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Alicia Williams

This story runs parallel to Carol’s School Tales, and it is about the teacher Miss Newark. You don’t really need to read the first story, those of you who have might recognise situations that overlap from one story to the other. One small change I’ve made to Gillian is her age.


I never really noticed him at first. He was just one of pupils, more interested in sports than anything else. Pete was a good swimmer, and the games tutor had high hopes of him making something of himself in the pool. Pete was 18 years old, 5’11” tall and had a fit body; I mean fit as in physically fit. I don’t know why I became attracted to him it just sort of happened. What he saw in me I didn’t know either. I’m average, average looks, average body, and a 29 year old average teacher.

I tend to distance myself from the kids I teach. I show them this hard image at school. I have to be bossy to stop them running all over me. In my private life I’m the exact opposite. My friends find it amusing that I am like two different people. A lot of the kids think I’m like an old maid. Old at 29! I’ve got auburn hair that I keep in a loose perm, and I have A to B-cup breasts on a slim figure, and I’m 5′ 4″ tall.

I dress in long flowing skirts with baggy tops almost a hippy style if you like, and flat comfortable shoes for standing around all day. Most people seem to think I’m in my late thirties because of how I dress. I don’t suppose the glasses help much; I don’t really need them but it sort of goes with the image. So what Pete saw in me I quite honestly don’t know?

I concentrated on getting myself a teaching job in my early years, and looking after my disabled mother. I did have sex a few times but it was rare. I have only had 3 recent lovers all disasters. The first I dumped 3 years ago after he started getting rough with me. The second was a real charmer. So charming I ended up giving him my life savings to invest in this plan, which he said would double my money in 2 years. Yep gullible that’s me, handing over £4500 that I would never see again. Nor the bastard who ran off with it!

The third, well he was married and I didn’t know, not until I had some woman banging on my door at midnight, screaming at me to leave her husband alone.

That was my love life in a nutshell. I used to go out with my friends but I was never into picking up men just for sex, especially after what had happened. So here I am without a boyfriend or a fuck for 18 months.

So to Pete and how it all began, he was down in the swimming pool after school practicing for the area finals of the school competition. I watched Mr Bird answer his mobile phone. He seemed to be looking round some what agitated. I rushed down to the pool.

“Ah Gillian I’ve got a crisis at home could you watch Pete. I, I have to go.”

I nodded. Thinking to myself you fucking bastard, he was the married man who I had had sex with. He had only moved to the school just over 18 months ago, and I didn’t know he was married. Not until his wife banged on my door. He wanted to carry on seeing me, even last week he asked if he could take me to dinner. He didn’t understand why I slapped his face. Asshole!

I watched Pete doing his lengths of the pool. I didn’t know much about swimming, but he seemed to do it effortlessly with long easy strokes. I waited there for a few minutes really wanting to get home. He stopped and came over to the side.

“Where’s Bird Miss?”

“Mr Bird to you, he has had to go home.”

I watched Pete pull himself out of the pool.

“Ouch fuck!” he screeched.

I saw blood pouring from his thigh.

“Where’s your towel?”

“In the locker room Miss,” he replied, and then grimaced.

I looked around for something to stop the bleeding; it was gushing down his leg and really looked like quite a lot. He hauled himself onto the side.

“God there’s nothing here,” I said in panic.

I felt the buttons on my blouse.

“Go on Miss I dare you to take it off,” he said clutching his thigh.

OK this is me remember, little Miss Timid. But at school I had a reputation as a bit of a bitch. I couldn’t let him see my soft side, so I just ripped off my blouse and pressed it to his wound.

“Hold it there I’ve got to get to a phone.”

When I ran back outside Pete was sat back against a wall. I knelt down and put pressure on his leg. I couldn’t believe the amount of blood he had lost. I was panting too, with having to run across the school. My breasts in the little white bra heaved up and down.

“The ambulance is on its way. Oh god you are going to need stitches.”

“Miss your nipple is sticking out Miss.”

I pulled my bra covering my nipple feeling my face going red at the same time.

Pete’s hand was on my shoulder as he grimaced due to the pain.

“Don’t worry Miss I won’t tell anyone I saw your tits.”

“That’s enough,” I said, trying to tell him off.

I sat there holding his leg in my blood soaked blouse. My mind wandered to what he had said and what he had seen. I then became aware Bycasino of a slight bulge in his swimming trunks. I glanced at him; his eyes were shut tight because of the pain. I let myself take another glance at his trunks. Quickly I stopped my mind from having such thoughts about one of my pupils. Even if he was 18 it still wasn’t right.

“God where is that bloody ambulance?” I snapped in frustration.

“God you swear too then Miss?” he said, and then grunted with pain again.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

I saw his eyes start to drop like he was relaxing.

“Don’t you dare go to sleep, Pete, Pete?”

I knew I couldn’t let him fall asleep. I looked at the trail of blood on the path trying to work out how much he had lost.

“Am I going to die Miss?”

“Nobody dies on me at school.”

“They might fall asleep though when, when you’re teaching though Miss,” he mumbled and then chuckled.

The sound of the ambulance in the distance made me feel a little relieved.

“I hope you don’t dare fall asleep in my lessons?”

He chuckled again and then coughed.

“Fuck it hurts Miss,” he said with a gulp.

He lent against me. His damp head went on my chest. I began tentatively stroking his hair. I could feel his sharp panting breath on the swell of my left breast. Something that I hadn’t felt for ages began to stir within me. Quickly I pushed his head up.

“Don’t fall asleep.”

I heard running footsteps and two ambulance men took over. I gave them the details as best I could remember.

“Can you get my stuff Miss?” he grunted

“Yes, I’ll take it to the hospital.”

I ran to the locker rooms and found his things. I slipped his grey jumper on and as I did I caught sight of my breasts in the mirror. I could clearly see the darkness of my nipples through my white bra. I shuddered as I knew Pete would have already seen a naked breast, and the two ambulance men had seen them through my bra. I pulled the jumper down covering my breasts, Pete’s jumper.

I waited at the hospital until his parents arrived. I left when I was told he had several pints of blood and was now stable.

When I got home I went to have a bath, I noticed a blood stained hand print out of the corner of my eye. Pete’s hand print on my bare waist! Again I denied myself the sexual feeling that was trying to get out. I washed off the blood and put Pete’s jumper in the washing machine. Again I had a strange sexual feeling. Would he want to wear his jumper now that I had worn it? Would he think of my breasts being in that same jumper?

“You stupid fool,” I said out loud.

I looked in the mirror, telling myself he would tell his mates he had seen ‘The Ice Queen’s’ tits. That was the nickname one of the teachers told me the kid’s used for me. While I didn’t like it, I suppose it would help my image as tough but fair teacher.

Still they would get quite a shock if they could see me now. Naked on my bed cuddling Pete’s jumper to my breasts as I fingered myself! I began thinking of him, the way he clung to me I mean. I had never felt someone cling like that before, not since my invalid mother did just before she died 4 years ago.

I suppose the way Pete clung to me brought out a sort of maternal instinct in me. So why then was I fingering myself? I stopped again telling myself how stupid I was acting. He would probably die of shock if he knew what I was doing. I could just hear him laughing now and calling me a dirty old woman. That makes a change from dirty old man I suppose. But he had seen my nipple, quite by accident but he had seen it all the same. I looked down at that very same nipple that stood erect now. Did he like it? How did it compare with the young girls nipples? And why the fuck couldn’t I just act as I should and stop these silly thoughts?

I sat in the corridor of the hospital the next evening. I had Pete’s jumper on my lap and a bunch of grapes in my bag.

“Hi Miss Newark right, I’m Pete’s mum he told me you saved his life.”

“Oh that’s a little dramatic,” I said blushing.

“Alvin this is Miss Newark, Pete’s teacher.”

I started blushing even more now. He couldn’t stop thanking me, neither of them could.

“Hello Miss.”

“Hello Annabelle isn’t it?”

She nodded chewing a mouthful of gum. She was Pete’s younger sister and she would be in my class next year.

“You can go and see him if you want? He’s a little dosed up though,” his father said.

They all trooped off with Annabelle moaning about missing some program to visit her brother.

“Oh here it’s Pete’s jumper,” I was talking to myself by the time I had finished.

“Hello Miss.”

“Hello Pete how are you feeling?” I asked, as I closed the door to his room.

“Sore, I’ve got to stay here for a few days. Here have a look at my bandages.”

I was still protesting as he flung back the sheet.

“I guess I’ll miss the area final now.”

My eyes were drawn to his leg, or rather the slight gap in his shorts. I tried to look away but I was glued to Bycasino giriş the tip of his cock. I didn’t really hear much of what he was saying. He obviously didn’t know I could see up his shorts.

“Can you get me a drink please Miss?”

I managed to tear my eyes away from his shorts, and I told myself to stop thinking such thoughts.

“I’ve bought you some grapes, and here’s your jumper too.”

“Thanks Miss,” he said, and then winced a little.

“Sorry about your blouse Miss.”

“That’s OK it was quite old anyway. I had to throw out my canvas shoes too,” I said with a chuckle.

He smiled back at me, “that’s a shame I liked you in that blouse Miss.”

I didn’t know where to look. Did he really say that?

“Your mum will have to go now Pete.”

My eyes shot to the nurse as Pete began to chuckle.

“Young lady I’m his teacher not his mother,” I snapped.

I could see her face going red. She mumbled an apology and then left.

“Very good Miss, but I think you spoilt my chances with her now,” he said with another chuckle.

“Oh you like her then?” I mumbled.

“Yeah she’s OK, but she’s a little younger than I like,” he said, sipping his orange juice.

I fumbled with his jumper that I still had on my lap.

“She only looks about 20,” I mumbled again.

“22 Miss, but she sort of is a little too immature for me.”

I swallowed hard and my palms were sweaty. I pushed my glasses back up to the bridge of my nose. I wondered if he could see my heart thumping against my chest.

“I, I’d better go.”

“Miss will you come back tomorrow Miss? After school I mean.”

I didn’t know what to say. I mean what do you say to a question like that? It was innocent it had to be. Quickly I ran through my list of prepared excuses that I used to get out of going to the nightclub with my friends. They all sounded so pathetic.

“Well I could drop by, on my way home,” I added quickly.

His blue eyes smiled at me.

I was all for jumping onto a railway track when I left the hospital, after my thoughts had gone back to his cock. Not only that I still had his jumped hanging over my folded arms!

This wasn’t how Gillian Newark the school teacher behaved. I was ‘The Ice Queen’; I should have just stuck my head round the door, and asked if he was alright. Now look at me peeping up his shorts! I turned to back to the hospital to leave his jumper at the front desk. No they wouldn’t want me bothering them with that. I’d take it back tomorrow.

Again that night I lay in bed trying to read things into what he said about the nurse being immature. If he could see me now he would see who was immature. I was the one cuddling his jumper to my naked breasts again!

He was sat in a wheelchair the next evening. He smiled at me as I walked in, his face lit up! I felt flustered just because he looked pleased to see me.

“Can you push me out into the grounds Miss?”

Again I couldn’t think of a reason not to, “has your mother been is she coming in?”

“She came in lunchtime, and dad has darts tonight so I said they needn’t bother.”

We sat by the fountain and talked about school. We shared the new bag of grapes that I had bought. He seemed to be watching me eat them. He started laughing at something I was doing.

“What?” I asked.

“Every time you put a grape in your mouth you push your glasses back up, 15 times on the trot.”

I smiled feeling a little silly, “stop it.”

I began to giggle, until I felt him gently pull my glasses off. I didn’t know where to look. He shouldn’t do that; he shouldn’t touch me like that.

“You don’t need glasses do you Miss?”

I couldn’t tell him they were just to make me look more like a teacher.

“Only when my eyes get tired sometimes,” I mumbled in a faint voice.

I smiled a little nervous smile at him. Did he realise ‘The Ice Queen’ was a woman?

“It’s getting cold I, I ought to go.”

“Miss thanks for coming to see me. I know it’s your own time, but I’m glad you came in.”

I grinned nervously at his blue eyes. I wheeled him back to his room.

“Will you help me into bed Miss? I can’t lift my leg with this bandage on it.”

It was a simple request and I should have just got on and done it. Again the excuse book in my head was closed shut. I felt awkward as I lifted his leg. I watched for signs on his face that I wasn’t doing it right, or I was hurting him. He seemed to grin at my worried expression. By the time he was in bed I felt pleased with myself, just for helping him. I pulled the sheet up over his body and smoothed it down. I tucked it in just like I used to do with my mother.

“Thanks mum,” he said, in a joking tone.

I smiled still stretched over the bed. Our eyes just locked onto each others. In any other circumstances this was the first kiss moment. You see it in the movies, or read it in romance novels, the slight pause before two people move together for the first time. I even glanced at his lips only briefly Bycasino güncel giriş but it was a glance all the same.

“I’d better go,” I mumbled, as I made myself move away.

“Miss, are you still cold?”

What did that mean? Am I still The Ice Queen? Or was I feeling the cool air on my skin? I looked back from the door, not really knowing what expression I would find on his face. My reflexes took over and I caught the jumper he threw to me.

“You can give it back to me when you come in next Miss.”

I should have told him I wasn’t coming back, and that I would see him at school. I didn’t I just gave him a little nod and another insecure smile.

On my way home in the car I felt flushed. I couldn’t believe my hands were trembling on the steering wheel. I pulled over into a quiet lay-by, just to tell myself off at first. But there was his jumper, which I had put over my thin skirt to keep my legs warm. My fingers played over it. In my head I was saying no but my hands had other ideas. I slipped the jumper up my skirt feeling it on my bare legs. I pushed it up and down my thighs, in a slow rubbing motion. I closed my legs around it trapping the jumper. I could feel an orgasm build as I began pressing harder to my pussy! My mouth hung open as I began to pant. I could feel the soft fibres of wool tickling my thighs; I was driven over the edge by this feeling alone. But it was Pete’s jumper, one of my pupils that I was developing a silly crush on.

“Oh!” I moaned softly, as I flooded my panties.

I took several deep breaths to calm myself down. But I still drove home slowly with Pete’s jumper between my legs!

I didn’t go to see him the next day. Oh I wanted to but I made myself stay away. But the following day my excuse was to give him his jumper back, washed again of course.

No grapes this time, just a little polite conversation for 10 minutes, and then I would be on my way. I would act more like The Ice Queen school teacher. Not completely, but enough to let him know whatever relationship he thought we had, was just in his imagination. Of course I didn’t expect his parents to be there. Again my excuse book was closed; I had now agreed to go to dinner with them on Sunday afternoon! I tried to tell them I was only doing my job when I helped him. But he and they had me painted as some wonderful saint! Pete and I shared a smile almost like a lovers smile. I quickly averted my eyes before anyone else noticed. But I could still see the smile he was giving me, out of the corner of my eye. I felt at odds with my own emotion state. I quickly reprimanded myself once again, but I felt a warm glow inside. I thanked his mother for the invitation before I left them with Pete.

It was just Sunday lunch I told myself, Sunday lunch with the boy that was constantly in my thoughts, the same 18 year old boy, who I fantasised about as I played with myself until I climaxed. God if his mother knew that I’d be run out of town!

Sunday lunch was good. Pete seemed more interested in watching the football afterwards. I talked with his parents about school, and the changes that the government needed to make. I seemed to be getting on well with them, even Annabelle was impressed with some of the things I was saying.

“Right we’re off to take the dog to the woods. You can stay with Pete for awhile; you don’t have to go just yet.”

Two minutes later the house was silent, apart from the football on the telly.

“They’ll be gone for a few hours. Oh here I bought you something in town. I asked Annabelle to get them.”

Pete handed me a box. I should have told him I couldn’t accept it. But I couldn’t remember the last gift I had been given. I opened the box and pulled out a black court shoe with a 3 inch heel!

“Pete I can’t, you can’t give me these,” I gasped in shock.

“I know you normally wear flat shoes to school, but I wanted to give you something nice to wear, to like replace the ones you threw away.”

I shook my head. These were sexy shoes, shoes that men admired, shoes that my friends wore when they went clubbing, but not me, not Miss Plain and boring.

“Please try them on,” he mumbled.

I did, feeling quite nervous at the same time. I felt myself rise up the 3 inches. That’s when I realised my hand was on his shoulder. I had reached out almost instinctively, just to keep my balance. But now I couldn’t take my hand off him. Not only that my hip was lightly touching his. He wasn’t moving away he just stood there. Then it happened as I stood frozen to the spot, his lips kissed my neck with such a delicate touch, I wondered if it had really happened.

Before I could do or say anything he moved away. My hand was suspended in mid air. Slowly I put it down by my side. I could still feel where he had kissed me, just a kiss not sexual, but at the same time it was!

“Sorry Miss,” he said softly.

I could tell by the tone he used that he was frightened of what I sat or do. I just slipped the shoes off and put them back in the box.

“You will take them Miss won’t you?”

His voice sounded full of dread. I knew I shouldn’t take them but I held onto the box like a mother would hold a baby. I hadn’t looked at him and I didn’t want to. He would see the tear that was rolling over my cheek. I just walked to the door.

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