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Here I was on New Year’s Eve, lying in the guest room of my almost-a-girlfriend’s house, naked and needing to release a whole lot of sexual energy!

The little cock teaser just left me there with a hard dick and no pussy to put it in. Well, she isn’t little, actually. She’s a meaty, hefty babe, with big tits and a big ass to match. I love it all! I want it all!

Marsha and I had gone out to a high school friend’s place for the holiday eve party. I was back from college for the first time in my freshman year, having lost my virginity to a sexy drunk honey one Saturday night, who would have nothing to do with me when she sobered up the next morning. Bitch. Now I was hooked on pussy, and wanted more! So, when Marsha, a sort of off and on again date from my high school, invited me to this party with her, I figured she was in need of a good lay also.

All was going great. We laughed and drank and even danced a bit, rubbing up our needy maturing bodies against each other. After the obligatory midnight New Years kiss turned into a long and lasting necking session on a sofa in a dark room at the friend’s house, I figured this was it. I massaged her big titties through her sweater, which led to more groping beneath the sweater until I reached for her bra clasp…

“Not here, silly. Let’s go to my house for that!” Oh, YEAH, I thought!

So, off to her parent’s house, where everyone was fast asleep, we figured. We kissed and groped on the living room sofa, but whenever I tried to get some unneeded clothing off of her sweaty body, she pushed my hands away. Finally, she just out and out said it… “No, you can’t get into my panties. Not tonight. I’m Bycasino just not ready for that. I think we should just stop right here.”

But I was a little more drunk than I should be for the half-hour drive back home…so Marsha agreed that I could stay in the guest room. I thought she might just change her mind later on and join me…but she just led me to the door, and scurried off to here own room, telling me she was locking her door on me!

I shucked off my duds, climbed slightly drunken into the bed, hit the light, and lay there rubbing my now hard but needy dick. Suddenly, the door to the room opened and someone quickly slipped into the room, closing and locking the door behind them. Had Marsha changed her mind?

“I was listening and heard what that bad girl of mine did to you,” and I knew it was Mrs. Clark! “She just has no manners! I think I need to make that up to you,” she said as I felt her slip into the bed with me, and I realized she was buck naked!

She wrapped her arms around me, and planted a big, wet, sloppy, tongue filled kiss on me! I was in shock, but also in lust! Mrs. Clark sure was the source of Marsha’s substantial female flesh. She had double D knockers and a nice big ass on the back side. “Do you like big tits like these?” she cooed more than spoke. “I know you boys do. Mr. Clark used to, but just doesn’t spend much time with them anymore…but you will tonight, right?”

Sure would! As I rolled her hardening nipples between my thumb and forefinger, she moaned with pleasure and delight. “Oh, you naughty boy…Oh, how that makes me feel all lightheaded…Oh, Oh, OHHHH…there you’ve gone and made my pussy Bycasino giriş all wet and needy. Lick my tits, you little bastard, suck my boobies till I scream!!”

And that’s what I did for sure. I latched my mouth onto one tit and then the other, in rapid succession, sucking and nibbling and licking all over those two big, soft mammaries. They were so big and glorious. Every teenaged boy’s wet dream, and I was in Tit Heaven! When either of those two massive globes was not in my mouth, I grabbed it with my hand and massaged and squeezed it all I could.

“You are such a wonderful Tit-lover, aren’t you my little boy?” Mrs. Clark sort of growled at me between moans and groans. “My big boobies haven’t felt this good in years! Oh, my, OHHHH…..” and she was off into orgasmic bliss. “My pussy is so wet and ready for you,” she finally gasped. “Get that big hard cock of yours over here on top of me and put it to good use, you hunky stud. Why my horny bitch-of-a-daughter didn’t open her legs for you is beyond me. I want your dick in me NOW!” she demanded.

How could I refuse such an offer? I rolled over on top of her substantial female frame and poked my near virgin cock around her gaping wet swamp-of-a-cunt, till it sort of just slid right in. “YESSSSS…” she growled, and I thought she would wake up the whole household! “Fuck me you little stud, fuck my wet cunt, ram your young stud cock into me over and over,…..YEESSSS.” God, was she horny. My rock hard cock was engulfed by her sloppy wet puss, and it felt great! That young cunt I had in college a few weeks back was tight and sexy…but this womanly gash was a real rush! I loved Bycasino güncel giriş how she humped up her whole soft fleshy body up to meet my every thrust, and grunted and groaned as I pounded her back into the mattress.

Well, it was only a couple of minutes before I knew I would shoot my load into her cavernous cunt. “I’m gonna cum, Mrs. Clark…I cant’s hold it.”

“Yes, boy, Yes. Give me a big load of your hot white jism. Fill my pussy with your man juice, now! I want to feel all that sticky goo in my horny puss.” Fill her up, I did. I rammed my dick into that horny old gash and unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum juice. “YYYEEESSS,” she gushed, as I shot my jism into her.

Well, that was only the start. I rolled off her fat tummy and after a short while she was a tugging and pulling on my dick, and then she moved on down to suck me up to full hard length. “Put that wet stick into my needy asshole, you young little pervert. You’re a chubby chaser, aren’t you? You’ve been aching to fuck a tight brown female hole. I know you want to fuck my ass, now get to it.” She rolled over onto her belly, stuck her big flabby ass in the air, and I was ramming away at my first asshole, in and out, slapping my balls on her sloppy wet cunt, and feeling the glories of Mrs. Clark’s fleshy backside pushing back against my own belly. What a glorious cum I had, and she moaned and groaned and screamed into the pillow under her face as I filled her shithole with cum.

Awhile later, after playing more with those fantastic big tits, I fucked her well used pussy once more before I just fell asleep, exhausted. Mrs. Clark must have slipped out of the room sometime, ’cause in the morning I was there by myself, well fucked and happy! I just got up and left before others were up…didn’t want to face Marsha, or her Mom! But I did “cum” back to see Mrs. Clark on other school vacations. Like the time over the summer….(to be continued).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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