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***I wrote this story several years ago. Recently I had an opportunity to do something very similar with a friend but refrained because I didn’t know what his reaction would be.***

When I was 18 I gave my step-father a blowjob. I had just gotten in about half an our late after a date with a local girl and after quietly coming inside I decided I had better check and see if he was waiting up for me to get home.

I poked my head in his den and found, to my relief, that he was asleep. Quietly I started to head to my room to fantasize about what I would like to do with Jessica. We had been doing some petting and I had actually been rubbing her crotch! Not wanting my father to waken from the TV he had on and interrupt me I stepped into to turn it off and stared openmouthed at what was on it.

On the screen there was a beautiful redhead fucking a surfer. I coundn’t believe it. I had never thought of my step-dad in a sexual light before, but now I turned bayan escort around and looked at him. For the first time I noticed how good shape he was in. His entire body was muscular though not as it would have been in college. And then my eyes came to his boxers. I had seen him in them a hundered times but now I thought about what was in them and stared at the large bulge in them. I had never seen a hard cock other than my own and suddenly my heart hammered in my chest at the thought of seeing his. I gulped and then tiptoed around to where I could see up the leg and then stared at his cock.

Incredibly nervous about being caught but too fascinated to leave I knealt down and then slid forward to get a better view. I was so mesmerized I didn’t stop until my chest bumped his knee. I froze feeling absolutely sure he would wake up, but he didn’t. Feeling slightly emboldened by that fact I tugged lightly on the leg of his boxer bayan escort gaziantep and nearly jumped out of my skin when his dick immediatly popped out and stood straight up. It was large compared to mine, probably seven inches long and thicker too.

I looked back at the tv and saw that the redhead was giving the surfer a blowjob. As I watched her head bob up and down on his dick my own dick got hard. I couldn’t believe how much fun she was having. She couldn’t get enough and then her eye’s lit up when the surfer came on her tongue and lips. She licked her lips clean and then, with a huge grin, proceeded to lick him clean.

I turned and stared and without thinking reached out and lightly ran my fingers over his cock. I carressed his cock lightly and then wrapped my hand around it and began working it.

I licked my own lips, hardly believing the thoughts that were running through my head! gaziantep escort As I stroked him a drop of pre-cum appeared. I stared for a moment then nervously licked the head of his cock. My heart began pounding even harder as I sat back and savored the taste. I was so afraid he would wake up, but I couldn’t stop myself as I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. Slowly I slid him as deep into my mouth as I could, revelling in the feel and taste. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft, intending unsuccessfully to keep an eye on his face to watch his reaction. The feel of his spongy head and rock hard shaft gliding across my tongue quickly distracted me and I closed my eyes to revel in the feelings.

After a few minutes I felt his whole body stiffen and he shot gush after hot gush into my mouth. I was startled and some of his cum ran down his cock but I loved its salty taste and swallowed all I could. After a few moments I let him slip from my lips and leaned down and licked his cock and balls clean. Suddenly I realised he could have woken up so I quickly looked up, but he was still asleep.

Heart pounding and feeling euphoric I turned to head to my room to jerk off. On an impulse I turned around and sucked his softened cock into my mouth one last time before leaving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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