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It was Saturday morning, my husband had gone for his usual game of golf, which gave me most of Saturday to myself, that I loved, I could clean the apartment or leave it, go shopping or not, rest and catch up with friends; the day was my very own quality time.

It was 9:00am, when I heard noises from the apartment next door, it had been empty for 2 months now, I poked my head out of ours to try and see what was going on, you do know us women, always nosey.

I saw men carrying furniture in, and packaging out, after a while a young lady appeared, wow was she a beauty, I would have to watch my silly husband with her I thought! I laughed at that idea.

I went and made a pot of tea, got cups, milk and sugar, a packet of biscuits, put them all on a tray, and round I went, I tapped on the open door and called out if anyone was in.

A man appeared and said hello, this is Soraya, and he pointed to the girl I had seen earlier, my oh my, was she a beauty, Asian, Indian, somewhere eastern, I was to find out later that she was in fact a Pakistani, long, very long, shiny black hair, it was like waves of black gold! Parted down the centre, and hung down to her waist.

My height, about 5 feet 7″ tall, well built, and by that I mean totally built, heavy but pointed boobs, held in by the snug fitting blouse she was wearing, narrow waist, legs that went on forever by the look of the jeans she had on, and black high heeled shoes, which put her height to about 5feet 11″

Her face was a thing of magic, no make up at all, black arched eye brows, the longest black lashes, a typical Asian nose, long, but rounded nicely, full lipped, and a squarish chin that held her face in a permanent pose, all sat on a long slender neck.

The reason I was taken aback by her was, although we were of different ethnic origins, neither my face nor hair, was a bit like hers, we could have been twins in body sizes, and height.

I entered greeted, and welcomed my new neighbour, said my name was Christine Harton from next door, but to call me Chris, I set down the tray, she professed her gratefulness, and we all had a tea break, although I wasn’t really at work, afterwards I started helping out, getting things straight etc.

The men left, and as we worked I was doing tasks she was setting me, we chatted, it turned out that her parents were in Pakistan, were a wealthy family, one brother who would arrive in about two months time to build a business for his father, and she was over here to study, no boy friend I enquired, no, she said, no time for that.

I laughed and said good girl, you keep away from men they are nothing but trouble, we both laughed at that, and she said she had no intention of going down that route.

I liked her tremendously, it seemed to me we had a definite connection, then a surprise, she said to me, Chris, you are one of the nicest persons I have ever met, and I have only known you for 2 hours!

We compared our vital statistics, and found we were exactly the same size in everything we had; even our bras were the same, amazing!

I asked her how old she was, and she said she was 18, going on 19 in four months time, wow, I exclaimed, all this and only that age, Im impressed, Im 28 I said, and wouldn’t have dared to do anything like this.

Well all this was set up by my father’s agent, so all I have to do is move in and square things; her English was almost perfect, just a hint of a mother tongue in her words, which to me enhanced her bearing.

It was 12:00 now so I invited her to mine for a spot of lunch, we continued chatting away none stop, after a while I realised I was telling her my life story, and she was telling me hers, we were becoming firm friends that was for sure, I felt so happy to have someone next door after the last miserable old sod had left.

We went back to her apartment and kept up the loading and unloading, that goes on with making a home a home, we discussed everything, and agreed on almost everything too, we even seemed to think alike, it was amazing, we both giggled like school girls when we both tried to do the same thing!

The day shot by, my mobile rang, it was my husband asking me where I was, as he was home, and no me. I looked at the clock; it was past 4:00! I’ve got to run Soraya I said, if he goes out tonight to his golf club, you want to come to mine for a drink and something to eat, she definitely did she said, she gave me her number and I went home happy, to an unhappy husband because the poor thing was hungry. Awwww!

8:00 came round Mike went to his club to get a tee time for the next Saturday, so I called Soraya, and she came round, we had a ball, laughing giggling about everything in the world, I had found a soul mate, I told her I was really glad I had met her, and she said ataşehir escort the same to me.

Sunday morning arrived, I felt alive, I made breakfast for Mr Misery, he was always like this on a Sunday morning, a couple of drinks too many Saturday night, so I said I was going next door to see Soraya, he asked if he could come too, sure I said, so we knocked on her door, and she opened it.

And I almost heard Mikes jaw hit the floor, I giggled, told him to put his tongue back in, and introduced them to each other, Soraya was very much amused by him, she giggled too, we a had a coffee, then Mike reluctantly dragged his eyes off her and left, saying he had things to do, I was okay with that.

We spent the rest of the day together, doing this and that, I took her for a walk to show her around, Im going shopping tomorrow for clothes she said, as I don’t have too many, I offered to accompany her and she said she would love to have me along.

So Monday morning off we were like two silly girls, and we were just enjoying each others company, but I couldn’t stay with her all day as I had a doctors appointment at 1:00 so I left her in town and went home, I saw her that evening for a short while, but Mikes mother was visiting, so had to entertain her, I love her immensely, she is a wonderful lady, a second mother to me, and I always love having her around.

The next day, I was pottering about in my kitchen, wearing my house robe, as I hadn’t dressed yet, lazy hey? Lacy panties, no bra, and comfy shoes, it was about 10:00

My hair was down, I had brushed it, I love my hair, its brown, soft and long, parted down the middle like Soraya’s, Im a good looking woman, I wouldn’t be seen on the cover of a magazine, but I was good enough, Im happy with me as I am, I’ve described Soraya’s body, ditto for mine

There came a knock at my door, Soraya I hoped, it was, she came in carrying a large bag, what have you got there I asked, clothes she replied, I want you to try them on for me so I can see what they look like if you don’t mind?

I would be glad to, I said happily, I showed her into our sitting room, could we use the bedroom she asked, I’ll feel more comfortable there she said, no problem I replied, come on, I showed her in, was I glad I had made the bed first thing, and that the room was tidy, It seemed important that it was for some reason.

She opened the bag and out fell all sorts of thing, blouses, skirts, dresses, and underwear, thongs, lacy pants, even lacier bra’s, negligees, stockings, suspenders, short silky house robes, that would barely cover my arse!

I tried on some of the dresses and skirts first, modelling, posing and turning around for her, Soraya adjusted them on me, brushing my tits as she went, gently pulling and tugging the clothes around my body, what the hell I thought, I’m getting turned on! Her fingers rubbed my neck as she went around my body, I couldn’t help but shiver at her soft touch, I could feel my pussy moistening, and my nipples were growing hard at an alarming rate.

Great she said , I like all of them, now for the underwear she giggled at me, I wasn’t sure but there seemed to be a glint in her eyes I hadn’t seen before, without further ado, she helped me off with the clothes I was modelling for her, and I ended up naked in front of her,

Now first these panties she held out to me, I bent over to get my feet in them, my tits hung down, nipples like bottle corks, and sticking straight out! Oh I like these panties she said as she adjusted them by putting her slim cool fingers in to the top and moving them around me and my arse, Chris you have a great body, wow, was all she said, I blushed like a silly girl and thanked her.

Do you like sex? She suddenly asked, Oh my goodness, my knees almost buckled, yes, I replied huskily, good, she said, I do too, and then stepping behind me, she put a bra on me, and clipped it at the front, I could feel her breath on my neck, I was ready to explode now, I hoped I wasn’t going to embarrass myself!

She fitted the bra to me, took both my boobs in her hands and hefted them, I could feel the heat, and the coolness from her at the same time, Mmmm she murmured into my neck, nice real nice, she said as she now squeezed my rock hard nipples through the bra, I had a mini orgasm that I tried to hide, but I don’t know if I succeeded, then she did 3 things almost simultaneously, she unclipped the bra at the front, kissed my neck, and rolled my nipples between her fingers, I almost fell down.

You okay baby? She whispered in my ear, I could hardly speak, Oh Soraya, what are you doing to me? I managed to ask. Her right hand slipped down my body, and pushed its way into the panties of hers that I was wearing, her fingers entered the folds of skin over my pussy, and her avcılar escort middle one immediately grazed my little nub, I almost squealed in surprise and arousal, my arse pushed back into her hot body, and although I didn’t realise it, she was walking me to my bed.

Lift your knee and get on the bed she murmured in my ear, It was then I saw the bed in front of me, how did I get here I thought stupidly to myself, I did as told automatically, I got on with both knees, she was right behind me, we shuffled further on, and then I seemed to float down on to my stomach, her fingers still busy on my nipple and in my pussy, I was going ballistic now, I wanted to cum very badly.

Do you want to cum Chrissie she whispered to me. Oh God yes I replied. Well don’t, she said, not yet, don’t you dare cum until I say you can okay?

She was laid directly on top of me, but I didn’t feel her weight, all I could feel was the explosions going off in my body, as she worked me to distraction, her hot mouth on my neck and ears, her hair was blocking any view I might have had, it had cascaded down around my face, I was now enveloped in a cocoon of black gold, it was so erotic and exciting. I begged her to let me cum.

Okay baby, you go right ahead, she jammed her fingers right into me, squeezed my nipple extra hard and bit into my neck, my orgasm detonated through my prone body, I had never ever cum as hard as this, never, Mike hadn’t, and even Mike’s mate who had fucked me a few times hadn’t got anywhere near this either.

I think I must have passed out momentarily because when I came to my senses, she was turning me over and into her arms. I willingly allowed it, and snuggled into her as best I could.

I was temporarily spent, I was still glorying in the shattering orgasm she had given me, I was in love, that thought stunned me, a beautiful 18 year old Pakistani girl had taken me to heaven, and made me explode into tiny fragments of the woman I had once been.

I had to do a lot of thinking about this; I had unknowingly entered a world I wasn’t aware of, didn’t know even existed. I had never had a lesbian affair, I had never even thought about it, I was as straight as straight could have been, and yet here I was, loving this young woman, I turned my face to her, she kissed me, I was gone!

She climbed over me, facing me, and started twiddling my nipples, I reached for hers, we both began to give as good as we got, but I doubted I could give her the orgasm she had made me have, but would we see? She leaned down over me and we kissed and necked, I couldn’t stop myself from wrapping my arms around her, and begging her to love me, she smiled at me, and said that that was exactly what she intended doing!

Soraya slid down my body now and laid full length on top of me, we kissed more and more, her breath on me, and her tongue in my mouth was the sweetest of nectar, her soft full lips devoured mine. The pressing of her pussy on mine, as she was between my open legs, she wriggled it about and made me cum again, I cried out in ecstasy into her mouth and neck. She really knew how to press my buttons.

I knew she hadn’t cum yet, so I asked her what she wanted me to do to get her there, I’ll show you she said, and with that, she climbed back up my body, got her knees over my shoulders, parted her pussy with her long slender fingers, and lowered herself onto my now open mouth, It turned out I was a natural, Soraya told me later that I was.

I had her jumping up and down on my face in no time, and when she came, she scrunched herself over me, pulled my head up by my hair and into her red hot pussy, she filled my mouth with her sweet juices, I loved every second of it as she gushed her cum into me, I swallowed it all, it was fabulous.

She eventually flopped down by my side, and we pulled ourselves into each others arms, I was in heaven, we cuddled, kissed, and caressed each other for some time, and then we both fell asleep.

I awoke first, and slowly moved myself so I could look down at this angel that had entered my life, my heart felt as though it was going to burst. I kissed her awake, she smiled at me, sat up, bit my neck fiercely and jumped out of bed with a squeal of delight, I was out and after her in a rush, I caught her, and we grappled, fell to the floor in a heap of giggles and laughter, I kissed her as passionately as I could, she settled into me, as I did into her, it was wonderful, she broke the kiss, come on she said, shower! You stink!

She raced off again, with me right behind her, we spent a good half an hour in there, I had never had a finger in my bum, but I got hers, it was manically erotic, I was held against the tiles as she ravaged my arse with her middle finger deep in there right up to the third knuckle, my nipples were on ataşehir escort bayan fire! I came again, and she did too when I sank to my knees to lovingly service her glorious pussy. The sight of her above me as I did so was just beautiful, her looking down on me as she came was out of this world.

We went back to the bedroom; it was late now, we had been at each other for more than 4 hours, we got dressed, and retired to the kitchen for refreshments that we both needed badly, I had a little trouble walking after the wonderful punishment my arse had taken from her finger! She laughed at me for that, it made me feel really shy, I went to her and she kissed me softly.

Soraya we have to discuss this I said, I don’t know how this happened, and don’t get me wrong, Im so glad it did, this has been the best ever day of my life honestly, I told her. Me too she said, as we sat close next to each other, I suppose you are a full blown lesbian I asked, yep I am, she said, Its one of the main reasons I wanted to leave home and Pakistan, because they don’t like this kind of behaviour.

I have never wanted a man, I have always been attracted to other women, I have had affairs in the past, with friends, even my mother’s youngest sister, and one of her friends, but as soon as I saw you on Saturday, I knew you were the one. My God I exclaimed, how did you know that, this is the first time I have ever done this, I’ve never even contemplated it before!

You may not have realised it Chris, but you are a women’s woman, I knew it, I sensed it in the way you looked at me, you wanted me the moment you laid eyes on me, although you didn’t know it, I had to show you the way baby. Do you think I have honey she said? Then laughed her delightful laugh, leaned over and said to me, if Im wrong, then don’t kiss me. I kissed her lovingly.

Can I be bi sexual I asked, yes you can babe, she replied. What am I going to do about Mike I pondered, nothing Soraya said, let things ride for the moment see which way the wind blows hey?

Darling Soraya I said, I have something to confess to you before we go any further, don’t tell me she said, you’ve been having an affair with a friend of Mike’s, right? I was absolutely gob smacked, how on earth do you know that I gasped. It’s easy she said, I saw yesterday that you aren’t particularly happy with him, so it stands to reason that you might be having an affair with someone so I guessed a friend, yes?

But then she added, that’s over now okay, you belong to someone else now, and its going to be long term, so you had better get used to it, Im not having you putting that pussy of mine around to anyone else ever again, unless I say so, do you understand? That is apart from Mike, but he won’t be around that much longer will he?

I could only sit there in stunned silence, my life had been taken over by an 18 year old girl I had only just met 4 days ago, and I was nodding my head in agreement, I was hers, I understood it now.

But Soraya, who do you belong to? I asked in a fearful voice, not knowing what her answer was going to be. Why Im yours too darling Chrissie, I will belong to you, but I will always be the leader between us won’t I though? You know that don’t you my baby?

Yes I replied, and I felt so happy and contented about it, I had a good cry, she comforted me, and I ended up getting fucked over my kitchen table, I had another enormous orgasm, Soraya kissed me goodbye, and went home while I got Mikes dinner ready, was my pussy sore or what! I hoped Mike doesn’t fancy a bit tonight I thought, thankfully he didn’t.

And Soraya was right about Mike too, we started talking of where we were, what we wanted and we both agreed that our marriage wasn’t strong enough to survive, so we agreed to split, and divorce, we shared the profit from the apartment sale.

I still see his mother, and I have now moved in with Soraya who I love with all my heart, she is chased by men and boys where ever we go, I do too, but I get jealous sometimes, Soraya teases me, and I get all upset, but she always makes it right in bed on the night.

We have a strap on double ended dildo that we use on each other, and let me tell you, having the thick end up my arse and pussy, is something to die for, Soraya gets me all over our apartment, its not often I better her, but when I do I still go over the edge at the same time she does, I am so tuned into my life with her now, I couldn’t ever think of not being with her.

She has started spanking me now too, when she says I have been naughty, and I love it, we both do, because it always ends up with us making sexy powerful love.

Her brother did come over, to set up a import business for his father, which now employs me as a secretary, but I don’t know what will happen if they find out about me and Soraya, they know we share the apartment, I think her brother suspects something, but bless him, he never mentions anything. So at the moment life is wonderful but we have contingency plans to up sticks and move if necessary.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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