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The second cock spewed its sticky load on my tongue as he pulled almost out of my mouth. The familiar, bitter taste lingered on my tongue as I swallowed -just as a third cock drove past my esophagus’ opening and began to face-fuck me; the cock in my ass exploded as he pushed into me as far as he could go.

The two guys set me down; my hands went to the man’s thighs before me, steadying myself, and within a beat or two the bulbous head of another cock pushed and crowded its selfish way to the front of the line, driving itself head first into my anal passage. The pain, minimal, for I’m sure my asshole was gaped to the max. It seemed to grow in girth as he shoved its extreme length in -until I felt his groin against my ass cheeks. He slowly pulled out, creating a counter, slower rhythm to the face fucking, until he popped out of my ass, and then he rammed in again. Over and over he did this, and the pain expanded from there; it was a cruel unrelenting fuck, and I couldn’t escape its punishing assault on my asshole. But when the face fuck ended, my mouth empty, I didn’t scream stop, instead I pushed back on his cock, and began to move my ass up and down as he wisely realized what i was doing and held his cock in his fist -and he exploded within thirty seconds.

As the spent cock in my ass exited, I heard, “Enough.” The sense of cock hovering about me, waiting their turn, disappeared. Sir put his arms about me and we stepped to the side two steps to the wall. He leaned against it and his face came to my left cheek.

“You are the perfect cum slut,” my friend. “Like a plant, for example, say an orchid, grown in a completely unspoiled environment. Where pollution, bad soil, weather-are like culture’s useless by-products. The orchid genus is Orchis, which comes from the ancient Greek, órkhis, meaning testicle. Oh, yes, the perfect example, like the Starzbet most numerous flowering plant species-you are one of nature’s perfect specimens, free of this culture’s ridiculous notions of good and evil, free of the poisonous hatred our fellow folks shower over all of us like pissing on us from above. What in their world is disgusting, we transform into pleasure; what in their world is perversion, we transform into normalcy. Come with me; here are your shirt and shorts. Come,” and I followed him to the outside lobby where free coffee and creamer sat on a table with a hand written sign that read, “Coffee Free, Creamer a dime, Please.”

Back into the inner lobby where a few chairs sat along with a small sofa. Sir and I sat to drink our coffee. He offered me a cigarette; I accepted and he lit it.

The coffee was hot and bitter; the cigarette was hot and menthol. Sipping the coffee and hitting the cigarette, I waited for him to speak; minutes passed. I butted the cigarette half way down and set the coffee on the pine table before us.

“It’s only nine o’clock and two hours to close. You tired, or want some more action?” he finally asked.

My cock started to harden, and I said, “I’m not that tired.”

“Good. I want some of that ass. Ready for a real man’s cock, son”

“Let’s do it,” I responded.

At the room’s entrance he had me stand as he went in and found another slut. When I entered, he removed my shirt and shorts, had me bend over and the slut knelt behind me and began licking and sucking my asshole. The pleasure was intense as he drove his tongue deep into my canal. Approached from the front by another, I leaned over and a huge cock filled my mouth.

The slut’s eagerness and technique rivaled my own, and soon I was about to explode as I was face fucked, gagging and sputtering. He pulled out of my Starzbet Giriş mouth, and, in the dark, rope after rope of cum splashed my face. Another cock approached, he slid his cock over my face, smearing the cum about as it coated his cock; upon entering my mouth, the cum taste and the tongue up my ass pushed me into a explosive orgasm. I went limp from the intensity of the pleasure and almost collapsed.

A second cock jostled into position before me and the two of them proceeded to try to both fill my mouth, and back and forth between the two my mouth slid, taking each one as they chose to either just let me tongue the head or shove it down my throat. And as that oral circus played out, a slut crawled beneath me and took my cum covered cock into his mouth. At first pain streaked through me as he sucked on the head, but soon pleasure returned and the hardening result had me on the road again to another orgasm.

With my own three ring circus playing out, I still could hear Sir telling the tongue to leave my ass, and soon his hand and fingers added lubricant to my asshole. I knew from jacking and sucking his cock, his head was a blunt instrument, a bulbous head-and as it pushed against my ring I tried to relax, but without success; so he barged into my canal; the pain shot through me like an ice pic. He entered until he couldn’t advance and stayed still as my body acclimated to his intrusion.

My shuddering body, my gagging throat, my own cock dancing about cumming itself-I hit a wall and then shot explosively into the throat below me, pumping shot after shot of cum as Sir pulled back and began to fuck my asshole with vigor. Memory of that is cloudy and beyond description; every orifice, every second of the next remaining fifteen or twenty minutes, engaged at a level I had never experienced before -but would seek out every time Starzbet Güncel Giriş it was possible.

Just before Sir was to cum in my ass, he began to really slap my ass cheeks and lunge into me as far as he could. I could feel my cock staying with the program as the pain and pleasure stormed about my mind and body; suddenly, I could sense another orgasm coming; struggling I tried to make sure we came at the same time, but he began seconds before me and my own started as he finished, but he stayed planted within my ass as I came again and the slut underneath me gasped and gagged and moaned, and all three of us sounded a trio of orgasmic sounds that had to be heard even upstairs.

I could sense more cocks hovering about us as Sir pulled out; no more than a beat or two and another rock hard cock took my ass. Smaller, thank god, it entered and began stroking in a rush to orgasm that took only a minute or two.

A few different cocks had come and gone in my mouth as another entered; it tasted pungent and unclean, a smegma coated head-and yet it seemed to urge me on and not turn me off. The depths of piggishness overwhelmed me as my tongue cleaned about the dirty head in my mouth. I realized I’d do anything Sir asked me to do, and, in the state of arousal I was in, anything anyone suggested or attempted. And once I acknowledged that truth to myself, my cock, which had softened somewhat, hardened again as I swallowed the bitter tastes.

I eagerly received another cock in my ass; I was gaped beyond anytime before, for this one as big as Sir’s just slid in and made itself at home within seconds, and I felt only pleasure and eagerly pushed back my ass for him to ravish.

As we fucked, I began to sense I was wearing out. I knew I couldn’t go much longer without a break, if not being done for the night. The fellow in my ass had short staying power, so he came shortly, and as he pulled out I stood, withdrawing from the mouth and emptying my own mouth of cock. Sir stepped in beside me, put his arm about me and whispered, “Let’s take a break.”

“Yes,” I said, and we walked upstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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