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Kate and Monica closed the small door and huddled together in the dark. It was a dare, the last dare of a crazy summer after high school ended and before college started in a couple of weeks. All inhibitions that their group of friends had known had been wiped away through experimentation and dares over a few months as they did everything they could to prepare themselves for the sexual craziness of college life. Karen and Monica had been the least receptive to all the sexual adventures and discoveries, and that was how they found themselves in the dark booth that smelled faintly of cum.

Kate reached over and dropped the tokens they had purchased into the slot. A small TV screen instantly cast a faint light over their surroundings as a movie of a woman being ganged fucked by several men played. They were in a small booth in the back of an adult bookstore. How their friends knew about this place and what went on there was beyond them, but as described, they could see two holes in the walls, one above the small bench, and one on the wall with the TV. The dare was simple. They were told how things worked in the booths. A finger would come through the holes, and if they touched it, would single the person on the side of the wall to shove his cock through. All they had to do was suck off one cock each and they were done. Apparently the men that came to these places didn’t care what gender waited beyond the hole.

Taking a deep breath, the girls held hands and sat down on the bench and waited, switching from watching the TV to the dark holes. They looked almost like twins, and spent the 3 years they knew each other in high school as close as sisters, going everywhere together. They even shared their first lesbian experience together one drunken night. Both were just over 5 and a half feet tall, with curvy, appealing builds. They dyed their hair always the same colour, and was currently a deep black with a purple tone, and hung long down their backs. Their figures were so close to one another that they could share all clothing, from outerwear, to c-cup bras and panties. This day, they were dressed in matching summer dresses, cut high on the thighs and low on the top, attached with only thin spaghetti straps to show off lots of cleavage. They thought it would help them get in the mood and ease the tension of their challenge.

The girls did not have to wait long. The faint light from the movie acted like a magnetic and they could hear faint noises in the booths to either side of their own. Monica squeaked when a finger pushed through the hole beside where she sat. Her dark eyes sparkled as she looked at her friend. Kate nodded at her encouragingly and Monica gently tapped the finger. The digit pulled away and was replaced almost immediately by a naked cock. It was average size, and both girls had seen bigger and smaller in their summer fun.

Kate could tell her friend was nervous and suddenly leaned in and kissed her lips. Monica’s hand instinctively wrapped around the waiting cock and slowly stroked it while Kate explored her mouth with her tongue. Kate broke gaziantep escort bayan the kiss and spotted the waiting finger on the other side of the booth. Reaching out, she lightly tapped it and waited while the anonymous man dropped his pants and shoved his cock through. It was larger than Monica’s, but nothing huge. It was a nice length and girth, just right for sucking. With another quick kiss, Kate dropped to her knees while her friend did the same on the cramped floor.

In unison, the near twins closed their eyes and moved their mouths forward. They could feel the cock twitch in excitement as they plunged their mouths onto them. They were both excited and nervous about what they were doing, but in their young minds, the dare and challenge meant everything to them.

They had very different cock sucking styles. Monica preferred to attack her cock with a vengeance. She didn’t care for all the formality and teasing, and was blessed with the gift to swallow at least 7 inches down her throat. The five inches that were forced through the hole was no challenge at all. She pushed her mouth onto the shaft until her nose bumped into the wall and pulled back again, only to plunge quickly forward. The sounds of her slurping soon filled the room.

Kate preferred the slow, teasing approached. She had never been able to deep throat like her friend, something she was always jealous of, but many guys approved of the talents of her slow, expert mouth. Kate moaned around the cock and rested her hand on her friend’s ass. Her fingers slid under the short hemline and played with the smooth skin of Monica’s ass. Monica wiggled her ass approvingly, and soon had her own hand under Kate’s dress.

The girls moaned together as the cocks began to thrust into their mouths. Kate continued to rub her hand over Monica’s silky ass, but Monica’s fingers found the edge of Kate’s thong and slipped underneath. Her thin fingers brushed against Kate’s slit and she jumped, nearly spitting the cock out in the process. Monica smiled around her cock and forced a finger into her friend’s pussy.

Kate’s body tingled as Monica teased her pussy, but even with the mild stimulation, she could feel her cunt building in tension. Her tempo on the cock in front of her increased, and she suddenly felt it swell before blasting her mouth with it’s first wad of cum. Several more followed, and she did her best to keep it all in her mouth and swallow.

It was only moments later that Monica received her first taste of the unknown cock in her mouth. She swallowed greedily, eagerly swallowing every drop. She removed her hand from her friend’s cunt to squeeze the last drops out of the wilting cock before it disappeared.

Kate moaned and pulled off her cock when Monica removed her hand. A few minutes more and she would have cum. She turned to her friend in the dim light. Monica smiled and leaned forward, licking the cum from Kate’s lips and chin that had spilled out. Kate opened her mouth and the two girls kissed deeply, sharing the different tastes with one another. anal yapan gaziantep escort When Monica finally broke the kiss, she quickly stood up.

“Come on,” she whispered. “Let’s get out of here.”

Kate turned back to the hole and shook her head. The cock was still there. It was not as hard as it had originally been, but had only lost a small portion of its arousal. A small trickle of remnant cum dribbled from the tip.

“Not yet,” she giggled back. “I think he wants some more.”

“Come on,” Monica begged, pulling on her friends arm. “We did the dare. We should go before something happens.

Kate only smiled at her friend deviously. She had other ideas. “You go. I’ll catch up to you later.”

“I can’t leave you here alone.”

“I’ll be okay. I’m just going to suck him off again and leave. I’ll meet you back at your place later.”

Monica hesitated, and looked around the room for a moment before nodding. “Okay, but be careful.” She leaned down and kissed Kate on the lips again before hurrying out into the darkness.

Kate watched her leave and turned back to the cock with a smirk. Sucking off an anonymous cock and having her friend playing with her had made her too horny to just walk away. She was going to suck on the cock, alright, but just long enough to get it hard enough to fuck her. It was nasty and Monica would never approve, but what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. She wasn’t likely to be able to get off until much later, and she was too horny to wait.

Kate purred and opened her mouth, sucking the left over cum into her mouth along with the semi-hard cock. The cock instantly twitched and began to return to its full hardness. The young woman was impressed with the man’s stamina and began to slowly bob her head up and down the length of the hard shaft. One hand supported her position while the other reached beneath her and between her legs, rubbing the wet spot through her panties.

As much as she loved the feel of the throbbing organ in her mouth, it was time to get it in her cunt. Kate pulled off the cock, but continued to slowly jerk it to let the man know she wasn’t done, and stood up. She slipped her thong down her legs with her free hand and kicked the panties off. Taking a deep breath, she let go of the cock, turned around and got down on her knees. Flipping up her dress over her waist, Kate looked behind her. The cock was waving in the air, trying to get her attention. She smiled to herself, and slowly backed up until her ass bumped into the hard cock. It cock froze, apparently trying to figure out what had hit it, and Kate grabbed hold of it, aiming it down. Thrusting her hips backwards, her cunt lips hit the cock head, and she moaned. Adjusting herself slightly, she thrust back again and sighed as the cock pushed into her hot, soaking cunt. Over the sounds of fucking on the TV, Kate heard the man on the other side of the wall moan loudly in unexpected delight. She had the feeling that very few men were ever treated to a young, tight antep escort cunt when they visited this place.

Kate slowly started to rock back on the cock that remained still for several thrusts before it began to move in matching motions. The pair was soon in a perfect rhythm of fucking, and Kate could feel her juices flowing down her thighs. So lost in the feeling of the cock fucking her, Kate did not notice the movement in the other booth. A cock suddenly thrust through the empty hole and rubbed against the side of her face. Her eyes flared open and she gasped in shock, but didn’t back away. She stopped her thrusting, allowing the man to do all the work, and closed her hand around the new cock. She wasn’t expecting to have to service another, and given the choice she wouldn’t have touched the offered finger. But now that it was there, she could see no harm in a double fuck.

She smiled at the wicked thought, and had a sudden idea. Moaning as the cock continued to pound at her cunt, Kate slipped the straps off her shoulders, allowing the top of the dress to fall to her waist, and undid the front clasp of her bra. Her large, firm tits spilled free, and she rubbed them with her hands, teasing her hard nipples. She was allowing some guy to fuck her, so she decided to give this other cock a special treat as well. She plunged her mouth down onto the cock in several quick bobs, spitting her saliva on it. Certain that it was good and slick, Kate thrust her chest forward. The small room allowed her to feed her cunt to the hungry cock and to be able to wrap her tits around the new arrival. She squeezed her firm globes around the hard organ and held herself still as the cock started to thrust.

The woman was in heaven as the cock behind her fucked her harder and harder, and her sensitive tits were fucked from the front. It was one of the dirtiest things she had ever done, and the best part in her young mind was that it was consequence free.

The cock fucking her tits didn’t last long and she felt it swell before blasting her tits with cum. As the pounding of her cunt increased, the hot fluid on her tits was just enough to send her over the edge. She screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body while the cock continued to pump away more cum than she had ever seen come out of one cock onto her chest. In the throes of her orgasm, she suddenly heard a grunt and felt hot cum flood her burning cunt and opened her mouth, swallowing the cock and sucking the last of the cum out of it.

The three bodies seemed to cum forever, but the cock in her mouth was the first to pull free and disappear through the hole. Kate rubbed the cum into her tits and stomach as her body continued to twitch and eventually calm down. The cock in her cunt finally began to deflate, and she felt the reluctance as it pulled out with a wet plop.

“Thank you,” a rough voice whispered into the hole.

Kate shook her head and smiled and quickly did up her bra and pulled her panties back on. She could feel the cum dripping from her cunt and drying on her chest. Her body shook again and she shivered with naughty delight. Pulling up the straps and fixing her hair, she decided to make a run for it before someone else came looking for pleasure.

Kate opened the door at the same moment the man that just fucked her left his own booth. Two sets of eyes locked onto one another.

“Katey?” the man asked in horror.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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