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I was in line to board a plane heading to Atlanta, Georgia. If I’m being honest, I was feeling pretty miserable. I was looking forward to seeing family and all that, but the flight was going to be a long one, and dealing with security was a pain, like always. There used to be a time when I was mesmerized by the workings of the airport and the airplanes themselves, but flight after flight has robbed me of that child-like wonder. I glanced to my left and was blessed with what was probably the only appealing thing I’d seen all day.

He had bushy black hair that stood in sharp contrast against his pale, smooth-looking skin. He had a sharp jawline and full lips that were just a bit darker than the rest of his face. When the flight attendant opened the door to the hallway entering the plane, a small gust of wind blew across him, exposing, through his shirt, his slim, muscular figure. He glanced over at me, so I shot him an awkward smile and turned my head to the door. I felt like my face was about to burst into flames.

We boarded the plane and when everyone had taken their seats, I was delighted to see how empty it looked. I guess nobody really wanted to go to Atlanta, big surprise, but it meant that I had a row all to myself. I stretched my legs into the empty seats and quickly began to doze off.

The plane shook from a bit of turbulence and woke me up. I yawned luxuriously, still thankful for all the space I had to move around, and looked around the cabin. I saw a head of bushy black hair two rows in front and across the aisle from where I was sitting, Cami Halısı and immediately recognized him as being the guy I was gawking at in the airport. I could see his face reflected in the dark parts of his laptop screen, where it looked like he was typing up some kind of report. I took the chance to admire his his dark brown eyes and broad shoulders. His face changed from a look of intense concentration to a look of relief as he finished up whatever he was working on and closed the window.

After basking in his accomplishment for a minute or so, he typed something into Google and looked through a few thumbnails until he found whatever he was looking for. His face changed again, this time into an intense, immersed stare. He left his mouth slightly open and his eyes widened a little. On the laptop screen were two dark-haired, well-proportioned women on their knees making out on top of a bed. They were both completely naked as they ran their fingers across each others’ curvaceous bodies. It was clear that they were really into it, as every soft caress from their partner seemed to send them closer and closer over the edge. His breathing became noticeably faster. He licked his lips a little and started unzipping his pants. I could see about two or three inches of his shaft reflected through the screen as he slowly started stroking up and down his schlong. Every time his hand grazed the tip, he let out what I could only assume was a moan given the fact that I couldn’t hear it over the sound of the plane. I couldn’t believe he was offing himself Cami Halıları right on the plane, but the rest of the passengers were pretty far in the back, and he must not have seen that I was in a position to see him jerking off.

I instinctively started caressing my breasts in response to the stimulus in front of me. My hand grazed my left nipple and I immediately bit my lower lip to avoid moaning at the sensation. I can’t usually fit my hand completely over one of my breasts, and now that they were a bit enlarged from my increased heart rate, I was even further from accomplishing that feat. I watched him pleasure himself for another minute or so before I knew I needed some release of my own.

I saw the lavatory in the back was unoccupied, so I practically jumped out of my seat and walked as quickly as I could to the back of the plane. Every step I took loosened my now fully erect hard-on from in between my legs, and the added lubrication dripping onto it from my soaking vagina didn’t help matters, either. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally made it to the lavatory as I practically busted the doors open and squeezed into the tiny compartment. I got some weird looks from the passengers and flight attendants, but I didn’t care as I flopped onto the toilet seat and peeled off my leggings.

At this point, my panties were doing nothing to hold back my hard-on; it practically swung out of my pants the first chance it got. My scrotum felt unbelievably tight and my balls ached in apprehension. I ran my index finger up my shaft and a bead of precum appeared on the head of my penis. I couldn’t take it any more. I started furiously rubbing my dick. I involuntarily moaned as my hands moved rhythmically up and down it’s pulsing length of their own volition. Every stroke sent a shock of pleasure up my spine and I started breathing heavily. My breasts shook up and down with every stroke of my rock-hard erection. I had to grab the side of the sink to avoid slipping off the toilet as my vaginal juices started making the seat slippery.

My moaning echoed against the walls of the lavatory as I rubbed faster and faster on my cock. My balls felt enormous between my legs as I used my free hand to pull on my scrotum. I was forced to spread my legs a little more as my balls continued to enlarge. The toilet was soaking wet from my various juices, and I knew I needed release now. I went down on myself, hugging my breasts against my shaft. The tip of my dick twitched inside of my mouth. I could feel the cum fill up my dick as I blew my load. I wanted to scream in ecstasy, but before I could, hot semen rushed into my mouth and ballooned my cheeks. I could barely keep up with the overflow of cum being shot out my erection, so a bit of it dribbled out my mouth and fell onto my thighs.

I let out a sigh as I relaxed against the back of the toilet. My still mostly-erect tool flopped against my thigh as I let my arms rest at my sides. I stuffed my member back into my pants and exited the lavatory. There was still a noticeable bulge in my pants, but I didn’t care. I sat back down in my seat. Everyone in the plane was looking at me, including my bushy-haired cutie. I must have been louder than I thought. I winked at him and dozed off once again, this time looking forward to my vacation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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