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How do you celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary? By letting your husband plan it!

At least that’s what I did and this time things worked out better than I could ever have dreamed.

As we approached our 10th wedding anniversary, I told him he hadn’t really planned one since the honeymoon and it was damn well his turn. Plan something special, I told him and don’t make me do most of the work this time! I left it all up to him.

The happy date finally arrived and I was so far impressed. He had actually arranged for a weekend sitter for the kids AND a Jacuzzi suite AND a romantic dinner. Much to my surprise, he spent the dinner flirting with me! How long has it been since he did that without me initiating? I really don’t remember. When we got back to the hotel room he stopped outside the door.

“I have a surprise for you inside,” he said with a glint in his eyes.

“Oh?” I raised an eyebrow.

He pulled out a black silk blindfold and I raised the other brow.

I allowed him to tie it on me and lead me into our room. Trust, after all, was a major part of any marriage.

He caressed my hand while he put out the do not disturb sign and locked the door. I took a second to kick off my heels and then let him lead me … ah, into the bedroom! Hmmmm… this should be good!

He stood behind me and fondled my breasts while kissing my ears, shoulders and neck. I responded by reaching my hands back to knead his Cami Halısı sexy butt and pull his hardening erection against me.

His fingers began squeezing my nipples, sending wave of pleasure through me, when I got my surprise. Another set of hands joined my husband’s; this set began by sliding up my legs. I gasped in surprise and turned my head towards my husband.

He laughed and kissed me firmly on the mouth as the other set of hands discovered I was not wearing any form of hose, but no panties as well.

“Remember that little fantasy you told me about?” he asked, beginning to tug my dress down my shoulders.

“What?” I gasped as two sets of hands found my most erogenous zones, “I never thought you would agree to anything like that!”

Now, we’re not swingers. Far from it. But I had always had a fantasy of two men at once. I really didn’t care how they took me, it was just one of those recurring fantasies. I never ever thought my husband would agree to anything like it, ever. But I had mentioned it to him a time or two when we were sharing fantasies. Apparently, he had decided to make mine come true!

My bra dress looked nice and made getting undressed easy. One simple layer. My two lovers quickly peeled it off of me while roaming their hands everywhere and pushed me down on the bed. They left me there temporarily while they divested themselves of clothing. I was tempted to peek, but decided to just wait Cami Halıları it out.

They quickly joined me on the bed. My husband kissed me deeply (I’d know his steamy kisses anywhere!) while my other lover dove between my legs to deliver kisses to my nether lips. Each took a breast and fondled and pinched and kneaded it while kissing me. I would have sworn it was an erotic heaven. My entire body was tingling. I was so wet that I knew my lover had to be getting soaked. I found and grasped my husband’s hard cock and stroked the familiar territory. I wished I could grasp the other cock. Instead I grasped the bedspread as the two men sent me headlong into my first orgasm of the night. I heard male chuckles, as they didn’t stop what they were doing. When the wave I was on came down, they pulled back to begin their fun. I was nervous at this point as I had no clue what they had planned. Would I be expected to suck one cock while being fucked with the other? Would it be double penetration? Both thoughts thrilled me, the second added a layer of nervousness as I had never before tried anal.

I didn’t have much time to think as my husband had me kneel and begin sucking on his throbbing cock. Mmmmm… nothing like the taste of a rock hard cock! I felt fingers on my ass and didn’t think much of it until they teased the tiny opening. Immediately, I tensed up.

“Relax,” came the male voice, “Or this will hurt instead of pleasing you.”

His fingers, covered with lube, teased my hole and I whimpered at the pleasure of it. Finally one finger slipped in and I sucked in my breath…. More teasing and a second finger entered… finally, finally, I felt a hard cock at the tiny entrance. Gently he eased in, whispering directions to make it easier. Suddenly, he was completely inside.

At that point, my husband dropped under me to slip inside my soaking pussy.

I felt so full of hardness, it was incredible!

Then they began to move.

Did I say I was in erotic heaven earlier? Oh, no… THIS was erotic heaven! I moaned and gasped and made all sorts of whimpering noises as they fucked me, slipping and sliding in and out of my holes in a rhythm that caused me to climax over and over again.

I don’t remember which one came first, shooting their load into me, but for a few minutes we were one big ball of orgasm. What I remember next was the cuddling. Being cuddled by two men at the same time was a totally different experience.

My husband, who was facing me, removed the blindfold and kissed me most thoroughly.

“Happy Anniversary, my love,” he grinned.

I smiled weakly back, then looked over my shoulder and was surprised to receive another rather thorough kiss.

“So you’ve got that nice Jacuzzi in there,” my second lover for the night commented, running a hand over my hip, “Maybe we should make use of it?”

I turned back to hug my husband tightly, “I love you so much,” I whispered in his ear, “Thank you for my anniversary present!”

A pair of hardening cocks was my answer. It was going to be a long night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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