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The lights are dim, and soft music is playing as you enter through the doorway. You see a candle or two set out, adding a floral scent to the room. The massage table is laid out in the center of the room, with ample space for your masseuse to walk around you while you’re lying down. A chair is set out, and you leave your robe on it as you make your way onto the table. You take a couple of towels lying nearby and cover your breasts and pelvis as you lay on your back on the table. The final piece you put on is a black-laced blindfold left on the table for you. Taking a deep breath, and filled with anticipation, you say aloud “All set!” and then I make my way into the room.

I start at your feet. Picking up a bottle of oil, I pour a bit onto my hands and touch your ankles. My strong hands apply pressure to your lower legs as they simultaneously work up towards your knees, and slide back down to your feet. Outside legs, and inner legs, calves, and hamstrings. As I lean forward to your body, my eyes look to the towel covering your private areas. I strain to see your womanly parts, but the towel is long, and it’s dark enough that I can’t see anything. Massaging your feet and toes, I still haven’t said a word to you. You have emitted a sigh or two, but nothing that sounds like words either. I take those sounds as pleasurable, and that you are enjoying your rubdown. I finally break the silence.

“Am I rubbing to hard, or not hard enough?”

You reply, “It’s perfect, Thank you…”

Confident that you are enjoying yourself, I move aside the table and apply more oil to my hands before I start working on your thighs. I apply firm pressure as I knead your muscles, working them up and down, and side to side. My fingers slide down into the area between your legs, but I can’t reach them fully. You sense the need for me to reach all of your leg, and you part your legs ever so slightly, giving me the access I need between them. This helps but I want to be thorough, so I place one hand underneath your knee, and lift your leg until your foot is flat down. Now you have one leg bent at the knee, and the other flat upon the table. You don’t seem to notice or mind this movement, and so I resume my rubbing your thigh. What you may not have realized is that in this position, your towel has shifted on one side, raised up actually, and exposed your pussy and ass cheek for me to see. After several minutes of rubbing and massaging, and staring at your pussy lips, I let your leg down, and move to the other side of the table. My cock is straining against my boxers and shorts. You have no idea how turned on I am. Now at the other side of the table, I repeat the same massaging on your other leg. Once again, I lift your leg up so that your foot is flat.

My plan has worked because now the towel has moved higher, showing me your pussy lips and other ass cheek. My dick is about to burst through my zipper as I stare at the shaped pubes I see.

“Keep this leg bent for me.” I say. “It helps stretch your calves and Achilles…”

I’m full of shit now, but hopefully I sound persuasive enough for you to listen. Going back to the first side of the table, I lift your leg again and now both of them are bent. Your pussy is out in the open and I just want to bury my tongue in it, but I can’t—not yet anyway. I apply oil to my hands and rub the backsides of your legs, working ever closer to your ass. On one particular rub I invade your crotch, brushing my fingers within inches of your vagina. Getting no reaction, I become more daring, and on one swipe I actually touch your labia. Did you notice? I see you getting wetter the more I work on this area of your body, and decide I need to calm myself down.

Gently I ease down both legs so they are back on the table. I come to your head, and begin to rub your shoulders. Working my palms in circular motions, pressing into your flesh, your lips emit a soft moan. Up your neck, and back down to shoulders, I move my hands closer to the towel covering your chest. One at a time, in alternating fashion, I press down, sneaking my fingers closer and closer to your tits. With skilled precision, I ease my fingertips underneath and brush your areola and nipple. You ‘gasp!’ as you weren’t expecting this. You haven’t complained at all this entire massage session, so I figure I can proceed. I use both hands simultaneously, and invade what’s under the towel. In perfect mirror-image synchronicity, I push the towel down and out of the Pendik Escort way, as my hands find your tits. Grabbing flesh, and pinching nipples–I work both of your breasts until your nipples are hard. My dick has gotten rock hard again, to the point of almost poking you in the head as I lean over you. I move around to your side, and resume massaging your boobies. Feeling extraordinarily daring, I lean close to your skin, and blow cool air onto your nipple. It instantly goes from ‘rock-hard’ to ‘hard enough to cut diamonds’.

Your lips let loose with “ohhhh…” and while my hand continues to play with your right nipple, I place my mouth on your left one.

“MMmmmm…Yessss…” you say as I flick my tongue over your nipple, sucking on it.

Being a fair man, I move to your other tit, and work the nipple around with my mouth and tongue. You lift your hands to remove the blindfold, but I stop you by grasping both hands as your raise them, and I place a kiss to your lips.

“Leave this on” I whisper into your ear.

You obey, but on the way down, your hands feel for my cock. Finding my shorts, you ask me to free my dick from its prison. Not one to disappoint a customer, I drop my shorts and boxers, leaving me naked at your side. You again feel for, and find my hard cock. Taking hold of it, you cup my balls and begin to stroke my shaft. I stop your hand and place it at your side.

“Please keep your hands at your side until I ask you to move” I instruct you.

Reluctantly, you rest your hands at your side. I again grab your nipple with a hand, and my mouth on the other. This time though, my other hand has begun walking down your belly, passing your navel, and introduced itself under the towel covering your hips. Grabbing the towel, and flinging it, I begin to play around in the area near your pussy. I use 3 fingers to manipulate your cunt. My 2 outer fingers flirt with the outside of your lips, and my middle finger begins to trace the length of your wetness from bottom to top. At the top, I play with your clit. You beg to take the blindfold off, but I don’t let you. Your body starts to writhe around the table and against orders, you reach out for my dick again, but you can’t reach it. I stop licking your nipples

“For maximum pleasure, you need to stay on the table, and listen to what I tell you. Do not reach out for my dick again, and keep your hands and arms on the table”.

While I’m talking to you, the finger that had previously been simply tracing in between your soaked lips, plunges into you and is instantly drenched by your dripping wet snatch. I can smell your scent in the air. I take the fingers from your pussy, and lick them.

“You taste delicious” I say to you, “Have a taste…”

I stick 2 fingers into your lovebox, and put them to your mouth. Like a starving animal, you devour my fingers, sucking and licking them clean, as though you’ve haven’t eaten in weeks. I take my fingers back, and replace them with my lips–kissing you deeply, our spit swapped back and forth with the leftover tastes of your cunny, still on our lips.

“Now its time to turn over, and let me work on your back” I say.

Positioned at your head, I help you flip onto your stomach. As you turn over, I ask you to open your mouth. Eager as can be, you open wide. Pre-cum is literally dripping from my cock as I put it into your waiting mouth. You suck with thrilled lust, your tongue dancing around the head of it, slurping the wet syrup that has leaked from my stiff rod. I piston my hip to-and-fro, in-and-out as my dick slides between your lips, almost going down your throat as I fuck your face. I could continue, and I WANT to, but my motto and mission statement is “The customer cums first…”

Now you are on your belly, and seeing how I’ve touched you intimately, there’s no sense in replacing your towel, and you don’t even ask for it. Moving back to your feet, I apply oil to your legs and resume the massage. My eyes are glued to your ass though, and it’s difficult to concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing. I noticed when you were turning that there was a wet spot where your pussy juices leaked onto the table.

As you lay on your stomach and I work your legs, I see your sweet lips glistening in the light. Alternating legs, and working higher, I move your legs apart a little bit and take in the magnificent view of your moist slit. You’ve let slip an occasional moan, telling me that I’m Anadolu Yakası Escort working your muscles in all the right ways. Now at your upper thigh, and just below your ass cheeks, I move for more oil. This time, you’re expecting to feel my hands on your ass, but they reappear on your back and shoulders. Just like your front, I work in circular fashion, applying pressure as I work the knots out of your back. Taking an arm, I pull the tension out, working down to your fingers. I repeat this again with the other arm, and this time as I near the end of your wrist and hand, place my cock in your palm. Knowing what you’re holding, you instinctively fondle it and my balls, as it grows again. It’s still wet from being in your mouth minutes before, and in your magic hand it only takes a few strokes to make me hard again.

I’m enjoying this so much, you giving me pleasure, but I have to finish your massage–so I take your hand from my cock, and place it back at your side. Almost finished, I have only your lower back to rubdown.

“You seem very stiff” I say, and you snicker.

I apply oil to my hands for what is probably the last time, and stand aside you at the table. I lean over and plant kisses down your back from shoulder blades through the small of your back…you tense up as these kisses probably start your juices flowing in high gear. I am back near your ass, and as I work your lower back, can’t help but lean in close. I inhale your aroma from your ass and pussy. Trying to remain professional, I tell you we’re coming to the end of your massage, but if you’re interested, I’d be willing to provide you with a complimentary buttock massage.

You waste no time, and without hesitation, reply “Yes”.

Thrilled beyond words, I grab my bottle of oil—holding it inches above your fine ass—and proceed to squeeze a liberal amount onto your derriere, and watch it trail down into and between your round mounds of flesh. Grabbing an ass cheek with both hands, I squeeze and fold it. Kneading it like dough, I pull and stretch it—my hands slipping and sliding in the fresh oil. With each pull of your flesh, I catch glimpses of your puckered pink asshole. An equal opportunity massager, I move to the other side and repeat this with your other ass cheek. Pushing and pulling, my eyes focus on watching the oil slip down into your crack and mix with your juicy wet pussy. I now take a cheek and starting high on your ass, spread them apart. Lowering my hands, I spread them apart again, working my way down, I repeat this until my hands are actually pulling you apart where your ass meets your legs.

Each time I pull them, I am tempted to tongue your waiting asshole. You are SO wet that when I spread the lower part of your ass, it also parts your pussy, and I can hear your wet cunny lips separating. It sounds like a passionate wet kiss: the smacking and the wetness. I hold your ass wide open, and lean in again taking the deepest breath possible–my mouth and nose only a fraction of an inch from your delicate, inviting pussy. I release your ass, and using a single finger, move it up and down the length between your cheeks, before I stop at your tight asshole.

I don’t penetrate you.

Instead I circle it around gingerly, tracing the line between your snatch and butthole. You squirm. I ease my fingers down further, and find your wet slit–you practically cum right there on the table. I use my thumb to apply light pressure to your asshole, while I run my fingers up-n-down your pussy. I am practically masturbating you on the table and your body reacts accordingly. You’re grabbing the sheets on the table and moving all around. I can’t wait anymore, and I need to satisfy your sexual needs. I take my thumb from your pink hole, and replace it with my tongue, my fingers still playing with your fuckhole. My warm tongue touching you sends your body over the edge. I lick around your anus, down towards your pussy, tasting your juices directly from the source instead of from my fingers like earlier. Back to your ass, I press my tongue against your tightness–it resists, but I push my tongue harder and harder until your pink rosebud surrenders and I enter you orally. You try to get up off the table, but I forcefully press you back down. I am eating your ass like a hungry wolf: devouring you, my spit as lubrication that lets my tongue slide in and out as I probe your shithole.

Working your twat as well, I put two fingers together İstanbul Escort and finger fuck you ferociously as your orgasm builds, closer—closer—CLOSER to full-body ecstasy. I want you in a new position, one that will better allow me to perform cunniliguis on you, after all, I’ve only gotten a few seconds worth of tasting of your muff. I allow you up, and bring you to the end of the table. I have you kneel, and then put your face and arms down in a lying position—a modified doggy style–now your ass and snatch are at my height as I stand and I can get in, to eat you out. I tell you to reach behind, and pull your ass and twat apart for me–you oblige–and my tongue parts your pink pussy lips, reaching deep into your womanhood.

Your honey is slathered all over my face as I work your beaver over–taking lips into my mouth, flicking your clit, sucking on it–generally giving your pussy a bath like its never had. As I work my mouth on your pinkness, I plunge a lubricated thumb into your newly loosened asshole.

You scream out, “OH MY FUCKING GOD–DON’T STOP!! I’M GONNA CUMMMMMmmmmmm…..”

You rock back and forth on your legs in short, rapid, rhythmic thrusts that cause my face to bury into you. I grab hold of your hips and pull you into me, as your body explodes in euphoric bliss–your body tingling from tip to toe, and going momentarily numb as the orgasm takes you over. I feel your pussy spasm in my mouth, and juices shoot onto my tongue: enough that I have to swallow your cum. Shaking, you collapse onto the table, and my hands rub you from your back to ass to your legs, helping regain the sensation back into your numb body.

Now that your body slightly recovered, its time for you to pay your masseuse. I remove the headrest from the table, and ease your body down so that your head hangs back off the table. I step close to you, and my crotch is at perfect height to your mouth. You instinctively open wide, and allow my balls into your waiting, warm and moist mouth. Sucking on them, your hands find my shaft, and gently stroke me. You see a drizzle of pre-cum on the head of my meat, and your mouth releases my balls–replacing them with my cock. You moan in pleasure as you taste the salty leakage, and swirl your tongue around collecting all my fluid.

You’re facing me upside down still. I rock my hips back and forth pushing my dick deep into your mouth, touching your tonsils. You’re like a magician, as I watch my shaft ‘disappear’ into your throat, my balls touching your nose. I could blow my load now, but I want to feel your pussy from the inside. Taking myself out of your mouth, you drool a mixture of spit and pre-cum. I kiss you again, licking up the mess from your face. I spin you around on the table, so that your ass is now to the edge–perfect height to enter you. I see the creamy-white evidence from your orgasm leftover on your pussy lips, and I lean down for a refresher lick. You made my cock so wet from sucking it, that I can’t wait to slide into your pussy. I lift your legs up to my chest–your body making a perfect letter “L”. I position my tip at the entrance to your love tunnel, and rub it up and down the entire length of your pussy–touching your asshole all the way up to your clitoris. Not able to withstand the torment I’m bringing upon myself, I sink into you. You bite your lip, and moan out loud and scream.


I start pistoning my dick in and out of you, pulling your legs to me as I thrust, so I can penetrate you deeper than you’ve ever been touched. I won’t last long because of the frenzy I’ve worked myself into–but as a treat for me, I want you to suck me after I’ve been inside you. I move to put my dick in your mouth, and you open for me. You lick and suck like a ravenous beast, pumping your fist up and down the length of my cock while its in your mouth. I can’t take this any longer. I go back to the end of the table, and ram myself into you again. It only takes a few strokes–my orgasm is imminent. I feel the cum building from the bottom of my balls.

One last stroke in your wonderful pussy is all I have left–I pull out of your twat, and grab my cock with my hand to finish myself off. You prop yourself up on your elbows. I shoot my white gooey load onto your tits, belly and face. You push it to your mouth with your finger, savoring the taste. My strokes begin to subside as I finish. You rub my jizz all over your body like lotion. I am spent. I move over to kiss you. As out lips touch, our tongue twirl together. I can taste myself still on your lips and tongue. We taste good together.

As I gather my belongings, I ask you, “When would you like to schedule your next appointment…?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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