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He kissed her again before they left the barn and she felt those delightful shivers through her body again. She placed her hands on his chest, but while his lips worked hers, she started clawing at it with her nails. Damn, where had this guy learned to kiss, if it could be called that at all?

His lips might be the only soft part of him, but they were firm enough to trail across her skin and leave a mark even if you couldn’t see it. His mustache and the stubble on his jaw tickled and tormented her at the same time, as he slid his tongue in between her mouth. Not asking, but taking possession of it. She felt a jolt through her of wildness that originated inside him and she felt it and wanted more…what would his mouth feel like on other parts of her.

The nape of her neck, that stretch of skin between her neck and her shoulders….her breasts which hardened just at the thought of it and…oh man, she definitely wanted that mouth on her pussy before they were done. She could easily lie on her back with him in between her thighs, teasing her with his lips, her clit aching to be stroked and suckled by him. She’d come just from the fantasy if she weren’t careful.

She sighed fidgeting as he kissed her jaw line.

“Are we ever going to get out of here?”

“Shhh…in a minute,” he said, “You sure you want to rush into bed?”

“Well I want to get this party started,” she said, “and find out what’s underneath your clothes.”

He chuckled and kissed her again, his hands splayed on her back, caressing it in ways that made her suck in her breath more than once.

“I thought you might want to take it a little slow”

She snorted.

“I’ve been taking it slow since I arrived here…and I’ve been waiting so I think it’s time to show me what you got in those pants.”

He sucked in his breath then at his boldness. Sometimes she acted like a little minx teasing him in ways men shouldn’t be teased. Not when they were rock hard in their jeans and one feminine touch would set their skin on fire. If she weren’t careful, she’d be introduced to his rope collection at some point tonight.

But then again, if she was looking for a hearts and flowers guy, she was definitely in the wrong place. Then he remembered what was in his pocket anted into the pot during the poker match.

“I’ve only got one rubber on me so we’re going to have to make the most of it.”

She smiled at him and touched his face with her fingers.

“That’s okay cowboy, I’m covered,” she said, “I’m on the pill…”

That astonished him.

“You’re what…but…”

She sighed, furrowing her brow in a way that made him want to reach out with his fingers to smooth the tension out of her.

“Well being the only woman on a ranch of guys,” she said, “thought it to be better safe than sorry…so if you want to go all night…”

He chuckled.

“I think that’ll be too much for a first timer,” he said, “Wouldn’t want to send you home sore.”

She sighed again.

“Don’t worry about that,” she said, “I can’t believe guys are so hung up over a piece of tissue I probably lost to a horse years ago.”

He cupped her face in his hands.

:”A woman’s first time is supposed to be special.”

Oh that riled her up again as she just looked up at him.

“Buck, I never had you pegged as a romantic,” she said, “but that’s not what I need or want.”

“Then what do you want?”

“I want some of that raw power between your legs,” she said, “and don’t worry about hurting me with it. I’m tougher than I look.”

He smiled but even though he wanted inside her pants and that pussy he didn’t want to hurt her. But he’d never been known as a gentle lover either with the women in his bed. He liked fast, hard and wet, the kind of sex that a girl like her would run and hide from, because despite what she said, he knew she wanted to be wooed into bed, not pressed against the mattress with more power between her thighs than she could handle.

“So why don’t you show me this cabin…beginning with the bedroom.”

He smiled at her eagerness which matched that which sprung up inside himself though he kept it hidden.

“Who says we’re starting in the bedroom?”

She went to grab her shirt and slipped it back on her camisole, buttoning it up too quickly to line them up right. Oh well, it’d just be coming back off again when they reached the cabin so no worries there.

He looked at her and slipping his arm around her shoulder, they walked to the entrance and opened the door.

Quietness met them instead of a group of horny ranch hands living vicariously through Buck tonight while he nailed his prize. They walked across the clearing to the other side of the barn and she saw the cabin ahead. It was fairly crude from the outside but actually boasted plumbing inside including a bathroom, just next to the kitchenette. She knew this because she had cleaned it out between residents.

The large sized bed was in the living room across from the fireplace Manavgat escort and next to a small office area. Comforters were folded at the edge of the bed and it had two nice pillows, and unlike many of the beds on the ranch, it was postered. When he opened up the door, it was the first thing she saw when he flipped on the lights switch, the setting where Buck would break her in by the end of the night. The thought of that quickened her breath and she felt nervous for the first time. She had fantasized about a moment like this but never thought it’d happen.

He picked it up and looked at her.

“Having second thoughts?”

She shook her head.

“No…are you?”

He responded by wrapping his arms around her and pulling into another one of his toe curling kisses. Gently sucking on her mouth while he claimed it, and this time she slid her tongue inside his mouth first, marveling in his taste. God, the little minx, he thought, darting it around in dizzying circles inside, flirting with his own tongue. Just like that, she had turned the tables on that kiss. She reached down and cupped his ass in her hands and squeezed it.


She broke the kiss and just looked at him.

“You don’t like a woman’s hands on your ass,” she said, “I’m going to need something to hold onto when we go riding.”

His breath hissed at her words and he ran his fingers over her back itching to take another look at that camisole before he ripped it right off of her.

“I like it just fine,” he said, “I thought you’d want to slow this down a notch now that we’re here.”

She looked around the room again and it hit her then. Yeah, she was here with more than six feet of red blooded man, his lips had left her mouth tingling and his hardness against her waist, weakened her legs. God, she needed it so bad and she barely had an idea of what it was, but they just needed to get naked and fuck already. He read her eyes and saw that there, but rushing things wouldn’t work…no not with the newer fillies who had never felt a man’s weight on their backs. And the woman in front of her might seem eager, but she never had a man burn the insides of her thighs with his stubble, and never wrapped her legs around a man, so tightly her muscles cramped. Her pussy had never been breached by anything belonging to a man and she’d never screamed his name when his cock stretched her nearly to the point of pain as he thrust inside its snug walls.

Did she really have any idea of what she was in for with him? She didn’t look like at this point she even cared. He just looked at her and then he stepped away from her. Not the direction he wanted to go because his fingers itched to tear through those buttons of her shirt. But…instead he stood back and watched.

“Take it off…your shirt,” he said, “And work every button…no rushing, I want to see every little bit of your skin at a time.”

She just shot a look at him and he thought she might argue but she just swallowed and her fingers reached for her top button. Did they tremble slightly as she worked it loose or was that his imagination? Her face still had that brazen look and her body stood poised as if she knew what she was doing with him. If she had any nervousness, any fears beneath the surface in what lay ahead, he’d discover them soon enough.

Her speed quickened a bit as she worked her way down her shirt, and his eyes widened at the sight of the camisole teasing him from underneath it. Oh, he loved the silky feel of it under his hands but even it had to come off soon. But not right away, he thought because he wanted the unwrapping of his prize to take place slowly…

She reached the bottom finally and tentatively slid the shirt off of her shoulders and let it fall on the floor. His hands oh, they itched to slide over the sheerness of it and then peel it off slowly, from the top or bottom, didn’t matter as long as he could see her skin beneath.

Not to mention those breasts, he had felt the nipples against him already, and he wanted at some point to suck them one at a time inside his mouth, to see if they tasted like ripe cherries. But not now…he had to control himself because he didn’t want her to run out of the cabin. Despite her bravado, Buck knew she rode a razor fine line between desire and fear, the combination of which intoxicated him. His cock pushed against his jeans and he shifted his position, as he watched her looking at him.

“Now the jeans…slowly…I want to enjoy every inch of those nice long legs,” he said, “and find out what color panties you’ve been wearing.”

She sighed.

“I like all colors,” she said, “It’s the only way I remember that I’m a woman sometimes.”

He chuckled heartedly, his chest rumbling.

“Oh I can help you with that problem,” he said, “find all different kinds of ways to remind you what you are Melissa.”

She cast him a challenging look even while she stood there wearing fewer clothes than him.

“And what’s that?”

He licked Manavgat escort bayan his lips.

“A woman not aware of her effect on the men around her,” he said, “Including me.”

Her voice caught.

“Oh I know…I’ve always known,” she said, “I’m just not running away…”

He saw her tremble then and her hands moved to the snap on her jeans as she unbuttoned it while he watched. She unzipped them and slowly slid them over her hips and down her thighs, and lo and behold, she wore some black bikini panties, the silkiness sheathing her sex. Oh man, his cock jumped at the sight, and he groaned, the way the cut accentuated her tanned legs, marred only by a silvery scar across one where some barbed wire had caught her when she got thrown by a horse. Right now, it looked like an arrow mapping out the direction to her pussy as if he needed it. He’d trail kisses all the way up to it, when he had the chance.

But first things first…she had to lose those pants all the way. She watched him carefully as she did just that, after removing her boots. She had to lean against the closest wall to do that which didn’t bother him because the wall would come in handy. She kicked them off and stood in front of him with several pieces of lacy fabric shielding her body from his eyes..which would burn through them if they could…she swallowed, her throat dry at the gaze in his eyes. Her muscles tensed because she knew he’d make short work of what was left of her clothes.

She’d watched him working in the field for years. He had the speed and agility to dodge charging bulls and catch wayward yearlings. He could walk two steps in a flash and probably find a way to have his cock inside of her in nothing flat…the thought excited her because if she didn’t see it coming, maybe then she could focus on the sensations of him fucking her.

But he just stood there, fighting some basal instincts she knew and she felt naked for the first time in his presence.

“You want me to take it all off?”

He shook his head.

“No I want you to do a few things for me first,” he said, “Now relax, they’re going to be fun and make you feel really good.”

She felt skepticism creep through her. She had thought that once they hit the cabin and closed the door, that he’d be on her in a flash, the clothes would go flying off and they’d be rolling in the sack as he took her virginity. She didn’t get all this buildup. She didn’t need it, really. She needed good, raw sex and she needed it now.

Now if she could just convince him of that, she thought as they stood watching each other, the sound of their breathing filling the room. But what came next, she didn’t anticipate.

Oh had he just told her to stand still, Melissa asked herself when all she wanted to do was move her body against his, even though it hardly seemed fair that he still had all his clothes on.

While she stood in front of him dressed only in a camisole and panties, and the dampness in between her legs reminded her of what she wanted. She folded her arms as he stared at her, watching him carefully too. If she took her eyes off of him for one second, would he choose that moment to sweep her off the ground and take her to the bed?

“So what do we do now?”

He just smiled at her.

“Because I’m just about naked and you’re still dressed.”

He sighed taking one step closer to her.

“Not nearly naked enough,” he said, “but I want you to do something for me.”

She tried to keep her voice calm, to see nonchalant, though her heart pounded in her ears.


“Touch yourself…”


“You know where…but start with those tits I know you’ve been hiding beneath that camisole. Make me see those nipples through the fabric.”

That she could do, because she did it enough in private mostly while she fantasized that it was him touching her. But now that they were together…she didn’t have to rely on getting herself off did she?

“If you’re man enough, you’d do it yourself.”

He chuckled again clearly amused rather than offended.

“Oh I plan to do that, but ladies first…”

She snorted.

“I’m not a lady…”

“Oh I know that Melissa. It’s just an expression.”

She shrugged and she reached to touch her breasts with her own hand, with the camisole rubbing against them. But she stopped.

“This is hard with you standing there and watching.”

“Then close your eyes until you feel you can’t any longer.”

So she did that and she relaxed as she stroked her breast through the material and felt the tingling reach beneath as her breasts firmed and when she cupped them, she arched her body to increase those sensations.

She thought she heard him groaning but continued, playing with the lace as she moved her hands over her breasts pretending they were his hands and holding onto his promise that they would be later on. As she continued, she felt turned on not just by her own touch but knowing that the man Escort manavgat she had used in her fantasies was watching her, just a few feet away.

“Oh you’ve got nice ones I can see that,” he said, “now move those fingers of yours a little lower.”

So she flirted with her abdomen, the strip of it that showed between the camisole and her panties and then she slid one hand over the fabric that hid her pussy from him. She took deep breaths as she began with circular stroking almost tender in how she rubbed herself. When she tried to slide her fingers beneath her panties, he put a stop to that pretty quick.

“No…only mine will touch you there,” he said, “now see if you can make yourself come keeping your hands over your clothes.”

She exhaled at that because she had felt the stirrings of tension winding up deep inside of her pushing her close to the abyss but only teasingly so.

“I don’t know if I can…”

“Oh yes you can,” he said, “just think about how primed that pussy’s going to be for what’s coming later on…the more wet you are, the better you’ll feel.”

Okay, she could handle that so she intensified the pressure of her fingers, stroking where the silk panties rode over the cleft between her pussy lips. Oh god, she felt that and the familiar vibrations began to spill over and she bit her lip.

“Don’t hold it back,” he said, “I want to see your face…oh god…you look so fucking beautiful right now.”

That made her body swell with even more pleasure and she released it, the pulsations in her pussy causing her to cry out and then she leaned against the wall. He walked towards her then and by the time she withdrew from her panties, it felt slick from her dew which had soaked the fabric. He took hold of her hand and tenderly licked her fingers, suckling at the droplets and oh god, that threatened to send her over the edge especially when he slid his mouth over her fingers, sucking them. How could she guess that her fingers were somehow connected to the pussy that they had just fondled until just now?

Then he did something that really shook her up. He slid his hand underneath her panties while looking straight at her. She felt his calluses rubbing against her lips, guarding her entrance and after a moment, he brought his hand out again and then gently prodded her mouth with his fingers drenched in her dew.

“Taste yourself,” he said, “Come on just a little bit…”

She opened her mouth and his fingers slid inside and she tasted her arousal while he stroked the inside of her mouth with those fingers. But the power he held over her with that one single act threatened to overwhelm her, she couldn’t let him have it.

“So now I get to watch you jack off right,” she said, “because I bet your cock’s about to explode right now.”

He grimaced, his expression belying anything he might say otherwise. She wanted to reach into his pants and release that erection and to do it for him. But she’d never even seen it before and she wondered what it would look like, how it’d feel in her grasp. And how quickly could she control the pace of what was happening if she made him putty in her hands?

Because she wanted to skip all this foreplay and get to the main event…her orgasm had just taken the edge off of the fullness in her groin.

“I need you Buck…”

She didn’t even try to hide her emotions that fed that statement and he looked at her thoughtfully as his hands rode over her breasts which caused a gasp to escape her lips, but he didn’t remain there nearly long enough. He moved towards the hem of her camisole and then he tugged it upward and she realized what he was doing.

So she helped him by lifting her arms off so he could slip it off of her, leaving her dark curls brushing in front of her shoulders and her full breasts exposed to him for the first time. Oh god, when he saw them what did he think…she liked her breasts once she stopped fearing the response they elicited in the men around her. The only way to do that was to look at their abilities to entice them like the one in front of her. Then he moved his hands to his own shirt and whipped it off more quickly, exposing that magnificent chest of his that rippled with muscles from a life of hard work, and sprigs of dark hair she longed to twist around her fingers to see if he’d like it. But what heightened her anticipation were the coppery discs which were his nipples, oh she definitely wanted to taste them. His abs were hard and taut and she saw where a stripe of dark hair disappeared beneath his jeans. Oh, they definitely had to come off soon, so she could follow it all the way to his cock.

He pressed her against the wall then, his weight preventing her movement but the way the hair on his chest teased her breasts before flattening them, she didn’t care and his mouth assaulted her neck…coaxing the skin inside, just enough to fit between his teeth. A gentle nip or two nearly made her jump.

“So what do you want now,” she said, breathing hard.

He smiled lazily, though his eyes looked as charged as she felt.

“I want to taste you…”

His mouth traveled down her neck and in between the hollow of her breasts lapping at the beads of perspiration while she tried not to hyperventilate. If she fainted, would he catch her?

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