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Tom can’t believe his luck. First week of summer and he will be home alone. Because his parents must go visit aunt who broke leg and need help on her small farm. They wanted take Tom with them. But he beg mom and dad to leave him home. And because they must leave soon and Tom was in past good and don’t cause any problems. They decided, he can stay home.

Well, he had eighteen previous month so maybe was time for him try live alone.

Best birthday present, thinks Tom. When he watch how his parents car, disappeared in distance.

Tom decided celebrate his new freedom with swimming. They lived near forest with river and small lake. He took just shorts under them had speedo. Donned shirt, flip flops and take towel. He locked house and went. When he go around Mrs. Cross house, their nearest neighbor, he speed up.

Because if she catch him, she will be definitely need his help with something. And Tom has not in mood for jobs around house.

So he continued in walking to the forest fast as possible.

When he reached the lake, quickly he undress, and together with towel hide his clothes in nearest bushes. After that he runs into water. He like this spot, it was abandoned, so he was alone. No people on beach, no screaming kids. Perfect solitude, Tom was introvert and shy. So he love place like this.

After hour or more he decided go home. He swim to shore when his stuff was hidden. When he saw woman, standing on small beach. He stops, because he was near to shore water wasn’t high. Only to his waist.

Tom watch her stand there and do nothing. She was in light summer dress, in one arm has big bag. She looks around fifties and her eyes was fixed on him.

“Hello there.” She break silence and smiled. “Lovely day, we have.” she continued because Tom was still silent. He had small problem, he wasn’t comfortable being in swimsuit around people. And now when she stares on him, he do not know what to do. If he stay where he is, she will be see his upper body. And if he goes on beach, she will be see everything. His full body in his speedos.

“Don’t fear me” she spoke again.

“I don’t fear” react Tom.

“Well, for moment it seems, you will be silent forever.” She respond and smiled again.

“No I just, was surprised.” Tom explaining “It is not much people here around.”

“Yes, it is quite peace and abandoned area.” she nodded. “You can go from water.” she said. “Or escort şişli is here some problem?”

“No not at all.” Said Tom and began slowly walk on beach.

He feels her eyes on him, when he walked from water and his body began more and more visible.

When he was on beach he cover his private parts with hands. Even when he has speedos he feel naked.

She make step to him and offered her hand. “I am Eva, and who are you?” she asked.

“T-T-Tom” he stuttered and shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you. Tommy.”

No, why he call him Tommy it was a baby name. And he is adult. Tom thinks but said nothing. Her presence makes him nervous. And fact that he was only in small speedos, and she was clothed, makes this situation even worst.

“Are you from here, Tommy?” Eva continued in conversation.

“Yes, My parents have house near forest. It is not far from here.” Tom answered.

How they talked, Sun hide behind the clouds. And starts blow wind. Sudden cold caused that Tom shivered. He was still wet.

“Oh poor Tommy,” said Eva when she saw him trembles. “It is cold you?”

He nods.

“Where is your clothes? Or you came here only in this small speedos?” she asked.

“No, I hide my stuff in bushes.” Tom answered and headed to the bushes.

Eva waited. Suddenly Tom screams.

“NO!! It can’t be.”

“What happened honey?” she asked nicely.

Tom returned from bushes empty handed.

“My stuff, I can’t find them.” he said with trembling voice.

Are you sure? Maybe you must look better or maybe you don’t remember where you hide them. Try again.” she said.

“No, I looked properly. Can’t find them, my clothes and key are gone” said Tom and in his voice was feel fear.

Eva came close to him and put her hand on his shoulder. He trembled, when her hand touched his skin. It was new to him, when woman touches him. He was eighteen but had no experience with them.

“Well, since you live near” Eva start talking “you just go home like you are now, in your small speedos. I am sure you parents comprehend when you tell what happened.”

Tom don’t answered because Eva presence and her hand on his shoulder cause him dizzy.

“I can’t” he said finally.


“Because I am home alone. My parents will be gone all week.” Tom explain and shivered again.

“Oh, honey you must be cold. Let’s me help you.”

Said merter escort Eva and takes from bag towel. Without hesitation she starts drying him. Eva dried his hands, torso and feet. And now she kneel on his left side.

“Now, you are nice and dry, isn’t it better?” she smile and wink on him.

He watched her how she is too close his private parts. And push his hands more to them. In stupid attempt cover them more.

“Oh no,” Said Eva suddenly.

“What, what happens?” Wants Tom know.

“It seems your speedos is still wet.” answered Eva. “I must take care on them.”

“No, it no need for…” start Tom talking, in fear that something may happen with his only clothes.

“Nonsense,” Eva interrupt him, “Or you want start bed wetting?”

Tom shook his head.

“Well, if you stays in this wet fabric it may easily happen. You will be piss to your bed, like, small naughty boy. Is that what you want?” She asked with strong voice.

Which remind Tom his old teacher, and suddenly, he feel like he was back in school. Eva had authority over him.

Tom shook his head again.

“I know it. Now put your hands over your head.” She ordered. When he done it, Eva quickly put her thumbs behind his waistband and pull speedos down.

It was so fast Tom need par seconds, to realized, he is naked in front of woman, which he meets, par minutes ago.

He froze, no capable of react and Eva start drying his private parts. After seconds Tom realize, that in her positions. She can see everything, curve his butt and what was even worst. She can saw his balls and penis.

Tom start lowering his hands how Eva continued in what she was doing. Right now she drying his penis and balls. He feels her hands through towel. It was first time when woman touched him there. And even it wasn’t direct touch. It has strong effect on Tom, he start breath faster. Even forget than he wants covered with his hand. His eyes are closed. So, he just stand there, with his hands above his head and enjoys his most sexual experience ever.

With eyes closed, Tom don’t see that Eva carefully observed him. His reaction on her work. And she know he is completely lost in pleasure. How his penis start make hard. She smiled, oh virgin boys, they can be so easily manipulated Eva thought.

When she stops plays with his private parts, Tom don’t even noticed it, totally lost in new feelings.

Eva istanbul escort make some steps away from him. Now he looks very funny. Standing in his birthday suit on small beach. Eyes closed, hands above his head. His penis fully erected. And his only piece of clothing laying around his ankles. What would people think if they saw him like this.

She can’t believe her luck, this trip will be very interesting. She loves play with naked virgin boys. They are so shy modest and insecure. When are their clothes take from them. Well, Tom had still one piece of clothing. Even if it don’t cover much right now, is time take care of it.

Eva came back to Tom, who was still lost in his recent erotic experiences. She stood right behind him, and allowed herself good look on his bare white butt. Oh this place wasn’t ever touched by sun. She smiles, but don’t touch him yet. Soon she will be have more time for playing with his cute bum.

Now she must do something different. Something, what makes her power over him total. And it will be looks, like it was all his idea. That, he wants it himself, and wasn’t forced do it.

Eva leaned forward and looks over his shoulder on his hard penis. He already had precum on him. Now this was right time.

“Honey,” she whispered to his ear. “Can you hear me?”

Tom slightly opened mouth but instead words he just moaned.

“Good, is not need for talking. Just answer like you did it now. Understood?”

Another moaning. Eva smiled for herself and continues.

“Now Tommy, when you are dry, you must do one last thing. And if you do it right, I can promise you experienced lot more this feelings which you like so much.”

Another moaning, Eva kneeled besides him.

Her head was very close to his hard penis.

“Now I want for you to put your left foot up.” she ordered and how she spoke, Tom feel her breath on his penis. And this cause his penis twitched. Eva smiled.

“See, you want it. You little fella is excited. Now, foot up” she spoke again.

Tom obeyed, Eva took his speedo aside. When he put left foot down he wasn’t stand in him anymore. Same happened with his right foot.

“Very good boy, now you can opened eyes. If you want.” Said Eva still close to his throbbing penis.

Tom had feeling like he woke up from dream. Dream, when he was naked in front of woman. Her name was Eva and she takes away his speedos. But it wasn’t dream, first thing which he saw when he opened eyes was his speedos in plastic bag. Disappearing in Eva bag. Now he was completely naked, without chance to covers himself. Wind blew and causes that goosebumps appeared on his vulnerable naked butt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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