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We both stared at the tall, red-haired beauty that had just asked my wife to dance. She introduced herself as Michelle.

Apparently she was the owner of the Orchid Club and had been watching Angel since she arrived.

Once again I watched my wife being led onto the dance floor by a beautiful woman. This time it was different. No groping or fondling.

I watched with envy as Michelle expertly swayed, dipped and spun my wife around the floor like a puppet.

The other couples stopped dancing and watched the two women gently glided across the floor like Fred and Ginger.

I had never seen Angel dance like this. I guess she just needed the right partner.

I started getting jealous watching the two women gazing deep into each other’s eyes.

The chemistry between them was magical and I was getting a little worried.

The waitress brought me a refill and noticed my anxiety.

“Watch out,” she chided, “Michelle has stolen more than one wife. Better get her out of here!”

I replied, smugly, “I’m not worried; no one can steal my Angel.”

“OK, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She answered, laughingly.

When I looked back to the dance floor I noticed Angel and Michelle were missing.

I got up and went to the back room but they were nowhere to be found.

I went back to the table and finished my drink, then another, and another.

I was getting a little çekmeköy escort tipsy by the time Angel returned to our table.

“Where have you been?” I asked, trying to sound casual.

“Oh,” my wife replied. Michelle took me on a tour of the club and the grounds. It has stopped raining and the fresh air smelled wonderful.”

I was getting drowsy from the alcohol and Angel was worn out from her earlier sexual escapades so we decided to go to the back room and go to sleep.

After a few hours, I woke up only to find Angel missing again. “Now where has she gone?!” I thought to myself.

I tried to get back to sleep but found it impossible. After about thirty minutes I was about to go looking for her when she crawled back into the bed with me.

I decided not to question her. In a few hours we would be out of here and I would once more have my Angel, exclusively.

The sun was beginning to rise when the pretty blond waitress whispered into my wife’s ear. “Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey…”

We were both famished and the smell of bacon and eggs and coffee made us both jump to our feet and follow our noses into the main room.

There was a beautiful breakfast buffet set up with fresh fruit, sweet rolls, pineapple juice, eggs and coffee.

Michelle was looking stunning in the morning sun as she smiled at Angel and said, “Sweets for my sweet, darling.”

I gobbled cevizli escort down my breakfast while Angel and Michelle kissed, fondled and touched each other, chatting away like life-long friends, completely ignoring me.

I called the towing service and after about an hour they showed up with some gas and we were on our way.

We didn’t talk much on the way home. Angel seemed distracted and distant. I then began to realize that she had quite an experience last night and needed time to process it.

A few days later, I noticed that my wife was getting ready to go out, hair, make-up, new dress, the whole nine yards.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“Oh,” Michelle called, she is in town on business and wanted to meet me for lunch,” Angel replied, “I won’t be gone too long.”

I watched her walk out the door, without giving me our usual good bye kiss. As a matter of fact, she has been rather distant ever since we had returned from the club.

After about four hours I was beginning to worry. I started to dial her mobile phone when she called.

“Hello Darling,” she began, “Sorry, I’m late but we have a proposition for you. If you would like to have a three-way with Michelle and I tonight there are some rules.

1. You must do everything we say, immediately, without hesitation.

2. You will only talk, when spoken to.

3.Any violation of these rules will erenköy escort result in extreme punishment.

Do I make myself clear?

I was a bit taken back at first but the idea of being dominated and made a sex toy to beautiful women was just too good to pass up.

“Y-yes,” I stammered pathetically.

“Good,” Angel replied, “We will be home in about an hour. You are to make sure the house is neat and then bathe.

We want you clean and naked when we get there…” I heard a click as she hung up the phone.

I ran around the place, frantically straightening and cleaning, then into the shower for a good scrub.

I toweled dry and not bothering to put anything on. I carefully inspected the apartment to make sure everything was neat.

Then I waited, and waited.

They kept me waiting for three hours knowing it would drive me crazy.

Eventually they arrived with packages.

When Michelle saw me naked, she laughed, saying “Well what do we have here, kind of reminds me of a big, pink teddy bear. Look at the dick, no, dick is not the right word, let’s call it a peepee. It’s hardly big enough to satisfy any woman. Hope he know how to eat pussy.”

“Well, I..,” I pathetically answered and SMACK, Michelle let me have a hard slap across the face.

“You will not speak unless spoken to. That was the last warning.

If it happens again, you’ll find yourself, made up like a whore, dressed in panties on the streets of East Los Angeles. Do I make myself clear?” she warned.

I quickly nodded my head, glancing at Angel who was laughing at my predicament and submissiveness.

“Put on the Man-breaker.” She ordered Angel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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