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Although an avid reader of this site for more than a decade, this is my first attempt at writing a story. Many of the details are drawn from a real encounter that happened several years ago although obviously names etc have been changed to protect the guilty!

If you are a fan of enormous cocks and hard bodies, then this probably isn’t for you. If you enjoy something that is a little more realistic and relatable then I hope you enjoy. I’ve disabled feedback from anonymous readers on this submission as I read too much vitriol from those without the courage to identify themselves on other authors submissions to be willing to subject myself to that kind of abuse.


My name is Sam and being alone at 51 wasn’t what I’d planned or expected. In fact having Maggie, my wife of 25 years tell me she was “going away to find herself” and that she been unhappy for a long time devastated me. I’d have almost preferred her to have gone off with someone else instead of leaving me feeling that I’d simply bored her into going.

Our two grown up kids were almost as shocked as me and swore they hadn’t a clue and that they didn’t understand what she was playing at. Sadly, although they were completely supportive, they had both moved away years previously to pursue their own careers and lives so weren’t around as much as I would have liked to offer shoulders for me to cry on.

For almost a year I moped around the house generally feeling sorry for myself and regularly refused requests from family and mates to join them on nights out, convinced that they were seeking to pair me up with random female friends and not having the slightest interest in entering into another relationship. I desperately missed my wife still and also missed physical contact and intimacy, although I reacquainted myself frequently with the less satisfying joys of internet porn and masturbation

I’d stopped visiting many of our joint friends, purely because most of them were couples and I couldn’t stand the constant out-pouring of sympathy and comments like “You’ll meet someone else,” or “There’s still someone out there for you.”

However, from the outset, there was one mate that refused to allow me to completely drown in self-pity. Billy and I had been mates long before I got married, we worked for the same company and the two of us shared similar interests as well as a wicked sense of humour and an often-outspoken admiration for many of the females in our offices. The one difference between us was that Billy had on a number of occasions satisfied his lust outside of his marriage, something I had never been tempted to do having been content with window shopping and general good-humoured flirting. Billy was always quick to take me into his confidence about these flings and never spared the details when it came to describing how his latest hook-up had performed.

Billy and his wife Karen had been true friends from the moment I’d been left alone and had ensured that I regularly spent time with them, or at times when I’d refused a request to go see them, had simply turned up at my door armed with wine and take-away food and announced they were there for the evening whether I liked it or not. The truth is that although I protested and moaned, I was extremely grateful for their company even if I sometimes didn’t realise it until after they had left.

It would be easy and predictable for this story to have taken a more obvious turn and for me to tell you that on one of these visits, and with Billy’s approval I ended up fucking Karen. But this was not the case.

One evening about 11 months after my separation I sat in a local pub with Billy sipping on a pint of lager. He’d been unusually bullish in his attempts to get me to agree to go out as I still wasn’t making much of an effort.

We were halfway down our first beer and talking about all kinds of rubbish when he sprang his reason for being out on me.

“So, I’ve been seeing someone from work.”

I laughed as this wasn’t a huge surprise, “OK, I’ll bite. Who is it this time?”

“It’s not anyone you’d guess,” he said piquing my curiosity, “she’s a larger lady a little older than us”.

I was hooked by now and wondering who, out of all of the women in our company, he had bedded this time. Billy didn’t necessarily have a fixed type but the women he chased were generally slim and of similar age or younger.

“It’s Dawn from the projects office.”

My jaw dropped a little, Dawn was not the name I expected to hear. Don’t get me wrong, Dawn was an absolute sweetheart, a single lady and the sort never to have a bad word to say about anyone. Someone that would do you ten favours before one bad turn. But she didn’t seem the kind of person to play around with a married man. Plus, as he’d already mentioned, she was a few pounds heavier and thicker around the middle than his normal “type”.

“How the hell did you hook up with Dawn?” I asked.

“We were both up at the Luton office for a few days Bycasino and staying at the same hotel. We ate our meals, had a few drinks together in the evenings for company and hit it off, on the third evening we wound up in bed.”

“You’ve shocked me mate, I didn’t think you’d fancy her and would never have seen her as being the type for that sort of thing.”

“She’s great fun,” he said grinning widely. “She’s got her own place, she doesn’t give me grief over not being able to see her too often and above all she’s game for pretty much anything. She’s an ideal fuck-buddy!”

I was still letting this revelation sink in and thinking you never really know people when he hit me with his next bit of news. “The thing is mate, she’s keen to new experiences and I’ve convinced her that a threesome would be good fun.”

The penny dropped, “Oh ok, and why are you sharing this little nugget with me?” I asked, already having a feeling that I knew the answer.

“Who else would I want to involve in my filthy schemes?” he was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat, “I don’t want just anyone catching sight of my distinctly average man parts,” he laughed. “And besides, as I’ve seen your dick too and know we’re similarly endowed you’re not going to make me feel inadequate.”

He was correct on both accounts; over the years we had spent many drunken evenings in his hot tub and had never been bothered about staying covered up around each other leading us to discretely realise that we were both similarly “average” in size

“Besides, you’ve been fucking miserable for far too long and it’s time you got laid!”

On that one I was starting to agree, it had been a while and the thought did interest me. “So, when were you thinking of setting up this little party?” I enquired.

“I called her on the way to pick you up and told her I was coming over in a while and I wouldn’t be alone, so to be ready for us. That’s why we’re only having one beer!”

“Shit mate, you could’ve given me a bit more time to think this over, how does she feel about me being part of your little game?” I hated being put on the spot about anything, but this was on another level.

“To be honest she doesn’t know it’s you, I just told her I’d involve someone decent, similar in age and outlook and above all someone that I trusted implicitly, she’s a little nervous but in a good way,” he paused and took a swig from his glass, “so do I text her and tell her we’ll be over to see her shortly?”

I still wasn’t completely sure about this, more than a year of solo sex made me anxious about my ability to perform, especially in front of another guy — even if it was my best mate. Hesitantly I downed the last of my beer and thought fuck it “Sure,” I told him, “what the hell”.

Billy smiled and reached for his phone, “We’ll have fun mate and I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.”

Five minutes later we were in Billy’s car and on our way to Dawn’s house. A number of things were dashing through my mind on the journey including a sense of relief that I’d made an effort prior to going out and was reasonably well groomed, that hadn’t always been the case throughout the funk I’d been in since Maggie left. Also, more by luck than anything else I had tidy underwear on.

We stopped outside a small terraced house in a quiet looking neighbourhood and I followed Billy to the door, Dawn had left it ajar as she apparently preferred Billy to be able to make a quick entrance so as not to alert her sometimes nosey neighbours that she had a male company some evenings. He pushed it open and I mimicked his behaviour as he wiped his feet on the mat and walked in. immediately to our right was a door into the front room, Dawn was hovering nervously inside, anxious to see who Billy had brought with him and looking slightly nervous.

“Hiya,” grinned Billy, “I think you already know Sam?”

A smile spread across Dawn’s face. I genuinely think that up until he mentioned my name her nerves had stopped her brain from allowing her to recognise me.

I smiled sheepishly “Hi Dawn, how are you doing?” my small talk was always shit and the current situation wasn’t going to improve it, “it’s nice to see you.” I continued.

I think she could sense that we were both a little nervous about the situation, so she walked past Billy and put her arms around me and kissed me straight on the lips. Not lingering or overtly sexy but just a warm welcoming kiss, at the same time my arms instinctively wrapped around her waist and I could feel her soft curves under her clothing. I relaxed a little and my cock stirred slightly in my jeans for the first time that night.

“Hey, so don’t I get kissed then?” cried Billy in mock protest. “Of course you do honey” she responded and threw her arms around his neck. She latched on to his mouth and I could see their tongues twisting around each other.

Breaking away, Dawn offered us both a glass from a bottle of red wine she had opened and started Bycasino giriş before our arrival, no doubt to provide her with a little Dutch courage. I eagerly accepted the filled glass from her, feeling glad to have something to hold onto.

Watching Dawn fill our glasses gave me the first opportunity to take a good look at her. She was wearing a loose blouse and a floaty skirt that came down to her knees, neither item was particularly clingy, and I wondered if she was shy about her figure and wanted to avoid drawing attention to it. She needn’t have worried; she was a very attractive lady and had a smiling face that you were instantly drawn to. I smiled to myself when I spotted that she was also wearing tan coloured hose, and nothing on her feet. I was fortunate that Maggie had always been happy to indulge my mild nylon fetish, wearing either stockings or tights for the majority of our sexual activities. I was always wowed by the sight and sensations gained from a woman wearing stockings and stilettoes especially in bed and had also come to appreciate to fun and enjoyment to be had from making my own path through a pair of good quality tights to reach the treasures underneath.

Billy rested his glass on a nearby side table and from behind wrapped his arms around Dawn’s waist, slowly moving his hands upwards until they brushed lightly over her still covered but considerable looking breasts.

Her eyes closed, she shuddered visibly, and a small sigh escaped her lips. “I think she’s pleased to see us Sam, why don’t you check to be certain.” Billy’s hands dropped to the outside of Dawn’s thighs and he drew them upwards again slowly bringing her skirt with them until it was just barely covering her crotch.

Tentatively I stepped into them and gently brushed my hand on the inside of Dawn’s right thigh (confirming she was indeed wearing hold-up stockings), lightly tracing an upward path with my fingers past the elasticated lacy tops and onto the bare flesh above. She sucked air in through her teeth and shuddered again, her eyes were open now and she smiled in encouragement.

My fingers continued to move and finding no sign of any panties made gentle contact with her pussy lips and although her sex was still just about hidden under her skirt, it was obvious that she smooth shaven and absolutely soaking.

“You’re very wet Dawn,” I said softly, not wanting to spoil the mood. “does that mean you are happy we’re here?” I increased the pressure of my fingers across her as I spoke.

“Mmmmm, yes I think I am, let’s take this upstairs so that I can make sure.”

We all separated reluctantly and, pausing briefly to collect our glasses, followed Dawn up the narrow staircase to her bedroom with me bringing up the rear.

The bedroom was bathed in a soft light coming from a string of heart shaped fairy lights strung around the bars of the metal headboard on a comfy looking king-sized bed.

Billy sat on the edge of the bed and suggested to Dawn that she help me out of my clothes while he began removing his own.

Dawn’s fingers reached for my shirt and whilst she slowly worked her way down each of the buttons her lips found mine and her tongue hungrily pushed into my mouth in search of my own. I could feel my heart beating faster and my cock, now fully erect was straining to be let out. She pushed my shirt open and her hands caused what felt like tiny electric shocks as they made contact with my skin and slid slowly down towards the top of my jeans.

I gasped as Dawn’s one hand stroked the outline of my hard-on whilst the other undid the buttons, then she pushed my jeans and boxers down my legs on one movement.

“I think I’m not the only happy one around here.” she smiled and leaned forward, her lips only a couple of inches from making contact.

“Such a lovely compliment,” she murmured as she drew me into her mouth, her lips sliding along the head and then the shaft as she sucked me in. It was my turn to gasp and close my eyes, I hadn’t had my dick sucked in a very long time and Dawn was savouring it, I could feel the added sensation of her tongue tickling the underside of my glans as she bobbed her head up and down, at the same time using her hand to stroke my balls.

The rising feeling of ecstasy was broken by Billy, who was keen to get in on the act “Hey when is it my turn?” he whined, grinning as he did so.

“Sorry babe didn’t mean to ignore you. I was just making sure my new playmate was properly welcomed!” laughed Dawn “After all, you did bring him for me to enjoy, didn’t you?”

“I figured you’d both get plenty of enjoyment from this so how about saying thanks?” Dawn smiled as she turned. Billy had stretched out on the bed and she climbed on top of his legs

“Ok, will this do for a thank you?”

Her hand reached for Billy’s equally hard cock and began to slowly stroke him as she bent forward and slipped her second cock of the night into her mouth. An obviously happy Billy Bycasino güncel giriş nodded and replied “Yep, at least for starters anyway!”

Watching Dawn gobble Billy it occurred to me that she was still dressed and had just gathered up her skirt to make it easier to climb onto the bed. I found the zip at the back of her skirt and lowered it, pulling the skirt gently over her hips as I did. Sensing what I was doing, she managed to raise each leg in turn to allow me to fully remove the skirt and toss it onto the corner. Her arse, sticking proudly in the air was spectacular, plump in keeping with the rest of her but firm to the touch and still affording a hot view of her glistening pussy lips.

I reached around her body and found the buttons to her blouse, not lingering to undo them as she was focussed in the task in hand (and mouth). Again, without losing her rhythm she twisted so I could pull the blouse from each arm.

Panties weren’t the only item of clothing she had left off and although I didn’t have a great view of her tits as they swung over Billy’s legs, I was able to reach around her to massage a soft handful and pull on her stiff nipples. This seemed to have a pleasurable effect as she moaned through lips still clamped around Billy, so I upped the ante and ran my free hand down across her back and over the plump cheeks of her generous arse. She wiggled her hips as my hand stroked across her rear and I let a couple of my fingers trace a line around her arse crack, lightly dragging them across her bum hole until they slipped between her plump lips into her soaking wet pussy. She groaned as I slowly worked my fingers in and out of her, getting louder each time my fingers slipped from her and rubbed across her clit.

I wanted to taste her, I planted kisses on her arse cheeks and ran my tongue lightly along her crack, lingering when I reached her little brown hole to flick my tongue across it.

“Oooooohhhhhhh, Sammy,” Dawn stopped working on Billy’s cock momentarily “You are so naughty”.

I flicked my tongue across her bum hole again in response and continued to my primary target. Dawn was so wet by now the whole area around her crotch was slick with her juices, my mouth latched on to her swollen pussy lips and I sucked them lightly before slipping my tongue between them. She tasted heavenly and I alternated between driving my tongue into her as deeply as I could and flicking it across her swollen clit, the lower part of my face becoming coated in her nectar as I worked her. More groans from Dawn told me I was having the desired effect.

I was ready to get in tight behind Dawn and slide my now rampant cock straight into her, it had been a long time since I’d been inside a woman and the rear view of this relative stranger’s plump round arse and pouting pussy was providing more than enough stimulus. Dawn however had other ideas and released Billy from her mouth. Turning her head, she beckoned me onto the bed so that I was laying alongside Billy, the two of us naked and side by side briefly reminding me how weird and unexpected a situation I’d found myself in but I was way too horny to get bashful now.

Dawn swung her right leg over me and grasped my cock in her hand. I swear, even for a man in his fifties I could’ve hammered nails in with it at this point. She pointed it at her entrance, “Fuck me Sammy,” she groaned and slid down my length. The sensational was incredible, Dawn’s pussy was much tighter than I might have imagined, and it was my turn to groan out loud as I was enveloped in warm wet heaven. I gently massaged her lovely soft boobs tugging and twisting at her nipples as she ground her hips on me slowly and as leaned forward so that our mouths could meet, my hands dropped to the tops of her legs to caress their nylon covering. I was for a few moments in absolute heaven, being ridden sensually by a hot curvaceous woman clad in stockings.

The spell was soon broken however, as she leaned in and our lips connected she made an “ouch” sound, pulled up suddenly and laughed “Your bloody mate is trying to get his cock in my arse with no lube.” Billy was behind Dawn, still wearing an idiotic grin while rubbing his shaft up and down Dawn’s arse and clearly struggling to penetrate her.

I reached around Dawn grabbing an arse cheek in each hand and pulled them apart, determined to help Billy achieve his objective.

“Anything I can do to help a mate!” I chuckled. He spat into his hand, rubbed it over his glans and lined his cock up for another attempt. I guessed that he had managed to slip into Dawn’s arse by the sudden and explosive rush of air through her teeth and the widening of her eyes. As he pushed deeper into her, I could feel the narrowing of her vagina wall and wondered what she was experiencing.

“How’s your first DP babe?” Billy asked as he pushed himself fully into her and began to work himself slowly in and out.

“Oh my fucking god,” she cried “I always wondered how two cocks at once would feel, but this is…oooooooohhhhh, fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK! Ooooh my god!!”

Dawns hips began to move on top of me again as she tried to work in an opposing movement to Billy. I didn’t have much movement underneath her but tried as best I could to match their movements.

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