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I have no idea how I let this happen, why I let it, why I never put a stop to it the instant it dropped itself on to me. I am not this kind of person. I do not do this sort of thing. I am better than this, I am a woman of the world, in charge of my life.

I am 40 years old, happily married, two children, a boy 18 and a girl 19. My husband is successful, I lead a good life, go where I want, do what I want, within reason, have 2 or 3 holidays a year, a Golf car and a Mercedes in the garage. Designer clothes, big house, a pool, large garden, a gardener, and a housekeeper. But I am a hands on person too, I well remember my childhood, no money, no nothing except loving parents.

My name is Jennifer, as I said I am 40 years old, 5ft 8″ tall, very good looking and still attract the opposite sex, not that I go there, Oh no, not me, no not I! That was though until I let this happen, but maybe I never let it happen, maybe it happened without me being aware of it, taken over maybe?

Maybe I was feeling horny and maybe I wasn’t aware that I was, maybe ready for a bout of undiluted sex, rough sex, hard sex, who knows, I don’t. I do remember that that morning my nipples were on fire, itchy, wanting action, and when I get like that, as soon as Bobby, my husband has gone to work I take care of things. But maybe for some reason unknown to me I never got round to taking care of things. I know it was on my mind but it never happened. It was 11 o clock, and my husband called to say hello, he always does.

I love him for that, I am the one even now after all these years that is on his mind. I was wearing a light sky blue blouse, buttoned up the front, long sleeved with the cuffs turned up, a dark blue skirt an high heeled sandals, my long hair was in a pony tail and my blouse was outside of my skirt.

My house phone, one of them, is in the kitchen on the wall near the inner door. It rang, I picked it up and it was Bobby making his call. We chatted for a moment, and then my side door opened and in walked Toby, he is my son’s best friend, and almost part of the family and he lives next door.

I waved him in, and continued my conversation, he knew Brian, my son was out, Kerry, my daughter was out too so I was on my own. Toby approached me, and then he was stood right in front of me, I smile at him as I chatted. The next moment his fingers were on the blouse buttons and he was undoing them. I wasn’t sort of worried, it happened so fast I never saw him do it.

In the next moment he pulled it apart and my front fastening bra was unclipped, that was when I took action. The only trouble was, I was talking to my husband as this all happened in what seemed like a nana second. I flapped my free hand at him, trying to waft away his hands. That was when I should have shouted at him but I never, why? I suppose it was because I was talking to my husband and didn’t want to make trouble for anyone.

What did make me clamp my lips shut to avoid a moan, a groan, a shriek, a complaint, anger, annoyance, disbelief, was, he gripped both of my itchy nipples in his fingers and squeezed them. The back of my head hit the wall, and my free hand went to my mouth to stifle whatever it was I was about to utter, say, or demand stoppage.

I did manage to put my hand on his left hand to pull it off me, I did. But h took my wrist and pushed my hand around me and behind my back, things happened fast then, his left hand took my left wrist, my right hand still had the phone in it so was useless. And his right hand fingers regain their position clipping my left nipple.

Toby then bent his head and took my right nipple into his mouth which was as hot as boiling water. Then he bit it lightly, it sent me into orbit.

“Darling I have to go,” I said lamely into the phone, “something has come up, sorry, bye.” I somehow dropped the phone into its cradle. And the instant I did Toby spun me round, I was already disabled with dizziness, and I found myself looking up at him from my table.

My right arm was trapped between his knees, my left arm was above my held by his left hand, and his right escort antep hand was murdering my nipple. Now you maybe wondering how or why I let this happen like this. The truth is I do not know, it just seemed to happen so fast so, sort of out of the worldy I never got my breath or my bearings.

I think I was about to start screaming, shouting, telling him, asking him what the hell he thought he was doing, what he was up to. But I never got that far, his hand dipped under my skirt, though I never saw it take place, and in the fleeting moment he rubbed my pussy, before I think, he got under the edge of my pants and he actually fingered my, unknown to me, bleeding piping hot pussy.

I heard someone yelp, me? Then Toby was on the move, he disappeared out of my eye line to reappear right in front of me. I didn’t know what was happening, let alone even where I was. I was as dizzy and disorientate as any one person could ever be, I think. And that was when I was removed from the equation, my panties went and in the blip of time I was being screwed, feeling a cock in your pussy, or in this case mine, was a wondrous feel. I split me in half, metaphorically speaking.

For the first time in my life there was a cock in me that did not belong to my husband, he was the only man I have ever known. My eyes caught Toby in front of me. My neighbour’s son was balls deep in me and I couldn’t do a thing to resist it. Why? You might ask, well the only thing I can say in my defence right then would be I couldn’t, I could even get my breath, it happened so fast, it seems like it was half an hour. In fact if it was more than a minute since he had flipped my blouse open, captured my treacherous nipples, put me on my back on my table and began screwing me, I might be lying to you. It was like I wasn’t even there, but I was.

There was also something else I knew, I was hot, I was turned on, I was aroused, now whether this was before he did what he was doing or whether I was already on the boil I didn’t know. Toby was looking down at me with an enigmatic smile on his young face. And it was then I knew that he had intended this, he had taken his chance, blow up in his face or not, he was having his day. And I also knew he had already been more than successful.

It was easy to know why he had, and was being successful in taking me down. This solid one woman man, no other had ever been anywhere near me, and I had known no one ever would. I climaxed, and when I climax I blow top to toe. I burst like a dam. I flood, my cum spurts, which looking back wasn’t too much of a surprise, not to me anyway, because, as much as I love my husband I had not blown for a long lomg time. So maybe to Toby it was a surprise. I exploded, my legs gripped him, my hands went up to him, I blessed him, I called for him to go harder and faster.

And Toby, bless his heart did just that, he hammered me, he bruised me, he beat me, he denigrated me, he debauched me, and I loved every wonderful painful second of it. His cock owned me right at that moment, I was his, my pussy was his, my life hanging by a thread was his. I burst again, and then after that too, I knew there would be a big puddle of my cum on the kitchen floor and I was looking forward to seeing it.

Then it was Toby’s turn, it was like I had forgotten he was there, but I hadn’t, how could I? This man boy was screwing me the way I hadn’t been nailed for a long time, and I had forgotten, or got used to not being screwed like this for a long time, but he turned the clock back for sure.

I wanted to love him, kiss him, tell him how great he was, what a man he was, a burning star in the night sky he was. How fabulous he was in the way he was doing me. How I wanted him to do me this way forever and a day. Then Toby’s handsome face screwed up, his hips hit me harder than before and he held himself in me, and I felt my insides flood with his burning hot cum, he filled me, it spread around me like a bush fire spitting flames, scouring me.

All my life I had been more than happy with my lot, now Toby, my neighbours escort araban son, and my son’s best friend had taken me, used me, abused me, even raped me and I was and had loved it, what was I going to do now? Toby’s face changed before my eyes, he had cum, reality, if that was what this was was setting in.

I had to take the reins.

“Toby, Toby,” I said. “Come here,” I held my arms up to him, and thankfully he leaned forward, I pulled him down, I kissed him, then I assured him I was alright, he was alright, that this was alright, but more importantly, I think, I told him not to run away.

He looked at me, his eyes filled up, I could see the fear, the fright in his eyes. “Let me up Toby,” I told him. He did, and unbelievably, as his cock dropped out I felt empty, sad. I stood before him, and closed the gap right up.

“Toby, darling,” I said, “what you just did was so wrong, bang out of order, but its done now and no going back, so!”

I kissed him again, who was I? I had never ever contemplated an affair with anyone, ever, now I was comfy with it, with this. I looked at the clock, lots of time, no worries. I locked my door, took his hand and said blithely.

“Shall we?” I pulled him after me and headed for the stairs and my bedroom, and bed.

Now I was an unfaithful wife I had decided without rancour that I was going to do it again, and I was going enjoy it more than I just had been made to. I had to drag him, he was very unsure of himself. As soon as I got him into my bedroom I practically ripped his clothes from him, threw what was left of mine off, and forced him under the covers. It took me about two seconds to get him hard again, and about two more seconds after that I was forcing him back into me, with me on top.

In my mind also now was the fact apart from the urgency of having Toby’s cock back in me was the realisation of ‘familiarity breeds contempt,’ my love life was not anywhere near where I had thought it was, in fact, I knew now it was rather hum drum and had been for many years. This was more exciting than I could ever imagine, breathing was a struggle I wanted Toby so much.

I bore down onhim with all the force I could muster, he grimaced but I just attacked him, I wanted pain, I wanted hurt, I wanted this memory forever. I rode him as hard as I could, I made myself orgasm again and again, but in reality, it was Toby making me cum as hard and as many times as this. I was almost insane with the lust I had for him within me.

I banged and banged away at him, and Toby went with it now, he had me by the waist pushing my body up and down on him. His young hard cock bottomed out in me continually, he hit me where my husband never did, or hadn’t for a long time. I eneded up collapsing in him and then he fucked me from underneath. I was spent, I had no more to give but Toby kept on taking me.

Then suddenly I was on my back and for the first time in my life, I think, I got beaten to near death by cock. Toby absolutely hammered me, there was no forgiveness in his eyes. He was manic, I could do nothing, and my body didn’t want to do anything but accept his total domination. Then in a flash it was over, Toby ejaculated again, and again I flooded, my cum, his cum, our cum, our love spilled on to the bed.

I lay there and gloried in what had happened to me. None of this could have been planned, not by me anyway. But given the choice I would do it again, and I know I will given the chance. But I hadn’t finished yet had I? Now I had gone from being the victim of a sexual attack, to the predator that Toby had been. Now he was my victim, a willing one none the less, but still mine. And I was having him the way I had wanted to be had for years by my hsband.

Toby was going to do what he would not.

I slid him off me. “Take a breather Toby,” I said, “we have time yet baby.”

“Have we?” he asked innocently.

“Oh yes baby we have, and don’t you worry. If we never get to do this again, I guarantee we will not forget this day!” I told him.

“I can promise gaziantep arap escort bayan you, I will never forget this day, and I’m hoping we can do it again,” he looked at me hopefully.

“Darling,” I said, “if we can we will I promise you, but we’ll see okay, no promises, it will be very risky?” He nodded his head. I slid under the covers to suck his magnificent weapon, sticky and gluey though it was, I revelled in it.

I have enough time for what I wanted to do, the thing was, did Toby have the stamina required. I could not have been more out of alignment with his prowess. I got every thing a woman could want and then more. I was a wonder he didn’t put me in a wheel chair. I had to blab my way around my pain and discomfort to my loving husband.

Toby reared up, literally, his cock grew and grew, I spent an age on him, having him in my mouth like this was manna from heaven. I sucked and prayed over his balls and asshole, I left nothing untouched and I know 100% how much he enjoyed having the woman of his dreams giving him all he ever wanted.

Then it was my turn, I climbed over him, I was about to do what I had wanted to do in all my years of marriage but never achieved. I settled, took a few deep breaths, I knew it would hurt, it had to didn’t it? Trouble was, I didn’t know how much it was going to, but nothing and no one was going to stop me now, not even Toby, or my husband walking in on me.

I reached down and took hold of him, the power house was at attention, I knew I was slick around me so no problems.

“Toby baby, keep still if you can okay?” he nodded his lovely head. I rubbed his cock head all around me and felt for that spot, I found it right off. One more look at him and I put my weight into it. I sank down slowly. I felt his cock pop into my ass and that was the first pain I felt.

It surged through me, I nearly lifted up but never. I pressed down and he slid into my. I moaned and groaned, it was agony, but nothing was stopping me, I only stopped when I could not go any further.

“I think I’m all in,” he mumbled. I knew he was, and I knew my life’s goal as a woman was now complete.

I waited, Toby stayed rigidly still. Then I began to move, side to side then slowly up. I have never felt such thrilling excitement, the pain was almost unbearable but I didn’t care. I sank back down and the pain subsided a little to be replaced with utter pleasure. The knowledge of what I was doing, what was in me, illicitly not my husband, illicitly my son’s own best friend made it all the more deliciously bad and outstandingly naughty.

I climaxed, it powered through me unasked, it bent my head, it made me cry out, it devastated me completely. Then it happened again, and soon, before I knew it I was bouncing up and down on Toby’s fabulous cock. It killed me but I could not stop. I needed the pain, the agony, it enhanced what was happening to me.

The best thing of all, it made me a woman, it was the lost chord, my missing piece, my jigsaw was complete. I would never die not knowing the fulfilment that this gave me. My life, though I never knew it was now whole. What I had got from Toby, though he had taken me against my will initially, was something I would never want from my husband. My ass belonged to this boy I was perched on.

Whether it happened again, and I was already hoping it would, was something I didn’t know I would not try to make it happen, if it did it would be spontaneous, or opportunistic. Once more I exploded and I fell on him, I kissed him, I loved him, I moaned for him, I gave my whole self to him. He, bless him was now rumping up and into me as I fell down on him. My ass was on fire, it was brilliant, I loved it, my son’s friend did me totally.

I opened my eyes to find myself lying next to him, his arm around me, my head on his shoulder.

“Are you alright Jenny?” he asked me.

“Never better Toby,” I said, “never better. But Toby, I’m sorry, its time you went baby.”

“Yes, I suppose it is, can I, can we see each other again Jenny, please?” his voice was plaintive.

“We’ll have to see Toby, no promises, and please don’t make things difficult for us both. I will yes, but only, and really only if its possible, no other time ever, okay?”

“Yes I understand and I promise.” I had to clean him off before he went and that gave me the opportunity for a blowjob for us both, it for me, and him for memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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