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Mia Mahal Matriculates


Lady Luscious Licks Lingam

Mia Mahal, the Calipinian Princess, arrived at her Ivy League university burdened with a very full, oversized suitcase and a troublesome virginity. The airport shuttle driver, with a half-full van, had unceremoniously dropped Mia and the suitcase at the curb in front of the university administration building and sped off. The suitcase, Mia knew, would not be much of a burden once it had been unpacked and stowed in her dorm room. As for her virginity, there was already a well-considered and fairly elaborate plan for its abandonment.

Back home on the peninsula, Mia and her best friend from High School, Julie, had made a compact solemnized with a pinky swear. Each, they agreed, would lose her virginity by Christmas break and return home to tell the story. The agreement was a simple one, but Mia had given her method much additional thought.

Mia had spent her summer flirting shamelessly on the internet using the name Lady Luscious. She had let dozens of anonymous men view her webcam. Some had only seen her smile, some had seen her brassiere, and a few lucky ones had seen everything Mia had to show. Chatting with one age-inappropriate voyeur she heard that skill at the art of the blowjob was one of the most desirable sexual talents a young woman could have. Simultaneously, he said it was one the most neglected talents in the female population generally. ‘All women,’ he had claimed, ‘would kiss a penis, but only one in twenty would be able to make a fellow come that way.’ ‘Get a boyfriend to coach you on it,’ he had advised.

Mia loved a challenge and from the moment of that chat forward her mind was made up. She was going to first become an expert fellatrix. When she had sampled enough cocks, when she was fully confident that her oral skills could procure an orgasm from any cock, any time, then and only then, she would select one to take her virginity.

The goal of losing her virginity periodically displaced thoughts of Mia’s loftier academic goals as she dragged her suitcase from office to office in the administration building. She picked up her freshman class schedule; received her dormitory assignment; sat for her school face-book picture and signed tuition paperwork at the treasurer’s office. She tried to make a few acquaintances among her new peers and smiled at one or two cute young men. After ninety minutes, she was through. She held her new room key and the map to her dorm.

Mia had long brown hair that reached to the middle of her back. She had dark brown eyes that she made look just a little more exotic with judiciously applied eye-liner. Her skin was smooth and brown and her mouth had generous Cupid’s bow lips. Mia was not built like a swimsuit model, but she was well-toned with shapely legs, a firm round bottom, broad hips and a high perky bosom. Still, standing five foot three in her stocking feet, Mia was short. And she must have looked over-matched attempting to wrangle her huge suitcase up the steps of her new residence hall. There was a shadow and a voice from somewhere above her.

“May I help you with that?”

The shadow and the voice belonged to a tall young man. Starzbet He introduced himself as Todd, revealed that he would be residing on a different floor in the same building, and again offered to help Mia with her bag. Mia consented.

Todd must have been nearly a foot taller than Mia. He was lanky, but muscular, with sandy hair, and

Mia’s new room was on the third floor of the hall which had been built in the 19th century. The hall surrounded a lovely enclosed courtyard. An elevator had been installed thirty years prior, but it was on the far side of the building and nowhere near Mia’s room. So, Todd climbed three flights of stairs, carrying Mia’s bundlesome suitcase without any apparent effort, and followed her to her door, where he set her suitcase down.

“Oh, thank you so much, “Mia gushed at Todd.

“My pleasure,” he responded and half turned to depart.

“I just don’t know how to thank you,” Mia continued. “Or, maybe I do. Would you care to step in here for a blowjob?” she asked looking at no one in particular.

Todd’s eyes widened. He swallowed hard. He blushed and looked at the carpet in the hallway, saying nothing. However, when Mia unlocked the door and stepped into her new room, Todd did not hesitate to follow her.

Mia found herself in a small suite. A middle room contained two desks, two chairs and two sets of bookshelves. On each side of the middle room was a little alcove, without a wooden door; each alcove contained a single bed and a built-in wardrobe.

“So,” Mia thought, “I will have a roommate, but I may be able to have some privacy. Why, if I just put a curtain up or a folding screen there …”

She didn’t finish the thought. Taking Todd by the hand she led him into one of the alcoves. She sat him on the still unmade mattress, flirting at him with her eyes.

“Just a few things,” Mia said. This part of the conversation she had rehearsed thoroughly over the summer as she planned for the day when she would give her first blowjob. “I have some rules – some prohibitions and some requirements.”

“I will give you a blowjob. I want you to enjoy it. You must not grope me and you must not fondle me. I will touch you, but you shouldn’t touch me. You will not see me naked today. Maybe someday — not today,” she explained, trying to make her girlish soprano sound imperious.

“If you want to imagine me naked, if that would help get you in the mood, you may,” she continued. “If you want to think about my plump cocoa-colored pussy, moist, and exquisitely clean shaven, with my swollen clitoris just aching for you, that’s okay, too. Just don’t try to touch it.”

She gazed at Todd for a sign that he understood.

“You must tell me what you like and what you don’t like. If I am licking you, and you want me to suck, say so. I’ll suck. If I am going slowly, and you want me to go fast, say so, I’ll speed up. One other thing, you must not touch yourself, until I am done with you. I’m sure that you have been masturbating since you were eleven and that you know how to make yourself come. I don’t want to watch you make yourself come; I want to make you come myself. I’ll do anything within reason Starzbet Giriş with my hands, my lips, my tongue and my mouth to make you come. Just tell me what you like. Okay?”

Todd nodded his assent.

Mia advanced on Todd and fell to her knees. She untied his runners and put them at the end of the bed with his socks. Straightening, she unfastened his belt, and undid his trousers. She saw and admired the bulge in his boxer briefs — a sight like she had never before seen in person.

“That looks yummy,” she breathed hotly in Todd’s ear.

Mia grabbed the waistband of Todd’s shorts and pulled them off. Todd’s cock was long and slender just like him. It was surrounded by sandy hair that matched the hair on his head and that apparently had never known any kind of trim. Mia admired Todd’s circumcised equipment with its bluish pink knob and its elegant veins. She felt herself nearly swoon as she watched it swell in seconds, first pointing at the wall and then pointing at the ceiling. She was conscious of a tingling and a moistness in her own panties.

“Shall I kiss it?” Mia asked?

“Oh, yes please, Miss,” Todd replied gratefully.

Mia did not hesitate. She gave the head of Todd’s cock a chaste little peck. She followed that with a series of similar pecks down the length of his shaft and another on each testicle.

“Don’t forget to tell me what you like, now,” Mia reminded.

She had seen some commercial porn, some amateur porn, and some instructional videos on the internet. She had even consulted an ‘out’ gay boyfriend, whom she knew from high school chorus to learn what he thought boys liked. She had arrived already at a number of informed opinions about fellatio.

Without asking for further instructions, Mia gave Todd’s scrotum a long swirling lick. He was fuzzy, but she could still feel the wrinkly skin covering his balls contract responsively under her tongue. She licked a long stroke up the shaft of his erection. Then, she gave a ‘little girl with an ice cream cone’ lick to his glans.

“Is that okay?” Mia prompted him. “You won’t forget to tell me what you like?”

“Oh gosh, yes, just like that. Please don’t stop. Please?” was all that Todd seemed to have to offer.

“Okay, I guess I’m doing pretty well,” Mia thought to herself. “He isn’t offering much advice, but he isn’t offering any criticism either.”

Mia cupped Todd’s balls in her right hand and fondled the heavy spongy ovoids as she tried to remember some advice from a video on the internet. Tood’s eyes were closed as he reclined with both elbows on the bed. His mouth was partly open and he was breathing a little harder than one would expect an athletic youth at rest to breathe. Mia tried to read his expression, but it was blank and unfamiliar to her.

In a sudden moment of decisiveness, Mia wrapped her small fist tightly around Todd’s cock and stroked it half a dozen times. Each time, she pulled what remained of his circumcised prepuce up around the head of his cock and then back down. Then, maintaining her grip on the lower part of his shaft, she took the head of his long, slim dick in her mouth and began to alternate sucking Starzbet Güncel Giriş it and licking it. To add drama to her actions, Mia made as much noise as she could — wet, slurping sounds and little moans of pleasure like a table full of diners enjoying excellent phó at a Vietnamese restaurant. All the while, she continued gently stroking the base of his cock in rhythm to her oral ministrations.

Mia’s effect on Todd was apparent. His breathing became more rapid. He began making little vocalizations of his own. He still offered no articulate advice, but this no longer appeared very important. Todd’s moans were sufficient indicators that Mia’s technique was effective. So was the occasional catch in his breath, and the salty, slickness of his self-lubrication which Mia tasted on her tongue.

Almost imperceptibly, Mia increased the speed and intensity of her stimulation of Todd. The subtle change was not lost on him. Now, as Mia’s mouth descended on his tool, his hips thrust up to meet her. In the tall mirror on the wardrobe door, Mia could see the young athlete’s buttocks clench as he thrust at her, but her hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock prevented him from penetrating her mouth any more deeply. Mia could also see from the mirror how very much in control she appeared. There was Todd, vulnerable, passive and naked from the waist down while she — still fully and fashionably clothed – handled him like her plaything.

Todd’s vocalizations transitioned from little moans to grunts to fevered utterances as Mia pumped him vigorously.

“Oh gosh!” Todd murmered

Mia did not let up.

“Oh jeez!” he moaned.

Mia sucked and stroked him powerfully.

“Oh fuck!” he half cried out.

Sensing his climax, Mia moved her face out of the way and let Todd erupt. Spurt after spurt of pearly semen jetted from the purple head of Todd’s super stimulated cock. Mia still held it at the base and could feel each wave of his orgasm as it thrilled through him. Come rained down on Todd’s abdomen and thighs – some even soaked his shirt tail. As his orgasm subsided, still more come dribbled down the shaft of his slender cock and over Mia’s fingers.

Mia licked her fingers clean, and sucked some semen from the flesh of Todd’s taut abdomen. Then, she kissed Todd squarely on the mouth so that he had to taste himself on her lips and tongue.

“Thank you for helping with my bag,” Mia cooed gratefully.

“Um, sure, no problem, any time,” Todd replied. “Listen to me. No, thank you. Thank you for the blow job. Nobody ever did that to me before.”

Todd pulled his underwear on and began re-dressing himself.

“Well, I don’t know why not. You have a very nice cock,” said Mia honestly enough, while trying to give the impression that she had considerably more experience with cock than she actually had.

“Well, I have some unpacking to do and I’m sure you have things to do, too. So, you had probably best be going,” Mia continued as Todd tied his sneakers. “Thanks again for your help,” she shooed him toward the door.

When Todd had gone, Mia unpacked her suitcase. It took quite a while. Afterwards, she brushed her long dark brown hair. Then, she stripped naked and admired herself in the wardrobe mirror. She stimulated the dark nipples on her perky breasts until they pointed back at her in the mirror. Only then, did she get out Pinky — her slim pink vibrator — and reclining where Todd had, she masturbated long and hard with her eyes closed. Her orgasm was exquisite.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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