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I knew Wendy from High school. She had just started as a freshman the year I got my diploma & headed out of the little podunk town in search of my fortune.

I had been away from my home for about two years, & I’d come back to town to visit my mom and help with some home improvement projects she had going.

I spent a week building a greenhouse and redoing the roof, and I decided to take a day off & see what might have changed in my old stomping grounds. I went to see a teacher of mine that had been a real inspiration to me and helped keep me sane though the hell that is high school.

After spending a couple hours catching up, I decided to go & see who else was around.

That’s when I ran into Wendy again.

I was walking through the lunchroom when I heard a voice call my name

“Billy? Billy Name? Is that you?”

I turned to look at her, taking a second to recognize her.

“Wendy! Hi! how are you?”

She had changed. She used to be an average teenaged girl, a little on the chubby side, but very pretty, with long blond hair, a nice chest and a pair of lips that gave a me some very ungentlemanly ideas.

Judging by the cleavage she was sporting, she’d definitely grown up a bit in the last two years.

I sat down and we started catching up on things who was doing what, who moved, who stayed, that kinda thing. I did my damnedest to maintain eye contact throughout the conversation, but it wasn’t easy.

I looked up at the clock and noticed it was almost three o’clock. School was almost over and I offered her a ride home.

When she stood up, my jaw almost hit the table. She was pregnant- VERY pregnant. She looked like she was carrying Triplets, her belly stood out at least two feet from the rest of her, her breasts, which were rather generous when I’d left, filling a generous DD bra, had swollen to what I could only guess was at least an FF. She saw me staring and blushed a little.

“There have been a few changes with me too” she smiled.

“I can see that” I said, My eyes still fixed on her swollen figure, I felt my dick getting harder by the second.

We went to my car and took off towards her place, but after a few minutes, she asked if I wouldn’t mind just driving around for awhile.

We took a long tour of the town, chatting about various things; revisiting old stomping grounds. I found out that Mr. Phelps, the old middle school principal had died. He was an abusive, self serving lecherous old prick.

I decided to visit his grave. I turned down the street leading to the cemetary. Wendy knew where his plot was and led me right to it.

I stood over his gravestone, thinking about all the abuse and crap he’d heaped upon me and my friends during our time under his rule. I remembered how he had hidden his actions, saying he was “only trying to guide us to the ‘righteous path’. He used his religion like a bludgeon on all of us.

Wendy had dealt with his shit too. “Go ahead, you know you want to.”

I unzipped and took a long piss on the asshole’s grave. I noticed that there was a permanent bare patch at the base of the stone, like nothing could grow there.

Wendy saw me looking at it. “You’re not the only one to do that. Even my cousin Elise made a point to do the same thing.”

We got back in the car and headed out. “There’s a place I’d like to go. You just drive and I’ll tell you where to turn. Wendy sat back and directed me, “Turn left here.” Turn right at the next road.” Etc…

I noticed her skirt had ridden up a little and I had to force myself to watch the road.

After awhile we turned into Grove Park, It was a National park & campground, With lots of secluded areas for camping or just hanging out.

Following her directions, I drove deep into the park, far away from the road and most of the other campsites. It was the Off-Season and the place was deserted.

We got out of the car and I was treated the sight of her stretching, hands at the small of her back pushing her Huge belly and breasts forward, arching her back.

We went over to a picnic table and she sat on the table, her feet planted on the bench.

She looked at me with a little smile, ” You haven’t even asked about how I got this way.”

I laughed and said, “I have a pretty good idea!”

“My bastard boyfriend left me. He started calling me fat as soon as I started showing.” She looked down. ” He hadn’t even touched me since then, and now he’s in Mexico.” She started to cry a little then.

I was always a sucker for that. I went over and sat next to her.

“He’s an idiot who doesn’t know how good he had it!” I said. “I sure as hell wouldn’t take off. And I’d be ‘touching’ you every chance I could get!”

She laughed a little.

“You’re just saying that, I know I’m a fat, knocked up cow right now.”

“I think you’re gorgeous.”

“Really? I haven’t heard that for so long.”


“How can you think I’m pretty? I’m as big as a house, I can barely walk and my boobs are all swollen tandoğan escort and I can’t even find a bra that fits right!- I look ridiculous!”

” I don’t think there’s anything ridiculous about you. You are beautiful and I can’t believe your boyfriend ditched you! And if I were him, You wouldn’t need to walk ‘cuz you’d never leave the bedroom!”

I moved a bit closer, standing between her knees. My dick was rock hard, straining against my jeans. I was surprised the zipper was holding out against the pressure.

“You really think so?”

I took her chin in my hand and raised her face up so I could see her eyes.

“Yes. Yes I do.”

I stepped closer and leaned in. I was so turned on by now, I wasn’t thinking. I was going strictly on instinct. I closed the last little bit of distance between us and kissed her, just brushing her lips with mine.

She gave a little sigh and I deepened the kiss, letting my hands rest on her shoulders. I slid my tongue against her lips, teasing her mouth. Her lips opened and her tongue met mine slipping into my mouth twining around my own. I pulled her close, letting her feel my hard-on against her swollen belly. She gasped and a small moan escaped her and her hands slipped around my neck.

I pulled back a bit and began kissing her face working my way down her neck. I pulled her blouse to the side and nibbled her collarbone, leaving a trail of kisses on the delicate skin.

I let my hands slip down her body, caressing her shoulders slipping along her side. I stroked her belly, amazed at the feel of her taught flesh under my hands. I raised my hands and cupped her breasts, her nipples were hard as pebbles, pressing into my palms. I gently squeezed her, letting my thumbs flick across her nipples, teasing them even harder. She drew in a sharp breath, leaning forward and pressing herself into my hands.

I leaned down and kissed her again, capturing her lips in mine and plundering her mouth with my tongue. She returned the kiss, sucking on my tongue. I groaned at the feel and thrust back, fucking her mouth with mine.

Her hands moved to my belt, fumbling with the buckle. I caught her hands.

“Relax, this is for you right now. We have time.” I said. I kissed her again and caressed her belly, unbuttoning her dress from the bottom up. I knelt in front of her, slowly opening her blouse as I worked my way through the buttons.

I left the last button that held the dress closed over her breasts and parted the material, exposing her plump thighs and glorious, gravid belly. I gently pushed her thighs apart and leaned in running my hands over her beautiful legs, admiring her pink lace panties. I moved up, running my hands over her belly, feeling the swollen flesh quiver under my fingers, teasing her belly button.

I bent and placed a gentle kiss on her knee and began kissing my way upward, I pressed my face over every inch of her exposed skin, taking a moment to let my tongue tickle her bellybutton.

I felt her hands in my hair pulling me up, to he breasts.

I looked at her.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Open the last button, open my dress and take my bra off. I want you to”—She hesitated

“What?” I asked.

I want… I want you to suck my tits.” She sounded tense, almost fearful.

” Please? They’re so hard they hurt. Please, kiss them and make it better”?

I opened her dress and pulled it completely open, leaving her pink lace bra and panties exposed. and cupped her lace covered breasts, feeling their warm, soft weight in my hands. I flicked my thumbs over her nipples.

“Stop teasing!” she groaned Her breasts were spilling out of the cups, bulging against the lace and silk. I kissed the upper slopes of her tits, breathing in her scent. I let my tongue slip into her cleavage, tasting her. She was breathing heavily now, almost panting. I reached around her back, but she caught my hands.

“The clasp is in front.”

I undid the clasp and slowly lifted the cups away. Her breasts tumbled out of their lace confines to rest heavily on her belly.

My cock twitched at the sight, Her nipples we hard and thick as the tips of my thumb, surrounded by dark red aereolas the size of saucers. My cock was threatening to break my zipper, so hard it was getting painful.

I leaned in and took her left nipple in my mouth sucking hard.

She hissed in pleasure.

“Ooh yeah! Suck it! Suck my titty baby”! She cooed. Her hands were tangled in my hair, pressing my face into her chest. I opened my jaws and sucked as much of her tit into my mouth as I could and swirled my tongue across her hard nub, letting my hands stroke and tease the other. I sucked the hard nipple into my mouth giving it the same treatment. I squeezed her breasts together, flicking my tongue of over both nipples at once. As she moaned and panted.

“OH! So- good-so-good-so-good”!

I had to open my jeans and give my dick some relief. I stood up and unbuckled my belt and opened tunalı escort my zipper.

Her hand shot out and pulled my underwear out of the way and her fingers were on my dick.

“Ooh! You’re thick”! Her fingers couldn’t close around my dick as she slid her hand over my hard-on. I leaned in and attacked her nipples again, letting her stroke me. She pressed my dick against her belly, stroking it against her skin, smearing my pre-cum across her navel. I pulled away from her luscious breasts and kissed her, letting her suckle my tongue, nibbling her bottom lip, pulling it in and sucking gently. I ran my hand over belly, down to her thighs stroking her smooth flesh sliding up to her crotch. I teased her a bit, circling my finger over the little scrap of lace. I pulled way from her mouth as I slipped a finger into the elastic of her panties. I leaned in and whispered into her ear.

“These are in the way sweetie.”

She didn’t even hesitate. She put her hands on the tabletop and lifted herself up. I grabbed the elastic and slid her panties off her hips and down her thighs.

“Wendy, lift your feet so I get these off you”. I carefully slipped them past her shoes, careful not to snag or tear them.

I knelt down and opened her thighs, taking a second to just look at her.

“Lay back now, I have to taste you”. I said.

She did and held her legs up and open, completely exposing her pussy.

It was beautiful, her lips were swollen and dark pink, her clit was hard and I could see her juices running down her thighs. I wanted to go slow and easy but I couldn’t resist. I dove into her and slid my tongue up into her center and deep as I could!

She yelped in surprise and bucked her hips, she groaned as I pressed my face into her. She smelled so good! Sweet and a little tangy, I pulled back a little and licked her outer lips, nibbling and sucking, dipping my tongue between them, lapping her nectar as it flowed from her delicious center.

I let my hands roam over her thighs, and up to her beautiful swollen belly.

Her hands caught mine and pulled them up to her heavy breasts. I squeezed and caressed her tits, rolling her hard nipples between my fingers as I deepened my attack on her sweet pussy. I moved up and caught her clit between my lips, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. She groaned and reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling my face closer to her pussy.

“Oh Yeah! Like that, right there! Please suck my clitty! lick it hard!, I did as she asked, lavishing her little nub with my tongue. I slipped my hand down to her pussy and slipped two fingers into her, slowly fucking her while my tongue continued stroke her outer lips and tease her clit. I felt it swell under my lips, and her moans became louder. I decided to ramp it up a bit and turned my fingers to stroke the upper walls of her pussy, feeling for her G-Spot. I curled my fingers in a ‘come here’ motion. She let out a wail and her hips started to shake.

“Oh my GOD!” She wailed, and I felt her pussy walls start to spasm, clenching my fingers almost painfully hard. I kept the stroking going and took her clit in my lips and sucked hard. I pinched her nipple with my other hand, twisting it a little. That sent her over the edge, she grabbed my head and pulled my face into her, nearly smothering me, her thighs clenched around my head and shoulders as she screamed. ” Oh God I’m cumming!- I’m CUMMING!!!!!! She shuddered and I felt her pussy clench my fingers and a flood of her juices washed over my hand and poured over my tongue. I pulled back and stood up, I caressed her belly and tits while she shuddered through her climax.

She relaxed a little, lying back on the table, her hands running over her beautiful belly and breasts, stopping to play with her nipples. She sighed, looking up at me with a smile.

I stepped out of my jeans, letting my dick wave in the breeze.

“I hope you don’t think we’re done babe, That was just a warm up!” I stepped up onto the table and knelt between her thighs. I was dripping pre-cum like a leaking hose, and I reached down between us and smeared it over her pussy, dragging the head across her clit.

Wendy moaned, as she felt the head of my cock pushing at her outer lips, I pushed my cock down, slipping between her puffy outer labia.

“Are you ready Wendy?” I growled, “Are you ready to be fucked now?”

She looked at me and moaned again, her hips bucking, trying to catch my cock and force me inside.

“Please! Yes oh Yes” She moaned. “Fuck me, I want your dick in me, Please fuck me!” She whimpered, her hips bucking upwards.

Suddenly, her legs wrapped around my waist, and her heels dug into my ass. She reached up and grabbed shoulders and pulled my down.

“Fuck me, Fuck me right fucking now! ” Her whimpers had turned into growls

I shoved my cock into her and I was surrounded my molten hot velvet, juices were flowing like a river, welcoming my cock. She howled as I pushed in,and her legs locked around me.

“Oh türbanlı escort GOD! That’s so good! Go slow, please it’s been a long time!”

I obliged and pushed in, slowly and she shuddered as the head of my cock pushed against her cervix.

“Oh god, that’s so good, I’m so full!” She reached out and caught my hair, pulling my face to hers. I was in heaven! she felt so good! her thighs trapping me and her belly and breasts pressed against me.

I let myself rest against her, and kissed her until we needed to breathe again.

I started moving with slow, shallow strokes, reveling in the feel of her incredibly tight pregnant pussy.

I slowly built a rhythm and deepened my strokes, changing the angle of my cock and she came after a dozen or so strokes over her G-spot, her thighs clenched and she bucked beneath me.

“Oh god, I just came again! I’m gonna cum even harder, it’s building! Are you close Billy? Are you? I want you to cum , I wanna feel you shoot you cum into me! Please cum for me Billy! Fuck me Billy, It’s OK, I can take it now, Fuck me hard and cum with me!”

I leaned back and looked down at her, watching her breasts and belly jiggle under my thrusts, I moaned at the sight of her body. I slipped my hand down between us and stroked her clit with my thumb timing the rhythm to my thrusts.

She Groaned as another mini climax swept over her, and she pulled me down for another kiss. I slowed down, to savor her mouth. When we broke for air, she started to tease me her voice a breathy and rough, somewhere between a growl and a whisper. It’s time Billy, I need you to fuck me and cum in me now. Come on, I want it, and you better give it to me!”

I started thrusting harder, and she kept teasing me. “I know you think I’m hot right now Billy, but have a secret to tell you. ” she panted.

“What’s that?” I asked, between thrusts.

“How far along am I right now? “

“At least six months”

Uh-Uh Billy, Guess again,


She smiled and her thighs clamped around my waist and he ankles locked across my back.

“Four. I’m only Four months pregnant Billy, I’m carrying twins, I’m gonna get even bigger Billy, What do you think of that?”

I lost it then, the thought of her belly and breasts swelling even bigger drove me into a frenzy.

Wendy got what she wanted, I pistoned my cock into her like a madman, while he screamed at me to fill her up.

I felt it build, a tightness in my balls and a pressure at the root of my cock. I started to lose control of my thrusts as lances of white fire shot up my spine. I groaned like a wounded beast as I felt my cock start to throb. I took one last thrust, Shoving my cock into her as far as possible and I felt her cervix against the head of my cock just as I let the first jet of cum spurt into her.

Wendy groaned with me and pulled me into her, holding me as I spent myself inside her, her legs and arms holding me firmly as her pussy squeezed my dick, milking every last drop of cum out of me.

“It’s so warm Billy!, oh god your cum is so warm!”

I felt like I would never stop spurting, my cock jerked with each pulse of cream. I came so much I felt it run back over my cock and flow over my balls and her ass. My cum finally slowed down to a trickle, and I let myself melt into her, making sure to keep my weight off of her belly.

We held each other, slowly relaxing, letting the occasional aftershock ripple through our bodies. Eventually, I was able to pull away, and my cock slipped out of her with a wet popping sound. I looked down and saw a mix of our cum leaking out of her, forming a puddle on the surface of the table.

“Stay there sweetie” I whispered, “I’ll get us a towel.” I went to wipe my cock with my briefs but Wendy stopped me.

“Come here” she said. I did as she asked and she rolled onto her side and pulled my semi hard dick to her face. She licked my cock clean, sucking my length into her mouth, her hand gently squeezed me, pulling the last drop of cum onto her lips.

She liked her lips clean and used her finger to wipe a stray drop from her cheek. She sucked her finger into her mouth and licked her lips. She smiled at me and sighed.

“Mmm, that was tasty. I’ll want a full load in my mouth later, Okay?”

“I’m always willing to oblige a sexy lady!” I said. I grabbed my jeans and pulled them on, wondering how I’d managed to get out of my shoes. I buckled up and found my shoes and headed to my car and grabbed the towels out the trunk.

I always kept a couple of clean towels in my car, you never knew when you might need one.

I wiped our juices off of her thighs, drying her as best as I could and we managed to get dressed and semi presentable.

I used the towel to mop up the tabletop and I was going to grab the other one when Wendy grabbed it out of my hand.

“I’m going to need this one, Unless you want stains on your seats.” I haven’t ever felt a man cum like that in my life! How long has it been for you?”

I thought about that, Realizing that I hadn’t been with anyone since Zoe dumped me a year ago.

“About a year, Give or take a month.”

“Well no wonder. I’m surprised you didn’t explode!”

I laughed. “It wasn’t easy. It was a nasty breakup, so dating was not a priority for a long time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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