching, I whispered to Cindy to open her Bible. I pretended to explain a passage to her in hushed tones. Then I quickly and quietly told her to go to the restroom area and wait for me.

Cindy excused herself a minute later; I waited five minutes before doing so myself. I quickly opened the men’s room and looked in — all clear. I pulled Cindy in, kissing her before the door was closed. She was clearly stunned by my intentions, but not at all against them. We quickly headed for the stall farthest from the door. After we kissed for a minute, she pulled out my cock and began sucking it. “We don’t have much time,” I breathed heavily as I leaned against the wall.

After she had me fully hard, she turned around and braced her self while bending over. I pulled up her mild-mannered skirt and saw she had on underwear. “Don’t ever wear underwear again when you’re around me. Got that?”

“Yes Daddy,” she said. “Now fuck me.”

I pulled them down to her ankles. I had to eat her pussy for a minute; she tasted so sweet. So I dove in, surprising her. I nearly brought her to an orgasm, but pulled away knowing that by doing so, her upcoming cock-induced orgasm would be earth-shattering. I fucked her fast and hard from the start; it only took two minutes before she came and me shortly after. “Jesus Christ,” she yelled. I smirked at the irony of the comment. I again unloaded deep in her pussy then ordered her to take off her underwear.

I left the bathroom first, throwing her underwear in the trash on the way out. After yelling back it was all clear, she bolted out. We returned to the pew together and were greeted by a stern, “where-have-you-been” stare from Jennifer. As we left church, I thought I dedetected a dried substance on Cindy’s calf.

When we returned home, Jennifer began fixing lunch while Cindy and I went upstairs to unpack our things. As I unpacked, I realized much like when a young couple gets together, the sex is usually the thing that runs the relationship early on. Being in my 40s, I figured what rush into a long-term commitment, even if I knew that’s where we were headed. It was how to get there that was the problem.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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