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“That BITCH”! I screamed at no one in particular. I was in my trailer taking yet another unexpected break from filming my latest movie. The “bitch” I referred to was Monique, a fairly new actress with only few commercials and a pair of sitcom guest spots on her resume. Here we are on the fifth week of shooting a romantic comedy of all things and this third rate little community theater diva was insisting yet again that she needed some bullshit bottled spring water to get into character for a scene. Ok, in all fairness the scene did involve water, and I got to drench her in it. “Fuck it, let her have her water,” I laughed, ” I’ll give it to her, myself.”

Terry, our director had come up with some ingenious idea about shooting the scenes in order for this movie, an idea that could not have been worse. In the beginning of the film, our characters hate each other (easy enough) but we’re supposed to find common ground and eventually fall in love. That was going to stretch my acting talent to its limit. Especially since we were supposed to shoot the love scene the next afternoon. I didn’t think I could do it.

Walking onto the set the next day, I got the feeling I was right. I stepped out of my dressing room in my shorts and a bathrobe and was asked immediately to excuse her while she had a private discussion with Terry. “Fine,” I said,” I’ll be in my dressing room.”

Ten minutes later I got the call. I walked out to take my place on the bed concentrating on just getting through this scene so I could drown my distaste at a local bar. Monique was already on the bed we were shooting on waiting under the comforter.

I took off my robe and handed it to a stage assistant and took my place beneath the blanket. I propped myself up and waited for the cue to start the scene.

“Just so you know,” Monique said in that prissy little tone I had grown to hate so much, “I really want to get this on the first take. If you drop a line, just make it look natural and ad lib, ok?”

“Fuck, Terry, Can we just do this? I have shot a couple of scenes before, you know.” I was losing my stomach for this already and we hadn’t even started yet.

“Action!” he yelled.

I began spouting out my lines mindlessly, just hoping I was believable. I had decided not to try too hard to hide my feelings, almanbahis adres but rather to use them and hope the audience would misinterpret them when we were finished.

As I watched Monique deliver her lines I looked at her, closely, for the first time. It was amazing, I must say, that this spoiled little cunt could act so well. Her voice and face both had a softness in them that I had not been privileged to before now.

When we ended our dialogue she drifted closer under the blankets. “Pretend it’s someone you like,” I thought. That was easy enough; I mean she WAS a hottie, about Five ten with silky, long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin was exotically dark, and her body, oh my God!

This was it! She lightly kissed me on the lips and I wondered if this was the same person that had thrown an onion bagel with cream cheese in my face on our third day of shooting. Slowly we built a passion in the kiss. Right on cue she broke away from me and pulled herself slowly under the covers. I was supposed to squirm around a bit and let the viewers make up their own version of what was happening under the sheets.

I started to position myself for comfort when I felt her hand on my shorts. My eyes flew wide open faster than the doors to Macy’s on the day after Thanksgiving. She grabbed both sides of my boxers and pulled them off of me before I could wrap my head around it enough to object. Then she placed one hand on my belly, just above my stiffening cock and stuck her head out of the blanket. As she leaned up and pretended to kiss my neck she whispered discreetly “just go with it, we’ll talk later”, and for the first time I felt her naked breast rub lightly against my chest. In a flash she was back under the blankets and before I could decide how best to play this, the decision became purely instinctual. She licked me strongly from the base of my cock to the tip of its head in one quick movement. It was all I could do not to jump out of that bed, right then.

I wanted to cry out, but I couldn’t remember her characters name. I bit my lip. She sucked me into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down, while her tongue was moving almost independently on the underside of my engorged pecker.

“Ok, come out and mount him, Monique,” I heard Terry’s voice almanbahis adresi call out to us and suddenly remembered the crew in the room. I looked around at the oblivious faces of sound tech’s, gaffs, and personal assistants, and my head started swimming.

Monique drifted up onto me and I immediately realized that she was also nude when I felt her clean-shaven pussy rub against my leg and settle on top of my cock. She bent to kiss me again and I attacked her with my mouth. I sucked her tongue into my mouth as she slid me inside her with ease. My God, she was wet! She pushed me down and began to ride me, desperately needing the orgasm she chased. She was flexing her cunt muscles and bucking so savagely at times that I thought the blankets would fly off and everyone would see our little show, but somehow I didn’t care as long as she didn’t stop.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around her to hold her still and pulled her down for another passionate kiss. Her tongue was out before our lips were even close. I heard a couple of the crewmembers giggle as I rolled her over to take the lead. She eagerly complied and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deeper into her. As I pumped away at her, I realized she was moaning and looked into her face to see complete desire where only arrogance and discontent had been before. I thrust myself into her harder and harder.

Suddenly she locked her legs around me and began to pull me into her with them practically screaming “Yes, Yes, Oh God, Yes”. She came with a squeal that overloaded my senses and sent me over the top. I came a river into her as she kept on squealing in the throws of her own orgasm. I rolled off of her gasping for breath and barely heard her mutter her final line of the scene before Terry yelled, “Cut!’

Immediately the room was alive with shouts and murmurs about how good that shot looked. I looked up at Terry and saw the knowing smile as he ordered everyone out of the room except for Monique and I. As soon as they were gone and the door closed, Monique looked at me and asked which I wanted to do first. “What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well,” she replied, “we can have the talk that I know you’re wanting, or we can finish this. I don’t care which we do first as long as we do both.”

“Oh,” I said, “Ok.” almanbahis adres Then I slipped myself down under the blankets and began to lick her clit. I gently outlined her pussy with my tongue, tasting our intermingled juices. She lifted her legs and kicked the blankets off. She pulled my head into her pussy as if she wanted to pull it inside of her, which was fine with me I found her clit and wrapped my tongue around it, suckling it like a nursing baby. I put one finger on the opening of her pussy and caressed her a few times to lube it up before I inserted it into her about an inch and began to rub the inside of her opening until I felt her trying to suck it farther in. Then I pulled it out and replaced it with my tongue, and used the finger to rub circles around her clit. With my other hand I reached up to knead her gorgeous tits, in turn, pinching her nipples and rolling them between my fingers. When she began moaning I took her swollen button between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it back and forth. I looked up to see her staring at me with half closed eyes.

I paused for a second, but as I began to speak she shook her head no and grabbed my ears to hold me to her. I dove back in and worked her double time until I heard her start her now familiar squeals, then I used all four fingers to rub side to side across her clit very fast while licking firmly against the inner rim of her pussy. When she came again she drenched me with her juices squirting out like a waterfall. After she caught hr breath again she pulled me up to her by my long hair and kissed me deeply. Then she licked her juices off my face with a smile that told me she had tasted pussy before. Smiling she said, “That’s for drenching me yesterday, now fuck me like the bitch I am!” and with that she rolled over on all fours and stuck her ass in the air, waiting for me to comply.

I did not have to be told twice. I mounted her and slammed my dick into her for all I was worth. I used one hand to pull her shoulder into me while I reached around and worked her clit with the other. In no time we were both coming again.

As we lay there in the afterglow she said, “I’m sorry for being such a bitch. I had this planned from the beginning. I worked it out with Terry at my audition, but I told him I’d only do it with you.”

It seems she had seen a couple of my previous works and not only had she decided that I had potential, she had developed quite a crush on me as well. She said that with the right motivation I could be a star.

And I’ve decided that I might be able to work with her again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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