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Big Tits

Over the course of my first year in college, while living with my dad to save on expenses, I had quite the voyeuristic adventure. I would often watch from outside my dad’s bedroom window while he had sex with his girlfriend. This eventually made me actually jealous. So I devised a little two-stage plan to get back at him. Stage one had already been put into motion; I made a habit of wearing revealing clothes around the house when we were alone together and giving him little peep shows of my own. I knew that it was having the proper effect when dad started having his young girlfriend call him daddy sometimes during their more heated and alcohol fueled fuck sessions while I fingered myself like crazy outside the bedroom window.

That first year is also when I met Tommy. Tommy spent all of his time since high school just partying it up and working odd jobs here and there to pay the bills. At 26 he finally decided to go to college and we ended up in some of the same classes. He was sort of my boyfriend that first year of college; well, really the summer after that first year. I say “sort of” because we were neither very serious about the idea of a relationship, be we really enjoyed each other’s company. When the spring semester finally came to a close, and I had the house to myself again with dad at work, Tommy would sometimes come over and we would hang out. Usually that meant smoking and then bullshitting for hours or watching some silly movie. Sometimes we would make out and get all physical with each other. It was always a good time though. Dad knew about Tommy at this point as they had met a couple of times; ever since reaching adulthood, dad was sort of neutral about my guy friends instead of simply being opposed to them. He didn’t encourage me to go out with guys, but he didn’t discourage it either. As for having guys over while he was at work… it hadn’t really come up. Until stage two of my plan that is; which was to arrange for dad to walk in on us during a one of those physical sessions.

Stage two required a bit more planning though than a simple casual glance. To help with that plannin, I had been periodically checking my dad’s day-planner to pick the perfect day. That day turned out to be a Friday in late June. He was taking the car in for a service at a garage close to home and had made a note in his planer that we would be working from home the rest of the day. It would be perfect. Working from home meant he would need to go to his office down in the basement. That would be an ideal spot to setup an encounter with Tommy.

There was a lot of anticipation as the time crept up, I made plans with Tommy for him to come over that day and hang out. Of course, I didn’t tell Tommy that my dad was going to be home early, I needed at least his real reaction to getting caught to be genuine. Tommy came over around noon, and I expected dad to be home around 2pm. That gave me a couple of hours to get everything in place. We started out by just hanging around outside and smoking before moving into the house. Everything was going according to plan, and it was perfect. The plan was simple, and the basement’s unusual layout was well suited for it.

The basement was sort of partitioned off into four rooms. The stairs exited into the largest of the rooms, the bar area; pool table, dart board, stereo, and actual bar. The other side of the basement had another large area that was setup as more of a lounge/guest room; there was an TV and a couple of old couches, though one was actually a futon that would unfold into a bed. Between the two large rooms was a wide hallway with dad’s office on one side and the laundry room on the other. Knowing that dad would be coming down to the office, my plan was to keep the lights off and just have the stereo on in the bar area and the TV on in the lounge area where Tommy and I would be. I would be able to tell if dad was there when he stepped in front of the little lights on the stereo. Then I would turn the heat up with Tommy until dad came in and kicked him out. Then I had a whole speech prepared for how I am an adult and what I do with my boyfriend is my business.

We were setup on the couch that faces the bar area, it was around 1:30 when I thought I heard my dad’s car, confirmed when I faintly heard the front door. Tommy must have heard something too, because he asked if I had heard something. I told him that it was just the TV, then I moved in for a kiss. Well, boys will be boys, so that was all the convincing he needed. We were well into making out, with Tommy leaning in front of me, when I was barely able to make out the silhouette of my dad move into the hall and quickly dart back into the darker bar area. As it turned out, the lights on the stereo really weren’t needed, but it sure did help mask our sounds.

I was sure that Tommy and I making out like a couple of school kids wasn’t going to do anything except create a slightly awkward silence when dad finally got bored and cleared his throat or something. I decided I had to dial it up if I really wanted to induce the jealousy that I was really hoping for and truly get back at dad for his girlfriend. To tell the truth, it wasn’t really about getting back at him in a revenge sort etiler escort of way… after all that happened that past year, it was more the thrill of giving my dad a little show. I broke the kiss a little and whispered to Tommy to touch me. We had only ever really kissed before, though he grabbed my ass now and then, but this was really new territory for him and he got pretty excited. We had both done more with other people, but like I said, he was only my “sort of” boyfriend that year.

He went back to kissing me, then brought his right hand up to cup a breast. I could still just barely make out my dad in the shadows, and he still wasn’t moving; so I gave Tommy a light moan of encouragement. He brought his hand down to my waist and slid my shirt up to expose my breasts. My dad would now have been able to see Tommy squeezing my left breast and playing with my nipple as he kissed me, and he still had made no move to stop us. I wasn’t sure how far I was willing to take this with Tommy, but at that point I was willing to continue the show. Tommy broke off the kiss and moved down to take my right nipple into his mouth as he lightly pinched the left one with his hand. As I released another moan of pleasure, Tommy moved his hand down between my legs and pushed up the material of the skirt I had worn for this occasion. As Tommy began rubbing my pussy through the thin material of my panties, I parted my legs to allow him better access. At that moment I could just make out some movement coming from my dad. I tried going over my speech again to prepare, though it was difficult to concentrate; however, dad did not come forward to confront us.

In the dim light, I could just make out movements that sure looked like dad was jacking off while he watched. I could imagine, based on my own experiences watching him, how much he might be enjoying the show. The show picked up at this point too as Tommy moved my panties to one side so he had direct access to my moistened pussy. Tommy’s sucking at my breast increased in intensity as he slid first one and then two fingers inside me. I could see dad’s movements become more energetic as Tommy fucked me with his hand. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was my dad making me feel so good rather than Tommy. My breathing increased and I moaned in pure delight. Tommy started kissing down my belly and then he shifted onto the floor, moving between my legs. When I felt his tongue touch my clit, I let out a louder moan as I pictured my father there instead. Tommy sucked at my clit and swollen lips while still vigorously fucking me with his fingers. The feelings coursing through my body in waves were intense and I knew I couldn’t hold back my orgasm much longer.

I wanted to open my eyes and try to watch my dad pleasuring himself while Tommy pleasured me, but I kept them closed to continue my fantasy. As Tommy worked, my mind’s eye pictured that it was dad reaching his left hand up to grab a breast and pinch my nipple… it was dad thrusting his fingers deep inside of me… it was dad flicking my clit with his tongue… my hands were on the back of my dad’s head, not Tommy’s, grabbing his hair and grinding against his face and hand. I could hold it no longer; my moaning increasing, my breathing increasing, my excitment soaring; and as the orgasm rocked my body, I let out a final moan and, to my belated dismay I yelled out, “oh daddy!”

Tommy withdrew and climbed back on the couch. I could still barely concentrate, and the darkness seemed to be breathing in the bar side of the basement, but it looked like dad was retreating. I told Tommy that we had better clean up because I just remembered that my dad might be home early today. He made some joke about, “that must be why you yelled out ‘daddy'” or something like that. I said that must be it; but then I grinned at him and told him that he could be my ‘daddy’ and them kissed him before standing up and fixing my clothes. I still had my speech ready just in case dad was waiting to confront us upstairs; though based on his actions during all of this, I had my doubts about any confrontation. When we finally emerged from the basement, there was no sign of my dad. We went to the kitchen to get something to drink as Tommy patted himself on the back for pleasuring me and asking when we could do it again. I was about to answer when the front door opened and dad walked in carrying his work stuff like he had just come home.

Dad came into the kitchen acting like nothing was amiss and greeted us. I especially remember this because he made a point of shaking Tommy’s hand when he said hello… the hand that so recently was covered with my vaginal juices and had not yet been washed… and I swear he sniffed it while pretending to scratch his an itch on his face. It proved to be too awkward for Tommy to talk to my dad right then, so he made up some excuse about errands he had to take care of and he took off, leaving me and my dad in the kitchen to chat about our respective days.

“Tommy seems like a good kid,” dad said, a little out of the blue.

I agreed, saying, “Yeah, he’s sort of become my best friend at college, and it’s really cool that he lives close enough that we can hang out sometimes escorts during the summer.”

“So you guys aren’t dating, or anything like that?” he asked.

“Nah, not really. We’re just good friends. Neither of us wants to deal with a relationship,” I responded, wondering if now was when we was going to bring up the basement or else just tell me he doesn’t want him over here when he’s not home.

“That’s cool,” he said. He then started putting his work stuff away; though he then said, almost in passing, “why don’t you invite him over Friday night for pizza and a movie. You know, so I can get to know him better.”

I really wasn’t sure how to respond, or where he was going with this, so I think I simply said “cool” or something just as lame. The conversation then turned to him having to leave work early for the car so he still had some work to do. He went down to the basement office and I went out back to ponder the turn of events and smoke a little.

The next day, I asked Tommy about coming over that Friday night. He was more interested in coming over during the day to have another go at me. I had to firmly remind him that we were just friends, even if we help each satisfy certain urges now and then adn then “fooling around” would not become what our relationship was about. Thankfully, he was cool with that; and as the designated Friday approached, we hung out a few times with only the occasional grope to playfully fend off.

That Friday, Tommy came over right about the time my dad was due home from work. He was hoping to avoid being in the house when my dad walked through the door again, I think he was secretly paranoid that it was all a setup. It seemed like dad was running late though, so we flipped on the TV and started chatting about what movie my dad might bring home from the video store. When the phone rang, I went and answered it, it was my dad.

“Sorry hun,” he starts. “Major crisis here at work, and it looks like I’m going to be late. I already called to tell Tina not to worry about coming over.”

“That sucks,” I replied. “Well how late is late?”

“I don’t think it’ll be any sooner than 8 or 9 tonight.” A brief pause, then, “did Tommy say if he was going to make it?”

“Yeah, dad. He just got here. I’ll tell him we’ll have to reschedule.”

“That’s fine, but I feel bad. I’m sure he doesn’t have alternate dinner plans. Why don’t you two just hang out there and shoot some pool or something. If I’m not too tired when I get out of work I can still grab a movie and we’ll just watch it late. Either just the two of us, or Tommy too if he feels up to it.”

“You sure you’re cool with that, dad?”

“Yeah, you’re an adult; I trust you. Look, there’s money on top of the fridge, why don’t you guys go ahead and order some pizza for yourselves. And, if you promise to stay out of trouble, there’s some beer in the basement fridge; Tommy looks to be of age, and again, I trust you.”

This new development seemed interesting to say the least. I was pretty sure that dad wasn’t going to be as late as he said and was probably just hoping to catch another show. I decided not to disappoint him, but I had to give the obligatory negatives so I didn’t sound too eager. So I said, “Are you sure? I can just see if Tommy can come over tomorrow night instead.”

“Don’t be silly,” he said. “Seriously, you kids have fun. Just save a couple beers for me. I’ll see you in a couple hours or so.” Then he hung up the phone.

I told Tommy the bad and good news. We decided to wait on ordering the pizza and hit the basement for the beer and pool. I hadn’t had time to plan anything out like I had early in the week though, so I started thinking about it over the first beer and pool game. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), I suck at pool; which meant I had a good amount of thinking time as Tommy cleaned up on the table. I figured that if dad had called from work, which the caller-id had said he did, then he could be home in less than an hour. What I didn’t know was if he was going to barge in this time to play the caught-you-in-the-act card, or if he was going to sneak in and hope to catch another show. I figured on the latter, so I had to think about this. It wouldn’t make sense to have the bar lights off this time since we were supposed to be playing pool. There weren’t any basement windows, so dad’s only real hope to see anything without being noticed would maybe be the stairwell. He wouldn’t be able to see into the lounge that way though.

That’s when I saw it; I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it earlier. Dad had casually started talking about cleaning out some of the closets a day or two before. While going through one of the boxes, he found an old afghan blanket that used to belong to his mother. He was all sentimental about finding it and saying he was going to wash it and use it as a throw on the couch in the living room. And there it was, freshly washed and hanging on a clothes rack right outside the laundry room. It was positioned just right to give him perfect cover to hide behind if we were in the lounge area. And since the afghan was practically more hole than blanket, he would be able bagcilar escort to see perfectly. I had to smile; he had probably been planning this since the moment he suggested Tommy come over. After going through all that trouble, I really didn’t want to let all his hard work be for nothing!

We drank a few more beers and I continued playing bad pool until it got closer to the time that I thought my dad would really be getting home. As the time approached, I began flirting more with Tommy. I would lean over the table so he could see down my shirt, brush my fingers across his back or butt as I walked past him, and gave him my best “come hither” look. It didn’t take long before he began to embrace and kiss me. I suggested moving into the lounge area, this time setting up on the couch that faced the TV… that way there would be less of a chance that Tommy would notice my dad hiding there, if things played out the way I had figured they would. I told Tommy I had to go potty real quick and left him there on the couch while I ran upstairs.

I really had needed to go potty, but I did it quickly; then I began peeking out the front window and hoped that it wouldn’t take so long that Tommy would come looking for me. Luckily, my timing had been perfect; after waiting for what seemed like hours, but was really only about five minutes, I saw my dad’s car park across the street. It was obvious that he was trying to minimize the chances of us noticing him. When I saw him get out of the car and start walking towards the house, I darted back down to the basement. I quickly peeked at Tommy from what would become my dad’s hiding spot; again, it was perfect. Because of the angle of the couch coupled with the wall of the laundry room, Tommy’s head and chest were completely out of view of the hiding spot… which meant, conversely, that dad and his hiding spot would be out of Tommy’s view as well. I also noticed that Tommy already had his shorts down and was attempting to stroke his limp penis to get it hard. I figured it was time I helped with that.

I walked towards Tommy in my best attempt at a seductive strut, taking my shirt off and playfully tossing it at him. Apparently, seeing me walk over to him with my tits hanging free was already enough to get the attention of his little friend. I kneeled next to him on the couch and began kissing him as I lightly stroked his cock with my right hand. Unfortunately, from this angle I couldn’t see the hiding spot anymore than Tommy would be able to, so I had no idea if dad was watching yet… and I didn’t want him to miss any of the good stuff. When I felt that enough time had passed, not too long really, I leaned back just enough to confirm with the corner of my eye that something was behind the afghan… it was pretty safe to say that dad was watching.

I looked at Tommy, bit my lip a little, then asked, “do you want me to suck you off?” I figured that would get a real rise out my dad, if you know what I mean.

Tommy brought his hand up my body, taking a moment to grab one my tits, caressed my face, and finally settled in my hair at the back of my head. He then said, “yeah, baby. Suck it good.”

I leaned over and kissed the head of his penis before sticking my tongue out to slowly encircle the head as I continued to lightly stroke him. I then took him into my mouth, and as I sucked him while slowly bobbing my head up and down, I tried to peek in my dad’s direction and check that he was still there watching. I could just make out the tell-tale movements that indicated that he was stroking himself. I hoped that he was imagining that he was in Tommy’s place as much I was. The thought of it made me enjoy the act even more and I began working my mouth on Tommy’s cock enough that I could hear his breath become labored and he started moaning things like, “yeah, baby, just like that” and that sort of thing. I imagined it was dad saying that to me and it made me even more hungry for the cock in my mouth. I stroked him as I sucked and continued to run my tongue around the head as best I could until I felt Tommy’s hand tense on the back of my head as he tried to drive himself down my throat. With my hand still wrapped around his cock, he couldn’t push too deep, which was fine with me. When Tommy’s cum finally flooded into my mouth with his legs twitching under me, I swallowed most of it, but I let some drip out from my lips so my dad could see it.

I sat back up and gathered all the loose cum still dripping down my chin, as well as Tommy’s cock, with my fingers and sucked them into my mouth. I was so tempted to look into my dad’s direction as I did it, but I didn’t want to scare him away. So I looked at Tommy instead, though I couldn’t help the mischievous grin that arose on my face. Tommy took that to mean that I still wanted to play; to be fair, I did, though my motives were just to give my dad more of a show. Unfortunately, as I glanced back in dad’s direction while planning what to do next, I could see too much light coming through the blanket… dad wasn’t there anymore. While part of me wanted to get some sexual gratification with Tommy, the fact that dad was no longer watching had sort of killed the moment. So I told Tommy to “put your pecker in your pants, cowboy” and started putting my shirt back on. He protested, of course, but I explained that dad might not be as late as he feared and I didn’t want to get caught. He finally gave in and we went back to shooting pool.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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