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I’d woken up feeling sick and with a hard on. Last night I’d found out that my Dad was having an affair with my mate’s mum, and then I’d fucked her. The whole thing disgusted me but I couldn’t get the picture of her covered in my muck, her fat tits on show and her cunt flaps pouting for the world to see out of my head. I had a quick wank and then got up.

Dad was in the kitchen doing a fry up and Mum was hanging some washing out in the garden.

“Morning son, did you have a good time at Mark’s party?”

“Yeah it was OK, got back about 2, nothing very wild.”

“Good, you’ve got an appetite for breakfast then?”

“Oh yeah, I worked up one of those! I was in the lounge when you’re mobile was beeping away. You got plenty of messages.”

“Did I?” he seemed a bit worried, “I didn’t see any this morning.”

“No, I read them and deleted them, they were quite interesting though.”

“You’ve got no business going through my phone son.”

Then it came out, I couldn’t help it, “And you’ve got no business fucking Mark’s mum.”

I could see him thinking about what to say next but Mum came in through the door so there was no chance for him to say anything. I certainly wasn’t going to say anything to her so we left it and had a nice family breakfast. Those big juicy tits of Mrs Lewis kept coming into my head though and I knew that as much as it pissed me off what she was doing with my Dad, if she came here now, I’d take her upstairs and fuck the shit out of her.

Dad and I watched a bit of cricket on the TV. Mum kept coming in and out of the room so it wasn’t the best way to have a conversation but he managed to explain that Lorna, Mark’s mum, had been going through a rough patch after her husband had died. He’d comforted her and one thing had led to another. It was a shit excuse really but I knew what those tits felt like and how tight her cunt was and what a dirty cow she was when she was getting fucked and I couldn’t help but understand how it had happened. I also explained what I’d done the previous night and the state I’d left her in. He didn’t say it but I could see he was thinking, “Good lad.”

We stopped watching cricket to sit down to lunch. It was something I really missed being at college, good food and finding out what the family had been up to. Then it happened. My mobile beeped and so did Dad’s. We both reached for our phones and Mum said how rude people were these days reading texts at the dinner table. She had no idea how rude it was. I didn’t recognise the number because it wasn’t stored in my phone but when I opened it I knew exactly who it was from. I’d know that foaming gash anywhere. Lorna must have got my number from Mark.

From the look on his face, Dad must have been looking at the same photo. She was on her back with her legs wide open, holding her twat flaps apart with her forefinger and middle finger like a fucking porn star. She must have had a cushion or something in the small of her back because her arse was raised up enough that you could see her arsehole. I got a boner straight away. I stared at the photo for a while before reading the text message that accompanied it, “I want you both at the same time.”

“What a fucking slag,” I thought.

I looked over at Dad, I couldn’t read his reaction but I realised that I still had a lob on in my pants.

“You want to share the rest of the spuds, son?”

“Er, I’m not sure if I’m hungry enough.”

“Well they taste good.” He winked at my Mum.

What a bastard, her thinking how charming he was for complimenting her cooking while he was really just seeing if I wanted to share gaziantep ateşli escort his slag.

I was unsure, I’d seen plenty of threesomes in porno but I wasn’t sure if I could do it with another cock there, never mind my Dad’s.

Our phones went again simultaneously, “You can take turns in my shithole.”

That was all it took.

“You fancy going out for a couple of pints Dad?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

We finished lunch at top speed and headed for the front door. I was doing my best to cover the hard on in my jeans and I noticed that I wasn’t the only one.

We got in Dad’s car, “you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

My heart was beating like I’d just beat the world record at 100 metres, “Yeah, let’s do it.” He got his phone and dialled her number.

“Lorna?… We’re on our way now you dirty little bitch… I hear you got a bit of a seeing to last night.”

I whispered to put her on speakerphone.

“I got my fanny fucked and a filthy facial, he’s as dirty as you.”

Me and Dad grinned at each other. “Tell me what you’re doing now,” he demanded.

We listened as we pulled out of the drive. Mum was waving us off, I had no scruples.

“I’m in the same position as the photo I sent you but I’ve got two fingers up my cunt and my thumb on my clit.”

“You fucking slag, stick one up your arsehole, get it ready for us.”

“Jesus,” I thought. I was listening to my Dad have phone sex with some slut, sat it the front of the car on a fairly busy road and all I wanted to do was get my cock out and have a wank. The thought of her laying there fingering her arsehole was making my cock fucking ache. Fortunately we weren’t too far away.

“I take it you’ve got an empty house for a couple of hours,” Dad said.

“For 5 hours, can you both manage that long?”

Dad laughed, “You cheeky fucking bitch, you’ll be ruined well before 5 hours… We’re nearly there, get your slaggy gear on.”

We parked a good way down the road so that no-one would recognise the car outside her house. We virtually ran to her front door; partly so fewer people would see us and partly because we both had rock hard cocks and needed to get fucking. When we got to the front door it was slightly open.

Dad led the way up the stairs. We’d both been in this house before but for different reasons. We got to her bedroom, I could hear her working her slit before we even walked in.

She was on the bed. I gazed at her from head to toe. She seemed a lot more classy and a lot less desperate than the last time I had seen her. Her shoulder length brown hair looked conservative but the basque she was wearing was anything but. She was in fucking good shape anyway but this thing held her stomach in and pushed her tits right up and out. A thong barely covered her pussy, her lips pouting either side of the material. The slut look was set off perfectly by thigh boots, shiny black thigh boots.

“I want you to strip for me,” she said.

I’m not shy about my body but stripping with my Dad in the room seemed a bit weird. I remembered she had said were pretty similar in the body hair and dick department so I concentrated on her and started undoing my shirt. I could see from the corner of my eye that Dad was doing the same. She looked wanton as she watched us strip and at the same time peeled the tiny thong off herself. Her hand went between her legs and she gave herself a rub.

“Spread it,” Dad ordered.

I had a feeling this going to be a bit of a rough session as she put both hands between bakımlı gaziantep escort her legs and held her cunt wide open for us to inspect, it was a lot wetter than it had been when she’d taken the photo earlier.

“Keep stripping,” she said.

We were both down to our pants and I was just wondering why Dad was wearing expensive Emporio Armani briefs on a Sunday afternoon when Lorna got on all fours facing away from us. I hadn’t noticed before but there was something in her arsehole. She turned her head round to look at us both as she squeezed the butt plug out and in. She did it a few times, really slowly before squeezing the whole thing out with a plop onto the bed. Getting back into her original position, she reached for the plug, licked it and told us to get our dicks out before putting the whole slimy thing in her gob. There was no hesitation, the dicks came out.

We moved over to the bed. Lorna didn’t move, arse in the air ready to receive us. I was happy to get my hands on her arse again and Dad looked as though he knew the terrain well; I wondered how many times he’d fucked her. I squeezed her arse with one hand and my other moved to the slit of her hairless pussy. Dad’s did the same so we effectively opened her up, working as a team so we could see right up her pink hole. I slid a finger into her cunthole, she was fucking soaking. I pulled out and moved it to her bumhole, she was still gaping form the buttplug so I slipped it in easily up to the knuckle.

I asked Dad, “have you tapped this before?”

He shook his head, “she’s only let me finger it before, you?”

“No,” I replied, “didn’t even get a blow job.”

He laughed and said we’d have to change that.

I kept working on her arsehole as Dad fingered her twat and rubbed on her clit. She was going wild and could barely talk she was so short of breath.

“Finger my arse together?”

Dad laughed at her, “You want us both to finger your fucking shithole you dirty fucking cunt.”

Until today I’d never even heard him say ‘fuck’ I was shocked at the filth he was shouting but it didn’t do anything to dampen my boner; it just made me feel even more like an animal. We did as she asked and each placed the tip of a middle finger on her anus. We pushed in together; her ring piece offering a lot more resistance to the double fingering. Me and Dad had always got along OK before but we never really had a great bond; finding myself with him knuckle deep up some bird’s shitpipe changed that.

“I think she’s ready for a bit now,” he said.

He slapped her cunt hard with the palm of his hand; the amount of juice that came off confirmed that he was right. I lay on the bed under her body and lined my dick up with her mouth. I got a tit in each hand and gave them a working, rubbing her nipples on my bollocks while she sucked on my cock. She must have sucked quite a few dicks in her time and it felt fucking great. One minute she was licking my bell end and spitting on it, the next she’d swallow my shaft right down. Meanwhile Dad was giving her cunt a pounding; from behind he must have looked like a dog humping a bitch, I don’t know how he kept his balance but he even managed to get a hand round to rub her clit.

“Fuck her face lad, put some effort into it,” he laughed, “I’m going to pot the brown.”

I pulled Lorna’s head up so I could see her face as Dad shoved his dick up her arsehole. I held her round the back of her neck, my thumbs on her chin; her soft heavy tits were resting on my cock. I could tell when her shithole been breached escort gaziantep because her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth opened. I was mesmerised by the slutty look of satisfaction mixed with pain her face. The buggering that Dad was giving her was getting more and more intense, I’d never even fucked a cunt as hard as he was plowing her arse. Tears were rolling down her face but she didn’t want it to stop. I moved by head towards her and snogged her deep. The bed was shaking like fuck, I could feel the vibrations in my bollocks and on my bell end with each thrust Dad gave her tight hole.

Still holding Lorna by the back of her neck, I pushed her towards my cock. She resumed the blow job but I was hornier than that. I followed Dad’s advice and held the back of her head with both hands. Holding her tight so her head wouldn’t move, I thrust my hips, banging my dick right down her throat. The relentless pounding she was taking in her arsehole and the filthy gagging sounds coming from her throat was too much for me and I unloaded right inside her gob. I didn’t know if her neighbours were in but I’ve never made so much noise when I’ve cum before and I didn’t fucking give a shit. I kept her head in position for a couple of minutes, she could have drowned the amount of spunk I shot.

“Nice one son but this position is killing my fucking thighs, can we move round a bit.”

I laughed and went off to have a piss.

When I got back I didn’t even consider putting my pants back on, I just sat bollock naked in a chair opposite the bed and enjoyed the show. Dad was on his back and Lorna was riding him, his dick was still up her arse and he was milking her tits hard. I got hold of my cock and starting wanking myself back to hardness.

“Open her cunt up Dad, I wanna see right up her.”

His hands went down and split her twat wide open, my cock stiffened straight away. He banged away at her arse for a few minutes while I watched and wanked.

“You’d better have your turn Chris before I lose my fucking load in here.”

He slid himself up the bed a bit and Lorna turned over on all fours and presented me with her sloppy arsehole.

I never thought the sight of my Dad getting a blow job would be one for the wankbank but it looked fucking amazing. If I thought I’d been rough it was nothing. He pinched her nose so she couldn’t breathe, slapped his dick hard on her face and even rubbed his arsehole across her face. I looked down, her brown fuckhole was already gaping and fucking ruined, but I was going to have a go on it anyway. I slapped by bell end between her cunt and arse a couple of times and then rammed my dick up her twat. Giving it a few strokes, I got my dick nicely covered in pussy slime. Then I went for it. Holding an arse cheek in each hand, I nudged my prick up her browneye. The noise was fucking obscene and that, along with the sight of her noshing my Dad deep, encouraged me to give it to her hard. My hands slipped to her hips and I grabbed her hard, pulling her on to my cock.

I couldn’t hold it in much longer and I could feel my bollocks tighten for the second time.

Dad must have sensed me slowing, “double facial Chris.”

We switched positions, me and Dad either side of her, wanking in her face, taking turns to slap our helmets on her tongue. I turned my head and caught sight of the whole scene in the mirror, the view was straight up her thighs, two soggy fuckholes, above that she was mauling her own tits hard. I could feel myself cumming, moved back slightly and fired a massive load all over her face. The last bit of my spunk hit her face as Dad started to unload his muck. She was covered, it was dripping off her face, on to her tits, all over her bed; she looked ruined.

“We’ve still got time for a pint,” Dad said.

We pulled our clothes on and headed for the door. Just before we left, I pulled my phone out and took a photo of her spunky face. Dad did the same and then put his phone between her legs, “Smile.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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