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Rand and Mona had been married for 7 years during which time Mona had been off the pill and trying for a child.

A medical check-up confirmed Rand was not capable of producing children. He was very disheartened of the findings because he loved kids and he became depressed and even lost his sex appetite about the outcome. But Mona tried to cheer him through her new sexperimental adventure.

Roger always gave her daughter in law sexual pleasure when he got Mona lonely and horny. Mona played her daily sex game both father and son.

She knew that son could not give what she wanted and father could give all that pleasure what she needed. Thus she got all her comfort from Rand and Roger.

One evening after dinner, Roger asked about their children planning and Rand broke the bad news, so Mona brought up the idea of the possibly of adopting a child, but that didn’t go down well with Rand.

Roger interrupted and told Rand that when Roger was 23 (the year he got married) Rand’s mother had insisted him to keep a sample of his sperm in a sperm bank in case anything happened to him.

Roger then suggested that they could use his sperm to help Mona conceive through in-vitro method.

Mona was totally against the idea. Because she knew that it will hurt Rand’s sentiment and he could also get some idea about their relationship.

But to her amazement Rand was all for it, stating at least Mona’s child will inherit most of his genetics. After much debate Mona finally gave in.

Rand and Roger made the arrangement privately and the following weekend Mona had the sperm implant.

A month later Mona had to go back to clinic to find out whether she was pregnant or not. Unfortunately Rand was away on tour again so his father Roger took Mona for her appointment.

As Mona was waiting in the lobby of the clinic having given a sample, Roger came back with the result from the doctor. She asked, “well”?” He said,” I am sorry dear, negative. Oh God! How will Rand feel?”

Roger took Mona home and they sat together on the sofa where Roger comforted Mona as she sobbed into his arms and cuddled to his chest. “What am I going to tell Mark? He will be devastated by the news.”

Roger said that there was only one option and if Mona loved to be a mother then she must agree. “What is that”, Mona asked.

Roger replied that he would have to plant some fresh seed inside of her womb, which meant that they had to do sexual intercourse without any protection.

Roger said, “You have already taken a sampled of my sperm and Rand believes that you will be impregnated by that. Thus how he can get the story and he is not here now. We can do what we want and I know that you want a baby. I can make you a mother.”

After a period of silence, Mona said, “I suppose that I don’t have much choice, but it must be clear that it is my pleasure to become impregnated by you”. Mona smiled and Roger grabbed her tightly and kissed her.

He started kissing her neck and ear then his right hand opened her blouse and released her titties.

His kissed, sucked and nibbled and then moved to her erect nipple. For some reason Mona’s head went back and her eyes shut as pleasure ripped through her body.

She then felt his hand slip under her skirt and he started caressing her inner thigh, moving it further and further up her leg until he reached the crutch of her panties.

Not knowingly Mona’s legs had opened naturally and gave him easy access. He found his muffed goal and started rubbing her swollen pussy through the outside of her wet pink panty.

Knowing her father in law was about to FUCK her Mona made her feel incredibility horny and from this point she knew that all shame and burden had already gone out of the window.

He repositioned himself and his kissing moved downwards. He spread Mona’s legs further apart put his thumbs inside of the waist band of her panties and started removing her wet knickers. Mona lifted her bum to aid him.

With her panties in his hand he raised them to his nose and sniffed the sodden gusset saying, “I hope your pussy tastes as good as it smells now and before this”.

Mona had been licked out. She felt his tongue deep inside of her pussy, whilst his finger teased her love bud. Mona almost passed out and tried to hide her cum, but he knew that Mona had an orgasm, because her juices were all over his face.

Mona’s pussy was so sanative at this point that she had to push his face away from her sexual treasures.

He stood up and said, “Mona you are about to get a good hard shagging. I’m going to fill your love hole to the hilt and spill my spunk”.

With that he removed his trousers and undies to expose a massive prick. His cock had sex hikayeleri previously been well used and Mona tasted that and the foreskin was so stretched.

He moved towards Mona, his boner fully hard and shaped like a banana. His bell end was dark purple (full of blood) and leaking pre cum. Not knowing what to expect he pulled her head forward and ordered Mona to SUCK him off.

Mona loved the sweet, salty tasted of his pre cum. After about 5 minutes he said his balls were heavy and his cock was ripe and ready to plant its seed.

Mona asked him to be gentle as she knew the power of his huge fat dick. He said, “We have no problem, I am sure. You know how good I am”.

As he opened her lips and she felt his knob end touching the entrance of her cunt at that time. Mona begged him to pack her womb with baby.

Her pussy was well lubricated form her cum earlier so his cock entered easily and before she knew it, he was balls deep and pleasuring her to the limits.

He fucked Mona hard and fast, almost withdrawing and then slamming it back in again. Mona had never shouted before due to avoid neighbour’s attention; but she was screaming FUCK ME and wondering why Rand her husband couldn’t make feel this way.

She came again with an incredible force, this time unable to hide it (screaming with pleasure from his well endowed manhood).

Roger said, “I believe you have just cum over my rampant cock”. Mona said, “Please fill me with your warm seed, I want your baby”.

He withdrew his cock got off the sofa and move towards Mona’s head. He then rammed his huge dick into her horny mouth, within seconds.

Mona felt the old mans semen jetting with such force down her throat. She experienced and tasted a full load of SPUNK and enjoyed it. It was at least 3 times the amount her husband ejaculates.

Mona swallowed her father-in-laws SPUNK and loved it. She then came to her senses and asked him to shoot and plant his seed inside of her unprotected pussy and made her pregnant.

Roger just smiled and said we got access for free sex and we would do it anytime. After that they showered together and dressed in casual.

By the night, both Mona and Roger had lost track of the number of fucks they’d enjoyed all the day, and Mona’s pussy was feeling the effects. But, she was still very horny and eager for her new pleasure partner to mate with her and she was ready at the drop of a hat for him to mount and fuck her.

“Roger, I’m so horny for you right now, baby, can you do me again?” Mona asked as she walked into the bed room and pulled open the rather revealing and skimpy robe she had on with nothing underneath it.

“You bet, Mona, baby, I can do you anytime, honey,” her father in law, Roger, said as he pulled his pants and his briefs off and let her see that he was getting fully erect and more than ready to fuck her again.

Mona came over to her naked father in law after she’d let her robe slide off her shoulders and onto the floor.

She was completely naked now too and she walked straight into his arms and they embraced in the middle of the room as they kissed and their hands began caressing and touching each other all over.

Mona had always really turned Roger on and now that he could fuck her and have her completely as often as he wanted, it turned him on that much more.

Roger knew even after this honeymoon ended that he and Mona would spend a lot of time fucking and playing sexually.

Roger broke their kiss and then he let his lips make their way down over the front of Mona’s totally exposed and beautiful body.

He got his face between Mona’s thighs and he spread her legs a bit more and then started licking and sucking her clit and her very wet and aroused pussy.

Mona’s pussy was swollen markedly in her arousal and he knew that when he’d finished fucking her, her pussy would be seeping his cum too and he’d probably eat her pussy and get her cream pie to lick up the leftover cum that hadn’t stayed up inside her pussy.

Mona would love it when Roger licked her and cleaned up her just-fucked pussy when they’d finished getting it on together.

“Mmmmmmmm, honey, yes, baby, eat me, mmmmmm, eat my hot pussy, Roger,” Mona d moaned and she let her hands cup and squeeze her tities that she was hoping would soon be even bigger and more rounded if she got pregnant after all this hot sex they’d been enjoying.

Roger placed his hand over Mona’s breast. He could feel the hardness of her nipple pressing against the palm of his hand.

He squeezed the firm flesh of her left breast. Roger could hear her breathing starting to grow more rapid, and he was ready to take this opportunity to much more serious levels.

He porno hikayeleri reached down between their naked bodies, positioned his steel-hard cock in between Mona’s legs and found her pussy. Roger pushed forward and began to slip inside the hot and wet pussy of Mona.

When Mona felt that Roger’s cock begin to penetrate her pussy lips, she moaned lustfully and immediately began thrusting her pussy back towards Roger, taking his cock inside her as quickly as he pushed forward to thrust inch after inch of his swollen man meat inside her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, yes,” she moaned, “give me that big cock!! Fuck me good, stick that big thing in me and fuck me.”

Roger reached underneath her belly and felt the soft touch of her belly, as he kept pushing his cock deep into her wet pussy and getting turned on even more by having his cock nuts-deep inside his sexy young daughter in law .

“Ohhhhhh, Mona, your pussy feels so tight on my cock, honey,” Roger moaned as he kept pushing his cock in further, letting her take all of his man meat. His erect cock was long and rather thick in girth.

Quite a decent pussyful of cock for any woman and Mona seemed to find it very enjoyable to have it shafting in and out of her.

She immediately threw herself into their mutual fuck; she was obviously as needy of sexual release as Roger was.

Roger started to thrust his long cock shaft eagerly and forcefully in and out of Mona’s tight hot pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, yes, baby,” she moaned as Roger really began to throw a hot sexy energetic fuck into his young daughter in law’s horny cunt.

Roger again took out his dick from Mona’s pussy. But Mona took his penis and inserted it in her vagina. It was tight again, so she spread her legs.

He asked her to lift the legs into the air. He was right and his penis entered into her smoothly; he began to push it deeper and lifted it backward.

He began it slowly and gradually gathered momentum just like vehicles gain speed. He shouted Mona’s name several times and Mona too have lost herself in that deeper journey. She shouted so many nasty and bad words in that journey – in excitement.

When Roger ejaculated in her, it was really serene and satisfying for her. It was a great orgy for both of them.

Roger had her ready again after a short while, and he moved between her legs, mounting her, directing his extremely hard cock against the moist lips of her vagina.

He began pressing into her, beginning to open her, beginning to stretch her, Mona bending her knees up, and spreading her thighs more, trying to relieve the pressure of his advancing cock.

She was groaning loudly as she felt herself stretching to accommodate his size, then a cry of pleasure as the head of his cock entered her, penetrating her, stretching her fully.

Roger continued to advance his cock into his groaning daughter in law, gradually filling her, moving back and forth till his cock fully entered her, impaling her, to a hoarse cry from Mona as she was filled by his invading cock.

Roger stayed fully into her for awhile, beginning to gradually move back and forth in long slow strokes, his cock completely disappearing into her with each stroke.

Finally he began stroking faster, to the moaning of Mona, faster till she was crying out with his thrusts, her body jerking each time he pushed into her.

Her groans became louder, nearing orgasm, her beautiful legs clutching him, crying out, shuddering as her climax was full upon her.

Roger’s own climax followed soon afterwards, groaning as he ejaculated into her, filling her with his semen again. He stayed inside her, holding her, kissing her, till she felt him hardening again, swelling inside her.

He took her again, fucking her thoroughly, taking a long time with her, plunging in and out of her till she erupted with another orgasm, feeling him spurting into her, filling her even more.

Then, after a long while Roger moved off her, Mona lying there with her legs spread wide, their juices leaking from her open cunt. Finally Mona was exhausted and clutching her underwear in her hand she went to the bathroom.

She looked thoroughly fucked. She got into bed with Roger again, and she was surprised to find him erect again. Mona gripped his erection, stroking me, and before I could mount her I erupted, much to her amusement.

She said, “You really did it to me; I have never been fucked like that before this, never come like that.” Roger said, “I couldn’t help myself; I never thought that I would be aroused every time I watch you.”

And then Mona calculated and she said, “I think today I am just entering my fertile period. I hope you can make me pregnant.” They finally went to seks hikayeleri sleep.

Next Morning after breakfast Mona and Roger again started their long holly fuck for baby.Neighbours could listen the moans, the groans, the cries of Mona as she was serviced once again by her father in law.

Roger’s cock thrusting into her till she cried out, her body jerking as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

He continued plunging into her till he climaxed, once more filling her unprotected cunt with his sperm. He moved over, pulling his softening cock from her. He caressed her and soon he was hardening again.

This time he placed her on her hands and knees, spread her thighs, and thrust fully into her. Roger’s wet cock moving in and out of her, and once again she was enjoying sex with her father in law.

Mona never had sex with her on her hands and knees; that wasn’t a position she liked, but she was responding to him doing it to her that way, and very thoroughly and competently, till she was crying out again and again with one orgasm after another.

After Roger had flooded her, he released her, and she fell to the bed, lying there exhausted.

After that they sat around that day reading, drinking more than they should, and Roger wondered what would happen in the evening.

In the evening Mona followed him without protest, and Roger fucked her again, servicing her like a bitch in the garden. Once again he emptied himself into her unprotected womb, likely getting her pregnant by now.

The same thing happened at that night; Roger put his seed in her again. Nieghbours heard her moaning as Mona was used by her father in law. He seemed insatiable, taking time after time.

It was because after his wife’s death Roger had been without a woman for a long while, and his daughter in law was certainly the most attractive woman that came his way, in or out of his life.

Each night he slowly undressed her, relishing her as he stripped her naked, enjoying relieving her of her sheer panties, the last barrier to her sex.

He would gaze at her, at her beauty, her lovely firm breasts, her slim waist descending to gorgeous rounded hips and ass, which he delighted in stroking, arousing her again.

The last three nights before the arrival of Rand he fucked her in every position and Mona responded him.

Mostly he did her on her back with her legs lifted and spread, but he also liked to take her on her hands and knees. Roger serviced her time after time, listening to her moaning as he thrust into her, bringing her to one climax after another till he spurted into her, filling her with his semen. Her loud cries when she had an orgasm filled the atmosphere of the house.

Mona’s cunt and uterus were always a wash with Roger’s sperm. He had filled her with so much and so often that Roger was sure she was impregnated. The last night, after Roger did it to her again and Mona said that she was glad that Rand would come next day as she couldn’t take any more, her cunt was just too sore.

Roger said, “You really got into it-you really enjoyed being serviced by me, and I would probably make you pregnant.” Mona said “I couldn’t help it, the size of your dick and the way you did it to me. Your toll was so big I didn’t think I could take you, but I was wrong. I never felt so filled; I couldn’t believe the way you stretched me out.

And I was really excited by the possibility that I would be pregnant. I could feel you swelling more each time you came, and I could feel you spurting into me, into my uterus. Yes, I think I’m very likely pregnant.”

Next day Rand returned in the afternoon. Roger and Mona were normal before him. They tried to keep a healthy and cheerful atmosphere in the house.

Rand back in his jobs, they discussed about future of their family in the evening. Roger and Mona both came to grips with the emotional experience.

Mona talked about what she felt, how Roger’s huge cock filled her and stretched her, her whole being centered on his huge organ filling her, and bringing her to wrenching climaxes. Then she directed the conversation towards how Roger enjoyed fucking Mona.

After some days it turned out that Mona was pregnant and she wanted to have the baby. As the weeks went by and her abdomen began to enlarge, Roger relived the experience and Mona also did.

Rand and Roger were happy in the news. After completion of nine months Mona gave birth a healthy boy.

After that Mona’s father-in-law and Mona fucked, sucked and licked when ever possible, after all he is the father of her son, but she still loved and adored her husband Rand, unfortunately he could not satisfy her like his father.

One down side, she was back on the pill because the virile old man, who could raise a massive hard on anytime, would not take no for answer and refused to use a condom and would therefore spunk Mona to pregnancy given the chance. He had even broken in her bum hole and fucked it mostly during her periods.

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