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Female Ejaculation

Guys and Girls-The Beginning.

Marlene’s Slutty Adventures

This work is copyrighted, and no part of it may be reproduced or used for commercial gain without the express permission of the author.

This work is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to any person real or otherwise is purely coincidental

This work contains details of an adult sexual nature. If you are easily offended or don’t like any of the following topics, please do not read it. I will not be held responsible for any offence caused. This work is also pure fantasy. It does not advocate forced sex or any non consensual acts with unwilling participants. When reading it, please remember to respect other peoples wishes, practice safe sex, and above all else, enjoy this work.

The following topics are covered. Straight Gay Lesbian and Bisexual. Cuckold, Humiliation. Girl Fights, Bukakke, Cum Swallowing, Cheating, Public Nudity.

Chapter 1

Marlene and Martin

It was early morning. The day looked bright and the skies were clear. This was a perfect day for very little clothing, and swimwear to be worn. Plenty of flesh was bound to be on show today. In a small house in the middle of an ordinary street, a couple sat making a home movie that was going to enhance both their young lives and take them on a journey of sexual freedom and utter indulgent enjoyment.

“Ok, you’re on…”

“Are you filming?”


“Hi, I’m Marlene. I’ve just turned 18, and I’m out to fuck. Martin is behind the camera, and is going to follow all my exploits. I’ve just finished school, didn’t do that well, and don’t care much either. Wasn’t the most popular girl, and got into all the love things with boys. Basically got together with four different boys at school, each one got to fuck me, then dumped me. “

Marlene swished her ponytail to one side as she talked to the camera.

“I’ve now realised nice girls get used and have no fun. So, I’ve decided to do some things differently. Number one, sex is fun, and if I’m a slut for doing it with lots of people, then I am a proud slut. ” she smiled at the camera.

“Two, I am going to find a guy who I can dominate and basically humiliate. No doubt he will be like the guys at school, so I won’t feel so bad. “

Martin raised an eyebrow at this point. He wasn’t quite sure how she was going to pull that one off.

“Three I’m going to try anything and everything I can, and stick it on my website and make some money at the same time. Yay me.” She laughed.

Marlene was a petite blonde, she sat on the couch as Martin filmed her. He had a small hand held camera in his hand. He had long admired her, but she had no interest in him. He was a sweet boy, but with her new found confidence, he was not on her radar.

Marlene wore a tight short skirt, and a tight crop top. It was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her small pert tits were visible through the thin material. Martin felt a stirring in his pants.

Marlene then slowly crossed her legs. As she did so, Martin made out a small gap between her thighs. She had no knickers on either. He gently nudged the zoom button. She obliged him by opening her thighs further. Martin could make out her soft pink pussy lips, with a wispy black top of hair.

Marlene loved the attention she was getting. This was just amazing. She felt like a Hollywood star, just not as rich, or talented. Marlene knew her talents lay elsewhere, and she was going to use them to the best of her advantage.

“Has the web site been done yet?” Asked Martin

“No, I need to ask Mark to do that for me. ” Marlene said with a smile

“Mark charges a fortune for doing that. How you going to pay for it. I doubt he will do it as a favour.”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I’ll see if he likes the ideas of what we are doing, and maybe we can give him free membership or something.” Marlene stood their thinking. She needed the web site but did not know how to do it. She had failed her technology course. She began to ponder other options.

“I could offer him a blow job..” She laughed nervously.

“He might want more than that.” Martin sniggered.

“Hmmm, OK, if I have to fuck him, that won’t be a bad thing. He’s a good looking guy too.”

Marlene was a bit shocked at herself. She had never even thought of doing something like that before. But now, she knew she had an opportunity to get what she wanted done, and it was as easy as flattering a guy’s ego. Her nipples tingled. She lifted up one side of her top to expose her left tit. She gently massaged it. Martin could hardly believe his luck. He turned the camera round and started filming again.

“Um, you ok with me filming this?”

“Yes…” Marlene said as she turned to the camera.

She slid her hand across the the other side and slipped her top over the other tit, so she had both exposed now. She played with them both. This felt good, and both her and Escort Bayan Antep Martin enjoyed the attention each other was getting.

He felt his pants stiffen again. A buzz broke the silence. Marlene’s phone was ringing. She was about to cover back up again, and then stopped. No, she thought, I’m keeping my tits out. Martin kept filming.

Marlene walked over to the table where her phone was an answers it. It was Sarah. She sat down on the couch again, but instead of crossing her legs in a ladylike fashion, she sat legs wide apart. Martin focused the camera on her whilst she talked to her friend. Her pussy was on full show now.

And her pert breast glistened in the soft morning light streaming through the window. This was definitely going to make a good start to the web site. Marlene smiled at Martin. He found this a huge turn on. He was filming a girl talking to one of her girlfriends, whilst giving him his own private show. Sarah was none the wiser to what her friend was doing as she talked to her.

Chapter 2

Sarah and James

Marlene was standing under a tree with her friend Sarah. She was a year older than Marlene, and had a lot more experience at getting guys and fucking in general. The sun was shining, and it was a glorious hot day. Both girls had short skirts on, but Marlene’s was just that bit shorter. Sarah had a white t shirt on with a logo that said Just Do It, and cute pink trainers with ankle socks with little frills around the top. Her look was quite cute, and left just enough to the imagination.

Marlene by contrast looked as though she was definitely easy. She wore a tight crop top with thin shoulder straps, that exposed her neck and barely covered her tits. It was also very clear she had no bra on. The short tartan skirt she wore was pleated, but as she walked along it barely covered the tong she was wearing. To complement the look, she had a white pair of sandals on. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, with a cute white scrunchy holding it in place and a few carefully pulled wisps of hair to frame her face.

“How many guys have you been with then”

“Probably eight or so, so far..” Sarah said with a coy smile.

“Well I want a lot more than that” said Marlene. She told Sarah what she wanted to do.

“As far as making a guy pay, I like that idea. Use my ex James.”

Sarah was a bit bitter about James. They had gone out for some months, and James had ended up sleeping with several other girls as well. James had taught her a valuable lesson, men think with their cocks. When they finally fucked, she had been left disappointed. James was not the biggest guy she had been with, in fact he had been the smallest in the trouser department. But she had been loyal and had put up with his attempts to pleasure her.

Marlene smiled. She had always thought James was cute.

“Why him? He is nice isn’t he?”

“Not really, he thinks he is mr wonderful, but he has a small cock, and is a bit too submissive in bed. I like a man to really take me and fuck me. Not try to be nice.” Sarah winked. “Anyway, just go up to him and ask him to fuck you. He will no problem. Then you can start working on getting him to watch whilst other guys fuck you, then you can get him to join in as a cuckold. I’m sure you could do that no problem. His room mate Brett is a good fuck though. He has a nice big cock, and is soo hunky.”

Marlene pondered this. She had never been so bold as to walk up to anyone and ask for sex. But then again, this was the new her, and she needed a submissive guy to start her plans off. She concluded that if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

The girls said their goodbyes and went on their way. Marlene decide she was going to go and find James. She felt a warm tingle all over as she walked along. Would she actually do this, or was she going to bottle it. Martin was following her, and filming at the same time. She had asked him to keep his distance a bit, as she didn’t want James to see him.

Aware that the camera was there, she made sure she wiggled her hips a bit more than normal. If this actually came off, it would make a great start to her website. She was almost at James flat. To give herself an extra bit of confidence, she decided she was going to take her knickers off.

She stopped and had a quick look around, no one but Martin was around. She slipped her hands up her skirt, wrapped her figures around the straps of her thong and slipped them down. As she did so, she bent forward, and flashed her pussy. Martin was stunned. He zoomed the camera.

Marlene seemed to stay there longer than needed. His concentration was rocked though, as a car went passed at sounded its horn at her. She stood up and flashed her middle finger at the driver. She turned to the camera and waved her knickers at it before tossing them into the undergrowth by the side of the road.

‘To know your adversary, you just first befriend him, then all his defences come down. Once they are down, you can decide the most befitting method for his demise.’ Marlene by no means thought of herself as an intellectual, but she had liked reading The Art Of War, by the chinese military adviser, Sun Tzu. James was her adversary, and she had to get to know him better. So she hoped her plan would work out.

Marlene stood outside James’ flat. She had tried knocking, but no one answered. She had been hanging about for a while now, and was starting to get cold feet. What if he said no, she thought. What if he made fun of her. Just then she heard a voice behind her.

“Hi Marlene..”

Martin had seen James, and had hidden behind a tree. Just enough of him was visible to film the pair as they talked.

It was James. Oh no, she thought, this is it.

“Hi James. How are you?”

“Fine. What are you doing here? “He said as he started to open the door.

“On I was just wondering around and thought I’d come round and see you.”

They walked in side. James put his keys on the table. He turned round to see Marlene walk into the lounge. She had her small mini skirt on, and she had some amazing legs to show off. Her tight crop top was quite revealing, and he could already imagine what she would look like sitting on his face.

Typically, he had no interest in talking to her, his mind was racing with thoughts of the various ways he could fuck her. But as always, he knew she would only want to talk, and these memories were ones for the wank bank when she leaves.

“So, what have you been up to lately?” He asked.

Marlene sat on the couch. Here goes she thought. She slowly opened her legs, revealing her pussy. Definitely no knickers on. James was stunned.

“Do you want to talk or shall we do away with all that crap and have some real fun?”

“Um…” James said.

“I’m fed up with those boys from my year, and want to fuck someone with more experience. You’re no longer seeing Sarah, so I thought you might need more than just your hand?”

Marlene stood up, and slowly ran her hand up her leg, catching her skirt on the way up, then slowly raising it. Her other hand gently caressed her navel. She slide it slowly upwards towards her tits. Again, just catching the bottom of her crop top. She raised it to expose her right tit puffy nipple. It was erect now, and she felt this warm tingle all over her. James was watching her intently. She could see a growing bulge in his pants.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting this” he said

“Shut up and come over her and lick my pussy” she commanded.

James knelt in front of her. She parted her leg for him, placing her foot up on the sofa. She held her skirt up high now. James placed his lips on her pussy lips and started slow slowly kiss them. She had a neatly trimmed pussy, just enough hair. His tongue then started to explore the outer parts of her lips.

Marlene was really enjoying this. She was amazed at how much power her pussy could have. A moment ago, a guy she had barely known, save through Sarah, was now licking her pussy. But this wasn’t good enough. Sarah was right. He was too submissive.

Well, she thought, if you want to be like that, then I’m going to have to take charge.

Marlene slid her hand round the back of his head and pulled him closer. She tilted her pussy forward and started to massage herself on his face. This felt even better. Not only was he licking her, she was now able to thrust her pussy in his face.

He sat there and took it. So she continued. Her up and down motions getting harder and faster. She let out a slight moan. She could feel a warm tingle all over her. She wanted to be naked now. She took her top off. As she released James, he backed off, looking to stand up.

“Don’t stop!” She commanded. “Keep going!”

James went back to kissing and licking her pussy. Marlene took her crop top off. James gazed up as his tongue probed inside her now. Those tits look lovely he thought. Marlene looked back down at James, she untied her skirt and slipped it over her head. She slowly edged forward, pushing James down and onto his back. She sat down on his face, and massaged her pussy over his mouth.

James suddenly felt his cock being rubbed. This wonderful girl had now leant back and was rubbing his throbbing cock. He really wanted to get her off his face and get her sucking it, but she wouldn’t move. She pushed her pussy harder into his face. She moaned louder now. Finally, she slid down him, and lowered his shorts to reveal his throbbing cock. She slowly slipped her lips over it, and started to suck harder and harder.

James trimmed his hair neatly round his cock, and his balls were smooth and silky. Marlene let her tongue move down his shaft and onto his ball sack. She sucked each one in turn, flicking her tongue around each ball, then gently cradling each one in her lips.

She moved back to his penis, and as she enveloped it in her moist lips again, moved it slowly down her mouth. She got close to the gag point, then decided to move down further. James groaned in ecstasy. This was pure heaven.

“Not very big is it…” She finally said.

This should have been a mood killer for James, but he didn’t care. She was sucking his cock, and he was about to fuck her.

“Gets the job done.” He smiled.

He stood up and took his top off. He turned Marlene round and bent her over the sofa. She opened her legs wider for him, and started to massage her pussy. James played with her pussy lips with the head of his cock for a few minutes. Her hands rubbing against it as she played with herself too. Finally he slipped it in.

She was moist and so smooth. He gently trusted back and forth. Marlene felt both disappointment and quite surprise at the same time. James was definitely the smallest cock she had ever had, and by some margin. He had barely got six inches, and he hadn’t that much girth either. Her last boyfriend had been a seven incher, and was nice and thick too.

On the other hand, if she was going to make James her submissive sex guy, then he was perfect. That small cock next to a big cock, she would be able to humiliate him with ease. Marlene started to moan again. His thrusting got harder and harder, until finally she was screaming. Marlene had been watching a lot of porn online recently, and had always wanted a guy to cum on her face. She knew James was almost there.

“Don’t cum inside me. I want your cum on my face.” She said as she turned to look at him. Her face was flushed and glistening with perspiration.

James stopped and let her turn to kneel in front of him. Instead of just kneeling, she crouched in front of him, legs wide apart. She slowly massaged her pussy, tilted her head back and moistened her lips before opening her mouth.

“Cum on me.” She said.

James stood in front of her and began to thrust his hand back and forth across his cock. He could feel it coming. She looked so hot too. This may be the hottest sex he had ever had.

The rush could not get here quick enough. He felt the cum explode from his cock. It splashed across Marlene’s face. She grabbed hold of him and thrust his cock in her mouth. She sucked at it voraciously. The feeling was so intense for James. He came again and again in her mouth.

Marlene lay back and looked at James with a coy smile.

“That was great.” She said.

He stood there looking at her. He slowly massaged his cock as she wriggled gently on the floor. Legs wide apart, and cum over her lips and cheeks. She looked so hot. He had never thought he would get to fuck her, let alone like this.

“Wow, you’re great.” He said.

James turned to the window, and was amazed to see Martin looking in with his camera.

“What the fuck…”

“Don’t worry, he is with me. I’m filming my fucking experiences.”

James looked at her in a bemused state. It’s really hard to know what to think when you have just had the best fuck of your life, then seeing a guy with a camera pointed at you, and being told you’re a porn star by the girl you’ve just fucked, laying on her back with her legs wide apart, pussy and tits begging for more all the while. Marlene stood up, and looked at James, she gently bit her lip, his cum slowly dripping down her face, then turned and walked out the room. James watched her disappear all the while looking at her pert ass. James picked up his clothes and went off to get dressed again.

Chapter 3

Brett Jayne Belinda

Marlene came out the bathroom, having out what little clothing she had back on. She had freshened herself up, and felt wonderful. Her first slutty encounter, and it could not have gone better. Martin was standing in the hallway beckoning at her.

“What?” She snapped

“Quick, I think Brett is coming in, and sounds like he has got company.”

“Where’s James?”

“He had to leave. He said we can see ourselves out.”

“Quick, get in that wardrobe. There’s enough space for us.” Marlene opened the door.

“Why, let’s just go.”

“No, I want to see what they get up to.” She winked, and gave his trousers a little tug.

They got into the wardrobe just in time. Brett walking in to the bedroom and sure enough he had some company. It was Jayne and Belinda. Marlene and Martin could see them through the crack in the wardrobe doors.

Marlene gazed at Brett first, whilst Martin checked both girls out with even more glee. Brett was in his mid twenties, and he had a well toned body. Marlene was sure he worked out, and maybe even did a bit of cage fighting. He definitely looked the tough type. He had barely made it into the room before his t shirt was off and tossed on the floor. He was nicely tanned too.

She looked at his nicely defined biceps and his well defined chest. He was gorgeous. She also liked the well trimmed facial hair, and smooth chest. She felt like bursting out the wardrobe, but thought this might be a bit too brazen. He had two girls with him, and it was clear they were going to do something. If she interrupted now, it could mean her blowing any chance of fucking him. She then turned her attention to the two girls.

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