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My name is slave. Of course, that’s not my real name, but for the story I plan to tell, it will do. For the record, I’m a bisexual submissive male. There are few who know this fact. Common enough story there, I suppose. Truth is, my family and friends could never accept my lifestyle, so that part of myself stays safely locked away.

But behind closed doors… Well, my Mistress and I have a whole lot of fun.

As I write this, I’m wearing a red fishnet bodystocking, black heels and nipple clamps. I wear lingerie around the house quite a bit these days, and besides, it helps set the mood for me as I tell this story.

I’d always been interested in the kinkier side of sex, knew I was at least bi-curious. I inherited (stole) a bunch of Hustlers and pornographic novels from an older cousin when I was 18. Until I got hold of that material, I had no idea about all the possibilities there were in the world of sex. Anal, watersports, gay, lesbian, even fisting, and much more. I was dating a girl a year older than me at the time. She was very open minded about trying new things, and we did a fair amount of experimenting. 69 quickly became my favorite number. I loved eating pussy and ass. Like to blew the back of her head off the first time she fingered my ass while giving me a blowjob. I lost track of how many times we had sex in a room full of people. It was fun trying to do it without being noticed.

We had some great times, but to be honest, the really fun stuff didn’t happen until I was in my forties.

A friend and I had tried dating. Kay and I didn’t really click on a relationship level, but sexually we were amazingly compatible. We had tried all kinds of things, things we hadn’t had the opportunity to try in the past. We had long talks about our fantasies, all the kinky things we had always wanted to try, but never had a partner willing to go there. No subject was taboo.

We experimented with bondage. Sometimes I got tied up, sometimes she did. We tried anal. I loved getting my ass fucked. Her, not so much. We tried watersports. We both enjoyed that more than we thought we would. She would give the most amazing blow jobs, then feed me my own cum. Can’t say I’ve ever grown to enjoy the taste, but I can swallow with the best of them these days.

I liked it when she used the flogger on me, or spanked me. Neither of us was into serious pain, so we knew where to draw the line. And scat was just plain off the list. We’re kinky and nasty, but not that nasty.

As things progressed, we came to realize two things. I was a natural sub, she was a natural domme. So we went with it. She grew quite talented with a strapon, and I was learning to take more and bigger toys in my ass. I found that when she was giving me a massive ass pounding with our favorite, the Purple Emperor, I’d tend to slip off into subspace. And she would have multiple, very intense orgasms as she fucked my ass. We both loved that eight inch long two inch thick vibrating marvel.

Eventually, I asked her to be my Mistress. I was happiest when she was in control. I would actually be the most relaxed and content when she was whipping me or slam-fucking my ass with an eight inch cock. We discussed it at length, and she agreed. Seems she had become quite attached to my ass, and she enjoyed the control. The many, many orgasms might have something to do with it too.

We kept trying new things. We bought a John Holmes dildo and attached it to a harness. I was proud that I was able to adapt to it quickly. That thing is big. Twelve inches long and two and a half thick. Couldn’t take the whole length for a long time, but I got there. We put all sorts of stuff in my ass. Cucumbers, of course. I got a good laugh after, she used them in a salad that she fed to her son-in-law. Who she hates. Coke bottles, beer bottles, eventually a baseball bat. We even got me worked up to taking her fist, her foot, and finally both her hands. One of her favorite things to do (besides slam-fucking me with a strapon), is to fist my ass while I masturbate. She loves to watch. And of course, I eat my cum when I’m done. And since I of course do ass-to-mouth, I clean her hand up too.

She developed a fondness for tying me up and cutting and ripping my clothes off. She loves the sound of tearing denim. I usually have an eight inch dildo in my ass for her to play with once she gets me naked. And I have spent many, many hours with my face buried in her pussy giving her multiple orgasms. She’s actually had trouble walking out the door on several occasions.

We had talked for a long time about bringing in other men and women to have fun with. She’s bisexual as well, by the way. The first threesome we had was with a friend of hers, Deke. When Mistress Kay explained what was going on and asked him if he’d like to join us, he jumped at the chance. He was actually pretty kaynarca escort straight, but very open-minded. Like most men, whether they admit it or not, he had a few gay fantasies.

Mistress texts me instructions before she comes over. Sometimes she wants me naked, sometimes clothed. Sometimes I give myself an enema, sometimes she does it. She’ll tell me what to have prepared, and how she wants me to be when she gets there. She prefers the sofa bed in my living room over my regular bed. The sofa bed is springier, and I have to agree, it does add a certain energy to the fucking. I have chains that I can hang from a hook in the arch between my living and dining rooms. Great for stand up fucking and flogging.

I knew Deke was coming that day. I was incredibly excited. So many fantasies were about to come true. Not only was I about to get fucked by a guy, but a complete stranger as well. I had never met Deke before that day. She had given me some instructions the night before. The sofa bed was out, the chain was up, blankets spread on the floor, bed and couch. (Mostly to catch lube and prevent carpet burns.) The chain was hung and our boxes of toys and bondage gear were spread out on the table. I had the video camera set up and ready.

I actually jumped when my phone went off, I was so keyed up. Mistress had sent me final instructions.

slave, we will be there in 20 minutes. Do your clean up. When we arrive I want you in your schoolgirl outfit, black fishnets and heels, kneeling on the floor under the chain. You are to be blindfolded, hands cuffed behind you, and I want Big Red in your ass and vibrating. Take your Levitra. And don’t forget the music. You’re in for it today, slave.

After taking a Levitra, I quickly stripped, gave myself an enema and washed up. I had shaved my body earlier, so I was already nice and smooth. I went to my bedroom and pulled my girlie box from under my bed. What started off with a few pairs of panties was now a sizable collection of lingerie and girls clothing. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I pulled on the black fishnet stockings and the black patent leather high heeled pumps that were her favorites. I had grown fairly proficient at getting around in heels by then.

I then slipped on some black lace panties and slid the short plaid skirt on over them. The outfit was topped off by a simple white button down shirt tied at the waist. I gave myself a once over in the mirror. Everything as she liked it. Truth is, I enjoyed being dressed like this. It definitely fed into my submissive side. And the stockings just felt nice.

I went to the living room and turned on the music, the metal station, then turned on the camera. I put on the wrist restraints. They’re actually hospital restraints, very padded and soft, which when you’re chained up and hanging is nice. I grabbed Big Red, a 12 inch long and two inch thick vibe and lubed it up. I propped one leg up on the table, pulled the panties aside, and gently worked it in. I was used to bigger than that, but I still need to start slowly. I almost took too long. I was enjoying fucking myself with that big vibrating cock. The sound of Mistress Kay’s car pulling up in front of my house brought me out of it. I grabbed the blindfold and knelt, squatting down so the base of the vibe touched the floor so it would stay in my ass. I pulled the blindfold on and quickly hooked the cuffs together behind my back, then tried to control my breathing as Big Red vibrated my spinal column from deep inside my shit chute.

And then I heard their footsteps on my porch.

The door opened. I could hear their footsteps as they walked over to me. I heard Deke chuckle. “Damn! You weren’t kidding.”

“Told you my bitch would be here waiting and horny. Isn’t that right my little cockslut?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And you’re going to let us use and abuse you any way we want to, isn’t that right slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You’re going to suck his cum covered cock fresh out of your ass.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You’re going to spread your legs and take whatever the hell we wanna ram up your ass, for as long as we want to fuck you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You’re going to drink our piss. And thank us when we’re done.”

“Yes Mistress.” God, I was getting turned on at the thought of everything they might do to me.

“Good slave. Now open your mouth.” I immediately opened my mouth, expecting to feel her strapon. She often wore it under her clothes to save time. Instead I felt something warm and spongy that tasted vaguely of sweat and urine. I gasped as Deke slid his semi-rigid cock into my mouth, then started sucking as I got my first taste of real man’s cock.

Mistress knelt down beside me and grabbed Big Red, slamming the dildo in and out of my ass as Deke grabbed my head and started küçükyalı escort skull fucking me with his now rock hard seven inch cock. “That’s right, fag-boy. Suck that cock. Take it all. Today you really do become my cock and cum-slut.”

By now I was moaning with lust. I had a real cock in my mouth for the first time since I was eighteen, experimenting with one of my friends. It tasted just as good as I remembered. Deke was forcing his cock down my throat, laughing at the gagging noises I was making. “Goddamn, this little bitch sucks dick almost as good as you, Kay.”

Mistress was ramming Big Red home and slapping my ass. “Who do you think trained him? Oh, look, I think he’s enjoying this.” My own cock was rock hard by now, between the Levitra and being more turned on than I had ever been before. It had popped out of the skimpy panties and was tenting the tiny skirt.

I moaned a yes around the cock in my throat. I was in sissy heaven, and we’d only just begun. “slave, reach down and keep fucking yourself with this dildo. I need to do something.” I grabbed Big Red and took over pumping my ass as Deke kept skull-fucking me. A minute or so later, Mistress told us both to stop. I let go of the vibe and sat down on it as Deke reluctantly pulled his dripping schlong out of my mouth.

Mistress pulled off my blindfold. “Slut, look at the real man that’s about to fuck your worthless ass.” Blinking, the first thing I saw was cock, seven thick beautiful inches of real man meat that had just been in my throat. Then I looked up at Deke, who was shucking his clothes. He was a good looking guy, average height and build, blond hair and brown eyed. I couldn’t wait to feel that cock fucking my ass.

Mistress had stripped off and put on the harness with the Purple Emperor in it. She had on her corset, black silk stocking and her fuck-me boots. “Deke, turn around and grab your ankles. slave, get your tongue in his ass while I fuck yours. I’m gonna make sure you’re good and loose for his cock.”

I quickly buried my tongue up his shit chute. The musky smell and earthy flavor was intoxicating. He’d obviously come straight here from work, and smelled of sweat. His asshole wasn’t nasty, but it was also obvious that the extent of his cleaning had been simply wiping. I loved it. I loved the humiliation of cleaning that dirty ass with my tongue. And Deke loved the feeling of my tongue cleaning his ass.

And then Mistress slammed her eight inch cock all the way up my ass in one quick, hard push. Hearing me moan, she grabbed my hair. “That’s right bitch. Keep tongue fucking that ass while I butt-fuck you like the sissy cock-slut you are.”

She then proceeded to rape my ass. Not make love. Not fuck. Pure, unadulterated, ass rape. She was slamming into me with every ounce of force she could muster, pounding my ass into next week. The force of her thrusts were driving my tongue even deeper into Deke’s ass. He reached back and grabbed my head, pulling me into his backside, nearly smothering me. “Eat my ass, bitch. Eat my dirty ass. Clean it out.”

I was in heaven. This was the submissive in me’s dream. To be utterly used and abused. If I had dared to touch my cock right then, I would have cum instantly. As it was, I was on the verge. Then Mistress pulled out of my ass and yanked me to my feet by my hair. “Chains, bitch. Hands over your head.”

I quickly moved to the chains and Mistress attached the cuffs to them. She then grabbed the speader bar and attached it to my ankles. She knelt down and spread my cheeks, looking up at Deke. “C’mon Deke. Shove your cock up this slut’s ass and show him how a real man fucks ass.”

I arched my back to provide an easier target. Deke moved in behind me, grabbed my hips, and slammed all seven inches home in one thrust. He paused for a few seconds, just enjoying the feel of hot ass around his cock. Then he tightened his grip on my hips and did exactly what I hoped he’d do. He raped my ass too.

Oh good God, was it good! I had had much bigger in my ass, but his seven inch cock was nicely thick, and having the real thing hammering your shit chute is a completely different feeling than the fake stuff. It’s warm. It pulses. It’s hard and soft at the same time. I was finally being properly butt-fucked by a man. I knew I wanted it again, and often. My eyes were closed as I hung there tied to the chains, blissed out. I could hear myself moaning “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass…”

My moans got a whole lot louder as Mistress ripped my shirt open and bit down on my right nipple even as she attached a nipple clamp to the left. She nibbled and sucked for a minute, then attached the other clamp to that nipple. “Oh, we’re just getting started fag-boy. You see, Deke took a Viagra. Your mouth and ass are gonna get used over and over again by both of us. By the sancaktepe escort time we’re finished with you, you’re gonna be a pile of jell-o. And, you know what? When you think you can’t possibly stand any more? Well, then we’re gonna rape you some more. You’re my property, slave, and by the time we’re done, you’re gonna know it.”

And then she picked up the flogger.

For the next ten minutes as Deke continued raping my ass, Mistress Kay methodically flogged every inch of the front of my body. I sank into subspace, turned on and blissed out all at once. It was the perfect mix of pleasure and pain. Then he announced he was about to cum. Mistress dropped the flogger and slid in close to me, twisting the nipple clamps as she whispered in my ear. “Here it cums, faggot. A real man is about to shoot his load up your worthless faggot ass. Remember this moment. This is just the first of many, many times you’re gonna take a real man’s cock up your ass. You’re gonna become a little sissy faggot cum dumpster. Whenever I tell you to, you’re gonna spread your legs and take any cock I tell you to. And you’re gonna love it. You’re gonna need it. You’re gonna want the feeling of cum seeping out of your ass.”

And then Deke came. And came. Turns out he’d been saving it for the last two weeks. I could feel that warm cum filling my bowels. Could feel it squeezing out around his still rock hard cock as he continued slam-fucking my ass. Feel it oozing down my legs. And I loved it. I needed it. And as Mistress continued twisting the nipple clamps, I came. Nobody had so much as touched my penis the whole time, but I came, and powerfully. I thought I might pass out, but Mistress slapped me.

I realized she had unhooked me from the chain. Mistress shot me a smirk, then nodded at Deke. “You have a job to finish, bitch.”

I smiled. “Yes, Mistress.” And I dropped to my knees, cum dripping from my well fucked ass, and deep throated that wonderful still hard cock. Ten minutes later, I reluctantly let Deke’s now clean cock pull out of my hungry mouth, the taste of cum, fuck water lube, and my ass juice making a tasty cocktail. One that I knew I would enjoy regularly from then on.

Mistress removed the spreader bar. I stayed on my knees, waiting and eager for whatever came next. Mistress knelt down next to me. “Good job slave. As a reward, I think I’ll give you a drink. Get down to the basement, now. Oh, and leave your clothes on.”

“Yes, Mistress” I quickly got up and headed for the basement, followed by my two rapists. Mistress grabbed the lube and some toys as she went. Upon reaching the basement, I knelt on the old blanket that I had put down earlier. Mistress doesn’t really care about my comfort, but the concrete floor was hard on her knees. Besides, the blanket kept the piss from simply running down the drain.

Knowing what was expected of me, I crouched down and opened my mouth as Mistress opened her pussy lips with one hand as she shoved my face into her crotch with the other. Then she let go. Her hot piss flooded my mouth, filling it to overflowing, the extra running down my front and soaking my clothes. “Swallow!” On her order, I quickly gulped down a mouthful then enjoyed the feeling of being piss-soaked until she ordered me to swallow again.

Deke was laughing as he filmed the whole thing. “Never thought I’d get to see a piss and cum-dumpster get used live. This is fucking great!” He moved in close to video the torrent of urine flowing out of my mouth, getting into the humiliation as I was ordered to swallow again and again. “Suck down that piss, bitch! Kay was right, you’re nothing but a little sissy faggot piss guzzling bitch!”

Mistress finally finished. Knowing my duty, I immediately cleaned her up with my tongue, including what had run down her legs. She then took the camera from Deke. “Your turn.”

He stepped over to me. “Open up, bitch.” I had barely opened my mouth when he cut loose, intentionally moving the stream around so only some hit my mouth, thoroughly hosing me down. His urine was much stronger than Mistress’, making me gag a bit, but I got it under control so that by the time he stuck his cock in my mouth I was able to gulp down the acrid piss. “Hope you like it, bitch. I drank a half a case of beer last night just for you.”

I can honestly say I didn’t like it. It tasted foul. But I also was so turned on by the kinkiness of the act that I can honestly say I didn’t care how bad it tasted. I was a slave. I was there to be used. My likes and dislikes were irrelevant. I had become the piss and cum-dumpster submissive cock-slut that I’d always wanted to be. So I swallowed that nasty tasting piss. And I loved every second of it.

As I knelt there, my schoolgirl outfit stained with piss and cum, my stomach gurgling with the loads of piss and cum that I’d swallowed, I was happy. And as Deke face-fucked me until he came down my throat again, Mistress videoing all of it, I knew the night was only just beginning.

My slave life had truly begun.

And, just like Mistress Kay had predicted I would, I thanked them.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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