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Thank you to everyone who read my first story and offered their feedback and encouragement to write more. So I hope you enjoy this one and I look forward to your comments again.

It was Saturday night and my social life was in its usual state of limbo. So when I received a call from a group of friends for a night of dancing, I jumped at the chance. There were 6 of us in all. We had all been friends forever so it was not like I had to look at them when I danced. All our eyes were wondering around the club checking out the talent as it were.

I should tell you about me. I am 30 years old and not a bad looking guy. I am slim to medium build, clean shaven with brown eyes and dark hair. I have had a few girlfriends, but they never seemed to last. I was looking so hard to find a wife that I was not enjoying myself. So I had recently made up my mind to stop looking so seriously and just find someone to have some fun with. So tonight I my eyes were wondering with a renewed sense of expectation.

The club was filled with the regular average looking people, mixed with some teenage girls who looked like they should still be in primary school. Then there were the usual array of women wearing virtually nothing – but of course they were all with guys.

After a rest and a drink we headed back to the dance floor when suddenly this gorgeous looking woman started to make eyes at me from the bar. Not that I needed the encouragement, but my friends gave me a push and I walked up to bar to get another drink – never taking my eyes off this woman. As soon as I reached the bar she introduced herself – Sandy. Sandy was about in her mid-30s although she looked like she was younger. She had curly blonde hair and nice long legs which you could see plenty of below her short tight blue skirt. She had small breasts which were being pushed up to show plenty of cleavage in her tight white top. “Would you like to dance,” she said before I had a chance to offer her a drink. For the next 40 minutes we danced never taking our eyes off one another. My friends did tap me on the shoulder at one stage to say they were leaving. Just as we were about to leave the dance floor they played a slow song for a change and we got real close. I felt my cock harden as our bodies rubbed together. By the smile on her face I knew she could tell I was pretty turned on. When the dance was over she said she was heading the bathroom. As I waited for her to come out I could barely believe my luck. I checked my wallet to make sure I had some condoms because I could Antep Escort Bayan sense this night was going to end here. I have never slept with someone I have just met like this before but the idea was making me very horny.

A few minutes later Sandy returned. “It’s noisy in here and I am done dancing – would you like to come back to my place for a drink?” I did into have to think twice before nodding my head.. Sandy lived 10 minutes away, so there was not too much time for talk in the cab. I found out she was a legal secretary in the city – but she seemed a bit cagey about telling me any more than that. I didn’t mind as I was not looking for a relationship. As we pulled into her drive I thought I saw a light go off upstairs, but I didn’t pay much attention to it..

Sandy poured me a drink when we were inside – but she didn’t make one for herself. She said she was going to share mine. With that she took a mouthful and kissed me deeply so we really did share the drink. Our tongues were quickly battling away and our hands roaming all over each other. Sandy broke off the kiss long enough to say “follow me to the bedroom.” Once there she slowly unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, never losing eye contact.. Then she pulled my pants down and used her finger to trace the outline of my hard cock. She went down and licked it through my briefs and then slid her hand inside and pulled the waistband down. I stood to attention all 7 inches cut. I damn near came when she touched it again I was so horny.

Sandy stood up and kissed me and asked if I would let her take charge of me. She had done so all evening so I saw no reason to stop now. “Sure – why not – so long as it’s safe – I’m game.” Sandy said “good then lets have some fun.” She pulled me on the bed and tied my hands to bedpost as lay down the bed. Then she said, “you won’t mind if I video this?” I was in no position to disagree.

She went to the cupboard to get the camera and I was shocked to see a man standing there handing it to her. “What’s going on?,” I asked. Bob then introduced himself as Sandy’s husband. He said he had been watching us all night and he was the one who had encouraged Sandy to flirt with me and bring me home. “I don’t understand?” Bob said, “you agreed to do what Sandy asked and she does what I ask…so here we are.” “Now I am in charge and if you want have sex with Sandy then I am going to have some fun with you first.”

“I am not gay or even bisexual” I replied.

Bob said, “but you want to have sex with Sandy don’t you?”

“Yes of course”

“Do you not think that I am attractive?”

Till now I had not considered that as I had never looked at a guy that way. But Bob was attractive. He was in his late 30s but had a toned body, short blonde hair and blue eyes. So I told him he was attractive.

Sandy jumped in “please, I want to see you lose your man to man virginity and then I will give you the time of your life.”

Before I could say I don’t know, Bob had his clothes off and he was lying on top of me with his cock pressed against mine. I could feel it getting harder as he kissed me deeply.

“I think you should try this before you make a decision” said Bob. With that he sat on my face offering me his cock. My tongue instinctively licked it and taste his pre-cum. He had clearly been stroking it while watching Sandy and I get hot and heavy. “It tastes good doesn’t it” said Sandy. I nodded as Bob fed all of it to me and I sucked a cock for the first time. It tasted so horny I could not believe what I was doing. I could feel him growing harder still in my mouth as I sucked and licked it. He put his hands one the bed post to present his cock at a better angle for me to suck and he start to fuck my face. Sandy was close by filming as he really started to go for it. I could feel his cock twitch and then it exploded in my mouth and he quickly pulled out to then cover my face and body as jet after jet of cum exploded from his cock. Bob was out of breath as he asked if I liked the taste of cum. I was licking my lips enjoying it so much I did not respond. I could not believe what I had just done – all to get in this woman’s pants.

Bob stood up and took the camera from Sandy. She went to then end of the bed and crawled up to my cock and looked me in the eyes as she engulfed it. Then as quickly as she had put it her mouth she took it out – there will be more of that later.

Bob asked me if really wanted to fuck Sandy badly. I quickly replied that I would not have sucked your cock otherwise even though I did enjoy it.

“Well that only entitles you to taste her pussy, if you want fuck her you are going to have to do a little more.”

I was confused as to what he meant but then I noticed his cock was getting hard again. Does he want me to suck him again I thought? Before I had a chance to do anything Sandy grabbed my legs and pulled them over my head and tied them to the bedpost also. My arse was not in the air and there was nothing I could do about it. Sandy licked it and then took the camera off Bob. He had a jar of KY in his hands which he opened and then spread over my ass – pushing one finger and then two in as he played with it. Looking back I can not believe I did not resist at this point. Then Bob slipped a condom on his 8 inches and pushed it against me.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.” Bob said

“Oh yes tell him you want it – I want to see you lose your virgin ass – I want a man who knows what its like and likes to be fucked.”

I looked at both of them as I stunned myself again by moaning and whispering at first and then repeating several times, louder each time “fuck me please – let me feel your cock in me.”

With that Bob pushed his cock in…the pain was bad at first but at the same time I could feel myself enjoying it. Maybe it helped to see Sandy videoing it close-up while she had one hand in her panties which were clearly soaked. Later when I watched the video I could see this huge cock going in and out of me – it was amazing and it makes me horny every time I watch it.

Bob suddenly was completely in me – I could feel his shaved balls slap against my arse. I could feel his cock growing in me as I was also aware that without anyone touching it I was ready to cum too. Bob reached over and started ot stroke my cock as he announced he was about to cum. I could feel his cock squirt into the condom as he exploded deep in me…it seemed like he was cumming harder and with buckets load more cum than earlier. I exploded at the same time with cum going all the way up to my mouth.

We were both out of breath as Sandy untied me.

“Did you enjoy that? ” she asked.

“I loved it – that was amazing.” I had never even thought about sex with a guy before – how did you know I would go for this?”

Sandy replied, “when you are as sexy as me guys will do anything for it.”

Bob confessed that he was bisexual and had always been but that since they were married he had never strayed, But Sandy had always wanted to watch him with a guy and that doing what they had done tonight was their ultimate fantasy.

Sandy took the video out and handed it to me – “if make me a copy and post it to me before next weekend then next Saturday you can have me anyway you like!”

Bob ad Sandy handed me my clothes and said they would call me a cab. I hardly even protested that I had not even Sandy naked yet because the thought of more evenings with these two was worth waiting for that sight.

I hope you enjoyed this story – another fantasy of mine as to how I lose man to man virginity. Let me know what you thought and if you want to read more. I am open to requests.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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