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All characters in this story are 18 or above and all consenting adults. This story contains son and mum incest with a body hair kink. I’m from the UK so my spelling is the UK version as we spell things a bit differently like ‘mum’ instead of ‘mom’. With all that out of the way enjoy this story.

Before the pandemic began I used to dream of being able to stay home and get money for it however this also means I can’t go out and ‘get some’ if you know what I mean. This is how me and my mum got started on this course of incest.

I haven’t been shaving my cock and balls since I couldn’t go out and get laid because of this pandemic so I let my pubes grow freely and because I hate how irritating your junk can get after shaving. I don’t know why but body hair has been a bit of a turn on for me and Milfs, of course, but much girls I’ve been with like to keep their pussy shaven clean without a scrape of a hair left.

I have been in quarantine for a month with just my mother and I realized just how beautiful and sexy she is, she is 5 foot 6 with her jet black silky hair, she has big brown eyes that can pierce your soul. She has double D that men kill for, they have some sag as she is in her forties but they still look amazing. She does workout to keep a slim waist and a round firm arse that jiggles when she walks. She also has strong, smooth and solf legs. Sometimes I have to stop myself from staring at her beauty especially when she does yoga in the living room, I’ve had to leave the room many times to cause my erection to subside.

This particular day I woke up in the middle of a night and I was really horny but I also needed a piss. I went into the bathroom to piss and after that I thought I might as well play with myself as it would be easier to clean up; my cock is 8 inches when fully erect. I sat on the toilet with my eyes close wanking my tool. I was getting close but a noise that sounded like a moan brought me back to the real world when I saw my mum stood right in front of me with a hand down her panties. When she notice I had stopped and just sat there in shock watching her pleasure herself she fell to her knees right in front of me and grabbed the base of my cock and aimed it at her warm wet mouth. My cock head parted her lips and she formed a tight seal around my cock as she took more of it in her mouth.

“Oh, my, god!” I groaned and threw my head back in pleasure as she took my full 8 inches down her throat.

I felt my cock being squeezed by her tight throat, it felt like her throat was trying to milk my cock. I look down to she her big brown eyes staring up at me while my cock was lodged in her throat and her nose was buried between my pubes. She pulled back slowly and pulled my cock all the way out of her mouth before leaning over it to spit on my cock, she wanked my wet glistening cock a few times before diving back on it. Instead of taking me all the way in she bobbed on my cock easily taking half of it in her mouth before retreating. She was a pro, she worked half of my erection in her mouth bobbing up and down on it while her other hand was gliding over the other half of my cock, she had me moaning constantly with her skills. In no time at all she had my climax rushing towards me, I didn’t have time to warn her before I exploded in her mouth. She left the tip in her mouth as she sucked and wanked all the cum out of my cock into her mouth. I thrust my hips as I started cumming to try and get deeper in her throat but her hand on my cock made it impossible for me to ram my cock in her mouth. I fell back down breathing Ümraniye Escort heavily and my eyes closed as I recovered from that amazing session. When I opened my eyes she was gone and I wondered if she was even there to begin with. I went back to bed and I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

I woke up thinking ‘that wet dream felt amazing’ spending so much time around my mum and no other female was probably the reason why it was my mum in the dream. I got out of bed and my cock started to swell as I remembered the dream, I always slept naked because it feels more comfortable like that. I pushed that dream aside and got my cock to settle back down before I headed off to the kitchen after I pulled on some clothes.

“Mmm mum, smells great,” I told her as I rounded the corner and headed into the kitchen, she was cooking breakfast like she normally did.

She seemed happier and more bubbly than usual. Her movements had her butt doing all sorts of things to make a man hard in seconds. I managed to tear my eyes away from that swaying hypnotic butt not wanting my mum to see my cock tenting my pants. I had my eyes reading the message from my group chat, so they weren’t watching my mum; they were always posting stuff about games, memes and stuff.

“Bon appétit,” she said happily as she placed a plate before me.

“Thanks mum, looks great.” I smiled looking at the delicious food. “Are you not having anything?”

“No I already had breakfast,” she replied and winked at me which cause me to have a confused look on my face.

I thought to myself ‘what was that wink about’ but I pushed it aside as I started eating breakfast. We started chatting while I ate and she looked content and happy despite being in lockdown. She had her finger circling the cup of coffee she had while she smiled and talked to me.

“You seem much happier today,” I told her after I finished eating.

“Of course I’m happy, I’m spending quality time with a fine young man,” she replied truthfully.

I got up and rubbed my head while a laughed nervously as I entered the living room, my back facing her, not sure how to take that compliment.

“Th…” I started to say before I turned around and saw that she had removed her top and skirt that laid at her feet. She walked over to me giving her hips more sway than necessary, I started to back away unable to think straight until I felt my path was blocked by a chair. She stopped when she was right up against me, I could feel her tits pressing into my chest, I could feel them heaving as she breathed. She put her hands at the back of my neck and kissed me gently. I felt her tongue lick my lips before I parted them returning the kiss. She had her right hand holding the back of my neck while her left hand started exploring my body, I felt her hand gliding over my stomach and feeling my chest under the shirt.

“Before I let you bend me over the chair and fuck my hairy pussy, I think you should return the favour,” she whispered in my ear.

I was just stunned but hearing her say that then I realized that she did deep throat me and swallow my seed, that was what she was referring to. Hearing her say she had a hairy pussy turned me on so much that all the restraint I might’ve had flew out the window. I felt her hands pushing gently on my shoulders guiding me to the floor. I got on my knees and her hands rested on my shoulders as she waited for me to take her panties off by myself so she didn’t force it, I could’ve left at this point but I was far too horny Anadolu yakası Escort to do so. I peeled the sexy black lingering down her legs slowly not looking at her pussy till I was ready to start licking her out. Once the underwear were around her ankles she kicked them off and I ran my hands up her legs, my eyes followed.

“Mum!” I gasped as I seen that she hasn’t shaved her pussy for months possible longer.

I looked up to her smiling down at me which I returned with a smile of my own. I leaned closer to her pussy and took a whiff. The scent of her pussy filled my nostrils and intoxicated me, I was hooked without even tasting it yet. I moaned in delight of her scent.

“I’m glad you like how mummy smells but I need to feel your tongue there. Please do it for mummy!” she pleaded.

Hearing her call herself mummy was all I could take, I dived in to taste my prize; I licked up an down her slit getting some hairs in my mouth which turned me on even more. I remembered a trick I heard when you get hairs stuck in your mouth, you lick the inside of her thigh where there are no hairs, it will feel good for her and the hairs will stick to her thighs. She cooed when I did this as she was enjoying herself. She started getting into it more as she took full control, as I was on my knees and between her legs she made me lean back a bit so she could fully straddle my face from her standing position and it was so hot. At times a struggled to breath while she grinded my face but when I did I took a whiff of her intoxicating scent which turned me on even more, by now I was ready to drill holes with my cock but my mum will do. She was soaking my face as her juices ran down freely. Her moans grew louder as her hips started losing her rhythm a bit as she got closer to exploding. I used my free hand to rub her pussy and get lubricated as I had plans for her. I kept her right on the edge of her climax then I pulled my tongue from her pussy and sucked her clit in my mouth, at the same time I pushed my lubricated fingers into her puckered hole without too much resistance. She gasped and stopped then I felt her body shudder against my face and then felt her start to cum as she resumed riding my face and fucking herself with my fingers.

She let out a low moaned and then screamed, “Fuuuccccckkkkkkkkk!” as she rode her orgasm out, trying to maximize the pleasure she was receiving.

When her orgasm ended her legs buckled a bit and she leaned forward placing her hands on the arm of the chair holding herself up. I got up and moved behind her, holding her hips I moved her forward more and bent her of the arm of he chair like she said before.

“Now that I have returned the favour, I’m gonna bend you over the chair and fuck your hairy pussy, mummy,” I whispered into her ear.

“Do it my big boy!” she told me.

I would’ve like to tease her with it by rubbing the tip of my cock at her pussy lips but I was far too horny for that. I whipped my pants down which I left when they were halfway down my legs as I need to be inside her. I squeezed her arse cheeks as she grabbed my cock and guided it inside her. As my cock entered her pussy we both moaned in unison as her pussy walls engulfed my hot member. I pushed my entire length inside her as our hairy pubes nestled against each other. She hadn’t been with anyone since my father left so her pussy was nice and tight, I managed to slip in as she was so wet her juices ran down the inside of her thigh. After a minute of just enjoying her walls gripping my cock I had İstanbul Escort to start fucking her. I pulled nearly all the way out and I held her hip with my left hand as I pulled her arse back on me as I thrusted me entire member back into her. With my other hand I rounded her body to grab hold of her tit and was rewarded with a moan from my mother as I squeezed her tit. I pinched, twist and pulled on her nipple making them hard in an instant.

“Oh fuck son! What are you doing to me?” she moaned rhetorically.

I decided to reply with, “I’m fucking my slutty hairy mummy while I play with her tit.” I breathed out as I pounded her.

She moaned when I called her slutty mummy, I guess she likes to be humiliated a bit as well as being called mummy; I also got a kick out of calling her mummy too. We both moaned and cursed in pleasure as we were getting worked up. I licked my lips remembering that her cum was still on my face and she tasted better than anything I’ve tasted before.

Suddenly my mum yelled, “fuck mummy harder!”

I let go of her tit and wrapped her ponytail hair around my fist, I pulled on it allowing me to thrust even harder; she moaned loudly as I pulled on her hair then started to slam her hips back even harder to meet my thrusts. I started sweating as this was giving me a workout.

“I’m close,” I groaned.

“Please hold it son,” she pleaded with me.

She mauled her own breast harshly trying to speed up her orgasm and it helped a lot as she was nearly there. She needed another little push she push her over the edge so with my left hand I rubbed her hairy mound lubricating my fingers with the juice she was leaking and pressed my fingers against her hairy arse again, she pushed her arse back on my fingers and groaned as she felt her climax hit her.

“Cum with me!” she screamed at me while I fucked her.

Her pussy started contracting like crazy trying to milk me and it worked I stared cumming deep inside her. I stared working my spewing cock inside her with all the energy I had left pulling on her hair hard as I did, mum seemed to enjoy it as she spasmed again and again on my cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” She kept repeating as I kept pounding my cock inside her.

After a minute my cock stopped cumming (I came a lot) and my mother’s pussy stopped twitching, we parted. I pulled my softening dick out of her pussy and stumbled back until I hit the couch. My mother rested as she was laying over the arms of the chair. We both rested for a bit before my mother went to the kitchen on unsteady legs. Seeing her legs buckle a bit as she walked boosted my ego. She came back and passed me a towel and kissed my cheek. I wiped my face with the towel wiping the cum and sweat off before I wiped the rest of my body off; then I wiped the remaining cum of my cock before I place the towel on the coffee table in front of me. I let my head fall back as that session took a lot out of me as I only woke up about an hour ago. My mum left after she handed me a towel to grab a shower and clean herself up. Before she came back down I managed to get fully dressed again. I felt amazing after fucking and cumming inside my mum, her words kept replaying over and over in my head and I started getting hard again. Just then my mum came back into the living room wearing only her panties, bra and a towel wrap around her head.

“That was just what I needed. Thank you so much son, I can’t tell you how good that was for me.” She said as she came over and sat on my lap. She planted a big kiss on my cheek and rested her head on my shoulder.

“That was the best experience I’ve ever had, I love you mum.” I told her.

“I love you too” she replied.

She put her arms around my neck and buried her face in my shoulder as she straddled my lap. We stayed there for a while loving the embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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