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Big Tits

It was hot.

The summer had crept over the pine-covered mountains and begun to slide into our small, lakeside township. A week after the local high school graduation, an annual bliss, prior to the infestation of summer travelers and renters, allowed residents to enjoy their picturesque homeland without the intrusive nuisance. My two best friends and I were determined to make the most of this week, being our last before we ventured off into the world of collegiate obligations and explorations. Milo, my best friend since middle school, had accepted an offer to play lacrosse for Tufts. Eric, a stoner and late addition to our group planned to attend a small liberal art college in the neighboring state. And I would be traveling to USC to study filmmaking. For the first time in any of our lives, escape from our crater in the mountains felt guaranteed, and the freedom had awoken a new excitement in all of us.

The beginning of our farewell summer started as most had; dirt biking and boating during the day followed by bonfires and drinking at night. By the third day, many of our friends and classmates’ hangovers had caught up to them and required them to sit out of the day time activities. I didn’t mind though, as harsh as it sounds, the only people I knew I would miss were Milo and Eric, the rest felt unimportant.

We began the day by getting coffee and breakfast in town at the local diner. Eric practically fell asleep at the table as Milo and I reminisced about the debauchery of the night prior. Upon paying our tab, we made or way down the street to the town dock, and began getting Milo’s father’s boat ready for a day of adventure. We managed to prep the boat quickly and set off for the far cove of the lake, not visible by any roads in order for us to drink and hang out freely. The screech of the boat’s motor ripping through the water was too loud for conversation. I watched as Milo captained the vessels. His long blonde hair flew through the wind as his tone physique almost tore through his white tank top. Milo had always been “the guy” at our school. Every girl wanted to date him, everyone wanted to be friends with him, and who could blame them? He was the most attractive guy in our school, maybe even in our town. The fact that he had chosen me as his right-hand man had always filled me with a sense of pride, even if that meant living in his shadow.

We pulled into the cove and the engine shut off, allowing us to fully embrace the serenity of the lake. Milo turned to me, smile, and ripped off his shirt throwing it at me as he jumped into the gleaming water, splashing waves over the side of the boat.

“Come on man, I’m working here!” Yelled Eric as he tried to salvage the non-soaked part of his joint.

“Sorry, dude!” Milo yelled from the water as he began to swim away from the boat, trying to find the perfect spot to float in the sun.

Eric laughed it off and went back to perfecting his joint. His curly black hair draped over his face, giving him a bit of shade to work in. I watched his methodical practice, joint rolling being one of the few things he took seriously until he had finished and walked over to me. Still, in a haze from the night before, I was almost surprised to see him towering over me. His lanky body put him at least 6’3, if it wasn’t for his protruding, toned muscles he would be easily mistaken for a tree.

“What?” I asked, breaking my disassociation.

“I asked if you had a lighter.” He responded, mildly amused by my confusion.

“Here” I handed him the red bic from my back pocket and stood up, face to face with him for a moment too long. He slowly turned away and called for Milo to return.

A wave of fear flooded over me. I had known I liked men for the past two years but didn’t dare to tell anyone. Hiding it had become almost a full-time job, especially being constantly surrounded by the two hottest guys I had ever met. Moments like these set me in a spiral, did he know I was staring at his body? Did he know I liked it? Did he know I wanted it? My panic was momentarily forgotten as Milo pulled his body up the side of the vessel and back into the boat. The water rushed down his chilled abs, through the thick brown trail leading to his dick only covered by a thin layer of swimsuit.

“let’s get smoking boys!” He pronounced and Eric lit the join.

We passed it around, followed by a half-empty warm bottle of rum for a few days prior, slowly bring us back into our now constant state of inebriation. Laying on the bow of the boat and looking out at the forest, we joked and laughed for what felt like an eternity. Eric kept rolling joints, and we kept smoking them, The thick warm clouds filling our lungs before returning into the summer breeze. After the fourth joint Eric stood up, almost frighteningly quickly.

“What’s wrong bro?” I asked, worried I might have said something wrong.

“Nothing I just feel like I’m about to pass out, Milo can I go lay down in the cabin for a bit?” Eric asked, swaying with the boat.

“Yeah, Beylikdüzü escort do what you gotta,” Milo said, barely paying him any mind.

Eric slipped away and left the two of us lounging in the sun.

In my state of intoxication, I momentarily let my guard down, allowing myself to stare at Milo’s perfect body. His sharp jaw, chiseled pecks, nearly hairless torso, except for his happy trail, god I fucking loved it. In all the years we had been friends I had never seen his dick. I had imagined it, seen it through his pants, and overheard our girlfriends whisper about it at parties but wasn’t truly sure what was under those swim trunks I desperately wanted to tear off.

“Dude!” He said, and I was taken out of my daze of glory.

“What?” I responded trying to play off that I had not spent the past several minutes enthralled with his mysterious cock.

“I saw you looking at my dick bro.” He said, playing it off cool.

“Sorry I was just zoning out,” I replied, not quite believably.

It got awkwardly silent for a moment as we each began to examine the water on our separate sides of the boat. After a few minutes of nothing I decided to apologize and come clean if anyone was going to know I was gay, it would be Milo. as I turned my head to confront the situation with my booze-soaked confidence I caught a glimpse of something I never thought I’d see. The oh-so-hated bathing suit had grown tight around his thighs, being pulled up by his semi-hard cock, visibly growing underneath. After collecting myself I turned to get his attention, convicted that this was some kind of mistake, only to see him staring back at me with a half-smirk.

“It’s been a really long time since I-” He said trailing off.

I knew that was a lie, I watched him two nights earlier fuck a junior from our high school in the woods at a party.

“Yeah of course,” I replied, determined to make this as comfortable as possible for both of us.

Don’t do anything stupid, I thought to myself as I sat paralyzed next to him. I looked down at the chipped paint covering the boat, counting ever single crack trying to ignore the painfully awkward silence. And then, I felt it. His large hands grazed my arm sending a shiver pulsation throughout my whole body. I looked back up to see him still staring, eyes locked on mine. Looking into his grey-blue eyes I felt my dick start to firm in my suit, expanding between my leg with nowhere to go but up.

Suddenly, his hand made its way to my stomach, his touch more ecstatic than any orgasm I’d had before. He wanted this too, at least right now he did, and I would be a fool to let it slip away. With ever ouch of courage I had, I slipped over him, straddling him, and leaning down stopping before his face.

“What?” he asked, his voice piercing through the fantasy of the moment, reminding me, this was real.

“Nothing, I just, I -” I could barely speak.

He laughed, clearly taken by my flustered nature, and pulled me in. Our lips met and my body came alive, I had never been as hard as I was. I dove into his soft lip letting his tongue climb into my mouth. He flipped me over, climbing on top, and shaking the boat. I felt his cock on my leg and stomach, almost as hard a mine. Milo grabbed my neck pulling me up to meet his face while his other handheld my body. This was everything I had ever wanted.

I began to traverse my hands over his pecks and abs, down to his happy trail, as soft and hot and I had imagined. I couldn’t take waiting any longer, the trail had sent me over the edge. I slid my hand through the bathing suit and felt his shaft immediately. I could tell he was massive, my hand barely fit around his cock and it felt as though it went on forever. Pushing him back over and climbing on top, I managed to pull down the bathing suit completely, revealing it in all its glory; well over eight inches and thick, attached to a large, full set of balls, with a neatly kept bush framing it all. I couldn’t have imagined such a perfect body. Precum had already begun oozing from his tip and I began to spread it around the head of his cock, watching him moan in ecstasy. Even in my wildest fantasies, I never saw him being as into it as I was, and now that it was happening, I knew he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

I opened my mouth and began to suck on his head, only making him moan louder. He quickly pulled me back up to him.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked, fearful of his response.

“No!” he laughed, “I just want to taste you too.”

He spun me around, pulling down my shorts, letting my dick hit him in the face. I watched from in between my legs as he bobbed up and down. I began to hump in rhythm with him, face fucking him. I let out a gasp as his tongue reached my balls, shaking, and trying not to cum. I Immediately dove down back onto his dick, still while fucking his mouth. Our bodies moved in sync, with only one goal, pleasure. His cock pulsed in my mouth as he began to rub his fingers Beylikdüzü escort down my ass crack, and onto my blooming hole. I let out a raw moan, as he slipped in, his other hand cupping my balls. I began to do the same, sticking my hand onto his balls, holding and massaging them as I reached under him.

The second I touched his hole he let out a moan I never had expected to hear from him. So primal and vulnerable he begged without words for me to continue going further in, exploring his deepest crevices. It wasn’t long until the moaning returned, his dick, still in my mouth had begun to vibrate. His muscles tensed and his body froze as he let out a guttural shriek. Warms ropes of cum shot down my throat and almost immediately into my stomach. He grabbed my ass, pushing three fingers in with such force I had no choice but to cum. A wave of heat rose throughout me before I was paralyzed with pleasure, I spit out his dick, as he continued to blow cum all over me, I just couldn’t take it. I screamed in satisfaction as he sucked me deep and I collapsed onto of him. We lay there in silence for a moment, breathing together, feeling each other bodies through a thick layer of cum.

Eventually, after peeling ourselves apart we jumped into the lake to clean off, laughing and splashing in the water. I had never felt such fulfillment in my life, and I needed what he had given me again and again. Only time would tell if he felt the same.

Splashing around in the cool murky water began to break the intensity of the moment, reverting us to friends, no longer intoxicated lovers. The slight acknowledgment of the moment was held onto by the way Milo’s piercing eye look at me from only several feet away. Our come down was broken by Eric remerging from the cabin.

“He lives!” Miles proclaimed as Eric took a seat on the edge of the boat, dipping his boney feet into the water.

Up until now, I had forgotten he was with us and immediately was worried he had heard our vibrant exchange. His calm demeanor indicated he had missed our brief affair, a response I was grateful for.

“Can we go back?” Eric asked, “I still feel like crap and want to shower before tonight.”

Milo agreed and hopped back into the boat, followed by myself. I was disappointed by the conclusion of our day but thrilled that we hadn’t be discovered.

The boat ride back again was quiet, as we whizzed through the nearly empty lake. This time however I shamelessly gazed at Milo’s body, still with water dripping off of his sculpted back onto the damp deck of the boat. His hard ass, tight in his shorts would forever be etched into my mind. I wanted to shove my face right in it, smelling his musk, licking his hole. Our arrival at the dock once again lifted me from my fantasy, as we cleaned the boat and headed out on our way home. Milo dropped me off first, as my house was the closest to the lake. I was disappointed we wouldn’t get any time alone but just grateful he could still look me in the eye. Pulling down my winding dirt driveway we made plans to meet up in a few hours to go to the nightly bonfire. I hopped out of Milo’s beat-up truck and hurried into my house, I couldn’t dare look back.

Running upstairs into the bathroom, I held my breath until I locked the farmhouse door. Almost immediately I shoved my hand down my pants, feeling my bulge begin to swell again below my soft bush. Transported back to the boat, only a few hours before, I felt the lingering touch of Milo all over me, rubbing my chest and neck, cupping my balls as his fingers had. I need to live in this moment forever, forbidding its inevitable existence as a dream-like memory. Nearly seconds later, I burst once again, surprised by the amount of cum that shot from my solid cock. I thought I had left it all on the boat. I hopped in the shower, still imagining Milo’s hands climbing over my body, as I rubbed foamy soap through every nook and cranny. Upon finishing my shower I collapsed onto my bed, exhausted from the whirlwind and pleasure of the day.

I was awoken two hours later by the slight buzz of my phone underneath my pillow. The sun had begun to set, disorienting me. Realizing I was receiving a call, I sat up and grabbed the phone. Milo’s name and picture flashed across my screen, making my whole body momentarily tense up. I had forgotten about our exchange in my haze. I quickly answered the phone, hoping I hadn’t just dreamt it all.

“Finally, get down here dude! I’ve been here for 20 minutes!” Milo groaned before hanging up the phone.

I hopped out of bed and found the closest set of clothes to me, before throwing myself down the stairs and out into the driveway.

“Sorry, I fell asleep,” I said, hoping he wasn’t truly angry with me.

“I figured,” He laughed, as he walked into the driver’s side of his Ford.

I hoped in, trying to keep as cool as possible.

We started down the driveway and back down the road, static-filled rock music flooded the car with an upbeat ambiance. I turned to Escort Beylikdüzü him, not quite sure what to say, hoping some words, any words, would flow out from my lips and into his ears. I was once again distracted by his effervescent and masculine beauty. His skin was perfect, a soft cream splashed with sun-kissed freckles. His long blonde hair, damp from a previous shower hung still onto his shoulders. I hoped he hadn’t showered to remove me from his body.

“Listen.” He said nonchalantly, breaking me from his binding beauty.

“Yeah?” I said, still trying my hardest to play it cool, something he and I both knew I couldn’t do.

“About earlier,” he said, trailing off.

“Oh,” I said waiting for him to guide the conversation to know how to react.

“I’m not like, Gay.” He said.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied, a bit hurt by his separation from our connection.

“I mean, I like girls.” he continued.

If he was trying to pull back he should just have pulled the bandaid, this was torment.

“Same,” I said, following in his lead.

“I mean, I also like you”.

My heart stopped. This was the moment I had wait for all my life. I had never allowed myself to even imagine him saying these words to me as I wanted them all too badly. “I like you too.” I blurted out, unable to control myself.

“I don’t want to like, date though.” He said, once again pulling me back, making me long for him more.

“Ew no!” I responded, making him chuckle. “Let’s just be chill about it,” I said, making him laugh harder.

Here we were, alone in his car, driving down the same road together that for the past decade we had frequented, but everything felt new, everything was about us. Milo smiled at me, and put his hand onto of mind, shocking me once again with his touch. I loved him, and I couldn’t pretend otherwise.

We arrived at the bonfire several minutes later. Night had fallen in the valley and the lengthy trees were illuminated by the large fire and a ring of headlights surrounding. Shadows of drunken teens danced in the trees to the toon of pop hits being blasted from someone’s car. We immediately found Eric, sitting with our friend Brit on the hood of his car. Brit, thin and blonde had been Milo’s on and off again girlfriend since her freshman year. As she was a year younger, they had decided to call it quits before he left for college, occasionally still hooking up.

“Did you bring more beer? We just ran out!” Eric skipped any semblance of a hello.

He was feeling better, back to his goofy self. His long brown curls were pushed down by a backward baseball hat as his oversize Hawaiian shirt barely covered the waistband of his shorts.

“Of course I did!” Milo shouted back, tossing Eric half a six-pack who caught it with almost too much glee.

Milo and Brit shared a brief exchange of pleasantries before we hopped into the back of Eric’s truck to have a drink.

Sitting with our group back together made me miss Milo. Miss the time we had spent together alone, miss feeling his body in the hot afternoon sun over mine, miss having him look at me and only me. Eric suggested we played a drinking game, some overly complicated one that combined charades and never have I ever. We took turns acting things out, putting fingers down. At one point Eric performed a hilarious impression of Sarah Palin visiting Disney World. I was always so impressed with how he so effortlessly became the life of every party. Looking at his lanky, almost twink-like physique you wouldn’t guess it, but he was the most confident person I had ever met. Every time he lifted his hands in the air, his shirt would rise, revealing an entirely hairless stomach, toned from his thin build. It was as if allowing myself to act on my deepest desires had only made them stronger. The group continued to drink, eventually abandoning the game to go dance with the rest of the party.

I watched as Milo and Brit got trashed, slowly growing closer together, grinding on each other’s bodies. I wished it could be me instead of her. Milos occasional eye contact and smirks kept me enthralled until Brit grabbed his hand pulling him into the dark forest, leaving me behind. Feeling rejected by this abandonment, I made my way back to Eric’s car, grabbing another beer, looking up at the stars above.

“You shouldn’t worry about her,” Eric said, making me jump as I had not noticed his approach.

“What are you talking about?” confused by his proclamation.

“Brit.” He said with such blasé I almost choked on my beer.

“Why would I worry about Brit?” I replied, wondering if our torrid affair of eye contact was easily noticeable.

“He’s only smashing her because he feels bad about dumping her right after prom,” Eric replied ignoring the question.

“He can smash who he want’s” I almost whispered.

“Bullshit” Eric countered.

“Excuse me?” I said determined to play this off no matter how hard he pushed.

“I heard you this morning, You’d think you’d understand that rocking the boat would move the whole thing.”

I turned bright red. I was embarrassed not only by his knowledge of my love for Milo but that I was stupid enough to believe he wouldn’t hear us with all of our moans and shrieks.

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