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Edited by Rozezwild

“Tadaaa!” Zeta dropped the bathrobe from her shoulders to the floor to show off the bikini she chose for Lemmi’s get together.

Lemmi and Kale’s jaws dropped at the sight of the tooth floss that was tied to three patches covering her nipples and crotch.

“Now, that’s hot!” Kale said going over to take a closer look.

“I love it,” Lemmi chuckled.

“Wow! Lemmi, get my camera and take a picture of me with your hot babe.”

Zeta put her arm around Lemmi’s best friend and posed.

“Turn sideways,” Lemmi directed.

Zeta moved Kale’s hand to her ass, which was exposed by the thong.

“Oh, you’re bad,” Lemmi said. “Let me zoom in on his hand.”

“How about here?” Zeta moved Kale’s hand over her thinly covered crotch.

“Fabulous.” Lemmi moved around them snapping photos.

Zeta and Kale got more and more playful. Kale held his tongue under Zeta’s exposed nipple, but his lips against her butt-cheeks.

“Hey baby, how about this one?” Zeta crotched down and popped Kale’s hard-on out of his swim trunks.

“Hey! Hey! Woah!” Kale’s eyes got as big as Zeta took his cock into her hot mouth.

Zeta cupped his balls and forced his cock into her mouth. She sucked on his cock hard and fast, twisting her hand around his shaft jerking the cum right out of him.

“Oh! Shit! Oh shit! Ah! Haaaaaah!”

“That was tasty.” Zeta wiped a bit of spilled cum from the corner of her mouth his her finger and sucked it off as she looked into his stunned eyes.

Lemmi put down the camera and walked out to the deck with his arm around Zeta.

“Marry that woman Lemmi! Marry her right now!” Kale shouted after them, while his swim trunks were still down around his ankles. He snatched them up as other people began to file in.

“You just made his night,” Lemmi said.

“Well, I do aim to please,” Zeta pulled him against her.

“You missed some.” Lemmi licked the cum from the side of her mouth and pushed his tongue in her mouth.

“Mmmmmm…kinky. I like that.” She gently pushed them away and headed down the steps. “Come on girls! If the guys can go topless, we can too!”

The young women hooped and hollered as they Bayan Escort Gaziantep took off the bikini tops, while the guy’s eyes widened with joy and excitement. The music was loud and the lower deck quickly filled with topless dancers.

Zeta bopped and rolled her butt against Lemmi’s crotch, while he held on to her hips trying to keep up. Kale gave Lemmi a high five as he found a spot next to them to dance with Zeta’s best friend, Krista.

“Best friends!” Kale pointed out.

“Shake’em down!” Zeta shouted and all the women shook their bare breasts at the young men.

Everyone consumed a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time. Cups were being raised to mouths in all directions.

Lemmi and Kale switched partners to Kale’s delight. Zeta let him take full advantage of her seductively moving body. Lemmi was laughing it up with Krista, sucking on boobs and massaging her butt-cheeks. Kale got into a full dry hump and grind against Zeta ass. Zeta put her hands on her thighs and grind her ass back on Kale’s hard-on.

“Let’s get’em all off!” Zeta shouted. She turned around and pulled Kale’s trunks down, and then pulled the string on her bottoms.

Everyone who was not on the lower deck or in the sand came rushing down, removing their bottoms and finding a partner. Some guys sandwiched one girl. Some girls sandwiched one guy, and some bounced from one person to another bumping, grinding, pawing, and sticking what ever they could.

Kale pulled Zeta back against the rail next to a young woman sitting on it, while a guy in front of her pumping his cock into her pussy. Kale rushed almost in a panic trying to get his cock into Zeta’s pussy from behind.

“Come on, lets go up to the house.” Zeta took Kale by the hand and led him up the stairs. She moved his hand up between her butt-cheeks, as he could have the pleasure of fondling her pussy while she walked up the stairs in front of him.

Lemmi smiled seeing his best friend and girlfriend walking naked up the stairs to the house. He looked down at Krista as he pumped his cock into her mouth.

A guy came up behind Krista and guided his cock into her man-made cunt from behind. She braced herself against Lemmi as she thrust her ass back on the guy’s driving cock.

Lemmi assured himself that he would not tell a soul Krista’s secret.

Brittany, one of Lemmi’s long time friends staggered over to Lemmi while a girl he had never met before sucked on his cock. Brittany had her untied bikini top hanging from her neck and no bottoms, and the cup she had in her hand was empty. “Lemmi, I just saw your new girl friend, and she looked like she was going to give Kale a little nookie nookie.”

“That’s probably true, Brittany. Are you having fun tonight?”

“Joanna is not here.” Brittany giggled and hushed herself with her finger to her lips. “We didn’t want her to know. She’s such a bitch.”

“You look like you had more than enough to drink.” Lemmi excused the girl at his cock and caught Brittany by the arm before she toppled over.

“Your new girlfriend is cute, not like Joanna.” Brittany stumbled over a couple having sex on the stairs. “Joanna has a big forehead.” She laughed indicating with her fingers the size of Joanna’s forehead.

Lemmi maneuver Brittany up the stair to the house. The smell of sex rushed out and hit Lemmi as he opened the door.

Brittany looked around at the naked bodies around them. “Come fuck me Lemmi. You never dated me before. I’m the only one that you haven’t slept with.

“You’re drunk.”

“Just a little. Joanna is always bragging about how great sex was with you.” Brittany grabbed his crotch and stroked his hard-on through his pants.

“Let me take you up to a room.” Lemmi rubbed his hand over her nice little butt. He thought of fucking her many times, but something was keeping him from following through.

Brittany crawled on the bed and spread her legs. “Don’t you think I have a nice pussy?”

Lemmi sat on the bed next to her. “We’ve been friends since kindergarten, haven’t we?”

“A long…long time.”

Lemmi put his hand on her stomach and she moved it down to her wet pussy. He rubbed her clit as she held his hand in place.

“I’ve always looked out for, huh shrimp?”

“You know, I never liked nobody but you calling me that.” She rolled her eyes and glanced up at him before closing them.

“Go ahead and sleep, okay?”

Brittany pulled Lemmi’s hand up from her pussy and squeezed it before passing out.

“Hey, how’s it going?” Zeta called from the door.

Lemmi’s eyes lit up at the sight of his sexy girlfriend in her boy shorts and tank top. “Just taking care of a friend.” He pulled the covers over Brittany and when out the door with Zeta.

“Kale passed out,” Zeta said.

“Did he enjoy him self?”

“Well, judging by the big grin on his face, I’d say he did. How about you?”

“This is my first orgy, but I say I had a great time.” Lemmi took Zeta’s hand making their way through the naked bodies. “Have you thrown many of these types of parties.”

“Only a couple, but nothing close to this. I only invited a few girls who like being fucked by strange guys. I don’t know where the rest of these people came from.”

Some of the guest where beginning to leave, some where still trying to get a shot of ass or dick. The party extended out on the beach where couples found spots to have sex in the sand.

Zeta and Lemmi walked holding each other close down the beach.

“So, what do you think?” Zeta asked.

“About what?” Lemmi toyed. “Us?”

“What else?”

“I think that I’m so happy that I met you.” Lemmi kissed her.

“That’s it?” Zeta pouted.

Lemmi laughed. “No, that’s not it. I think you are incredible. I never met a girl who would let me fuck her best friend or get naked with my dad. I never thought I’d be with a girl that I would enjoy see getting fucked by other guys. Shit Zeta!” Lemmi dropped on one knee in the sand. “I don’t have a ring right now, but would you marry me?”

“Yes. Yes I will marry you.” Zeta knelt down to the sand pressing her lips firmly against his.

Lemmi pulled Zeta’s top off over her head and lower her down on the sand. His hand slid down over her crotch as she pulled off her shorts. Lemmi’s cock throbbed as he pushed it inside of her hot pussy.

“Promise me that you’ll never change,” he said.

“You want me to be your slut wife?” she asked.

“Yes. I want you to be my slut wife until death do us part.”

Zeta grabbed hold of Lemmi’s butt-cheek and began bucking up on his cock as hard and fast as she could. She bit on her bottom lip and grunted as she tried to drive his cock up into her chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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