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Amateur Milf

Jenny had looked for an exciting present for a long, long time. And finally she had heard about an offer that was so weird, and so out of this world, that she had decided to go for it. A friend of hers had told her about the program and she was convinced that it would so be the right thing for Jim, and just in time for their first anniversary, too! Apparently, one of those lingerie places had gotten hold of some crazy tech and is now trying out some new business ideas. She entered the shop and browsed the clothing on offer.

“May I help you?”

“Definitely. I heard you have a very … special… offer?”

“Sure! Our bathing suits are down there!”

“No, I mean something more body-related. Specifically related to this part of the body.”

Jenny pointed at her little mounds.

“Oh, I… how do you know? But you don’t look like you need one if those bras, do you?”

“I don’t want a bra. I want to rent a pair of breasts. For my friend.”

“Rent them? Ummm… yes, as a matter of fact we … but we only get started so… You know what we charge for this service? Just… I don’t want to be rude, but you don’t exactly look like the typical client we imagined, you know?”

Jenny rolled her eyes annoyed, “Please, would you just show me what you have on offer?”

“Absolutely. Please follow me.”

Jenny had to laugh when the clerk opened the large cupboard and a whole array of tits stared back at her. Only one was marketed as ‘for rent’ though. How large they were! She reached out to the rentable set and pinched one of those fat nipples.

“Do you like them?”

“They all look delicious. So only that one can be rented?”

“Yes, only that one.”

The young woman examined the humongous pair. She squeezed the warm flesh, poked into them and sucked at their engorged nipples. She wondered how they would move, once they were attached to her body, and started to slap their undersides to see how they jiggle.

Those were just perfect, matching her own skin tone like they belonged to her. Such a large, heavy set with flawless skin and the springiness of a young body. And those cute, bright pink nipples were so adorable! She instantly fell in love.

“They look great!”

“Want to try them on?”


Jenny quickly removed her shirt and her bra that had no actual function, and presented her bare chest to the assistant.”

“Alright, here we go. Brace yourself.”

Jenny watched the clerk pointing the weird gun at her. A strange humming sound filled the room and then Jenny squeaked in beylikdüzü escort delight.

“Wow, those suckers are heavy!”

“That’s part of the deal when you are big up there. Wait, they are looking a bit off. The owner seems to have a bit of a bigger build. We have to slightly adjust the bases on those.”

She manipulated the dial on the gun and fired again.

“That’s better. See, now they match your chest area. And the little bulging it adds to those looks pretty neat!”

Jenny watched herself in the mirror. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was ridiculous! The young girl started to sway her new assets around, jumped up and down and marveled at the huge globes wobbling about. Jim wouldn’t be able to keep his hands from her!

“I’ll take them!”

“Those are 500 for a week.”

“Really? That expensive?”

“We are still evaluating our pricing strategy but yes, they are expensive.”

“So how much for a day?”

“75 bucks.”

“Still expensive but manageable. I’ll take them. For one day. “

Jenny wanted to hand her the credit card but her new assets suddenly got in the way.

“Oopsie, guess I am not used to them just yet.”

“Alright, you’re all set. Do you need anything else? A bra? Some clothes?”

“A bra would be nice.”

“I have to charge for it, though.”

“Oh, really? But I only need it for one day!”

“I’m sorry but nothing I can do.”

“Well, thanks anyway. I’ll be fine with my old shirt then.”

“Great. Once your rental time expires, the breasts will simply vanish and you’ll be back to your old self. Enjoy your time!”

Jenny struggled to get into her tiny shirt again. It was a tight fit and her newly acquired melons threatened to rip the flimsy piece of clothing to shreds. At least she was kind of covered, even if her gigantic new boobs were clearly visible through the stretched-out material. Time to give her darling a call.

“Hey honey, happy birthday!”

“Hi Jenny. Where the hell are you? Everybody’s prepping for tonight except you! There’s still so much to do! I need you here!”

“But darling,” Jenny pouted, I have a present that needs your urgent attention. Imagine me, but with huge tits!”

“Did you get a boob-job?” Jenny heard him breathing heavily.

“Fuck no. Much better! But we only have a day to enjoy those suckers together!”

“What hell are you talking about?”

“Just imagine what you would do with a fat-titted girl if you would only have one day, alright? See you in a minute!”

She bolu escort hung up, grinning like a loonie.

The place Jim had selected was just perfect for the phenomenal binge-fest he had planned. All his best friends would be coming and it would be great. Jim checked his to-do list again. Drinks and food had already been delivered, he just needed to take care of the decorations and think about how to entertain his guests appropriately. Time to get going.

“Hey hon, look what I got for you!”

Jim immediately felt the difference when his girlfriend bumped into his back, hugging him from behind. Instead of her usual, bony body, a soft, squishy mass pressed against him. He turned around, gasping, “How the hell? What happened to your tits Jenny? Those look ridiculous! Come on, show me more!”

Jenny giggled as her new assets squeezed out of the tight constraints.

“Feel how soft they are! And how nice they jiggle when I jump around!” beamed the girl as she started wiggling her upper body about.

“Wow. You did get a boob job, didn’t you? Aren’t those a tad too big for you though? They look like they would get in the way a lot!”

Jenny pouted, “Aren’t you happy about your gift?”

Jim hugged her, his fingers grabbing hold of an incredible amount of breast flesh, “I am happy, honey. You know I’m a boob man and I get all horny just thinking about your new tits flopping around while I fuck you from behind. But I also love you and would be terribly sad if you would suffer every day just because you want to please me.”

“Aww, you’re so cute! But don’t worry, they are only temporary. They are, like, glued to my body. They’re the tits of another woman. I can’t even feel them, just the tugging on my chest as they bounce around!”

“But they look so real!”

“They are! As I said, they’re the tits of another woman. And she can still feel them! Haven’t you heard about this new tech? The portal bra? They’re like magic! You stick your tits into some kind of black hole and they pop out at a different place! I rented them for one day! For your birthday!”

Jim’s head swam, “So you can’t feel them? You don’t feel pain if I do this?” He pinched her large nipples hard.

“Nope, don’t feel a thing.”

“Wow. Damn Jenny, you look hot with those udders! I want to fuck you so badly!”

Jeny grabbed her new set of boobs and jiggled them enticingly,”Then let’s fuck, honey! Your birthday, you decide!”

She slowly stripped off her clothing, swaying her tits back and forth, wiggling her ass invitingly, “You want to take bursa escort me right here and now, don’t you? Come here, let me suck your hard-on!”

Jenny reached into his pants, grabbed his pulsing manhood. In moments, his jeans were at his ankles and his glistening cock buried to the hilt in Jenny’s hungry mouth. Jenny cooed, mumbling with his wood inside her skull, “I bet you can’t wait to titfuck my fat boobs, can you?” Jim squirmed as she let his dick slip out of the wet opening again. The tantalizing girl smashed her new tits together and presented them with sparkling eyes, “Now pound those boobies, Jim. Don’t hold back!”

His hard dick dove into the deep, soft valley as he fucked this incredible pair of tits. Jim was in heaven. He always dreamt of titfucking his girl but as flat as Jenny was, he had been out of luck. But now she suddenly turned up with the most amazing pair and he could do all the things he ever wanted to. He was huffing and puffing as he drove into the twin mounds, his gasps getting shorter and more excited by the second.

“Alright big pal, sounds you are close. Time to switch positions, I want some fun, too!”

Jenny let her tits go, turned around and went down on all fours, presenting a clean shaven, dripping slit to her boyfriend. His rigid tool drove into her with vigor, filling her tight chute up to the brim. They gasped in sync, moaning and groaning as both neared the peak.

“Hey guys, what’s going oooh!”

“Aahh…Uugghh,” Jim shot his load into the clenching, writhing girl.

“That looks delicious! Sorry to interrupt you guys but… Hey Jenny, what the fuck happened to your tits?”

Jenny was still occupied with her almost-orgasm, her fingers dancing between her wet folds.

“Ooohh fuuucckkk! Damn you Bobby, you almost cost me my big O! Couldn’t you just shut up and watch for a bit?”

“Sorry. Too late anyway. Now, what’s with your tits? Those udders look delicious! Boob job?”

“No, boobs for rent. I’ll let you feel them once I cleaned up Jim’s mess,” she groaned, her fingers scooping gunk from her reddened, gaping hole, “Thanks honey, that was fun!”

Jim smirked, “I have to thank you, Jen! I didn’t know I could come so hard but apparently a pair of fat, dangling boobs is all I need to get me going! Give me a sec to clean myself. Bobby you asshole, don’t intrude like that! You could have waited a bit and let us have our fun!”

But Bobby wasn’t paying attention.

“Boobs for rent? Like, real breasts? Oooooh, I know, from that lingerie shop, right? I heard some rumors about that, but damn do they look great!”

“She can’t feel them though. Like two glued-on watermelons.”

“But that girl, the owner, she feels them, right?”

“I guess so. Somebody somewhere just experienced a nice little titfuck. I hope she had some fun as well!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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